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Logo Design Company @ Banshankari, Bangalore …

Logo Design Company @ Banshankari, Bangalore

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  • 1. Brochure  Designing  CompanyWe  are  invited  by  the  industry  experts  to  design  brochures  in  large  scale  for  the  organiza8ons  to  come  up  successively  in  their  business  sphere.  Brochures  are  for  single  page  to  mul8ple  pages  printed  to  present  products,  events  or  services  of  the  company  to  large  people.  Our  eye-­‐catching  brochure  designs  will  make  you  in  the  lead  with  your  compe8tors.    The  designs  and  the  contents  have  to  make  an  impact  on  the  customers  and  your  clients  to  put  you  in  the  top.  We  welcome  you  to  the  world  of  online  brochure  designing  company.    We  assure  the  designs  we  do  are  completely  unique  so  there  is  completely  hassle  free  in  geCng  the  things  done.  In  any  point,  you  need  guidance  we  will  be  there  to  take  you  to  the  dream  you’ve  dreamt  to  fulfill  it.    The  projects  will  be  assigned  to  the  team  of  expert  designers  who  are  well  versed  with  brochures.  It  should  have  the  basic  poten8al  to  stand  out  in  the  rest  of  the  brochures.  We  focus  about  the  design  that  makes  any  customer  aHrac8ve  so  that  they  will  step  forward  to  pick  one  brochure  or  pamphlet  in  the  stack.    If  that  is  what  you  are  looking  for  then  please  click  on  the  order  buHon  and  we  ensure  your  clicking  is  completely  genuine  and  you  will  return  with  complete  happiness.  Now,  let  us  delve  in  knowing  about  brochures.  We  all  know  that  brochures  are  layouts  of  paper  printed  to  give  out  the  informa8on.  The  main  idea  is  to  aHract  customers,  especially  in  the  business.    It  is  used  in  the  educa8onal  ins8tu8ons  which  is  very  simple  when  compared  to  that  of  the  business  brochures.  The  idea  behind  this  is:  it  comes  out  cheaper  for  the  print.    The  final  output  will  be  easy  for  you  to  click-­‐to-­‐print  to  get  the  brochure.  There  are  some  specific  colors  which  makes  really  enjoyable  to  the  customers  to  read.  There  are  many  brochures  where  nobody  even  reads  it  because  it  is  not  designed  in  a  proper  way  to  aHract  the  masses  of  customer.    We  put  our  maximum  knowledge  to  get  the  amazing  brochures  not  leCng  down  your  business,  and  in  turn  not  leCng  you  down.  If  you  are  as  excited  as  us,  then  jump  in  to  the  porKolio  to  see  some  of  the  amazing  brochures  we  have  designed  8ll  now.  PorKolio:If  you  are  an  avid  designer  or  connoisseur  then  you  truly  enjoy  the  art  of  designing  brochures  by  us.  You  hardly  find  any  flaws  because  it  has  done  in  the  approach  of  perfec8on.  Our  designers  are  passionate  about  designing  and  to  re-­‐discover  their  hidden  talents,  crea8vity  they  follow  many  itera8ons  to  get  the  design  perfectly.  Process  of  Brochure  DesigningWe  value  our  clients’  sugges8ons  and  their  beliefs.  We  are  happy  to  work  with  your  ideas,  imagina8on  to  design  the  custom  brochure  which  fits  your  business  needs.    The  process  is  simple;  all  you  have  to  do  is  select  the  package  by  filling  out  the  online  form  telling  your  company  name,  contact  informa8on,  details  about  the  products  or  services.   1. Email  us  by  telling  your  name,  contact  informa8on,  basic  ideas  of  your  brochure. 2. Select  that  package  which  you  think  best  suits  your  needs.  Krishna  Gupta     All  rights  reserved  to                       Page  1  of  10
  • 2. Brochure  Designing  Company 3. If  you  are  not  sure  of  which  package  to  choose  from  then  we  are  happy  to  help  you  out  in   choosing  the  best  cost-­‐effec8ve  package.   4. We  will  send  you  the  custom  brochure  in  48  hours  turn  around  8me.   5. Once  we  get  the  feedback  then  we  will  work  on  the  revisions,  if  any.   6. We  will  send  you  the  final  custom  brochure  you  told  us  to  design.    Types  of  Brochure 1. Bi-­‐fold  Brochures    or  Two-­‐fold   (11"  x  17"  flat) It  is  the  most  cost  effec8ve  from  small  scale  companies  and  it  is  common  among  all  of  us.  The   name  itself  implies  that  it  is  printed  in  a  piece  of  paper  which  is  folded  into  two  halves.  