Cardiovascular problems decrease with vitamin d
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Cardiovascular problems decrease with vitamin d

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VITAMIN D reduces 29 health problems (as proven by Double-blind random-controlled-trials)
Hypertension, Cardiovascular, Back Pain, Diabetes, Influenza, Falls, Hip Fractures, Breast Cancer, Raynaud's pain, Menstrual Pain, C-section and pregnancy risks, Low Birth Weight, Chronic Kidney Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, TB, Rickets, Respiratory Tract Infection, Lupus, Sickle Cell pain, leg ulcers, traumatic brain injury. Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Congestive Heart Failure, Middle Ear Infection, Gingivitis Details at

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  • 1. Overview Cardiovascular and vitamin D There are many indications that vitamin D can both PREVENT and TREAT many cardiovascular problems How much vitamin D will PREVENT which cardiovascular problems under which situations Guess as of Nov 2011: 2,000 to 4,000 IU How much vitamin D will TREAT which cardiovascular problems under which situations Guess as of Nov 2011 > 10,000 IU As with many other diseases, VitaminDWiki expects that there will be a at least a 4X range of vitamin D due to: 4X range in the response in the vitamin D blood level for the same IU dose - for healthy, non-obese, people Also expect that co-factors such as Magnesium and Vitamin K2 (see below) will prove to be very important Intervention Clinical Trials for (heart OR cardiovascular) and "vitamin D" 267 as of Sept 2013 Intervention = give vitamin D and see what happens usually testing vitamin D vs placebo The majority of these intervention trials are for TREATMENT, rather than prevention We anticipate that many of the trials will terminate sooner than planned when they find so many people dying without vitamin D Is it ethical to not give vitamin D in osteoporosis trials– NEJM Sept 2010 example See also VitaminDWiki: Cardiovascular - general Cardiovascular system benefits from both Omega-3 and vitamin D – Dec 2012 14X more likely to die after first cardiovascular event if vitamin D deficient – Nov 2012 small study Cardiovascular disease 50 % more likely if low vitamin D – meta-analysis Nov 2012 Half as many heart deaths for those with high levels of vitamin D – meta-analysis Sept 2012 Vitamin D intervention reduced death due the heart failure by 32 percent – Feb 2012 All items in Cardiovascular and Vitamin D 220 items Echocardiograms confirm problems with low vitamin D – May 2012 30 ng perhaps best for cardiovascular - graphs from many countries - 2011.pdf file Chronic Heart Failure helped with 2,000 IU of vitamin D (PRA reduced) – RCT June 2013 Vitamin D is important for cardiovascular health – Sept 2010 nice chart and tables Review of heart failure and vitamin D mechanisms – Jan 2011 Patent for patients of Chronic Heart Failure includes vitamin D – June 2011 Increasing vitamin D levels will probably reduce CVD and mortality – June 2011 Lack of vitamin D associated with many cardiovascular problems – May 2011 Heart Failure associated with vitamin D deficiency – Feb 2011 96 percent of heart failure patients had less than 30 ng of vitamin D – March 2011 Cardiovascular disease may be reduced by vitamin D – June 2011 24X less Calcification of Aorta for PAD with modest level of vitamin D – Aug 2011 Cardiovascular problems for teens if low levels of vitamin D – March 2012 - Vitamin D, cardiovascular disease and mortality. 3 X increased chance of death if have asthma – study of 200,000 people over 10 years – Nov 2012 Cardiovascular Disease and vitamin D - April 2012 Coronary Artery Disease predicted by low levels of vitamin D – April 2012 Heart Failure early death 2X more likely if less than 20 nanograms of vitamin D – June 2012 Increased probability of chest aorta aneurisms with low vitamin D – Nov 2012 Higher vitamin D levels associated with fewer vein clots decades later– Jan 2013 Major Heart attacks occur 40 percent more often if vitamin D lower than 7 ng – Feb 2013 Cardiovascular disease 50 % more likely if low vitamin D - meta-analysis Nov 2012 Congestive Heart Failure patients helped with Vitamin D intervention – May 2013 Vitamin D decreases incidence of disease has the following chart which shows that heart attacks not decreased until 40 ng of vitamin D HOME ABOUTUSHELP0ShareShareShareShareShareMore Vitamin D WikiVitamin D Wiki The most vitamin D information on the web! 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SEARCH SEARCH (NON-ENGLISH) Related categories: Health > Cardiovascular Overviews Acne (1) Allergy - Overview Alzheimers-Cognition - Overview Asthma- Overview Autism (37+) Overview Autoimmune (51+) Bone - Health (139+) Breathing (131+) Cancer (103+) Overview After diagnosis(31+) Bladder (11+) Breast (112+) Overview Colon (55+) Overview Leukemia (5+) Lung (15+) Overview Lymphoma (10+) Other (19+) Pancreatic (29+) Prostate (50+) Skin (53+) Overview Cardiovascular (218+) Overview Cholesterol (32+) Overview Cognitive (57+) Overview Coldsand flu - Overview Concussions(1) Cystic Fibrosis(13+) Dental (30+) Depression (63+) Diabetes(203+) Overview Diseasesgen.