Vitamin D before, during, and after pregnancy


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VITAMIN D reduces 29 health problems (as proven by Double-blind random-controlled-trials)
Hypertension, Cardiovascular, Back Pain, Diabetes, Influenza, Falls, Hip Fractures, Breast Cancer,
Raynaud's pain, Menstrual Pain, C-section and pregnancy risks, Low Birth Weight, Chronic Kidney Disease,
Cystic Fibrosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, TB, Rickets, Respiratory Tract Infection, Lupus, Sickle Cell pain,
leg ulcers, traumatic brain injury. Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Congestive Heart Failure, Middle Ear Infection
Gingivitis Details at

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Vitamin D before, during, and after pregnancy

  1. 1. Overview Pregnancy and vitamin D Vitamin D before, during, and after pregnancy =alternate name The more vitamin D momtakes, the more benefits for her and the future child. The benefits to mom start about 2,000 IU daily average (2000 IU costs less than $15 per year) Substantial benefits proven for 4,000 IU taken during pregnancy (fewer complications, lower cost) Best benefits at 6,000 IU - this much is also needed if breast feeding without supplementing the infant Taking > 2,000 IU raises the cost, primarily due to cost of Cofactors. Vitamin D during pregnancy IU Cumulative Benefit Blood level Cofactors Calcium $*/year 200 Better bones for mom with 600 mg of Calcium 6 ng/ml increase Not needed No effect $2 400 Less Rickets (but not zero with 400 IU) 3X less adolescent Schizophrenia Fewer child seizures 20-30 ng/ml Not needed No effect $3 2000 2X More likely to get pregnant naturally/IVF 2X Fewer dental problems with pregnancy 8X less diabetes 4X fewer C-sections (>37 ng) 4X less preeclampsia (40 ng vs 10 ng) 5X less child asthma 2X fewer language problems age 5 42 ng/ml Desirable < 750 mg $15 4000 2X fewer pregnancy complications 2X fewer pre-term births 49 ng/ml Must have cofactors < 750 mg $75 6000 Probable: larger benefits for above items Perhaps prevent 2nd autistic child clinical trials underway Just enough D for breastfed infant Must have cofactors < 750 mg $85 $* assumes You buy fairly |low cost vitamin D and Cofactors (more expensive if liquid and/or vegan ) Using a low cost size of vitamin D - such as 5,000 IU, as often as needed. (50,000 IU costs even less) Example: 5000 IU every other day if you only want an average of 2500 IU Test vitamin D levels of those moms who are at high risk for being vitamin D deficient $30 for a blood test about 6 weeks after starting vitamin D to check that mom is getting enough Benefits which do not fit into the matrix Vaginosis during pregnancy 5X more likely if low vitamin D – Dec 2011 Gestational diabetes 60 percent more likely below 20 ng of vitamin D – meta-analysis Feb 2012 Weight gain between first and second pregnancies increases woman's gestational diabetes risk May 2011 Might reduce Postpartum Depression IU not specified Menstruation 10 months earlier if low on vitamin D – Aug 2011 Pregnancy - general All items in Pregnancy and Vitamin D 253 items Pregnancy needs 4000 IU of vitamin D: current opinion - June 2013 Many groups of pregnant women are at high risk of being vitamin D deficient – Jan 2013 35,000 IU vitamin D weekly during 3rd quarter pregnancy – RCT March 2013 Near the end of pregnancy 50,000 IU vitamin D weekly was great – RCT April 2013 Variety of pregnancy problems with low vitamin D – systematic review Sept 2012 Pregnancy and vitamin D meta-analysis – July 2012 Low vitamin D increased probability of low birth weight by 60 percent – meta-analysis June 2012 HOME ABOUTUSHELP0ShareShareShareShareShareMore Vitamin D WikiVitamin D Wiki The most vitamin D information on the web! Log In Register WHAT'S NEW CATEGORIES OVERVIEWS CHARTS ADV. SEARCH SEARCH (NON-ENGLISH) Related categories: Health > Pregnancy Overviews Health > Fertility and sperm More