Swedish Trade Council presents at Trend Spotting Hong Kong


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Swedish Trade Council presents its services in Hong Kong

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Swedish Trade Council presents at Trend Spotting Hong Kong

  1. 1. Confidential For internal use within client company only INNOVATIVE SWEDEN – TRENDS AND DEVELOPMENTS IN ICT AND CREATIVE INDUSTRIES Swedish Trade Council Stockholm, 6 September , 2012 1SWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 2012-09-04
  2. 2. AGENDA What is the STC Internationalization Trends of Swedish ICT Creative Industries Some Cases from Hong KongSWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 2012-09-04
  4. 4. WE ARE AT HOME ON YOUR FOREIGN MARKET 500 employees 66 offices in 57 countries SEK 630 M turnoverSWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 4 2012-09-04
  5. 5. WE COMBINE THE BEST OF TWO WORLDS Use our strengths in your internationalization Business focus Local knowledge The brand “Sweden” Industry Track Record Official Sweden Networks Door openerSWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 5 2012-09-04
  6. 6. WE KNOW INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS Strategic and hands-on assistance in all phases Grow Act Develop business Establish • Sales & Market How presence Support • Business • Event Choose strategy Support Office • Market • Company Analysis/Check establishment Where • Visiting Program • Recruitment • Partner Search • Sourcing Examine opportunities • Acquisition • Information & Support Knowledge • BOP • Steps to export • Market SelectionSWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 6 2012-09-04
  7. 7. AGENDA What is the STC Internationalization Trends of Swedish ICT Creative Industries Some Cases from Hong KongSWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 2012-09-04
  8. 8. HOW DO WE DEFINE ICT? ICT consists of all Technical means used to handle information and aid communication. The ICT continues to grow faster than any other sector. Based on a global inventory of the worlds IT capacity between 1986 and 2007: − Machines’ application-specific capacity to compute information per capita has roughly doubled every 14 months − The per capita capacity of the world’s general-purpose computers has doubled every 18 months − The world’s storage capacity per capita required roughly 40 months to double (every 3 years); − The global telecommunication capacity per capita doubled every 34 months.The World’s Technological Capacity to Store, Communicate and Compute Information, Martin Hilbert and Priscila López (2011)SWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 8 2012-01-24
  9. 9. SINCE 2005, ICT SERVICES SHARE OF TOTAL ICT EXPORTS HAS INCREASED FROM 22% TO 40% Swedish export of ICT equipment and services*, 2005 - 2011 Billion SEK 200 160 120 ICT services 80 ICT products 40 0 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Trade promotion will need to adapt to the new emerging Swedish ICT export landscape* ICT Services , SITC 75 and 76Source: SCBSWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 9 2012-05-28
  10. 10. ICT ACCOUNTS FOR 13% OF SWEDISH SERVICE EXPORTS - IT services and support are important sectors of Swedish ICT service exports Swedish service exports 2011 Swedish ICT service exports 2011 100% = 521 Billion SEK 100% = 68 Billion SEK Mobile Other telecom telecom ICT service Wired 4% 4% exports telecom Other 13% 9% service exports Webbhosti 87% ng 3% IT support IT services 37% 43%Source: SCBSWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 10 2012-05-28
  11. 11. KEY FINDINGS Findings for Swedish ICT exports include: Services is playing an increasingly important role Nine out of ten companies intend to increase sales on international markets Americas and Asia are considered the most attractive future markets among respondents An increasing number of companies have no particular geographic market in mind for future expansions Finding the right contacts and financing are the main obstacles for expansionsSWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 11 2012-05-28
  12. 12. AGENDA What is the STC Internationalization Trends of Swedish ICT Creative Industries Some Cases from Hong KongSWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 2012-09-04
  13. 13. ARE NOT ALL COMPANIES CREATIVE? All companies have creative components, including those from industries such as manufacturing, healthcare and transportation – and many of them are aspiring to be just as much ”Creative” as any advertising or fashion company…Why are they not part of Creative Industries? Creative Industries can be defined as “those industries which have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent and which have a potential for wealth and job creation through the generation and exploitation of intellectual property.” (DCMS 2001, p. 04)SWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 13 2012-09-04
  14. 14. WHY ARE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES IMPORTANT? Synergies between Traditional Industries and Creative Industries Creativity - the decisive USP for Swedish companies Strengthening the Swedish brand with Creative Industries Creative Industries as a carrier of Swedish values and ideas Creative Industry an increasingly important part of a Modern Swedish EconomySWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 14 2012-09-04
  16. 16. SYMBIOCREATE – THE CREATIVE INDUSTRY’S PLATFORM “SO CLEVER. SO SWEDISH” The Swedish Institute was assigned by the government to develop a platform to help players within creative industries to market themselves internationally. SymbioCreate is a communication Platform that shows how we jointly can promote the Swedish Creative industries. SI has come to the conclusion that there are six segments in particular where Sweden has a significant potential for international growth.SWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 16 2012-09-04
