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HLD Re-Targeting
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HLD Re-Targeting HLD Re-Targeting Presentation Transcript

  • now. Los t & Found: H o w R e -T a r g e t in g C a n H e lp Yo u Tr a c k P r o s p e c t s a n d C o n v e r t T h e m In t o C u s t o m e r snow. June 26, 2012
  • A d v e r t is in g is e v e r y w h e r e .now. 1
  • C ons ume rs a re bomba rde d by a n a ve ra g e o f 3 ,5 0 0 c o m m e r c ia l m e s s a g e s e v e r y d a y.now. 2
  • A ll t h a t m e s s a g in g u p t o t h is p o in t is a b o u t b u ild in g d e m a n d . Once prospects are aware of you, they will visit your website to find out more about your company/product/service.now. 3
  • Yo u d o n ’ t h a v e t o le t t h e m g e t a w a y! • Prospects will arrive at your website via any number of channels – Interested? PPC, SEO, traditional Visit our landing page! advertising, publicity, other • 97% of all web visitors leave websites before taking action (purchase, form, other)now. 4
  • R e -t a r g e t in g ‣ Re-targeting is the one of the most powerful tools available to marketers currently. ‣ Re-targeting is the method of keeping your product or service in front of your audience a f t e r they leave your website. ‣ Most marketing (including RON banner ads) seeks to persuade prospects to buy before they are familiar with your product or service. These conversions are very costly to obtain. ‣ Re-targeting works to familiarize your prospects with your product or service through frequency, and lead them to a purchasing conclusion.now. 5
  • W h y r e -t a r g e t in g ? ‣ Re-targeting focuses resources on people who have shown some amount of engagement with your brand, and thus are more likely to convert. You control how many times they see your ad. ‣ Re-targeting gives you a 2nd, 3rd or even a 4th shot (or more) at prospects you might otherwise never engage with again. ‣ By enabling your banner ads to follow your visitors throughout the internet, your re-targeting program builds awareness and makes your company look “bigger.” ‣ Re-targeting keeps your brand in front of your online audience long after they leave your website. The prolonged exposure to your ads allows multiple opportunities to view, click and convert.now. 6
  • W h o d o y o u r e -t a r g e t ? ‣ Your existing site visitors and customers. ‣ Each prospect has their own unique value based on exhibited behavior and other factors. ‣ The unique value of each prospect dictates the bid price of each re- targeting banner ad.now. 7
  • Ta r g e te d B a n n e r s : T e s t D if f e r e n t B a n n e r C o n c e p t s ‣ Coupons or direct deals. ‣ Comparisons with competitors. ‣ Feature or attribute messaging. S t ill lo o k in g f o r a d iv o r c e la w y e r ? T h e s ilk u n d e r w e a r y o u le f t in y o u r s h o p p in g c a r t is o n s a le 2 5 % o f f . C o m e b a c k f o r 3 0 % o f f h o n e y m o o n v a c a t io n s . M e n s w o r k b o o t s o n s a le t h is w e e k . Find out what marketing message your customers will react to. now. 8
  • Ta r g e te d B a n n e r s : T e s t D if f e r e n t B a n n e r C o n c e p t snow. 9
  • W h a t h a p p e n s if p r o s p e c t s d o n ’ t c lic k m y b a n n e r ? ‣ They view the banner and directly re-navigate to your site. ‣ They view the banner and search for your company or product. ‣ They view the banner and visit a store or buy retail.now. 10
  • T h e R e -t a r g e t in g P r o c e s s S t e p 1: A potential client/customer visits your site and a cookie is set. They abandon without making a purchase.now. 11
  • T h e R e -t a r g e t in g P r o c e s s S t e p 2 : The visitor surfs the internet and lands on various sites (i.e. CNN.com, ESPN.com, etc.) and the cookie alerts your ad server.now. 12
  • T h e R e -t a r g e t in g P r o c e s s CNN.COM NEWS YOUR AD HERE S t e p 3 : The ad server loads your targeted banner ad on the cookie and reports back.now. 13
