Secrets to Content Marketing Success


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So you’ve heard the term “Content Marketing,” but don’t know much about it. That’s okay, you are not alone. Formally defined, Content Marketing refers to the technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire and engage clearly defined target audiences, with the objective of driving profitable customer action. In other words, content, such as blogs, press releases, news stories, etc., are distributed across multiple channels to garner a specific reaction from your target audience. Here are a few tips, and tricks that can help in your content marketing endeavors.

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Secrets to Content Marketing Success

  2. 2. Kevin Lee  Today’s Moderator  Didit CEO & Co-Founder  Founder  Industry Thought Leader  SEMPO Founding Board Member  Helped Shape Search Engine Marketing field @Kevin_Lee_QED #THEcoffeeconnection
  3. 3. Content is King - Context is Queen Things to think about:  Content bridges Marketing, PR, SEO, and Social Media  Content lives in many places and can be repurposed. “The why of content”  Sometimes a content strategy can be truly innovative and meet SEO, Social Media and DR goals simultaneously  Content strategy varies based on industry and specific marketing plan/objectives  Do you have a treasure trove of content waiting to be unleashed?  What is the second largest search engine? @Kevin_Lee_QED #THEcoffeeconnection
  4. 4. Today’s Panel Don Miller: PR Executive Vice President, HLD Communications Liz Burke: PR Group Account Director, HLD Communications Ana Maria Raynes: Social Media Director, Didit Marcus Arcabascio: Search Engine Optimization Director, Didit #THEcoffeeconnection
  5. 5. Don Miller @dm_donmiller #THEcoffeeconnection
  6. 6. Don Miller  Executive Vice President, Public Relations  Crisis Management Counselor  Community & Government Relations Specialist  Content Marketer  Former Elected Official @dm_donmiller #THEcoffeeconnection
  7. 7. Definition of Content Marketing Content Marketing: The technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage clearly defined target audiences, with the objective of driving profitable customer action. @dm_donmiller #THEcoffeeconnection
  8. 8. Content Trend Statistics 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content. (Content Plus) Email continues to be the most effective & profitable tool for accounting firms. (Thomson Reuters) Email is a valued channel across nearly all message types -- from patient care and health tips to seasonal reminders and payment reminders. (TeleVox) The number of B2B firms that blog rose almost 30% in the past year. ( @dm_donmiller #THEcoffeeconnection
  9. 9. Content Marketing Tips  Make Content Marketing part of your organization’s culture.  Create year-long content calendar to generate steady flow of articles.  Capitalize on industry news and trends.  Write engaging and relevant content.  Be human and relate to your prospects & customers. @dm_donmiller #THEcoffeeconnection
  10. 10. Common Mistakes  Consistently writing content about you and your business  Selling services through content Content should educate and assist  Complicating content  Skipping approval processes @dm_donmiller #THEcoffeeconnection
  11. 11. Liz Burke @LizBurke7 #THEcoffeeconnection
  12. 12. Liz Burke  Group Account Director  Public Relations Professional  Content Marketer  Former Journalist  Edward R. Murrow Award Recipient @LizBurke7 #THEcoffeeconnection
  13. 13. Secret #1 ONE PIECE OF CONTENT CAN BE LEVERAGED ACROSS ALL CHANNELS @LizBurke7 #THEcoffeeconnection
  14. 14. Content Marketing Distribution @LizBurke7 #THEcoffeeconnection
  15. 15. Content Marketing Examples @LizBurke7 #THEcoffeeconnection
  16. 16. Content Marketing Examples @LizBurke7 #THEcoffeeconnection
  17. 17. Website Tips  Every company website should include a press section on the homepage: - News articles - Press releases - Blogs  Homepage should also feature following sections: - Q&A - Industry facts - Easy way to subscribe to email @LizBurke7 #THEcoffeeconnection
