What's New In Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2


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Learn all about the new features in Dragon Medical Practice
Edition 2

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What's New In Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2

  1. 1. What’s Ne wh e a lt h c a r eDragon Medical Practice Edition has beendesigned to turn medical dictation into textfaster and more accurately than ever before.Dragon Medical Practice Edition is the perfectdesktop front-end speech recognition solutionfor the single user, from medical practices toprimary care facilities and departmental workinggroups – easy to deploy, rich in end-user featuresand boosting information capturing directly indepartmental information systems or EHRs.Here are the most important improvements forDragon Medical Practice Edition:Improved AccuracyDragon Medical Practice Edition deliverssignificant improvement in out-of-box accuracycompared to previous versions.Faster CorrectionWhen it comes to correcting a word or phrase,Dragon Medical Practice Edition now includesmore choices to make it quicker and easier tomake a change.Transparent Dictation Window – onlyin Dragon Medical Practice EditionExclusively in Dragon Medical Practice Editionit is now possible to configure the DictationWindow’s appearance when it is set to receiveany spoken text, independent of whichapplication is active during dictation. TheDictation Box can be set to be hidden or visiblewith customizable transparency according to theuser’s preference allowing to view the recognizedtext even though another application, like, anEHR or RIS are active at the time.Faster Processors Yield FasterPerformanceIf you use Dragon Medical Practice Edition on acomputer with multi-core processors and morethan 4 GB of RAM, Dragon Medical PracticeEdition automatically selects the BestMatch Vspeech model for you when you create your userprofile in order to deliver faster performance.Better performanceDragon Medical Practice Edition boostsperformance by delivering easier correction andediting options, and giving you more controlover your command preferences, letting you getthings done faster than ever before.Updated Rich Internet ApplicationssupportDragon Medical Practice Edition’s Rich InternetApplication feature enhances Dragon MedicalPractice Edition’s functionality in selectedbrowser-based applications: in these applicationsit provides Full Text Control as well as commandsto access elements found in the main interface ofthe web page.• Dragon Medical Practice Edition nowsupports Gmail, Hotmail, and Microsoft’sOutlook.com mail service.• Rich Internet Application (RIA) extensions areavailable in the following Web browsers:Dragon Medical Practice EditionWhat’s NewLaunch support material for the United States and Canadian market introduction on June 11, 2013
  2. 2. What’s Ne w2• Microsoft Internet Explorer, version 9 or 10,32-bit only• Mozilla Firefox• Google ChromeImportant: the makers of Firefox and Chromefrequently release new versions of their browser.For the latest details on Dragon Medical PracticeEdition functionality with a particular application,please see the Technical Support page on theNuance website.If you wish to use the enhanced capabilitiesprovided by the plug-in, check your webbrowser’s settings to make sure the plug-in isenabled. For more information, see the producthelp and the Knowledge Base article that covershow to enable the RIA extensions: http://nuance.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/6941Interactive TutorialProposed at the end of profile creation andavailable any time from the Help menu, theInteractive Tutorial offers short progressivesimulations to help you practice good dictation,correction and editing habits so that you cancreate text efficiently within just a few minutes.Even experienced Dragon Medical PracticeEdition users can benefit from the InteractiveTutorial.More Natural Text-to-Speech VoiceDragon Medical Practice Edition includes newnatural-sounding Text-To-Speech technologythat reads editable text—with fast-forward,rewind and speed and volume control—for easyproofing and multi-tasking.Wideband Bluetooth SupportDragon Medical Practice Edition adds supportfor wideband Bluetooth wireless headsetmicrophones, and you can get up and runningquickly. When it detects that the USB dongle ofa certified wideband microphone is plugged intothe PC, Dragon Medical Practice Edition offers“Enhanced Bluetooth” as an audio source typeand does not require a script to get started.Dragon Remote Microphone App foriOS and AndroidDragon Medical Practice Edition lets you gowireless with an iOS or Android device and thefree Dragon Remote Microphone App. Turn yourcompatible iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation),iPad or Android device into a wirelessmicrophone for use with Dragon Medical PracticeEdition over a WiFi network. And it’s easier thanever to get started – simply use the camera onyour device to scan the barcode that DragonMedical Practice Edition provides on-screen.Remote Desktop ConnectionDragon Medical Practice Edition now supportsremote use on a computer running WindowsServer 2008 R2 or Windows 7 Ultimate. WithMicrosoft’s free Remote Desktop Connectionsoftware (formerly called Terminal ServicesClient), you can use Dragon Medical PracticeEdition from a local Windows computer on whichDragon Medical Practice Edition itself is notinstalled. While Dragon Medical Practice Editionis running on the server, multiple Windows clientscan use it simultaneously.Support for Microsoft Office 2013Dragon Medical Practice Edition now supportsOffice 2013 with the same functionality for thesame currently supported applications availablein earlier versions of Office. For more information,see the product help. To access the File tabin Office 2013 applications, say the command“Click File Tab”. For more information, see theproduct Help.Support for Microsoft InternetExplorer 10Dragon Medical Practice Edition now supportsInternet Explorer 10 with the same functionality
  3. 3. What’s Ne w3that was found in Internet Explorer 9. For moreinformation, see the product Help.Usability in Windows 8In Windows 8, Microsoft introduced majorchanges for end-users, compared to previousversions, but offers an interface similar to thefamiliar desktop (minus its Start menu button).Even though Dragon Medical Practice Edition isdesigned to be used primarily on the Windowsdesktop, Dragon Medical Practice Editionincludes a small toolbar, the Dragon Audio Bar,which lets you use Dragon Medical PracticeEdition’s microphone button outside the desktopenvironment. There are some restrictions onusing Dragon Medical Practice Edition outsidethe desktop environment.Note: For the latest details on using DragonMedical Practice Edition in Windows 8, pleasesee the Knowledge Base on the Nuance website.
  4. 4. h e a lt h c a r e5/13 DTMAbout Nuance CommunicationsNuance Communications is the market leaderin creating clinical understanding solutions thatdrive smart, efficient decisions across healthcare.As the largest clinical documentation providerin the U.S., Nuance provides intelligent systemsand services that improve the entire clinicaldocumentation process—from the capture of thecomplete patient record to clinical documentationimprovement, coding, compliance and appropriatereimbursement. More than 450,000 physicians and10,000 healthcare facilities worldwide leverageNuance’s award-winning, voice-enabled clinicaldocumentation and analytics solutions to supportthe physician in any clinical workflow and on anydevice.To learn more about how NuanceCommunications can help you improvefinancial performance, raise the quality ofcare, and increase clinician satisfaction,please contact us at 781-565-5000 or visitwww.nuance.com/healthcare.Copyright © 2013 Nuance Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. Nuance, the Nuance logo, Dragon, and PowerMic aretrademarks and/or registered trademarks, of Nuance Communications, Inc. or its affiliates in the United States and/or othercountries. All other brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.