2009 Parking coordinator Luncheon


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Parking Coordinators Meeting 2009 Update

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  • Welcome Party Favors: Screwdrivers and Handbooks Recognize Advisory Committee SGA:Lee Bobbit, President Austin F Pennington, Vice President   Arindam Mazumdar, Graduate Vice President   Student: Stumbo, Kelli STUDENT LEGAL SERVICES   Faculty: Vacant   Staff: Judy Hunter, Ast. Managing Director COMMUNICATION SERVICES Audrey M Pekowski, SECTION SUPERVISOR TELECOMMUNICATIONS   John Brocklehurst, LEAD TECHNICIAN PHYSICAL PLANT   Burks, Larry, SUPERVISOR PHYSICAL PLANT   UPS Staff: Eric Crouch [email_address] Lee Sonnenberg [email_address] Heather Medley [email_address]       Faculty 2006: Gad Perry [email_address]   Staff 2006: Joan Blackmon [email_address]   Pattie Perkins [email_address]
  • Permits A permit is required to park on the campus at all times, unless the vehicle is parking in a park and pay lot, paying the hourly rate. Permits may not be loaned, sold or transferred to other persons. The permit holder is responsible for citations issued to any vehicles bearing his/her permit regardless of vehicle ownership.   For more information about permits, contact our Permit Supervisor, Amanda Cotton, at [email_address] New Employees According to the new Human Resources department standards, new employee paperwork should be completed prior to the first day of work. When the employee is in the system, Parking Services can verify the appointment and issue a permit for the closest available area. Employees can opt to be added to a waitlist for a closer area at that time. Employees who choose to pay for their permit through payroll deduction will be required to pay the upfront cost, unless it is during the renewal period. Employees Separating from the University Upon leaving the university, employees are responsible for returning their parking permit to University Parking Services. In order to receive any refund that might be due them, the former employee must fill out the necessary paperwork and return the permit prior to their final day of employment. We can issue a temporary permit to get them through their final day of employment because some people may not return it early because they know they still need to park. Waitlist If a space in the area in which you desire to park is not available, you may request to be added to the waitlist for that lot. When space is available in the lot your have requested, you will receive an email as well as US mail notifying you. You will have 10 days to respond. To check your position on the waitlist log on to your “My Parking Account” from the Parking Website. Next to the heading “Waitlist Request,” click “View” to see your current position on the waitlist. The waitlist assignment's position is an approximate number.The position is subject to change due to daily updates; parking changes, and permit availability. Disability Permits Persons with a state issued disability permit are eligible for a Texas Tech disability permit. To park in disability spaces on Tech campus, vehicles must display both a state issued placard or license plate and a Texas Tech Parking ADA Sticker (for terms less than 6 months see “Short Term Parking Assistance” for more details) Faculty/Staff Permit Renewals Typically around Spring Break, University Parking Services gives current employees the opportunity to renew their permit online at www.parking.ttu.edu or in the office at 2903-4 th Street (Administrative Support Center, Rm 145). If you are on payroll deduction, your permit will renew automatically. There is no need for you to do anything but update your personal and vehicle information, if necessary. My Parking Account Parking Services regularly communicates with permit holders regarding upgrades and changes to parking, but in order to do so information in our system must be current. Permit holders can log on to their “My Parking Account” at www.parking.ttu.edu with their eRaider to update vehicle and personal information as well as review citation history, appeal citations and more. Contractor/Vendor Renewals If you work with vendors or contractors, please remind them that their permit(s) expire each year. We have developed an online renewal form for them to use year round, not just during the renewal period. They will be contacted via e-mail or US mail prior to the beginning of renewals around the first of April about their permits’ expiration date. Supplemental Parking Privileges In order to meet the required functions of various university departments, supplemental parking privileges may be issued in addition to a TTU Parking Permit. Supplemental parking privileges are issued by handheld notification (HHNF) for our officers in the field and they are issued to individuals for use by faculty and staff who require access to parking areas outside of their normally assigned zone in order to perform required job functions. These privileges are not meant to substitute for regular parking assignments, and must be used only when requirements of the job make such parking critical to the success of the department's operation.   For more information contact Rey Suarez, Manager of Events and Guest Relations at [email_address]
  • Citations Citations are issued for non-compliance with the Traffic and Parking Rules and Regulations. The rules are in place to provide order and safety to the campus community as we navigate the campus on a daily basis. The Rules and Regulations can be accessed from the main page of the University Parking Services website at www.parking.ttu.edu. For more information about citations contact Brian Brand, Manager of Parking Enforcement at [email_address] . How to Avoid a Citation Only park in a zone or space indicated on the permit. If you are visiting the campus, please park in the indicated visitor lots (and pay to park where necessary). Parking is controlled by signage. Because there is more than one type of parking space in a lot, it is necessary to note the signage in the area. In each lot, there can be many different signs restricting parking throughout the entire day, including reserved until 11pm or 24-hour parking, handicapped spaces, etc. Parking