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Trend micro data protection

  1. 1. Trend Micro Data ProtectionProduct announcements September 2011Background and upgrade notes on ScanMail™ forExchange 10.2, PortalProtect for SharePoint 2.1 andInterScan™ Messaging Security 8.2 Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
  2. 2. The situation• Data protection is a growing concern for organizations as more stringent privacy regulations take effect and data breaches continue.• Despite this, many organizations struggle with complexity and cost of standalone data loss prevention (DLP) solutions.• Malicious URLs are now the #1 email threat and are twice as common as malicious attachments.“2011 has been the year of phishing attacks, as proven by the high-profile entry point for attacks at RSA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and International Monetary Fund,” said John Maddison, executive GM of data center business unit for Trend Micro. “Targeted phishing emails often don’t resemble spam and typically contain social engineering that entice an unsuspecting user to click on a link to a website where malware will be silently downloaded.” Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
  3. 3. September 19th news overview• Today, Trend Micro is delivering on its promise of expanding its Data Protection portfolio announced in February 2011 by providing additional DLP functionality as a module in many of our award winning security platforms. Today’s product announcements include: – ScanMail™ for Exchange 10.2 – PortalProtect for SharePoint 2.1 – InterScan™ Messaging Security 8.2• Trend Micro Data Protection has a breadth of integrated data protection products to protect, control and encrypt.• While other vendors may have DLP capabilities built into a single product, Trend Micro has integrated DLP capabilities for email servers, collaboration servers, virtual gateway appliances and endpoint protection. Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
  4. 4. Key New Features in ScanMail forMicrosoft Exchange 10.2• SMEX is the only mail-server-based security product with a web reputation service to block email containing malicious URLs in addition to scanning for content and viruses.• New Features – Second-generation Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Lite • With data validators, compliance templates, and over 40 worldwide data identifiers for custom templates – Malicious URL detection • Inside attachments in addition to the message body – New Local Smart Protection Server • Increases performance and reduces network latency• Why add Data Protection at the mail server? – Mistakes happen such as a Richmond School District where personnel information was accidentally distributed to all email users at the district. The district was forced to shut down email for the day, explain themselves on the nightly news and possibly pay for identity theft protection for the affected employees: richmond-school-emp-110410,0,5022273.story Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
  5. 5. Key New Features in PortalProtect forMicrosoft SharePoint 2.1• PortalProtect the only major security solution on the market today that protects SharePoint as a social collaboration tool, in addition to a file- sharing tool.• New Features – Second-generation DLP Lite • With data validators, compliance templates, and 36 worldwide data identifiers for custom templates. – Local Smart Protection Server • Increases performance and reduces network latency – Support for remote BLOB storage • Enables use of more scalable and less expensive storage outside of SharePoint while maintaining security controls• Why add Data Protection for SharePoint? – Administrative need visibility into what is in their SharePoint. For example at the Mississippi personnel records, including names, contact info, and social security numbers, were posted to a publically accessible SharePoint site for 1 month before a privacy watchdog group informed administrators of the problem: Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
  6. 6. Key New Features for InterScanMessaging Security 8.2• InterScan Messaging helps enterprise IT professionals deal with their growing regulatory compliance and data protection challenges.• New Features – A new Data Privacy and Email Encryption module – A widget-based dashboard for easy administration – Virtual appliance support for Microsoft Hyper-V • In addition to VMware and a bare-metal software appliance• Why add Data Protection at the messaging gateway? – Last chance to prevent privacy data from leaving the network via email – Eases compliance, reduces risk, protects digital assets – Email Encryption and DLP work together – if controlled data is detected it can be automatically encrypted Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
  7. 7. Background on Trend MicroData Protection Classification Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
  8. 8. Trends Shaping Data Protection More Stringent Growing penalties and notification Regulations requirements Data protection should be a key element in any Increasing 200 M laptops, 174 M smart phones and enterprise data Mobility 250 M flash drives sold in 2009. security strategy Through 2015, mitigating data breaches Rising Frequency & will cost 10 times more than installing Cost of Data Breach data protection mechanisms on mobile devices Data storage in multi-tenant Cloud Computing environments create unique privacy and security challenges Sources: IDC, Gartner, Ponemon Institute, Santa Clara Consulting Group, Identity Theft Resource Center Classification 3/28/2013 Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.
  9. 9. Trend Micro vision:A world safe for exchanging digital information Cloud Virtual i Physical Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc. 9
  10. 10. Data Protection Customer Challenges Too complex Too expensive Hard to manage Classification Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc. 10
  11. 11. Trend Micro Data ProtectionEncrypt. Control. Protect. – Endpoint to Cloud “Trend Micro Data Protection ensures the availability, integrity and confidentiality of business information by protecting it against damage, loss, and unauthorized access. It means keeping your data safe, wherever it resides, from intentional or unintentional harm” Encryption Device Control DLP Classification 3/28/2013 Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc. 11
  12. 12. Trend Micro Data Protection Product Portfolio Map • SNMP SIEM • SYSLOG Secure Cloud Threat Information & Policy Management Data at rest Enterprise Security Manager Data in motion Data at rest Data in use (endpoint) Gateway & Server DLP • DLP Network Monitor • Interscan Messaging Security • ScanMail for Exchange/Lotus Domino • Threat Management Services • Worry-Free Business Security Adv* Data Discovery DLP DLP & Device Control DLP Endpoint PortalProtect • DLP Endpoint Gateway Encryption • OfficeScan • Worry-Free Business Security Adv* Web Site File Integrity Protection Monitoring • Email Encryption Gateway File & Folder / Whole Disk / • Interscan Messaging Security • Deep Security – Deep Security – Removable Media / Email • Hosted Email Encryption Deep Packet Integrity Monitoring Encryption Inspection • Vulnerability • Endpoint Encryption Management Backup • Email Encryption Client Services SafeSync* Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc. 12* SB
  13. 13. Trend Micro Data Protection security promise Develop products and services that deliver… Endpoint Ease to Cloud Protection Made Easier of Use Lower TCO Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc. Classification 3/28/2013
  14. 14. For More Classification Copyright 2011 Trend Micro Inc.