<ul><li>BLACKSCREEN fades in to current footage: screen shows LOW ANGLE of the sky and the camera tilts down, catching the...
Script 3rd draft for king and country
Script 3rd draft for king and country
Script 3rd draft for king and country
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Script 3rd draft for king and country


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Script 3rd draft for king and country

  1. 1. <ul><li>BLACKSCREEN fades in to current footage: screen shows LOW ANGLE of the sky and the camera tilts down, catching the sun in a lens fare on the way. The camera begins from the left moving to right with a PANNING shot of the whole band performing at a MID LEVEL angle. Cutaway shot to current sky and focus on a cloud, zoom in, white flash and cutaway to aged footage of a ship leaving the harbor with the soldiers being waved goodbye by the people left behind on land. Stock footage plays of a couple in an old 20s club dancing the Charleston, and another couple in a cigarette kiss. Stock footage of clouds moving across the sky plays on screen, edited to be black and white. The light behind the clouds changing gradually indicates a passage of time. As the CHORUS builds:LOW LEVEL of foot tapping bass drumLEFT SIDE PROFILE of the band playing cutaway to a close up shot of fingers strumming a guitar then cutaway to (CHORUS)a MEDIUM LONG SHOT of front man singing first line,MEDIUM LONG SHOT of entire band directly from the front,MID LEVEL CLOSE UP of hand playing guitar, cutaway to similar shots of each instrument being played by each band memberCUT to CLOSE UP of face singing, CUT to EXTREME CLOSE UP of mouth singing then ZOOM OUT as chorus ends on ‘oh’LONG SHOT A man walks on the road opposite with his hands in his pockets and MEDIUM SHOT FROM BEHIND waits at the bus stop. LOW ANGLE see a woman look at him, cutaway to see him looking unsure, then POV shot MEDIUM CLOSE UP to show she’s holding his gaze and smiling at him. MEDIUM LONG SHOT: Feeling like he’s got a go-ahead he starts talking to her-LONG SHOT Cut to the man standing in front of his mirror looking nervous, CLOSE UP of him doing buttons and suiting up in his military uniform, HIGH ANGLE see him leaving house from window, LOW LEVEL stepping onto the street and crushing a flower pushing up from the crack in the concrete, growing where it’s not supposed to. Autumn leaves pass him on the pavement below, being swept away by the wind.For the chorus we’ll have the band singing cut with images of the trenches and no mans land/fighting. The images of the band will frequently change angle with a variety of close ups and medium shots, and cut off shots of the band/instruments.Images of a marching bandBand playingImages of soldiers going over the topSCRIPT – 3rd Draft</li></ul>i think upon those friends of mine and memories they say<br />how brave our step behind the band upon a summer's day<br />oh i did not go alone my friends i did not go alone<br />my friends and i wave goodbye as our ship left England home<br />oh we joked and laughed upon the words, what would our mothers say<br />unwed again in sweethearts arms by Christmas we were (indistinct)<br />CHORUS:<br />they say i fight, for king and country<br />they say it's my, duty to which i must uphold<br />when she's in need, when she's in danger<br />your country calls out to you, you are a saviour<br />oh<br />laughter/lovexxxxx the whisper song <br />there was no cheering crowds, no giggling eyes<br />no marching band<br />cackling guns against boys so fine<br />no summer bloom marked friends of mine<br />over the top the sergeant cries<br />Cut to Afghanistan footage, a military airplane travels the sky. A lone soldier aims his gun and fires, then cut to men crawling over the trenches, sand flying into the air everywhere.HIGH ANGLE of the man holding an old school graduation photo, CLOSE UP of his face MATCHED cut to POV shot down at the photo, with his thumb tracing the names and cut to names-Lines from the stone inscriptions in the memorial (Stockwell) appear on screen, PANNING from left to right. Then names come scrolling down one after the other with the camera TILTing down. Cutaway to a quick LONG shot seeing the man sit on the bed and a visible window. Camera now films MEDIUM level on the other side of the wall, balloon floats up. Back in the room we hear a sudden POP! JUMP cut as the man jumps suddenly, a wild look in his eyes. Camera focus on side profile, MEDIUM LONG SHOT from the nose down so we can see he’s breathing heavy. TILT camera up: it was an innocuous noise but it’s war in his ears all over again CUT-LOW ANGLE from the middle showing the band playBand member CLOSE UP hand playing instrumentMEDIUM LONG SHOT side profile the front man singing CUT to EXPLOSION from war footage shows on screen-CUT direct front shot of the entire band playing-Helicopter launches MISSILE--EXTREME CLOSE UP of frightened eyes shutting, MEDIUM CLOSE UP as he covers his ears, and begins rocking back and forth looking distressed as the camera CIRCLES all around him 360 degree angle fades, black screen flicker and-The room is dark, MEDIUM LONG SHOT he’s in bed at home and he’s having night terrors again. CUTAWAY to window, it looks like a winter dawn, cold light and dark skies. CLOSE UP of his wife’s as she is shaking him and CLOSE UP of his face and he’s sweating but he won’t wake up, MEDIUM CLOSE UP stiff as a board in his bed but his face EXTREME CLOSE UP looks like whatever he’s dreaming of has him in agony.and into no man's land<br />oh my dear friends amidst the trench i see you all<br />my pale schoolyard chums away lost country’s call<br />and in this brief moment of silence thoughts of hope make me cower <br />as i set foot on England's .... <br />did we fight, for king and country<br />no, said i, we fought for thoughts of returning home<br />and men who need me, for all our loved ones<br />welcome home a hero, for all i have done<br />they say x 6, oh they say x2<br />did they die, for king and country?<br />was it right, that they should die so far from home<br />they'll never greet you, in adoration or shake your hand<br />down familiar streets, in glory green and pleasant land<br />how wrong we were to think it fun<br />great war enthused against the heart<br />pray for us all<br />xxx dig my grave<br />xxx<br />i close my eyes, i see my friends<br />along the line many fine young men<br />As the song slows, a clock face dominates the screen coming into focus and the second hand is slowly ticking to 11 am – referencing Remembrance Day when we have a minute of silence.The song comes to an end. LONG SHOT and simply hold the shot: the band all look down at the ground in silence, lowering their instruments with solemn faces and everything lies still.FADE OUTBLACKSCREENlying still in ...grace<br />they're like....their lifeless....gaze<br />i feel alone at the wars end<br />i wish i died among my friends<br />