anywhere on the Tech campus from 7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. Monday thru Friday requires a valid permit. Some lots require a permit until 8:00 p.m. Please note the signs in the area that indicate what type of permit is required. Parking in residence hall lots as well as the 1 st , 2 nd and 3 rd floors of the Flint Avenue parking garage is reserved 24 hours daily starting at 7:30am Monday straight through to 5:30pm Friday. Because maintenance personnel are on call 24 hours a day to assist campus students, personnel, and buildings, service vehicle parking is reserved 24 hours daily. Bus stops are no parking zones, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bus stops also serve as staging areas for emergency vehicles. Citation Payments and Appeals Students also have 10 calendar days to pay or appeal a citation after which a $5 late fee is applied. On the 11 th day fines are transferred to Student Business Services and added to a student’s bill which can result in a hold being placed on a student’s account not allowing them to register for classes, obtain a transcript, etc. Instructions: Give a detailed explanation for the appeal in the designated box on this form. If you have supporting evidence (diagrams, photos, etc.), it should be submitted to the University Parking Office by 8:00 pm the next business day. Supporting evidence must be made in writing and sent either by email to [email_address] or by US Mail (postmarked no later than 10 calendar days from the date of the second level decision). Each citation can be appealed three times Appeals must be submitted within 10 calendar days of citation issuance.    Late appeals will not be accepted or considered. Notice of receipt of this on-line appeal will be e-mailed back to you upon completion. If you do not receive an e-mail acknowledgment, please contact the University Parking Services Office. Notice of the decision regarding your appeal will be sent by email and campus or US Mail. For more information about appeals, contact our Appeals Officer, Cassandra Rodriguez at [email_address] Departmental Dismissal Requests In order for a department to request that a citation be dismissed, the request must be received within 10 calendar days of the citation issuance. The request must come from the department chair or director and must be on official letterhead stating the reason and justification for the dismissal request. The submission of a request does not guarantee the dismissal of a citation; other factors such a citation history, and nature of the citation are taken into consideration as well.
  • Eligible: students who are dependents of Texas Tech employees who already pay for parking on campus. Benefit: Free Satellite Parking Permit University Parking Services acknowledges that the high cost of an education can place a strain on the budgets of Texas Tech employees, as evidenced by the level of participation in the dependent scholarship program. It is the intent of this program to provide a less costly parking alternative for students who are dependents of Texas Tech employees who already pay for parking on campus.
  • Fall was a HUGE success Spring: March 4, 2009 Summer: July 22, 2009 Fall: November 15, 2009 – first day of Toys for Tickets
  • We want you to be a part of helping us to help your guests to campus. Show us what you do and what it means to the campus community. Tell us about your programs and special events. Show us how it all works so that we can assist you in making your great programs and services even better. The third Tuesday of each month we will be touring different colleges, divisions and departments of Texas Tech in hopes of learning about the big picture, getting excited about the things that you do, and passing that information and energy on to your guests to campus. Schedule your departments Gold Key Training today!
  • By calling 742-MAPP, any motorist on campus can receive free assistance in airing up a tire, a free gallon of gas, a battery boost, or a door unlock 24/7.
  •   Congratulations! We want to take this opportunity to commend you on a job well done. According to our records, you have not received a parking citation throughout the entire semester. Way to go! You are now an official recipient of our Rewards Parking Program .   Congratulations!   We want to take this opportunity to commend you on a job well done. According to our records, you have not received a parking citation throughout the entire semester. Way to go! You are now an official recipient of our Rewards Parking Program. At times, finding a parking space on the campus of Texas Tech can be as daunting as trying to climb Mount Everest. There are more vehicles on campus than ever before vying for limited parking.   As a Rewards Parking member you have obviously developed a solid foundation of basic information on how to avoid citations. When you park correctly at Texas Tech University it keeps the campus safer, reduces frustrations of displaced permit holders and creates an overall positive atmosphere. As a reward for your efforts, you will be entered into a drawing for a free student parking permit for the semester. Additionally, Scott’s Complete Car Care ( www.scottscarcare.com ) will perform a free Safety Check on your vehicle when you present this letter of commendation to them at any of their Lubbock locations. Thank you,   from all of us at University Parking Services    
  • The University may provide supplemental parking access on a short-term basis to persons with temporary disabilities by offering temporary permits and/or privileges for parking in Faculty/Staff or Student facilities.  A letter from the attending physician stating the situation and the duration of the temporary disability is required. Eliminate the demand on handicap spaces for people who need assistance for a period shorter than 6 months.
  • University Parking Services invite you to participate in our Toys for Tickets program held in conjunction with the Marines Toys for Tots campaign. Bring in a toy to donate to Toys for Tots that is equal to or greater than the fine listed on the citation and the citation will be dismissed. Toys for tickets will be prior to Christmas break every year.  
