Hong Kong your Gateway to China

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Presentation by Ms. Jenny Koo, Director Service Promotion Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Presentation by Ms. Jenny Koo, Director Service Promotion Hong Kong Trade Development Council

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  • 1. Hong Kong:Your Best Business Partner andRisk Manager in ChinaJenny KooDirector, Service Promotion4 September 2012
  • 2. The China Opportunity 2002 – 2011 GDP : 10.7% growth per annum Trade : 22.6% growth per annum
  • 3. Economic Model (Products)3
  • 4. Economic Model (Investment) Old Economic Model (Investment flow)4
  • 5. New Economic Model (Products)5
  • 6. New Economic Model (Investment)6
  • 7. The China OpportunityNo longer ―just‖ a production base:• Growing middle class –230 million• Rising consumption –↑17.1% in 2011• Urban population – 1 billion by 2030
  • 8. The China OpportunityGrowing consumer market• 1 billion+ mobile phone users• 500 millions+ internet users• World’s Largest car market• Purchase 44% of world’s luxury goods by 2020• 100 million Chinese tourists expected by 2020
  • 9. The China OpportunityMoving Up the Value Chain● 9 million mainland private enterprises● Growing demand for business services● Require technologies to go green
  • 10. Hong Kong Advantages Ideal Location Sound Fundamentals Dynamic People
  • 11. Why Hong Kong? Ideal Location Harbin Changchun Shenyang Shijiazhuang Beijing Dalian Tianjin Seoul Taiyuan Jinan Tokyo Zhengzhou Nanjing Xian Hefei Osaka Chengdu Wuhan Fukuoka Shanghai Chongqing Hangzhou Changsha Nanchang Delhi Kunming Guilin Guiyang Fuzhou Guangzhou All of Asia’s key markets within Dhaka Taipei Haikou Hong Kong HanoiMumbai Bangkok Manila Chennai Bangalore Ho Chi Minh City Colombo 4 hours Kuala Lumpur from half the Singapore 5 hours world’s population Jakarta
  • 12. Why Hong Kong? Ideal LocationEconomic integration with China• 45% of overseas-funded projects in China tied to Hong Kong• 56% of China’s outbound FDI goes through Hong Kong• Largest overseas investor in most Chinese cities
  • 13. Why Hong Kong? Ideal Location Immediate market — the Pearl River Delta ●56 million people ●24% of China’s imports/exports Bohai ●9.9% real GDP growth Yangtze Delta ● 50,000 Hong Kong companies
  • 14. Why Hong Kong? Strong Fundamentals● World’s freest economy● 1st in the World Economic Forum’s Financial Development Index 2011● 1st in IPO equity funding● 1st in EIU’s Globalization Index 2010● Well-regulated banking system● Low, simple tax system
  • 15. Why Hong Kong?Strong FundamentalsRule of Law• Strong, independent legal system• Intellectual property rights protection• Free flows of information, people, goods & capital• Open & transparent government
  • 16. Why Hong Kong?Dynamic PeopleHong Kong is theChinese city that speaksyour language …Generations of entrepreneurial spiritUnrivalled China market and internationalbusiness experienceDiverse international workforce ... the language of international business!
  • 17. HongKong: Asia’s Lifestyle Trendsetter andHong Kong: Lifestyle Trendsetter andMarketing HubMarketing Hub• ―Shop Window‖ for China and Rest of Asia• Distribution Hub & Testing Ground for New Products & Services
  • 18. Hong Kong Design x International Brand The Ferrari with the Dragon Tattoo
  • 19. Hong Kong: A hub of TechnologyTechnology marketplace - Selling and sourcing high-tech products - International experience in technology trade - A partner for foreign companies in meeting China’s demand
  • 20. HKTDC Stands Ready to HelpCreating opportunities in international trade• Established in 1966 as the marketing arm of Hong Kong products and services• Create opportunities for Hong Kong companies by connecting the world’s SMEs through the Hong Kong business platform
  • 21. HKTDC Stands Ready to Help11 offices in China, more than 40 worldwide Stockholm Frankfurt Beijing Tokyo New York Dubai Hong Kong Bangkok
  • 22. HKTDC Stands Ready to Help30+ International Trade FairsThree Fairs – the largest in the worldNine Fairs – the largest in AsiaAll Fairs – Connecting Buyers and Sellers
  • 23. HKTDC Stands Ready to Help
  • 24. Platforms for Design andCreativity
  • 25. Platforms for Technology Inno Design Tech Expo World SME Expo Solution-Focused Business of Design Week ECO Expo Asia25
  • 26. Contact Stockholm OfficeMadelene Kornfehl, ConsultantTel: (46)-8-4115-690Email: stockholm.consultant@hk-sweden.org