+ misc, (48+) Falls/Fractures(66+) Overview Fatigue, Chronic - Overview Fertility and sperm (33+) Fibromyalgia - Overview Fractures- Overview Genetics(112+) Gut (39+) Overview Hair (1) Headache (8+) Hearing Loss(1) HIV (10+) Overview Hypertension (40+) Overview Hyperparathyroid – Overview Immunity (94+) Inflammation (20+) Infant-Child (137+) Influenza - Overview Kidney (120+) Overview Kidney Stones(12+) Overview Liver (31+) Overview Lupus(30+) Mental Illness(1) Metabolic Synd. 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  • 2. See also in VitaminDWiki Cardiovascular and MORTALITY Increased heart attacks in the winter may be due to lack of sunshine – Nov 2012 Shift workers 23 % more likely to have cardiovascular events – meta-analysis July 2012 Vitamin D helped cardiovascular patients in many ways– Nov 2011 Heart patients 10% more likely to die for every 4 ng less vitamin D – May 2011 Cardiovascular disease may be reduced by vitamin D – June 2011 by Dr. Grant All items in Mortality and vitamin D (not just Cardio) 92 items Far better to take Vitamin D than a baby aspirin to avoid heart problems Vitamin D interactions with cardiovascular disease - unsure – April 2012 Low levels of vitamin D associated with all cause mortality – Oct 2012 See also in VitaminDWiki HYPERTENSION and BLOOD PRESSURE Hypertension experts want still more vitamin D proof – Oct 2012 Meta-analysis found hypertension reduced with vitamin D – Dec 2010 Hypertension more likely with less vitamin D - Dec 2010 authors work for Kaiser Permanente Systolic hypertension 4X more likely if low on vitamin D 14 years before – Nov 2010 Hypothesis that lack of vitamin D increases blood pressure in blacks – July 2010 Hypertension and vitamin D many papers Does vitamin D deficiency cause hypertension? 2010 with PDF 11 ng less vitamin D increases hypertension probability by 14 percent – Nov 2010 Does vitamin D deficiency cause hypertension? 2010 with PDF Less than 15ng were 3X more likely to be hypertensive - 2010.pdf 25 % of racial disparity in Blood Pressure is due to Vitamin D – April 2011 Link between vitamin D and hypertension not yet completely understood – April 2011 The need for low salt diets may be a myth Caucasian youths low on vitamin D were more likely to have hypertension – July 2011 All items in category Hypertension 40 items See also in VitaminDWiki STROKES OVERVIEW of strokes All items in category Strokes and Vitamin D 16 items See also in VitaminDWiki Metabolic Syndrome Note = a combination of medical disorders which together increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Metabolic Syndrome and vitamin D All items in category Metabolic Syndrome and Vitamin D 30 items Sudden death 6X more likely with Metabolic Syndrome and low vitamin D – March 2012 See also web Arrhythmias in chronic kidney disease 2011 Arrhythmias Life Extension date unknown - perhaps 2011 "Food, drugs, and medications. Coffee, tea, chocolate, red wine, or simply overeating may cause rapid heartbeats that may be frightening when felt but are rarely serious" "Both magnesium and potassium are intricately involved in the heart’s electrical stability (Cybulski J et al 2004); consequently, maintaining normal functional blood levels and ratios of each is important" More plaque in monkey coronary arteries having less vitamin D receptors April 2012 Osteoporosis(108+) Overview Pain - chronic (45+) Overview Parkinson (22+) Overview Pregnancy (249+) Overview Psoriasis(26+) Raynaud's(1) Rheumatoid Arth. (45+) Overview Rickets(69+) Overview Schizophrenia - Overview Seniors(178+) Overview Skin (20+) Overview Dark (256+) Overview Sleep (9+) Smoking (1) Spinal Cord (6+) Sports(91+) Overview Statins(1) Stroke (16+) Overview Thyroid/Parath. (29+) Overview Trauma and surgery (89+) Tuberculosis(56+) Overview Vision (23+) Women (39+) Overview Youth (81+) {#s as of Aug 19,, 2013} converted by
  • 3. Name of this page: Overview Cardiovascular and vitamin D PERMALINK This page has been visited 7,400 times. Related information in categories: Health (Health) » Cardiovascular (Cardiovascular) Related information in categories: Overviews (Overviews) Edit this page Comments 3 files attached (Hide) CVD 2X more prevalent in Korea for those with less than 10 ng of vitamin D May 2012 6,000 people over the age of 50. Full text on-line MAYO Clinic April 2012: Pathways fromvitamin D Deficiency to CVD See also: Fish Oil / Omega-3 Mayo Clinic on methods of dealing with Afib April 2013 at the bottom of this page Includes Vitamin D and Omega-3 Overview: Omega-3 many benefits include helping vitamin D LA Times review of Fish Oil Meta-analysis April 2012 Clinical studies in recent decades have not shown that taking Fish Oil reduces chance of heart attack Wonder - is it perhaps because you need fish oil AND vitamin D, and many people are now have low vitamin D levels? CLICK HERE for the meta-analysis study Short url = Page last modified on 14 September, 2013 List of attached files ID Name desc uploaded Size Downloads Actions 2869 Cardiac 2012.pdf PDF 04Aug., 2013 byadmin 738.94 Kb 20 converted by
  • 4. 2366 Afib Mayo.pdf PDF 14Apr., 2013 byadmin 397.95 Kb 256 1322 CVD 2X.jpg 12 May, 2012 byadmin 46.99 Kb 957 There are no comments at this time. Number of pages on VitaminDWiki = 4199 CLICK HERE for the home page. See a problem with this page? Report it to the webmaster. You must be registered and logged in to make a comment. Wiki Blogs File Galleries Powered by Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware No comments converted by