D topics > High Risk Acne (1) Allergy - Overview Alzheimers-Cognition - Overview Asthma- Overview Autism (37+) Overview Autoimmune (51+) Bone - Health (139+) Breathing (131+) Cancer (103+) Overview After diagnosis(31+) Bladder (11+) Breast (112+) Overview Colon (55+) Overview Leukemia (5+) Lung (15+) Overview Lymphoma (10+) Other (19+) Pancreatic (29+) Prostate (50+) Skin (53+) Overview Cardiovascular (218+) Overview Cholesterol (32+) Overview Cognitive (57+) Overview Coldsand flu - Overview Concussions(1) Cystic Fibrosis(13+) Dental (30+) Depression (63+) Diabetes(203+) Overview Diseasesgen.+ misc, (48+) Falls/Fractures(66+) Overview Fatigue, Chronic - Overview Fertility and sperm (33+) Fibromyalgia - Overview Fractures- Overview Genetics(112+) Gut (39+) Overview Hair (1) Headache (8+) Hearing Loss(1) HIV (10+) Overview Hypertension (40+) Overview Hyperparathyroid – Overview Immunity (94+) Inflammation (20+) Infant-Child (137+) Influenza - Overview Kidney (120+) Overview Kidney Stones(12+) Overview Liver (31+) Overview Lupus(30+) Mental Illness(1) Metabolic Synd. (29+) Overview Migraine (1) Mortality (90+) Multiple Sclerosis(174+) Overview Obesity (163+) Overview Osteoarthritis(10+) Overview Osteoporosis(108+) Overview Pain - chronic (45+) Overview See also for this page Health Problems and D Search... converted by
  2. 2. Predicted vitamin D levels during pregnancy were sort of similar to those measured – Jan 2013 Vitamin D of 32 to 60 ng is needed before, during, and after pregnancy – Dec 2012 Higher vitamin D in pregnancy resulted in 2X better infant psychomotor and mental scores – Sept 2012 More vitamin D during pregnancy made for higher mental scores at 14 months – Dec 2012 yet another study with same conclusion as above Pregnancy and vitamin D meta-analysis – July 2012 Optimal Vitamin D during pregnancy - 4000 IU March 2012 Wagner, Hollis, et al Calcium and bone disorders in pregnancy – May 2012 4000 IU Vitamin D Safe and Effective For Healthy Pregnant Women – June 2011 Review of recent publications on vitamin D and pregnancy – Feb 2012 article outline includes "Neonatal morbidity" MSNBC article Aug 2011 mentions that US has poor record for deaths within 1 month of birth Preterm delivery, asphyxia (lack of oxygen) and severe infections = 3 top causes of newborn death. (Note that the 1st and 3rd are associated with low vitamin D) Profound vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy - Dec 2010 Wagner, Hollis, et al PDF Hollis shows far healthier pregnancy when take 4,000 IU of vitamin D Pregnancy slideshow - 2012 Hollis The role of vitamin D in pregnancy and lactation: emerging concepts Wagner, Taylor, Johnson, Hollis May 2012 7 page article behind paywall, not much in abstract How much vitamin D during pregnancy - Wagner April 2010 author of the two videos and chart below. Wagner 53 minute video of the proceeding PDF presentation - April 2010 Book by Hollis and Wagner on Pregnancy and vitamin D - June 2010 Vitamin D and Obstetrics Improving Pregnancy and Childbirth - presentations May 2011 Implications of vitamin D deficiency in pregnancy and lactation – May 2010 includes tables of risk factors and problems vs ng 80 % recent increase in Strokes following pregnancy - July 2011 OBGYN College in UK still recommends only 400 IU during pregnancy – Jan 2012 amazingly low French Society of Paediatics Vitamin D recommendations – Jan 2012 lots of details such as: pregnant women: a single dose of 80,000 to 100,000 IU at the beginning of the 7th month of pregnancy (too much all at once) 120000 IU vitamin D twice during pregnancy helped some – Jan 2012 too infrequent Overview of deficiency and birth outcomes - long MS thesis - May 2010 PDF Vitamin D levels of mothers fell significantly due to pregnancy – Feb 2010 Majority of infant seizures in India due to lack of vitamin D - July 2010 Needed more than 1600 IU of vitamin D during pregnancy – RCT May 2013 which has the