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what you need to know to achieve ROI with digital marketing tools.

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Make digital work for you

  1. 1. Maximize, Measure & Make Digital Work for YOUPresented by:Raul Vielma John Garcia561-820-4277 jgarcia@pbpost.comApril 8,
  2. 2. What you can expect to get out of this workshop Free tools The ins and outs of search Ways to get your business a better position in search results Basic analytics to understand your business/industry Traffic terminology/sources Website review Strategies to increase traffic to your site Online display advertising working for you Metrics for success 2
  3. 3. Maximize free tools 3 3
  4. 4. SEARCHWhyAnatomyClaim your businessMeasure traffic 4
  5. 5. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)The most-used search engine sites give you access to 93% of the West Palm BeachDMA adults online every month. 5 Source: 2010 Scarborough Report, Release 2
  6. 6. The Anatomy of a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) Pay Per Click = SEM Google Maps Organic = SEO Pay Per Click = SEM 6
  7. 7. SEO Tips 1. Keep URLs short: No more than 255 characters 2. Make navigation easy: Along the top or top & left 3. Avoid too many clicks: No more than 4 clicks away from homepage 4. Flash: use sparingly (doesn’t show up on mobile device) 5. More info the better: at least 200-250 words of content 7
  8. 8. SEO Audit Tools ▀ Xinu Returns – a free web based SEO audit tool ▀ Dataopedia – a free web based SEO audit tool – with some competitive data ▀ Yellowpipe Viewer – view your site through the eyes of a spider ▀ Link Examiner – an application that will crawl your site and find broken links, redirects and more ▀ Google Webmaster Tools – provides detailed reports about your pages’ visibility on Google ▀ SEObook – a firefox plug-in tool provides a holistic view of your competitive landscape of search results 8
  9. 9. Relevancy & Ad Position Relevance Willingness to Pay Ad Rank Which X = Denotes Ad Position Quality Score Max Cost per Click Quality Score is determined Maximum Cost per Click is by a combination of factors the highest dollar amount an including: advertiser is willing to pay for ▀ Click-through-rate one click on their ad. (clicks divided by impressions) ▀ Keyword and ad text relevance ▀ Landing page quality 9 9
  10. 10. Ten places to claim your business 1. Google places: 2. Bing Local: 3. Yahoo! Local: 4. Yelp!: 5. FourSquare: 6. Ask: 7. CitySearch: 8. (Improve Your Listing): 9. Localeze: 10. Kudzu: 10
  11. 11. Claim your business on Google 11
  12. 12. Google Analytics ▀ ▀ ▀ ▀ 12
  13. 13. Traffic Metrics Visits • Number of times someone interacted with your website Page views • Total number of pages viewed during specific time frame Page visits • Average number of pages viewed during a visit Bounce Rate • Percent of visits where someone immediately left your site Avg. time on site • Average time people stayed on your website % new visits • Percent of visits from new people visiting your site 13
  14. 14. Traffic Sources • People who type • Other website your web site with banner ads address directly or affiliates into the browser Direct Referring Traffic Sites Other/ Search misc. Engines • Email blasts, e- • Google, Bing, etc. newsletters, etc. including organic and paid listings 14
  15. 15. Look at your competitionUsing sites like, you can see how your site is doing compared to your competition. 15 Source:
  16. 16. The New Shopping Paradigm 80% of consumers have used the Web for researching information about products and services 1 yet only… 8% of retail sales occur online 2 16 16 Sources: 1Forrester State of Retailing Online 2010; 2US Online Retail Forecast 2010 to 2015
  17. 17. WEBSITEWhyYour business partnerQuestions to askStrategies to enhance 17
  18. 18. A great user experience pays offVisitors who report great user experience are: as likely to return to your site as likely to report enhanced brand opinion as likely to report higher future likelihood to purchase A great user experience builds trust and rapport even before you ever do business It has been said that…“Bad home pages (or landing pages) are where good leads go to die” 18 Source:
