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Custom Logo Design

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  • 1. All rights reserved to Macinfosoft ! 1
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  • 3. Client’s Mail or Logo Design Requirements DescriptionFundDrop is Internet source for fund documents and fund ratings for Investors. FundDrop provides prospectiveinvestors with access to the original fund documents of providers who are members of FundDrop.Would need a 3D based logo with Web 2.0 look and feel. The the Logo should have FundDrop mentioned next toFD initials. The F and D of the FundDrop should have the the initials used in the logo.Our team of talented and highly creative design team at Macinfosoft gets the custom design for logos, brochures,websites, blogs, twitter pages, face book pages; and many more to count on.We assign 6 logo designers to get 6 logo concepts or 6 logo variations for the same brand/logo sets. This is reallyhelpful to get the logo they really want. However, the client was clear about the design for the FundDrop project.Hence we have created similar set with the information provided by our clientele’.All rights reserved to Macinfosoft ! 3
  • 4. For instance, let’s take our company’s logo - Macinfosoft. MIS (Management Information Systems) where SystemsAdministrator resides. Our vision is to provide design, development & IT support & services under one roof.The design is completely a blend of dedication, hard work and passion of our artists to explore the hidden realmsof an art to get you the awesome designs to suit your business needs and it fits your pocket so well. The companylogo will be designed by multiple talented designers that gets the perfect design added with charisma &uniqueness one could ever expect!What else we do?I. Design1. Custom Logo Design2. Custom Web Design3. Custom Templates4. Custom Brochure Design5. Pamphlets6. Flyers7. Identity Cards8. Visiting Cards9. Business Cards10. Newsletter Design11. Greeting Card Design12. Graphics Design13. Vectors Illustration14. Corporate IdentityII Development1. Custom Website2. Blog3. Mac apps4. iPhone/iPod/iPad appsAll rights reserved to Macinfosoft ! 4
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