Heather Baker
SLIS 5720
Spring 2010
Proposal for Technology Project 5

For Technology Project 5, I would like to create a ...
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Proposal For Technology Project 5


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Proposal For Technology Project 5

  1. 1. Heather Baker SLIS 5720 Spring 2010 Proposal for Technology Project 5 For Technology Project 5, I would like to create a website for the school library where I currently work. Previous to working in the library, I was a teacher at the same campus, and in the whole time I have been there, the library has never had a website. Although the population of students we serve comes from a generally very low socioeconomic background, I have noted from informal observation and conversations that more students have internet access than we generally assume, and that they are very tuned in to technologies like facebook, myspace, and youtube. I also spent some time recently looking at the website of a family member’s (well-to-do) elementary school library in Dallas, and became even more convinced that our library should have one. I recently attended a training hosted by the library technology department in my district that was designed to introduce us to easy-to-use, impactful technology applications. I learned about weebly at the training, and would like to use that service for the library website. I would like the library’s weebly page to include information about the library schedule and policies, book recommendations, and links to the online library catalog and other district-provided online resources and databases. During the same training, I started using glogster edu to make a glog for next year’s Bluebonnet books; I would like to complete the glog and add vokis and xtranormal videos to make the website interactive, exciting, and kid friendly. We also recently received flip video cameras from our district’s instructional technology program, and another librarian was showing me how easy it is to make polished movies from very simple video clips using the flip software. I’d like to experiment more with the flip movies and embed one on the website: maybe kids advertising their favorite books or saying why they like coming to the library? In short, I’d like this project to serve as an opportunity for me to synthesize a lot of technology applications I’ve learned about since starting as a librarian but haven’t implemented yet.