  19. 19. Have you met your business partner?Your website is working 24/7 to: Losing market share in the digital world quickly translate into “real” market share loss. 19 19
  20. 20. Asking the fundamental questions What is this website offering? How does this site satisfy my needs? Search/Research Shop/Compare Support Now what? What do I do Where do I go What do I read 20 20
  21. 21. Website designed to meet visitor needs 21 21
  22. 22. Take the test?Volunteer from the audience who would like to have their website evaluatedbased on the previous points. What is this website offering? How does this site satisfy my needs? Search/Research Shop/Compare Support Now what? What do I do Where do I go What do I read 22 22
  23. 23. Strategies to differentiate yourselfgenerate leads and grow your audience ▀ Newsletters ▀ Account / Log-in / Personalization! ▀ Online only specials / coupons (ex. sephora, chuck-e-cheese) ▀ Download brochure (IKEA) ▀ Special invitations, VIP offers ▀ Referral programs ▀ Social networking (facebook, twitter) ▀ Interactive location map/store locator Give them a reason to give you their contact information. 23 23
  24. 24. ONLINE ADVERTISING AND DISPLAYBenefitsTermsExamplesMetrics for Success 24
  25. 25. Benefits of Online Advertising  Guaranteed delivery – rates are based on how often your ad is seen  Brings users within ONE click of your website and information  Expands your audience reach  Measureable, trackable and beyond the click benefits  Flexible, dynamic and efficient  Branding Opportunities 25 25
  26. 26. My ad was delivered, now what? Four things can happen once an ad is delivered Make Make sure Make the Key word is message/ where they land experience view-through creative is effective informative impactful 26
  27. 27. Metrics for success Key indicators for ad effectiveness Clicks • Can be an impulse reaction to the creative • Only 16% of all online users click Site Traffic • Analyze before and after an online campaign • Analyze bounce rate to landing page. • View through • Users search for more information after seeing Search an ad Activity • Increased foot traffic Offline • Increased calls Behavior 27
  28. 28. How valuable is online advertising?Online study conducted by ComScore of 139 campaigns demonstrated thevalue of online advertising beyond the actual “click”. In a four week period: ▀ Lift of 46% to advertisers web site ▀ Increase of 38% in search using advertiser’s branded terms ▀ Boost of 27% in online sales ▀ Additional 17% likelihood of buying at the physical store 28 28 Source: Comscore – How online advertising works: whither the click? Dec. 2008
  29. 29. WRAPPING UPSummary of topics10 tips for Search DisplayCollaborative MarketingNext Time 29
  30. 30. Download Complete ▀ Claim your business to achieve better position in search results ▀ Monitoring your site traffic ▀ Optimize your website with the visitor in mind ▀ Pick a strategy to make your website stand out ▀ Extend your advertising to include online display ▀ Pay attention to ad results beyond the number of clicks 30
  31. 31. Download Complete: Search 31
  32. 32. Download Complete: Online Advertising 32
  33. 33. Collaborative MarketingThe most successful websites combine a strategic mix of media vehicles that will reach yourtarget audience. The key is to think it all through so the multiple channels work well together. integration, integration, integration Display Search in print/online Social media Mobile 33 33
  34. 34. Next time – Friday, April 15th Think Outside the Banner What’s New & What’s Next ▀ Adoption of mobile devices ▀ Mobile Terms you need to know ▀ Who and what of mobile usage ▀ Mobile influence on consumers ▀ Social Media QUESTIONS? To download presentation go to: 32
  35. 35. Homework ▀ Evaluate your existing mobile/social efforts ▀ Take a look at your site on a mobile device ▀ Ask friends, family, employees about their mobile or social media habits ▀ Look at competition marketing – are they using social media in their strategies 35
  36. 36. What’s next from The Palm Beach Post Understand and capitalize on consumer buying habits SAVE THE DATE Tuesday, May 17th 8:30am – 12 pm Palm Beach Photographic Centre 36