  18. 18. Email Marketing Tips  Importance of subject line  Tailor content according to certain audience(s)  Make it shareable / social media icons  Recognize holidays  Include your company’s link in every email  Keep content to a few paragraphs  Include a call to action @LizBurke7 #THEcoffeeconnection
  19. 19. Email Analytics @LizBurke7 #THEcoffeeconnection
  20. 20. Blog Tips  Tell your story  Share your opinion  Keep it short but focused  Proofread  Invite comments  Ask a question @LizBurke7 #THEcoffeeconnection
  21. 21. Ana Maria Raynes @StylinAna #THEcoffeeconnection
  22. 22. Ana Maria Raynes  Social Media Director  Online Strategist  Feautured in Glamour Magazine "Women on the Rise"  Appeared on FOX Strategy Room  Founder of "Smart Is Cool" alongside the non-profit Girls Take Charge @StylinAna #THEcoffeeconnection
  24. 24. Social Media - Know Your Platform  Not every platform fits every initiative  Use appropriate channels  Know your target audience  Know what time your audience is watching @StylinAna #THEcoffeeconnection
  25. 25. Social Media - Know Your Platform The Landscape of Social Media Users         Age Gender Facebook 25-34/ 4554 male/female Twitter 18-29 male LinkedIn 35-44/ 4554 male/female Google+ 25-34 male Pinterest 45-54 female Instagram 18-29 female Tumbler 16-24 male/female @StylinAna #THEcoffeeconnection Type some college education city dwellers, African Americans some college education some college education some college education, Caucasian African Americans, urban residents, Latinos some college education (Pew Research and Digital Serpa) Social Networking Site
  26. 26. Social Media - Know Your Platform @StylinAna #THEcoffeeconnection
  27. 27. Social Media – Reach More People  Know where the conversation is happening  Use the tools: Hootsuite, Facebook Analytics, etc.  Research hashtags(#)  Find the right communities and groups  When possible, tag people and places  Keep it short  Call to action @StylinAna #THEcoffeeconnection
  28. 28. Social Media - Reach More People @StylinAna #THEcoffeeconnection
  29. 29. Social Media - Link to Your Website  Ultimate goal is to drive people back to your website  Place the content you are talking about on your site  Link back to the appropriate places  Use Bitlys to track clicks @StylinAna #THEcoffeeconnection
  30. 30. Marcus Arcabascio @marcabascio #THEcoffeeconnection
  31. 31. Marcus Arcabascio  Director of Search Engine Optimization  Managing Partner of American Health Journal  B.S. in Business Administration & Entrepreneurship, Fordham University Gabelli School of Business  Can be found skiing in Vermont when it snows @marcabascio #THEcoffeeconnection
  32. 32. Secret #3 USE FREE DATA PROVIDED BY SEARCH ENGINES TO PLAN & OPTIMIZE CONTENT @marcabascio #THEcoffeeconnection
  33. 33. SEO What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization The ability to rank in search engines, and find prospects previously unavailable via traditional marketing channels. @marcabascio #THEcoffeeconnection
  34. 34. SEO Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool @marcabascio #THEcoffeeconnection
  35. 35. SEO Google Eliminates The Guesswork @marcabascio #THEcoffeeconnection
  36. 36. SEO Increase Doorways To Organic Traffic @marcabascio #THEcoffeeconnection
  37. 37. SEO Play By The Rules, Get Ranked Create quality, unique content (or retool old content) Organize content properly Share your content Engage your target audience Develop relevance and authority Repeat… @marcabascio #THEcoffeeconnection
  38. 38. Conclusion #THEcoffeeconnection
  39. 39. So… what were the secrets? @Kevin_Lee_QED #THEcoffeeconnection
  40. 40. Secret Summary  Leverage Your Content  Use Appropriate Platforms and Link Back to Your Website  Utilize Free Search Engine Data @Kevin_Lee_QED #THEcoffeeconnection
  41. 41. Content Marketing Conclusion Q&A #THEcoffeeconnection
  42. 42. Your Feedback We would love to hear your feedback on this seminar. Expect to receive a short email survey soon with a chance to win a gift card. Thank you for attending! #THEcoffeeconnection