Fundamentals of LinkedIn for Small Businesses


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Powerpoint presented by the Arkansas State University Small Business and Technology Development Center for a Fundamentals of LinkedIn seminar presented on the ASU campus Thursday, July 25th. Presentation walked attendees through basics of Why LinkedIn is a valuable network for business professionals, how to set up profiles including discussions on endorsements, company pages, making connections, groups and more.

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  • The Arkansas SBTDC is open Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. SBTDC services are free, excluding a nominal charge for seminars. Training • ASBTDC training programs focus on providing current practical information on a wide variety of business topics. Seminars are taught by ASBTDC staff and volunteer speakers who are professionals in the community. Research and Information • Research Center, Lead Center in Little Rock: Library offers industry benchmarks (RMA’s Annual Statement Studies), Entrepreneur Start-up Guides, business planning software and trade periodicals and SIC industry files. • Sub-centers have similar resources & have access to the Lead’s Center research and information services. • ASBTDC Web site: BizFact documents (over 230), Internet links and FAQ Consulting • One-to-one management consulting services emphasize educating the client while working together in finding practical solutions to their business problems. • Consultants review business plans for new ventures, prepare loan requests and offer advice on operating challenges for existing businesses. Consultant meetings are by appointment only.
  • Fundamentals of LinkedIn for Small Businesses

    1. 1. LinkedIn Basics For Business The Professional Social Network Presentation Herb Lawrence ASU SBTDC Center Director Special Thanks to Our Sponsors
    2. 2.  Training ◦ Classes for new ventures and existing businesses ◦ Special conferences  Research ◦ Sample business plans/Industry start-up guides  Consulting ◦ One-on-one advisory services  Web Site: © ASBTDC 2012 All Rights Reserved
    3. 3. ∗ 220 million Professionals in 200 Countries! ∗ 3 million Company Pages ∗ Executives from all Fortune 500 Companies are members of this network. ∗ Relationships matter – connect with people in a new way to prolong professional relationships & to create new ones via your existing contacts! ∗ What Is LinkedIn?
    4. 4. Social network for businesses and Professionals LinkedIn Stats 2012 Of course love to connect with you on LinkedIn
    5. 5. Why Online?
    6. 6. ∗ ∗ Have your recent resume ready! ∗ Company Names, Dates, Education ∗ Summary of Experience gained at each job or school! ∗ A professional headshot, or recognizable photo! ∗ Don’t be too casual with this photo, this is a professional social network– not Facebook. First Things First – Join LinkedIn
    7. 7. ∗ Why am I here? ∗ What do I want to accomplish with LinkedIn? ∗ What is my “VALUE PROPOSITION? ∗ How are others using LI in my Industry? ∗ How much time to dedicate? ∗ How does LinkedIn fit into my Overall Marketing Plan? What Are My Goals?
    8. 8. ∗ Current Position ∗ At Least: 2 Past Positions ∗ Your Education ∗ Profile Summary – A short paragraph about yourself & professional aspirations! (Remember Your Keywords!) ∗ Profile Photo – No Babies, No Partying. Keep it Professional (Headshots work best!) ∗ Your Specialties - Helps for Endorsements! ∗ At least: 3 LinkedIn Recommendations Profile Completeness: What You Need To Get 100%
    9. 9. Connections Are Exponential!
    10. 10. ∗ Search for People. ∗ Import E-Mail Address Book ∗ Invite people to connect with you on LinkedIn. ∗ Start with your community – search for your professional circle first. ∗ Introduce Yourself – send messages to members of your industry or community that you have yet to meet. Finding Connections
    11. 11. ∗ Share your presence on LinkedIn on your business cards – this a great way to build your connections online & meet new contacts. ∗ Reach out to your clients in a professional way – Facebook is great for building a casual relationship, but for business people LinkedIn can work better! ∗ Your LinkedIn URL is located: On Your Profile – Under Education & Recommendations. You can edit your URL to be easy to remember! Share Your LinkedIn URL
    12. 12. Your LinkedIn Toolbox
    13. 13. LinkedIn for Outlook
    14. 14. LinkedIn Toolbar – Internet Explorer & Firefox
    15. 15. LinkedIn Mobile
    16. 16. Share On LinkedIn Button
    17. 17. ∗ Latest Projects or Events You Are Showing ∗ Your latest specials, deals or news ∗ Tips for your customers/support info ∗ Links to your business online: ∗ Facebook Page ∗ Twitter Account ∗ Website Update around 3 times a day – Morning, Afternoon, Evening* Status Updates: What Should You Share?
    18. 18. ∗ Let’s Take A Look At LinkedIn!
    19. 19. ∗ Educates ∗ Informs ∗ Entertains ∗ Provides Value ∗ Builds Trust ∗ Creates Relationships…then ∗ SELLS…… What is Good Content
    20. 20. Why Good Content Matters
    21. 21. ∗ Video ∗ Images, pictures – ∗ Articles ∗ Infographics ∗ eBooks/White Papers ∗ Webinars ∗ Podcasts ∗ Coupons/discounts/special offers How to Spread Content Know how subscribers in different networks PREFER to receive your content
    22. 22. ∗ Follow other Companies – local, industry, or partners. ∗ Search for Jonesboro, Paragould, Memphis companies who are already set up on LinkedIn. ∗ Set-Up Your Own Company Profile- (only one person needs to do this!) ∗ Get your employees who are active on LinkedIn involved with the company profile! Company Profiles
    23. 23. ∗ BE SURE YOU READ THE DIRECTIONS! ∗ Use your WORK email- ∗ You do not want to attach a personal email to the Company Profile (Why? no one else in the company can list it.) ∗ Shrink Your Logo – 100x60 pixels ∗ Pick the BEST Company Type & be honest about the size! Setting Up Your Company Profile
    24. 24. ∗ Keywords, Keywords, Keywords! ∗ Company Specialties are really important! ∗ Discuss with your owner & fellow employees what your Company Description should be! ∗ No ESSAYS! Be direct, professional & simple! Its like a first impression- make it count! Don’t Forget …
    25. 25. ∗ Don’t just create a profile – get involved with Group Conversations, actively add your contacts to LinkedIn & respond to recommendation requests or messages! ∗ Seek out those who would recommend you, too! ∗ Update your LinkedIn Status– share your professional news! ∗ Example: Real Estate Agent lists a new home – share the details! Your connections may be more likely to buy a home from someone they know than a complete stranger! Don’t Give Up!
    26. 26. ∗ ∗ Read all about these and other scheduling tools at our Storify article “Scheduling Tools for Beginners” Tools to Save Time
    27. 27. ∗ E-mail ∗ Facebook ∗ Facebook ∗ Twitter ∗ LinkedIn ∗ Google Plus posts ∗ Oh… or call me (870) 972-3517 Connect with Us