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Doro 810 Case For Resale
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Doro 810 Case For Resale


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Doro company presentation and case for senior mobile telecomunications

Doro company presentation and case for senior mobile telecomunications

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  • 1. Company Presentation Case for Senior Care Mobile Communications Reseller/Wireless Operator inquiries welcomed August, 2010
  • 2. 35 YEARS OF CONSUMER ELECTRONICS from challenger to leader
  • 3. Enormous market already today people around the world are 65 or older! 518 000 000
  • 4. It all began in New Volvo 1974 … when Claes Bühler challenged the Swedish telecom monopoly DORO answer machine with an answer machine named “DORO”
 ABBA wins Eurovision song contest - Waterloo
  • 5. Today Doro is the leader in Telecom Care Electronics
  • 6. The early years We have a history of being early to the market with new products... answer machine caller ID display pager skype phone big-button phone
  • 7. The skyrocket years •  In 1985 the Swedish telecom monopoly began to break up •  We were ready for it and immediately began our climb to the top •  Large success led to listing on Stockholm OMX in 1993 •  By late 90’s we had acquired companies in 8 countries including Australia
  • 8. ! A tough turn of the century •  Consumer telecom begins taking big hits from mobile telephony –  market drops 10 % –  prices fall 20 % –  yearly! •  Severe changes are necessary to survive
  • 9. Smart decisions in tough times •  Doro decides to become niche player in telecom market •  Adopts new ‘outside in’ consumer-oriented approach •  Transforms from distribution company to product design company with focus on –  quality –  attractive and functional design –  brand building •  Invests heavily in developing products from the user’s perspective
  • 10. Care becomes Core •  Research shows major rise in global senior population over next 50 years •  Large percentage of seniors will be affected by reduced hearing, vision, dexterity, sense of security, etc •  Early success with big-button phone leads Doro to develop all-new Telecom Care Electronics •  New partner strategy for ergonomic and scientific product design and development
  • 11. Care becomes Core •  Doro introduces world’s easiest mobile phones •  Begin expanding into new markets, •  including US, thanks to this category •  In 2009 Telecom Care Electronics becomes Doro’s new core business for the future
  • 12. Growing success + + + •  Care from 7% of Doro’s total sales in 2006 to 60% in 2009 + + + •  Expansion in Europe through Orange and Carphone Warehouse Group •  Expansion into US through Consumer Cellular + + + •  Beginning of expansion into South America and Asia •  Up to 2 % share of mobile phone market + in our best markets + + + +
  • 13. The proof is in the praise Doro Telecom Care Electronics wins international praise: •  Janus Award 2008 •  IDEA® Award 2008 •  Bio 21 Honourable Mention 2008 •  Wonder Vision Award 2009 •  iF Gold Award 2009 •  Red Dot 2010 Wonder vision award from Stevie Wonder
  • 14. Our mission We help the growing worldwide senior population to participate actively in modern society, for a happier, safer and easier everyday living, by developing products especially adapted to their specific needs
  • 15. Our vision To become the worldwide captain for the new category of Telecom Care Electronics
  • 16. Doro brand and company values •  Trust –  We are ethical and we care about users, customers and employees. –  We deliver high quality products that you can rely on •  Humanity –  We emphasize good working relationships, professionalism and accountability. –  We focus on improved safety for our users •  Easy –  We are easy to work with and do business with. –  We innovate and make products that are easy to use.
  • 17. Our strategy Focused and niche oriented Telecom Target 65+ Easy/Plus Brand identity Innovation and improved ease of use Category leadership Worldwide presence Financially affordable goals
  • 18. The best partners since non of us are as good as all of us The best specialists in different fields Ergonomidesign, Synovate, Charity & Senior organizations, Academic and research partners
  • 19. Business structure Care Electronics Home & Business Electronics •  Telecom devices for seniors •  Telecom devices for Home •  GSM, fixed line telephony, & Business remote for TV •  Fixed line telephony •  Retail, Telco, Specialized •  Nordics, UK, France & NZ channels •  Europe, US, AP
  • 20. Home & Business continues to innovate and deliver outstanding products •  Corded, Cordless (Dect), Headset, Walkie Talkie and Baby Monitors •  The largest supplier in the Nordic market •  A major player in the Business market in UK •  Among the top players in the French market
  • 21. Focus for Care growth % 38 93 84 60 38 We focus on the growth in Care Electronics. We are still present in the Home fixed line telephony. 7 16 40 62
  • 22. Who we target •  Seniors with mild to severe impairments and/ or feelings of insecurity •  Common impairments* –  82 % have vision related problems –  29 % with hearing loss –  42 % have problems gripping or handling –  46 % feel insecure * European figures
