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Half of a seminar on fabulous web 2.0 sites that I taught with Judy Sgammato at Darien Library in March 2010.

The presentation can also be viewed on the Darien Library website:

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More 2.0 Pandora and

  1. 1. MORE WEB 2.0 Pandora and By Heather Martyn Teen/Technology Liaison Darien Library, Darien, Connecticut email: March 18, 2010
  2. 2. SO MUCH INTERNET, SO LITTLE TIME There are hundreds, millions, maybe billions of web 2.0 sites out there. This is a short introduction to a few that you might find fun or useful. This handout gives you a beginning, but don’t be afraid to jump in. Come to the Power Library any time to try them out. The helpdesk staff is happy to give you pointers.
  3. 3. GENERAL TIPS When you try out a new web 2.0 site, immediately write down: the web address your username your password Write everything exactly as you typed it (case sensitive, spaces, punctuation).
  4. 4. ALICE.COM Shopping by mail
  5. 5. ALICE.COM (ALICE.COM) What is it? What can you do? A shopping & coupon Create shopping lists. website. Browse deals. Designed to get you Get reminders when it’s great deals on dry time to reorder. goods products like: Save time. Toothpaste, shampoo, toilet paper. Social networking: Granola bars & cereal. Chat Office supplies. Share photos Ships to your home by Review products mail. Make friends Free shipping!
  6. 6. ********* *********
  7. 7. ALICE.COM Once your account is set up: You can start shopping. You can prepare lists and budgets. You can set up a profile for social networking.
  8. 8. This is main page of your account.
  9. 9. Do you really want constant emails from -Click on the Settings tab. -Select “No Thanks”.
  10. 10. Referring friends can earn you discounts on your orders.
  11. 11. To start shopping, click “My Products” Then click on a “duck”
  12. 12. You can also delete the “duck” if it’s a product you never use, or don’t want to buy from
  13. 13. You can: • Add a product to your cart by clicking “Add” •Get more information by clicking on the photo. •Sort the results by the criteria on the left side.
  14. 14. Clicking on any product gives you options: description, reviews, images. Video, price info.
  15. 15. When you “Add product” it gives you options: •How many •How often to reorder (it will automatically remind me about the same lotion in 3 months).
  16. 16. Organize your reminders in the My Account tab, then Product Planner
  17. 17. You can also choose products by room, using these icons.
  18. 18. Or shop for products by other categories.
  19. 19. Click the checkout icon when you’re ready to buy.
  20. 20. ALICE.COM Social Networking Setting up a profile Alice’s social lets you use the social networking features powers of are less developed It’s under the than facebook or Neighborhood tab. twitter. Add friends, chat with Expect improvements users and upgrades. Share photos. Track deals.
  21. 21. Social Networking on Alice. Set up a profile, chat with other users, share photos etc.
  22. 22. How to find friends: click the Profiles tab under My Friends and then “find”.
  23. 23. ALICE.COM Alice and your iPhone or iPod Touch. has an app that makes it easy to shop & order on the go. You can find products, look at coupons, track a package and see your reorder alerts. Good for double checking against supermarket prices while you’re in the aisles.
  24. 24. ALICE.COM Warnings! Conclusions: To shop on Alice is a fun and shipping is always convenient way to free but there must be shop. a minimum of 6 items in your cart. Look for even more advanced social Note coupon expiry networking features dates and order in the future. accordingly.
  25. 25. PANDORA Customized radio online.
  26. 26. PANDORA What is Pandora? What can it do? An online personalized Create up to 100 radio station generator. Uses analysis of music to personalized stations. choose songs and artists Connect with friends like those you select as favorites. Try pre-created Over time, it learns your stations. taste and makes accurate suggestions of new music. Bookmark songs Free with some advertizing. Get apps for your Paid subscriptions with no smartphone to use advertizing. Pandora on-the-go.
  27. 27. Web 2.0 sites often ask personal information, usually for their advertisers and marketing. •Age: You can fib, just make sure to have an age greater than 18 years. •Zip: Use a US zip code (Pandora is not available outside the US) •Gender: This is for marketing use. If you do not want recommendations and tips (spam), de-select that box.
  28. 28. *********
  29. 29. Songs just played Current song. Rate the current song “Like” or “Don’t Like” to improve the system’s knowledge of your taste.
  30. 30. Player Controls: •Volume •Play/Pause •Skip
  31. 31. Create a new station Ads are a any time. major revenue source and keep Pandora free.
  32. 32. I created a new station, but the old Johnny Cash station is still there next time I’m in the mood. By selecting “Menu” below the current song, you can ask the station to lay off a song that’s overplayed, see why a song was selected for you, or bookmark a song.
  33. 33. The social networking area: •Create a profile •Add friends •Bookmarked songs and artists.
  34. 34. John Smith <> Jane Smith <> John Doe <> Jane Doe < Ellen <> Mom <>
  35. 35. Warning: •This looks almost exactly like the previous screen but it is slightly different. •This screen is Dad<dadis> asking if you want Smith, K <> Moe <> to send generic Larry< Curly <> Heather Smyth<> emails to your friends who are not already Pandora members. •You can just click cancel.
  36. 36. Once you have added friends, you can see what they listen to. It’s a great way to janedoe John Smith Mom75 find new music.
  37. 37. Editing your profile automatically opens a new tab or window. Privacy controls! Checking these boxes will prevent your Pandora friends (or anyone else) from seeing your music selections.
  38. 38. Share your favorite songs or stations on twitter, facebook or by email.
  39. 39. Clicking the “About This Music” icon gives you more information about the current song and artist.
  40. 40. Genre stations are pre-created by Pandora and are a fun way to listen to music. From the genre stations you can still: •Use the menu to bookmark, ignore or see more song info. If you “Like” or “Don’t Like” a song played on a genre station, it will create a new station in your list devoted to the genre you are listening to.
  41. 41. PANDORA Pandora One (Subscription Pandora) No advertizing. Customized look Has higher audio (skins). quality. Play for 5hrs without Unlimited listening (free service is limited to timeout. 40hrs/month). $36/year. Download a player instead of using it in a browser window (still need internet connectivity)
  42. 42. PANDORA The Pandora App There are free apps available for your smart phone. Allow access to your stations from your phone. Create new stations on the go.
  43. 43. PANDORA Conclusions: Really fun way to Easy to use, no listen to music on downloading your computer. necessary. Not as many privacy concerns as some web 2.0 sites.
  45. 45. Web 2.0 sites can be confusing and that can be frustrating. Don’t be shy: Ask for help, anytime, at the Power Library helpdesk.