  17. 17. ABOUT 13% OF THE COMPANIES WITHIN CCI HAVE SOME SORT OF EXPORT 78 078 companies, whereas 10 459 have exports Total Sales of 319 BSEK, with Exports of 59 BSEK 10459 exporting companies 13 % Sales outside have Sweden exports 18% 87% have no exports 82% Sales in Sweden*Omsättning samtliga företag inom branschen 403 671 MSEK, 2010SWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 9/4/2012
  18. 18. DESIGN & FASHION ACCOUNTS FOR ABOUT 75% OF THE CCI EXPORTS Total Sales 319 BSEK, disposition by segment Total Exports 59 BSEK, disposition by segment Music2% Others* 2% Music 1% Media 4% Media 2% Others 3% Photo 2% Film 4% Literature 3% Photo MarCom 6% * 7% MarCom* Design 39% Film 9% 8% Design 51% Literature11 % Mode 23% Fashion 24%*Arkitektur, dator &TVspel, konst och scenkonstSWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 18 9/4/2012
  19. 19. CREATIVE INDUSTRIES AS AN “EIGHTS” BUSINESS AREA - Better understanding of the sectors’ priorities and needs, resulting in improved services and higher internationalization rate. SWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL NEW ORGANIZATION BUSINESS AREAS A new matrix organization dividing SERVICES & REACH Sales & Marketing responsibilities launched in July an between Operations In Sweden, 20+ eights Business Area: Regional Export and Sales & “Creative Industries, Marketing. Advisors help Retail and Services” companies’ preparing for internationalization. Abroad, 67 offices help them on the ground.SWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 19 2012-09-04
  20. 20. AGENDA What is the STC Internationalization Trends of Swedish ICT Creative Industries Some Cases from Hong KongSWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 2012-09-04
  21. 21. HONG KONG ECONOMY (SIX NEW INDUSTRIES) GOVERNMENT IS RAPIDLY DEVELOPING SIX NEW INDUSTRIES IN WHICH HK ENJOYS DISTINCT ADVANTAGES Value Added in 2010 HKD Billion 80 78 The six new industries 70 60 50 40 30 26 20 18 12 10 6 5 0 Cultural and creative Medical services Education services Innovation and Environmental Testing and industries technology industries certification services 6 industries representing 8% of HKs GDP (~HKD 143 billion)Source: Census & Statistic Department, HKSARSWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 21 2012-09-04
  22. 22. CULTURAL AND CREATIVE INDUSTRIES (CCI) THE CCI IS ONE OF THE MOST DYNAMIC SECTORS – Contributing to economic growth and job creation as well as nurturing cultural diversity and innovation in Hong Kong Examples of government fundings CCI comprises 11 component domains USD 39 million “CreateSmart Initiative (CSI)” supports Advertising the development of creative industries Amusement services USD 41 million “Film Development Fund (FDF)” Architecture supports the development of the film industry Art, antiques and crafts USD 62 million earmarked for a series of initiatives from 2010-11 until 2014-15, including Cultural education and library, archive and museum services − Stepping up promotion of public art Design − Trainee programmes for arts administrators Film, video and music − Supporting student participation in arts and cultural activities Performing arts − Enhancing the brand of the Hong Kong Arts Festival Publishing − Strengthening the development and preservation of Cantonese Opera Software, computer games and interactive media Television and radioSource: HKSAR GovernmentSWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 22 2012-09-04
  23. 23. INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY HONG KONG GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN ATTACHING GREAT IMPORTANCE TO THE IT DEVELOPMENT Examples of government’s actions Built Hong Kong Cyberport Infrastructure Built Hong Kong Science Park USD 640 million “Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF)” provides funding for applied R&D projects Five R&D Centers set up under the ITF: Innovation and − Automotive parts and accessory systems Technology − Information and communications technologies Fund (ITF) − Logistics and supply chain management enabling technologies − Nanotechnology and advanced materials − Textiles and clothing Guangdong-Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme and the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation Circle facilitate science and technology cooperation between the two places Cross-border Working with the Ministry of Science and Technology cooperation − To enhance HK’s participation in national-level science and technology projects and enhance collaboration through fostering partnership with research institutes and enterprises in the MainlandSource: Hong Kong Economic and Trade Offices (HKETO) in the United States of AmericaSWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 23 2012-09-04
  24. 24. STC PERFORMED A MARKET CHECK AND DISTRIBUTOR SEARCH FOR SWEDISH LIGHTING COMPANY IN HONG KONG Background – One of Europe’s leading lighting groups with approximately 2,000 employees and operations in 17 countries – Develop, manufacture and market lighting systems for public environments – Hong Kong is an important strategic market for the Swedish lighting company Objectives – To assist the client to determine an effective distribution solution and assist in finding a suitable setup on the Hong Kong market Market Check & Partner Search – Market insights High-end and sustainable lighting products in Hong Kong Competition and prices Market segments Private and public procurement for building projects – Contact and discuss with potential customers, lighting makers, industry associations, and government departments – Short term and long term market entry strategiesSource: pictures from client’s websiteSWEDISH TRADE COUNCIL 24 2012-09-04