It  has   front  panel,  back  panel  and  two  inside  panels;  the  leZ  one  and  the  right  one.   It  is  of  prime  importance  to  make  the  front  panel  look  vibrant  in  its  design.     The  images  in  the  front  panel  should  be  elegant  and  professional.  It  should  be  simple  enough  for   everyone  to  understand  the  headlines  to   open  up  the  explanatory  notes.   Complete  descrip8on  will  be  kept  inside   the  panels.    Keeping  the  language  simple   and  classy  makes  the  words  to  remain  in   large  number  of  people.    The  back  panel   contains  the  contact  informa8on.     According  to  different  size  specifica8ons   we  have   sub-­‐categorized  into  the  following  bi-­‐fold   brochures.   a.     Small  Bi-­‐fold  BrochureKrishna  Gupta     All  rights  reserved  to                       Page  2  of  10
  • 3. Brochure  Designing  Company Open  LTR  size,  8.5"  x  11" Results,  when  folded,  in  4  panels   (2  panels  x  2  sides)   Of  5.5"  x  8.5"  or  11"  x  4.25" b.     Bi-­‐fold  Brochure,  4  pages Open  double  LTR  size,  17"  x  11" Results,  when  folded,  in  4  panels  (2  panels  x  2  sides)  of  8.5"  x  11" c.   Bi-­‐fold  Brochure,  8  pages Open  double  LTR  size,  17"  x  11" Results,  when  folded,  in  8  panels  (2   panels  x  2  sides  x  2  sheets)  of  8.5"  x  11" It  is  best  suited  for  the  growing   companies.  Since  it  appears  like  a  book.  It   can  be  used  for  educa8onal  brochures  as   well.    Krishna  Gupta     All  rights  reserved  to                       Page  3  of  10
  • 4. Brochure  Designing  Company 2. Tri-­‐fold  Brochures  or    3  fold  (8.5"  x  11"  flat) It  is  a  piece  of  paper  folded  in  three  halves  which  turn  out  to  be  6  sides.    It  is  also  cost-­‐effec8ve   because  they  are  standard  size  print-­‐outs.  It  can  be  printed  for  small  scale  industries.  It  can  be   used  for  high  quality  prin8ng  such  as  digital  and  offset.  That  costs  more  money  and  is  suited  for   large  industries  to  promote  their  products.    The  main  idea  of  any  tri-­‐fold  brochure  is:  it  is   appealing  for  the  customer,  the  way  it  opens  up  displaying  the  elegant  contents  embraced  with   polished  design.   3. Quad-­‐fold  Brochure  or  4  fold  (8.5"  x  11"  folded,  11"  x  17"  flat)    :  It  is  usually  a  bi-­‐fold  brochure   having  two  bi-­‐fold  brochure.   4. Eight  page  brochure:  It  is  well  suited  for  introducing  large  number  of  products  in  an  organiza8on.   It  is  basically  a  two-­‐fold  or  bi-­‐fold  brochure  which  consists  eight  pages.  It  can  also  be  compared   to  a  product  catalogue.     It  can  be  printed  in  simple  papers  but  would  be  more  pronounced  if  it  gets  printed  in  the  high  quality   prin8ng.  Most  of  the  brochure-­‐designing  companies  forget  about  the  sensa8on  of  touch,  it  causes  a   great  impact  on  the  customers.   If  it  is  printed  in  glossy  with  nice  polished  design  to  present  your  new  products,  then  it  aHracts  large   customers.  Although,  they  are  not  aware  of  why  they  like  that  brochure;  they  like  to  keep  one  and  go   through  it  in  greater  detail.   5. Gate-­‐fold  Brochures It  is  not  cost-­‐effec8ve  solu8on  for  small  scale   industries.  And,  moreover  it  is  not  common.  It  is   usually  used  in  high-­‐end  marke8ng  for  large  scale   industries  to  make  very  good  impact  on   the  large  customers. The  standard  gate-­‐fold  brochure  is  four  pages  folded  in  four,  and  it  forms  8  panels:  1  front  panel,   1  back  panel,  and  6  internal  panels.  It  can  be  arranged  to  accommodate  wide  graphs.  Krishna  Gupta     All  rights  reserved  to                       Page  4  of  10
