Q2 Evaluation


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This is part of my evaluation for Media studies, q2.

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Q2 Evaluation

  2. 2. TITLES Our group have used the same font and title within all three products which are the film poster, Empire magazine cover and teaser trailer. Our group used the font ‘tequila sunrise’ which was downloaded from dafont.com Poster We used the same colours in the teaser trailer as well as the film poster, but for the magazine cover we used the colour red to fit with the conventions and layout of Empire magazine Magazine Cover Teaser Trailer This adds to the marketing campaign as it makes the brand recognisable. Using the same distinctive font makes it easy to remember the brand identity and different from the others. The title put the genre across as the font is very quirky, would appeal to a young audience and is a type of font (bubble looking) that would appear on chick flicks
  3. 3. FONTS Tag line (Poster) The same font was used for the tag line on the poster as well as the titles in the teaser trailer, although in capitals for the tagline and lower case for the titles. Having the same font throughout the different products shows consistency and carries out the marketing campaign. It also hold the brand identity by using the same font on the products Titles (Teaser Trailer)
  4. 4. THE NEW HIT DRAMA Our group added this caption to the magazine cover as well as one of the titles on the teaser trailer. Magazine Cover This line was used the describe the film as ‘the new it drama’, which adds to the marketing campaign so that viewers know the line and would relate it to Two Tacos One Sausage. This adds to the marketing campaign because having this repeated text, people will acknowledge where it has come from and that it relates to Two Tacos One Sausage as the campaign. Teaser Trailer This shows consistency on the products and helps market the campaign.
  5. 5. COMPANY INFORMATION Our group has listed and displayed our company ident in the teaser trailer and on the film poster. This is for viewers to realise the company ident and refer it to Two Tacos One Sausage By having the company ident shown on the products, it adds to the marketing campaign as this company ident is related to the film. Showing it on the products helps the recognition of the ident This shows consistency by having the ident on the products and adds to the detail in terms of the products.
  6. 6. MAIN IMAGE I have added the main images that were included on the magazine cover and the film poster. The magazine cover has one image of the main character (Hannah) which adds to the marketing campaign as she is the main character and her facial expressions shows the confusion that she is in, deciding between both Kirsty and Josh, as the storyline is a love triangle The main poster has photo booth images showing the different relationships shown in the teaser trailer. Magazine Cover The main character will be recognisable to the audience on all products The main character is shown throughout the whole teaser trailer Film Poster Teaser Trailer
  7. 7. COSTUME I have added a photo of the main image on our magazine cover and a screen shot showing the costumer that I was wearing in the teaser trailer. I was wearing the same outfit but I was also wearing a jacket in the teaser trailer. This gives consistency for the marketing campaign Magazine Cover Teaser Trailer By wearing the same costume viewers will begin to remember the main parts of the brand identity, in this case what the characters were wearing. By wearing the same outfit also allows the viewers to remember the characters more as they do not change much, keeping it simple and wearing the same costume on the magazine cover to what the character was wearing in a main scene in the teaser trailer. It will help to identify the character as it was a main costume.
  8. 8. COLOURS AND QUIRK Bold colours and quirky elements were carried throughout our products. Small drawings with bold colour on the poster to add character and quirkiness to the company identification. Bold colours used in titles add to the vibrancy of the brand identity, as bold colours were used on the magazine cover, poster and in the teaser trailer. This also represents the theme of the film, as it is comical, different and quirky which stands out from a lot of different other films.