following chart Pregnancy and low vitamin D in Qataris and women around the world – Sept 2013 which has the following table Pain - chronic (45+) Overview Parkinson (22+) Overview Pregnancy (249+) Overview Psoriasis(26+) Raynaud's(1) Rheumatoid Arth. (45+) Overview Rickets(69+) Overview Schizophrenia - Overview Seniors(178+) Overview Skin (20+) Overview Dark (256+) Overview Sleep (9+) Smoking (1) Spinal Cord (6+) Sports(91+) Overview Statins(1) Stroke (16+) Overview Thyroid/Parath. (29+) Overview Trauma and surgery (89+) Tuberculosis(56+) Overview Vision (23+) Women (39+) Overview Youth (81+) {#s as of Aug 19,, 2013} converted by
  3. 3. Pretermand low weight births Premature birth 2.5X more likely if mother had low vitamin D and was having twins – July 2013 Pre-term birth 3X more likely and C-section 4X if less than 20 ng of vitamin D – May 2012 Why vitamin D reduces premature birth - April 2011 Note: 2X death rate for premature birth Premature delivery associated with low vitamin D in Japanese women – Mar 2011 Premature or low birth weight resulted in children 3X more likely to be anxious – May 2011 50% of very low birthweight infants develop osteopenia with rickets before May 2011 7X more likely to have low birth weight babies when mother very low on vitamin D – March 2010 Arab pre-term infants often have less than 10 ng of vitamin D - 2010 Pre-term births report USA-Today May 2012 Of all births: US Blacks 17%, US whites 11%, Germany 9%, UK Canada, Australia 8%, France 7%, Japan 6% For 62 out of 65 countries, the rate of premature births has been increasing comment by a reader " maternal obesity which increases chance of premature delivery 30%" see original 126 page study Low birth weight 3X more likely if mother had less than 25 nanograms of vitamin D – May 2012 Osteopenia in preterm infants – May 2012 IU for infants 400 IU vitamin D for breastfed - American Association of Pediatrics - Feb 2012 400 IU vitamin D daily was enough for most infants – Jan 2011 Intervention of 400 IU of vitamin D raised infant blood levels 14 ng – Jan 2012 French Society of Paediatics Vitamin D recommendations – Jan 2012 breastfed infants: 1000 to 1200 IU One study gave infants 50,000 IU very two months (833 IU /day) note: This is too long of a time between doses, Most mothers still do not supplement infants with vitamin D – July 2010 Hypothesis at VitaminDWiki: infant Jaundice and vitamin D Recommend 100 IU of vitamin D per kg of infant weight in Poland – July 2011 has a graph Only about 10 % of breastfed infants get even the minimum recommended vitamin D – April 2010 Infants getting 200 IU (1400 IU vitamin D weekly) grew better – May 2011 Breastfed infants in Germany with 250 IU of vitamin D got to 56ng – Sept 2010 Infants getting 500 IU achieved 60 ng vitamin D in blood – Jan 2011 RCT Infants in Finland who got 2000 IU vitamin D daily grew to normal height – March 2011 excellent proof that a lot of vitamin D does not harm - the only outcome appears to be a huge decrease in diabetes as the cohort got older converted by
  4. 4. Low Levels among mothers and infants All items in Infant and child and Vitamin D 141 items 80 % of South Asian Women in UK had less than 10 ng of vitamin D in winter – April 2012 Mothers and infants in India have very low levels of vitamin D – April 2012 95 % of mothers had < 20 ng of vitamin D 90 % of Indian mothers and infants had less than 20 ng of vitamin D – May 2011 Low D in developing countries – less than 5 ng in some children in China – Oct 2010 Infants lacking vitamin D supplementation were 19X more likely to be deficient – April 2012 Percent of populations with less than 20 ng of vitamin D graph of a great many countries with low vitamin D levels 82% of pregnant in Southern US were vitamin D insufficient – Sept 2010 CDC vitamin D statistics for women – March 2012 which has Women with less than 20 nanograms: +37% average for all women, 55% if less than high school