  • 5. Brochure  Designing  Company As  it  is  for  large  scale  industries  the  print  quality  will  be  good  enough  and  has  to  be  printed  with   high  quality  prin8ng  to  prove  it  as  very  effec8ve  in  capturing  the  customers. Customers  enjoy  this  kind  of  brochure  more  than  any  other  brochure.  They  pass  it  on  to  some   others  if  they  are  not  interested  in  that  par8cular  products  or  services.  It  certainly  increases  the   marke8ng  at  its  best.   It  is  well  suited  for  the  presenta8on  of  ins8tu8ons,  companies  and  high-­‐end  products  and   services. 6. Pamphlets Pamphlets  are  usually  a  small  piece  of  paper  used  mostly  in   public  announcements.  Their  main  focus  always  remains  on   the  mass  distribu8on.  It  is  usually  cost  effec8ve    solu8on  to   small  scale  companies,  public  events,  government   organiza8ons,  and  many  social  small  events  in  the  local  places.     It  can  be  compared  with  a  small  book  having  several  pages   kept  together  either  stapled  or  joined  carefully.   7. Flyers Flyers  on  the  other  end  form  an  integral  part  of  large  scale   industries  to  small  scale  industries.  It  always  captures  the   people’s  heart  by  its  elegant  and  simplicity  of  both  the  design   and  the  professional  contents.    It  is  best  suited  for   promo8ons  or  campaigns.  It  is  indeed  compared  to   pamphlets.    But  pamphlets  are  low  cost  brochures  whereas   flyers  are  liHle  bit  high  end.  Krishna  Gupta     All  rights  reserved  to                       Page  5  of  10
  • 6. Brochure  Designing  Company 8. Single  page  flyer (8.5"  x  11") A  single-­‐page  flyer  consist  both  breath-­‐taking  design  and  contents  to  distribute  to  the  flock  of   people. 9. Product  Catalog These  are  usually  used  in  describing  the  large   number  of  products  henceforth  it  is  called   Product  Catalog.  It  can  be  used  in  the   restaurants,  motel,  where  all  the  foods  be  put   into  the  Food  Catalogue.    The  other  instance   which  comes  under  this  category  are  especially   when  automobiles  launching  its  new  products.   10. Mul8ple  Page  Brochures:  It  can  be  any  of  the  above  listed  brochures.  Be  it  a  flyer;  be  it  a  bi-­‐fold   brochure  having  more  than  two  pages.   11. Presenta8on  folder  standard  size  with  18"  x  12" (9  x  12  folded)  with  4"  pocket  flap  and  business  card  die  cut. 12. Z  Fold  Brochure It  is  very  much  similar  to  look  and  feel  of  the  tri-­‐fold  brochure.   However,  quite  different  in  the  contents  it  carries.  It  carries  the   complete  flow  of  the  text,  expanding  its  readability.  Krishna  Gupta     All  rights  reserved  to                       Page  6  of  10
  • 7. Brochure  Designing  Company 13. Inserts It  can  be  flyers  or  leaflets  which  fit  in  the  folders  to   improve  its  presenta8on.  It  can  be  sales  price,   promo8onal  products,  and  the  biggest  advantage  of   using   inserts  is  whichever  we  require  we  can  put  it  in  the   convenient  folders  to  suit  different  clients’  requirements.   14. Leaflets This  is  the  most  cost-­‐effec8ve  solu8on  that  is  looking   out  for  giving  the  print;  well  suited  for  small  scale  and   growing  companies  to  capture  the  people’s   imagina8on.  Either  to  get  a  bigger  raise  in  the   adver8sing  industry  or    to  promote  its  upcoming   products. 15. Booklets As  the  name  itself  tells  us  out,  it  is  small  form  of  book  like   brochure.    It  is  called  booklet  since  it  appears  like  a  book.  It  is   great  for  product  manual  which  comes  with  Op8cal  Media   devices  like  CD,  DVD  or  Blue  Ray  Disc.  It  can  also  be  used  in   the  product  inaugura8on  or  to  read  out  the  list  of  events  in   occasions  or  ceremonies.  Krishna  Gupta     All  rights  reserved  to                       Page  7  of  10
  • 8. Brochure  Designing  Company 16. Folders It  always  makes  an  impression  whenever  you  are  giving   the  flyers  or  some  brochures  in  nice  folders.  It  captures   the  audience  while  presen>ng  it.  Most  of  them  are  bi-­‐ folds  although  tri-­‐folds  can  be  used.  The  advantage  of   using  the  folders  is  it  protects  the  flyers  from  geBng   damaged  or  worn  out.  The  different  inserts  can  be  put   inside  the  folders  to  meet  different  clients’  needs. Why  would  you  choose  us? 1. We  are  well  versed  with  Corporate  Iden8ty,  is  beneficial  for  high  quality,  professional   brochures.  Our  eye  catching  designs  make  your  eyes  wide  open  to  admire  its  elegant  design   which  is  presented  in  well  professional  manner. 2. A  professional  brochure  designing  company  will  be  having  a  good  writers,  designers,  and   good  exposure  of  crea8vity.  Our  team  of  designers  has  all  these  criteria  to  meet  your   brochure  designing  expecta8ons  for  your  business.   3. We  offer  designing  logos,  illustra8ons,  web-­‐designing,  anima8on  and  other  wings  of   designing  as  well.   4. We  provide  several  flexible  brochure  packages  to  suit  small  scale  industries  to  large  scale   industries.  Now,  you  can  choose  a  brochure  design  package  that  suits  your  wallet  perfectly. 5. We  meet  the  deadlines  even  if  the  projects  are  challenging  enough  to  work  with.    A  blend  of   designing,  crea8vity,  vision,  and  an  art  to  present  it  the  way  it  is  accepted  in  the  hall  of  fame.   We  have  all  these  quali8es  in  us  (our  team  of  designers).Krishna  Gupta     All  rights  reserved  to                       Page  8  of  10
