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Business Development Consultant with Macinfosoft

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BDC - Macinfosoft

  1. 1. Business Development Consultant (BDC)We are Innovative Custom Logo Design Company; and, online Design & Development company.Yes, we are located at the heart of Silicon Valley of India, aka Bangalore.Job Description:Designation: Business Development ConsultantCTC: On Percentage BasisOnce you initiate the communication with a potential prospect who is looking out for design then youhave to convert it as a project.For instance, Logo Design project will complete in three days (to max 1 week, if the customer delays inresponding). However, payments will be processed to you as soon as the project gets completed; clientpays the full amount to Macinfosoft.This might carry a 5,000 INR for one Logo or more. It depends on the price tag we give it to thepotential customers.What we do?We do complete & comprehensive Design. And, software development for Web, Macs & iPhone. Wehave designers around the world. We have got a very strong design & development team. © Macinfosoft
  2. 2. We have also partnered with various companies in USA. 1. AtomSage, LLC 2. XpressSocial, Inc 3. iPhoneware, Inc 4. E Planetsystems, Inc 5. Inemode, IncRoles & Responsibilities • Any person who is willing to drive the business with good & effective communication skills. • It does not necessarily means that you should be good in English. You can be good in Kannada as well. It depends on you. • We does not mind whether you are a graduate or not. All that we check out is that whether you are willing to drive the business & make good money for yourself. • If you have the passion to do marketing & sales then this is the job opportunity for you. • Learn how we are different than the rest of the designers by checking out our corporate blog. • You can find the complete info & details about how we do the design process in the blog. • You will also find some important documents, slides, presentations & PDFs. • Things you can share in the blog while talking to potential prospects. • Passion for the numbers who are willing to drive the business. • Comply with any processes and communication mechanism that are implemented by the Macinfosoft. • Free to work from any place & any where. • Free to call potential prospects you choose. • Free to email potential prospects. • Free to SMS potential prospects. • No time Limits. • Work from home or from any place you feel like. © Macinfosoft
  3. 3. Things we do? - Innovative Custom Design & Development Solutions 1. Custom Logo Designing. 2. Custom Web Designing. 3. Custom Brochure Designing. 4. Custom Pamphlets. 5. Flyers. 6. Corporate Identity. 7. Visiting Cards. 8. Biz Cards. 9. ID Cards. 10. News Letter Design. 11. Greeting Card design. 12. Graphics Design. 13. Vectors 14. Web Development. 15. HTML 16. XHTML 17. PHP 18. Ruby 19. Ruby on Rails (RoR) 20. iPhone Application development 21. Mac application development 22. Website Analytics 23. Blog Analytics 24. Inbound Marketing 25. Internet Marketing 26. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 27. Social Media Marketing (SMM) 28. Social Media Optimization (SMO) © Macinfosoft
  4. 4. 29. Social Media Virtual Assistant30. Micro Blogs31. Blogs32. Podcast33. Video Sharing34. Photo Sharing35. Socio Doc Sharing36. Socio Slide Sharing37. Social Screen Casting38. Social Bookmarking39. Social Networking40. Business Networking41. Social Identities42. Geo location Socio Networks43. Social Commerce (iCommerce)44. URL Tracking45. Custom URL Branding46. Re-blog47. Re-schedule old tweets & old posts48. Music Sharing49. Social Media Management System50. Social CRM51. Social Media Address Book52. Custom Social Plug-ins Development53. Social Media Analytics (SMA)54. Social Media Publishing. © Macinfosoft
  5. 5. Contact Info: We have five premiere websites. © Macinfosoft