  • Events Whether you’re expecting 1 or 100, we want to help you welcome your guests in Red Raider style. Add us to your event planning check list. For optimum service we do ask that you contact our office 7-10 days prior to your event taking place. We want to be a part of your planning process. Entry Greeting What an impression you would make when your guests arrived on campus, using the directions provided by your office, and they stop at the entry station to get their pass. The Entry Station attendant says, “Well, hello! We’ve been expecting you. Here is your pass and you campus map. Enjoy your time at Texas Tech.” You’ve knocked their socks off and they haven’t even stepped into your building yet. Lot Reservation No matter what time of day, no matter what day of the week, we can help. We are a 24/7 operation that is ready to help you with your event from entrance to exit - literally. Let us help you make a great impression. Call us – 742-PARK. No meeting is too small. Let us know how we can help you host your events, greet your guests, and promote your activities. To make the process that much easier, use our online events submission page at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/parking/events/event_form.php Contact us 7-10 days prior to your event to ensure availability and superior service. For more information contact Rey Suarez, Manager of Events and Guest Relations at [email_address]
  • What an impression you would make when your guests arrived on campus, using the directions provided by your office, and they stop at the entry station to get their pass. The Entry Station attendant says, “Well, hello! We’ve been expecting you. Here is your pass and you campus map. Enjoy your time at Texas Tech.” You’ve knocked their socks off and they haven’t even stepped into your building yet.
  • ****NOTE: The arrangement details indicated above have been scheduled with University Parking Services. You will be responsible for any charges as indicated. Cancellation may be provided up to 5 business days prior to the event without penalty. If we have misunderstood your needs or if you would like to alter these arrangements, please contact us immediately. Please be advised that due to possible impacts on other parking patrons, these arrangements cannot be altered less than 5 business days prior to the event. ****
  • 2009 Parking coordinator Luncheon

    1. 1. Welcome to the Parking Coordinator Committee Services University Parking Luncheon January 14, 2009An Informational Event Sponsored by University Parking Services
    2. 2. LUNCH IS SERVEDCARVING STATIONSSmoked Turkey Breast or Top Round ofBeefMashed Potato BarFresh Tortilla Chips with Salsa andQuesoFresh Vegetable Tray with Ranch DipDESSERT STATIONAssorted Sweet Bites Including: Chewy Walnut Brownies Iced Double T Cookies Cinnamon Cheesecake RollsFresh Fruit Tray with pina colada dip
    3. 3. Advisory Committee MembersStudent Government Association• Lee Bobbit, President• Austin F Pennington, Vice President• Arindam Mazumdar, Graduate Vice PresidentFaculty Senate• Gopal Lakhani, Computer Science Staff Senate• Judy Hunter, Communication Services• Audrey Pekowski, Telecommunications• John Brocklehurst, Physical Plant• Larry Burks, Physical PlantLaw School
    4. 4. Parking Coordinator Committee HandbookCoordinatorCommittee History•Representative fromeach Department•Information Resource/Sharing
    5. 5. PERMITS• New Employees• Separating from the University• Waitlist• Disability Permits• Faculty/Staff Permit Renewals• My Parking Account• Contractor/Vendor Renewals• Supplemental Parking Privileges
    6. 6. Cindy Amaya Amanda Cotton Rey SuarezOperations Manager Permits Supervisor Manager of Events and Guest Relations
    7. 7. CITATIONS• How to Avoid a Citation• Citation Payments and Appeals• Departmental Dismissal Requests
    8. 8. Brian Brand Craig Cotton Cassandra RodriguezEnforcement Manager Supervisor, Day Shift Appeals Supervisor
    9. 9. SPECIAL PROGRAMS• Dependant Parking Scholarship Program• Expectant Mother Parking• Free Car Clinic• Gold Key Training• MAPP Program• Parking Rewards• Short Term Parking Assistance• Toys for Tickets
    10. 10. Dependant ParkingScholarship Program
    11. 11. Expectant Mother Parking
    12. 12. Free Car Clinic
    13. 13. Gold Key Program•Student Orientation •Student Wellness•Music •Child Development•Rec Center Research Center•IDEAL •CHAP #1•Athletics •Southwest Collections•Dean of Students •Parent Relations•Center for Campus Life •Student Housing•Animal Science •ROTC•Career Center •Law School
    14. 14. MAPP Program
    15. 15. Parking Rewards
    16. 16. Short TermParking Assistance
    17. 17. Toys for Tickets
    18. 18. EVENTS• Entry Greeting• Lot Reservations• Game Day/Special Events
    19. 19. EVENTS STAFF Rey Bryan Ginger Suarez Quinteros Whitehead
    20. 20. Entry Greeting
    21. 21. SPECIAL EVENTS FORM And the Winner is….. Enter required information Enter Beginning and Ending Date and Time Here Describe the Parking Needs of Your Event Here Insert Your Contact WEB Information Here PAGE
    22. 22. Thank you for submitting your event. Youwill be contacted with parkingarrangements once your information isreviewed.If you need an immediate response for atime sensitive event and have not receiveda confirmation email within 2-3 businessdays, please contact us @ 742-PARK(7275).Please wait while your message isprocessed and you are returned to theevent page. Thank you.
    23. 23. EVENT TIME LINE SUMMARY7-10 days prior – Submit Web Form2-3 days post submission – Event Office Contact5 days prior – Last day to cancel or modify7 days post event - Last day to return any unused permits for partial refund
    24. 24. Q and A SessionEric Crouch•Managing Director
    25. 25. Thank you For ComingThank You For ComingThank You For ComingToday Today