education, 78% if black Preeclampsia 2X more preeclampsia when vitamin D less than 30 ng, etc. - meta-analysis March 2013 Preeclampsia and small infants associated with 7 ng less vitamin D – Mar 2011 How to reduce preeclampsia - May 2011 Eclampsia 2X more frequency in Swedish winter – Jan 2011 Pre-eclampsia3X more likely if low vitamin D at 25 week – April 2012 Infants Finland had recommended a huge amount of vitamin D for the infant: 20X more than US standard - Wagner April 2010 slide 31 Pre-Birth Vitamin D Levels Determine Your Health for Life - Kerri Knox Fewer than 40% of infants got 400 IU of vitamin D, The amount recommended by American Academy of Pediatrics A June 2010 study which includes the following graph, found that MANY children do not even get 200 IU and NONE of the children got more than 480 IU converted by
  5. 5. AFinland study tried 2,000 IU dose for 10,000 CHILDREN They reported a significant decrease in type I diabetes decades later - NO toxicity, hypercalification, etc. etc.! After infant stops drinking milk, be sure to supplement with vitamin D - as most fruit juice is not fortified. Rickets/Battered Child/Weak bones Rickets in 30 % of infants in India who had low vitamin D – March 2011 Death of Babies in UK due to vitamin D deficiency – Jan 2012 Turkey gave 400 IU vitamin D to needy infants and reduced Rickets by 60X - 2011 Overview of Rickets and Vitamin D See all items in category Rickets in VitaminDWiki 71 items Dark Skinned babies probably need vit D supplements to prevent rickets -2001 Death of Babies in UK due to vitamin D deficiency – Jan 2012 Mother and father on trial for infant death – set free – death was due to rickets – Dec 2011 Mercola March 2011 lack of vitamins C, D, or K mistaken for shaken baby syndrome Your vitamin D deficient infant could be taken away from you – Sept 2010 The above item from the Vitamin D council includes the following quotes: "1/4 of all otherwise normal infants have evidence of infantile rickets while they are still in the womb." "... it is likely that tens of thousands of infants are being sent home from the hospital with multiple fractures because no one has ever done a study looking for asymptomatic fractures." Mercola Dec 2010 man acquitted of beating his 3 month old - after 14 months of being kept away from his child Vitamin D and infants- Dec 2010 see page 10+ for battered child Vitamin D Levels in Kids are So Low that Rickets is Back with a Vengeance – Kerri Knox High risk of being vitamin D deficient during pregnancy Potential high risk if : dark skin, twins, recent pregnancy, smoking, very far from equator, obese, excessive clothes, Very low vitamin D for first pregnancies and those with dark skin – Jan 2011 Low vitamin D probable cause of descrepancy of black and white birth outcomes - 2010.pdf Assess your level of vitamin D deficiency - especially if dark skin, far from equator, medical condition, .. Black = 97% Hispanic = 81%, White = 67% Pregnant women vitamin D insufficient – July 2010 Overview of Obesity and Vitamin D Obese people have significant lower levels of vitamin D Should consider loading up on vitamin D very early in the pregnancy if high risk of vitamin D deficiency Typical loading dose: 200,000 IU spread over 2 months Low cost tests instant free test to see if anyone is extremely low on vitamin D Twins, no tan, winter, and smoking all associated with low levels of vitamin D during pregnancy – Jan 2013 BEFORE: Help getting pregnant - woman & man Vitamin D increases fertility of BOTH the man and the woman. Each 1 ng increase in blood level of vitamin D increases clinical pregnancy by 6% converted by