  • T h e R e -t a r g e t in g P r o c e s s CNN.COM NEWS YOUR AD HERE S t e p 4 : The visitor clicks on the banner ad, bringing them back to your website and giving you another chance at conversion.now. 14
  • A d va nta g e s O ve r R O N B a nne rs ‣ Normal media buys tend to target users in the first stages of the buying funnel. With those ad buys you are tasked with introducing yourself, establishing trust, branding effectively, etc., all while trying to produce a specific action (sale). ‣ By following prospects who have visited a specific product or service page on your site, you can serve them ads to keep your brand in front of them and create multiple opportunities for conversion. ‣ The overall cost is much lower for re-targeting than for a “run-of-network” banner campaign, and the ROI is much higher.now. 15
  • D y n a m ic B id d in g a n d Yo u r M e d ia C a m p a ig n ‣ Targets customers who are proven to actually buy goods and services online. ‣ Not all customers are valued the same. Identify who your best customers are and approach them directly.now. 16
  • D y n a m ic B id d in g a n d Yo u r M e d ia C a m p a ig n Evaluate each user’s value and dynamically deliver the right message to the right user at the lowest cost. $ 2 .0 0 C P M $ 1. 2 5 C P M 6 . 0 0 C P M $ $ .7 5 C P M $ .5 0 C P M T h e r e s u l t s : dramatically lower media costs and measurably higher sales.now. 17
  • T h e R e a l D if f e r e n c e : T h e R ig h t C P M a t E v e r y Fre que nc y S ta nd a rd p ro g ra m Ma na g e d R e - t a r g e t in g prog ra mnow. 18
  • T h e “ C o n v e r s io n F u n n e l” a nd R e - t a r g e t in g ‣ Re-targeting is effective at each stage of the “conversion” funnel. ‣ Turn awareness into action. R un ads with a logo and tagline. R un ads for a specific product/service or answer any lingering doubts. R un ads that have a special discount or a unique limited time promotion. R un ads for products/services that are similar to ones that the user previously purchased.now. 19
  • B e n e f it s o f a M a n a g e d R e - t a r g e t in g P r o g r a m ‣ More e xc ha ng e s = more re a c h Access to Google’s inventory + inventory from Rubicon, AdMeld, OpenX, PulsePoint, Yahoo, Right Media, Casale, App Nexus and Pubmatic. ‣ Ma na g e Fre que nc y a nd R e c e nc y Avoid user burn-out by managing how many ads you serve to a single customer within a specific timeframe. ‣ R e a l-T im e U s e r In t e g r a t io n It can take an exchange hours (or worse, a few days) to update their user targeting. Our managed program updates user targeting every 5 minutes, so users who abandon a specific web page are retargeted within minutes (after initial set-up). ‣ C o o r d in a t e d M a r k e t in g A c r o s s C h a n n e ls High level reporting that shows how display and search work together to drive conversions.now. 20
  • 5 0 0 B illio n Im p r e s s io n s P e r M o nth Other ContextWeb AdBrite ‣ Google is a large ad exchange,Pubmatic but one among many.OpenX ‣ 95% of U.S. and European users are cookie’d. ‣ Without access to other exchanges, campaigns may not have enough reach. AppNexus ‣ Plus, other exchanges offer premium publishers that Google does not have. now. 21
  • H o w R e -t a r g e t in g W o r k s 45 year old woman, kids in household, in market for a cruise STEP 1 Serve up a Re-Targeting Ad STEP 4Search for “Cruise to Bahamas last minutedeals” STEP 2 STEP 3 Clicks through to site, but doesn’t make a purchase and leaves. Cookie attaches to prospect.now. 22
  • B r a n d in g ‣ Each banner campaign is carefully developed to reinforce brand messaging. ‣ Custom design and copy maximizes click-through rate and helps drive conversions.now. 23
  • M a r k e t in g P ie Print Radio Public Relations Re- TV targeting Outdoor Banners PPC/SEO Email Direct Mailnow. © 2012 HLD - Confidential & Sensitive 24