  • 23. Dramatic changes In size of senior population World Wide population 65+ in 20091 518 millions i.e. 7,7 % of total population –  Asia 281 millions i.e. 6,9 % –  Europe 119 millions i.e.16,3 % –  EU statistics2 - +65 is today 17% of population compared to 15% 10 years ago –  EU statistics - Old age dependency ratio is today 25% will increase to 45% in 2040 –  North America 56 millions i.e. 10,6 % –  Africa 32 millions i.e. 3,3 % –  South America 26 millions i.e. 6,8 % –  Oceania 4 millions i.e. 10,9 % 1) U.S Census Bureau. International Data Base 2010. 2) This indicator is defined as the projected number of persons aged 65 and over expressed as a percentage of the projected number of persons aged between 15 and 64. EU statistics 2008.
  • 24. A very diverse group •  “Stop putting us between 60 and 107 in the same basket, thinking that we are all alike. We are all unique.” Tullia von Sydow, senior member of the Swedish Parliament •  We developed a range of easy to use mobile phones to meet the true needs of senior customers
  • 25. In the minds of seniors to be •  When do we begin to see ourselves as seniors? –  when we approach retirement –  when we become grandparents –  when we admit to ourselves that we need assistive aids, e.g. hearing aids
  • 26. Understanding seniors from their perspective •  Through crucial research we find out what is important to seniors •  We also consider the factors that separate seniors when developing products for bringing them ‘more of life’ –  Values –  Physical needs –  Social & cultural situations
  • 27. Understanding seniors from their perspective •  How to communicate •  What language to use and not use •  When is a person prepared to admit that he/she has a special need?
  • 28. Focusing on benefits Attitudes towards new technical products and services Synovate Feb. 2010
  • 29. Voice and SMS •  Current usage of different mobile services/ have used during the last 2 weeks •  Voice and SMS usage is dominating Synovate Feb. 2010
  • 30. Key values and aspirations for seniors •  This group is very safety and stability oriented. •  The home and the family is very important to them. •  They are basically uninterested and uncertain about new technology and often can find reasons for not using it. •  They hold strong values of equality and fairness where they believe that everybody should be treated fair and alike.
  • 31. Key values and aspirations for seniors •  They are basically suspicious towards the market and they willingly listen to experts (Government consumer agencies, different institutes, magazines, etc). •  They basically hold a very rational attitude towards Telecom and may be attracted by simple, transparent products and services that can improve their daily lives. •  They are loyal as consumers and do not often change supplier.
  • 32. What ‘DESIGN BY DORO OF SWEDEN’ really means User-adapted Smart form Total experience design and function of quality
  • 33. User- adapted design User-adapted design Different models for different needs
  • 34. Smart form and function Smart form and function Bringing users one or more of these key benefits easier to read easier to understand and use better adapted to the user easier to hear helpful for remembering easier to handle improving the user’s safety
  • 35. Total experience of quality Total experience of quality
  • 36. Sales & Marketing
  • 37. More sales for mobile operators •  New customers – finally a handset for me •  Increased traffic with existing customers •  Increased ARPU –  an adapted handset is more often on –  more incoming calls increases revenues with other users and reduces termination cost –  more outgoing calls •  Seniors are loyal customers = high CLV –  stay for a long time –  low cost to retain –  no winback cost •  *Average Revenue per User •  *Customer Lifetime Value
  • 38. Beyond ARPU/CLV: Revenue In Social Entities An adapted senior handset + an adapted calling plan + rebates for friends and family = stable important customer that will benefit from the fact that his/hers near and dear have the same operator, generating: •  more customers in the senior’s social & family network •  less churn and win back cost among the seniors friends and families •  1 senior = 10 loyal customers!
  • 39. Doro by the numbers at the end of 2009 •  Turnover of SEK 493 million in 2009 •  60 employees around the world •  Sales for first three quarters up 26.5% compared to same period last year •  Offices in Sweden, the UK, France, Norway and Hong Kong
  • 40. Fourth quarter in summary •  Order intake up 47 percent •  Net sales increased by 55 percent •  The operating result (EBIT) increased by 285 percent •  Pre-tax result increased by 315 percent •  Strong cash flow, amounted to SEK 51.3 m (neg: 2.5)
  • 41. Strong increase in sales Total sales, SEK Trend 12 month, %
  • 42. 30 markets and more than10 000 outlets worldwide
  • 43. Strong customer portfolio Telecom operators Consumer Electronic Hypermarkets Telecom specialists retailers Telecom distributors Care specialist channels
  • 44. – and counting…
  • 45. The strongest range - of “easy-to-use” mobile phones on the market 341gsm 345gsm 409gsm 410gsm HandlePlus HandlePlus HandlePlus 338gsm 334gsm 334gsm IUP 326i gsm
  • 46. All are “easy-to-use” That’s why we call them “Easy” •  Easy products are; •  designed for people with mild or no impairments •  less specialised than our Plus products 341gsm 345gsm 409gsm 410gsm
  • 47. Easy + Need = Plus That’s why we call them “Plus” •  Plus products are; •  designed for people with severe impairments •  more specialised than our Easy products HandlePlus HandlePlus HandlePlus 338gsm 334gsm 334gsm IUP 326i gsm
  • 48. For Product Evaluation and Reseller opportunities in your Market Hector Lopez C. Business Development and Sales Director Cellular Operator and Specialized Channels (USA) 858 – 779-9522