  6. 6. You may not have heard much about it since it has been patented see also Who said vitamin D could not be patented Vitamin D has been used by zoos and vets for a long time. Vitamin D and fertility: a systematic review – May 2012 great diagrams All items in category Fertility 33 items How 60 ng of vitamin D enabled pregnancy - a personal story in VitaminDWiki 63% having conception problems were Vitamin D deficient 100% of those which specific problems had normal vitamin D level More details on the above information from Vitamin D: The Wonder Vitamin That May Help Me ConceiveIVF The men also need vitamin D- Dr. Sorenson, author of Vitamin D3 and Solar Power Vitamin D Boosts IVF Success Peak months for births in Czech Republic were March to May - 9 months after peak vitamin D blood levels Better sperm if have higher level of vitamin D - has lots of details and links Vitamin D and fertility and birth problems with dark skin – Jan 2011 Fertility improved with Vitamin D – systematic review Jan 2012 Testosterone increased with daily 3332 IU vitamin D – Dec 2010 Clinical Trial vitamin D levels and IVF success – May 2011 good overview Oral contraceptive use associated with higher levels of vitamin D – thesis June 2012 IVF 4X more successful for white women with lots of vitamin D – Oct 2012 Wonder if high levels of vitamin D result in increased chance of pregnancy after stopping oral contraceptives Clinical Trials for (pregnancy OR infants OR babies) "vitamin D" 74 intervention trials listed as of April 2012 Reproductive endocrinology: Vitamin D and AMH levels are correlated in human adults May 2012, no abstract AMH provides a good indication of number of eggs left (fertility) - - - - - - Decrease in C sections as vitamin D levels are increased C-section 4X more likely if less than 20 ng of vitamin D – May 2012 Risk of Cesarean 2X higher if low vitamin D – April 2012 C-section 4X more likely when vitamin D less than 37 ng – many items Google Site Search for cesarean 93 items as of July 2013 - - - - - - See also VitaminDWiki Overview Deficiency of vitamin D Overview Women and Vitamin D All items in Women and vitamin D 42 items Smoking while pregnant lowers vitamin D and increases child asthma by 3.6 X – Aug 2011 Doctors in the UK, who are pro-vitamin D, think that pregnancy and infants are some "low hanging fruit' Diseases correlated to month of birth – 2008 Vitamin D Recommendations from around the world] Why vitamin D has gotten so low in last 40 years So many forms of vitamin D are available at very low cost tiny soft-gel, oil, sublingual etc. 6400 IU of vitamin D got mothers to 50+ nanograms converted by
  7. 7. Name of this page: Overview Pregnancy and vitamin D PERMALINK This page has been visited 16,680 times. (Cached) Related information in categories: Health (Health) » Pregnancy (Pregnancy) Related information in categories: Overviews (Overviews) Related information in categories: Health (Health) » Fertility and sperm (Fertility and sperm) Related information in categories: More D topics (More D topics) » High Risk (High Risk) Edit this page Comments 6 files attached (Hide) See also web Clinical Trials for Pregnacy with vitamin D INTERVENTION 30 as of July 2013 Short url = Page last modified on 04 September, 2013 List of attached files ID Name desc uploaded Size Downloads Actions 264 Vitamin D preconception to birth - 2010.gif 2010 25 Oct., 2010 byadmin 9.17 Kb 2806 194 Knox on breastfeeding - 2010.gif Knox 27 Sep., 2010 byadmin 18.51 Kb 2788 193 Gum pockets vs vitamin D Hollis slides 2010 - 28.gif dental 26 Sep., 2010 byadmin 15.53 Kb 2811 192 Finland vitamin D for infants - Wagner 2010 pg 31.gif Finland 26 Sep., 2010 byadmin 11.25 Kb 4397 191 6400 vs 400 IU during pregnancy - Wagner April 2010 pg 84.gif 6400 IU 26 Sep., 2010 byadmin 12.28 Kb 4395 190 2000 and 4000 IU during pregnancy - Wagner April 2010 pg 51.gif 4000 IU 26 Sep., 2010 byadmin 25.84 Kb 690 There are no comments at this time. Number of pages on VitaminDWiki = 4190 CLICK HERE for the home page. See a problem with this page? Report it to the webmaster. You must be registered and logged in to make a comment. Wiki Blogs File Galleries No comments converted by
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