F5 network presenation 2013 Q1


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F5 Enhances Application Delivery Security with the World’s Fastest Firewall

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F5 network presenation 2013 Q1

  1. 1. 2013 F5 ANNUAL MEDIA MEETNEW RELEASES AND SOLUTIONSANNOUNCEMENTS Linda Hui – Managing Director, Hong Kong & Taiwan Alan Murphy – Senior Technical Marketing Manager Kunaciilan Nallappan – Senior Product Marketing Manager, APJ CONFIDENTIAL – INTERNAL ONLY
  2. 2. F5 in 2012 • Strong global revenues: $1.38B, up 20% from $1.15B in fiscal year 2011 • Expanded cloud support: new BIG-IP virtual Global highlights solutions for Amazon Web Services • Winner of 2012 APAC Frost & Sullivan ADC vendor of the year awards Asia Pacific & • Asia Pacific grew 16% year over year • In Hong Kong, vertical market penetration and Hong Kong Security market expansion highlights
  3. 3. 2013 Market/Technology Predictions Application Delivery 1 Growth of applications in business Experts predict that 71% of work will be done via web-based or mobile apps by 2020 Security Rise of 3D multi-layered DDoS attacks and DNS attacks 2 Security attacks are becoming multi-dimensional: not just focused on the network, application or web layer but all three. 3 BYOD 2.0 Management and security surface will shrink inside the device to cover only enterprise applications and their data. Cloud 4 Cloud control 63% of enterprises that have implemented cloud solutions reported improved agility in supporting the needs of the business. But challenges still remain in maintaining control across traditional and cloud architectures Focus on enterprise-class applications 5 As organizations complete migration of low-hanging fruit to the cloud, focus will turn to enterprise-class applications which will renew interest and demand for architectural similarity in cloud computing environments.
  4. 4. Business Landscape Webification of Apps Cloud Integration and Control 69% of all Americans say they used web apps Agility - 63% of enterprises who Orchestration - 79% of enterprises have implemented cloud who have implemented process71% of surveyed internet, technology, and social automation have experiencedexperts predict most work will be done via web- solutions reported improved time savings, 69% claim improved agility in supporting thebased or mobile apps by 2020 productivity. needs of the business. . Shifting Perimeter • 80% of net new apps will target the cloud • Industry survey lists Security as the most important challenge with the cloud today • Over 72% of IT Decision makers cited that they have or will in the next year move email, web services, storage and collaboration solutions to the public or private cloud
  5. 5. Introducing The Intelligent Services framework Unmatched Programmability: Built in customization DevCentral with an extensible and programmable architecture (iRules, iApps & iControl) iRules iControl iApps Unified Services: Delivers dynamic application delivery FastNew services from the datacenter to the device Available Secure Application Fluency and Scale: Adapts to shifting TMOSNew requirements of performance and application and user needs with Platforms and Traffic Management OS Hardware Software
  6. 6. Traditional Application Delivery Challenges SaaS App servers Storage Firewall ADC App servers Storage Clients CloudMore Endpoints More Delivery Models More Apps
  7. 7. Solution: An Intelligent Services framework Physical Virtual Storage An Intelligent Services framework connects any user, anywhere, from any device to the best application resources, independent of infrastructure.Clients Cloud Anywhere, any service, any device Intelligent Dynamic, agile, adaptive
  8. 8. Our Customers Benefit from: Dynamic Use of IT • F5 ScaleN Technology Resources with for • Application Performance VisibilityOperational Efficiency • Intelligent Services Platform Flexible Deployment • Physical, Virtual and Cloud Options for Cost Effectiveness • Any device, Any App, Any Cloud Protect Application Infrastructure with Unmatched Speed and • Application Delivery Firewall Scalability – Improve AppResilience and reduce costs
  9. 9. Cloud: Maximize resources, Ensure App availability Scale Up – Vertical Growth On – Demand Chassis 1 Performance On-Demand with modular blades for linear scalability with Plug-and-Grow technology Scale In – Device Virtualization Multi-Tenant Device Domains 2 Device virtualization provides large scale administrative and routing separation with shared operating system Virtualization – vCMP 3 Device virtualization with isolated operating system and resources Scale Out – Horizontal Clustering Consolidate, distribute, and scale Device Clustering application delivery services up, in, and out of the data center with ScaleN 4 Device Service Clustering provides scaling and configuration syncing for up to 32 devices, enabling true multi-site horizontal scaling Application Service Clustering 5 Application Service Clustering delivers sub-second system failover and comprehensive connection mirroring, resulting in a highly available cluster for up to 8 devices
  10. 10. Flexible Virtual Environment and CloudDeployment Options Unmatched flexibility across all major virtualization platforms. Performance 3Gbps Private Public Amazon AWS Citrix XenServer Microsoft Hyper-V KVM VMware vSphere
  11. 11. Complexity of SecurityWebification of apps Device proliferation 95% of workers use at least 71% of internet experts predict one personal device for work. most people will do work via web or mobile by 2020. 130 million enterprises will use mobile apps by 2014Evolving security threats Shifting perimeter58% of all e-theft tied 80% of new apps willto activist groups. target the cloud.81% of breaches 72% IT leaders have or willinvolved hacking move applications to the cloud.
  12. 12. Customer Business Needs To scale To secure To simplifyScale for a work-anywhere / Security for applications and data Simplification of point solutions andSSL everywhere world. against sustained attacks. complex firewall configurations.
  13. 13. Introducing F5’s Application Delivery Firewall(Advanced Firewall Manager) Aligning applications with firewall security One Platform ICSA-certified Application Application Access DDoS SSL DNS firewall Delivery Security Control Mitigation Inspection Security Controller EAL2+ EAL4+ (in process)
  14. 14. New approach to security Secure access to applications and data from anywhere while protecting them wherever they reside Provide the best end-to-end security with Full-proxy DC firewall with #1 ADC, secure access and application security Simplify the network while maximizing security, scale and performance Take advantage of intelligent services platform Experience top-quality extensibility and flexibility
  15. 15. Best in Class Performance ApplianceNEW ScaleN Enabled BIG-IP Platforms Broadest hypervisor Cloud ready - unmatched Best in class platforms from support for advanced ADC flexibility with ScaleN entry level to the highest in private and public clouds performing ADC in the world BIG-IP VE BIG-IP 2000s BIG-IP 2200s BIG-IP 4200v BIG-IP 10200v VIPRION 4800 Up to 3Gbps 212K L7 RPS 425K L7 RPS 850k L7 RPS 2M L7 RPS 20M L7 RPS Purpose Built and Carrier Grade Reliability
  16. 16. F5 in Application Delivery Highest scaling and performing firewall in the world Full-proxy firewall for best security Application Delivery Firewall Simplification of network through consolidation of network and security functions Broadest hypervisor support for advanced ADC in private and public clouds Cloud ready – unmatched flexibility with ScaleNNew ScaleN Enabled BIG-IP Platforms Best in class platforms from entry level to the highest performing ADC in the world