  • 9. Brochure  Designing  Company 6. We  even  guide  you  right  from  the  scratch  in  choosing  the  brochure  for  your  business  if  you   are  not  sure  of  which  brochure  would  fit  your  needs.  Please  feel  free  to  talk  to  our  designers   to  get  this  help.   7. We  are  also  happy  to  work  with  the  ideas  or  illusions  you  share  with  us  when  we  confront  in   the  talk.   8. Finally,  you  have  come  to  the  right  place  to  get  the  custom  design  brochures.  Be  it  for   informa8on,  marke8ng  or  promo8ng  your  new  products.  We  will  help  you  out  in  geCng  the   true  success  in  your  organiza8on.   Frequently  Asked  Ques6ons  (FAQ) 1. Why  do  you  need  a  custom  brochure?   To  seek  out  a  challenge  and  step  ahead  of  our  compe8tors  you  need  a  custom   brochure  to  convey  the  message  about  your  new  products  or  events  in  the   company.   2. What  other  services  can  I  get  here?   We  design  logos,  custom  websites,  banners,  3d  anima8ons,  and  flash  websites.   These  are  just  few  of  them  we  do.  We  design  everything  that  you  can  think  of   because  art  can  be  craved  in  any  kind  or  in  any  form.   3. What  is  an  online  and  offline  companies?   Online  companies  are  so  called  because  the  primary  means  of  communica8on   will  be  online.  All  the  transac8ons  will  be  done  online.  Exchange  of  ideas,  giving   out  the  contact  informa8on  or  even  placing  an  order  will  be  done  online.  This   actually  saves  the  8me  of  travelling. Offline  companies  are  similar  to  the  local  small  companies.  Customers  has  to   travel  all  along  the  road  to  place  an  order  or  review  the  things  they  have   ordered.  It  takes  a  lot  of  8me.  Not  suitable  because  these  companies  are  small   and  does  not  do  the  professional  design.  Krishna  Gupta     All  rights  reserved  to                       Page  9  of  10
  • 10. Brochure  Designing  Company 4. What  if  I  am  not  happy  with  the  concepts?   It  is  very  rare  that  any  of  our  clients  will  not  get  sa8sfied  with  our  outstanding   designs  done  by  our  talented  ar8sts.  However,  if  you  feel  that  we  are  not  moving   in  the  path  you  think  then  we  are  happy  to  give  back  the  money.   5. Is  it  possible  to  put  logo  in  the  brochure  you  have  designed?   We  are  ready  to  put  the  contents  if  you  give  us  and  even  the  logos  as  well.  And,   we  always  suggest  to  all  of  our  customers  or  clients  to  put  their  respec8ve   company  logos  in  the  brochure.  It  makes  their  corporate  images  strong  and  also   conveys  the  message  to  their  poten8al  customers  very  successfully.   6. What  shall  I  do  if  I  need  help  in  choosing  the  brochure  designing  packages? In  many  cases  customers  will  get  confused  in  which  brochure  design  package   they  have  to  choose.    We  are  ready  to  help  you  out.  All  you  have  to  is  talk  to  our   designer  team  and  sales  team  who  will  guide  you  step-­‐by-­‐step  in  this  process.   7. What  are  the  benefits  of  online  company? Things  get  done  faster  and  you  can  rely  on  it  than  the  tradi8onal  offline   companies.    Offline  companies  are  usually  localized  and  not  ready  to  take  up  an   challenge  or  meet  the  deadlines  properly.   8. Do  you  design  business  cards?        Yes.  We  do  design  business  cards.  We  design  everything  that  can  be  categorized  into   designing.   9. Do  you  have  content  writers  for  the  brochure?   Yes.  We  offer  content  writers  for  the  brochure.Mail  us    to  get  a  free  quote  :  contac8fy@macinfosoZ.comPlease  send  in  ur  Name,  address,  email  ID,  phone  number  and  the  convenient  8me  to  reach  you.Krishna  Gupta     All  rights  reserved  to                       Page  10  of  10