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Julia Lee Portfolio

  1. 1. by Julia Lee While in the Cocoon {stories+thoughts on Account Planning, Brands and Life
  2. 2. index 00 insight/ the cocoon 01 ben davis/ ben on the prowl 02 camper/ brand book 03 cartoon art museum/ creative brief 04 microsoft xbox/ the gaming tree 05 navitas goji berries/ creative brief 06 next/ contact 07
  3. 3. insight My fascination with cocoons 01 has never been centered around the moment of eclosion or the romantic Imaginal Cells, or Imaginal Discs are programmed into the DNA of some notion of butterflies, but instead insects. They first appear out of thin air during pupal transformation, for example when the caterpillar buries itself into a cocoon. These cells are on the mysterious silky egg itself and regarded as so different by the organism that they are fiercely attacked on some things called “Imaginal Cells”. as enemies by the immune system. However, almost miraculously they continue to develop. It is their Evolutional Fate to become something else. These cells continue to grow strong and come together as a completely new organism, such as a butterfly. For me personally, being in the cocoon represents my struggle for inner development. It symbolizes my evolutional commitment towards continued personal growth. I also like to think of the cocoon in a bigger picture: the world, where people and ideas, are like imaginal cells that despite their unusual nature eventually come together as something new and beautiful.
  4. 4. ben davis 02 THE CHALLENGE Ben Davis is experiencing a shrinkage of their current blue collar market. With strong competitors such as Dickies and Carhartt, who have top of mind, the brand needs to appeal to a new fresher target. PROPOSITION Lever strong existing assets—quality clothing, strong logo recall and existing associations with the hip hop culture—to reach a new target demographic and rebrand to achieve modern relevance. METHODOLOGY Online questionnaire, street interviews and fashion and retail scan. CORE A BADASS GORILLA
  5. 5. ben davis creative brief Why does our client need to advertise? Ben Davis clothing, founded in 1935, started out making utilitarian items (such as tents and horse blankets) and sturdy work pants with copper rivets for added strength. The objective is to reposition Ben Davis from “work wear” into “urban/fashion wear” What is the advertising going to accomplish? Increase awareness around the brand and the new brand identity in order to increase sales. Who are we going to connect with? Hip, underground city guys, 19-34, for whom fashion is not (and shouldn’t be) a priority. What are the most insightful things we know about them? They have a creative mind and want to be unique, so they avoid the mainstream. In spite of this they still value “looks” and want to be regarded as “stylish”. The key for this is to look good “without trying” too much. Always on the go, they demand clothes that are FUNCTIONAL and multitask, worn in a variety of different scenarios, day and night, and most importantly, comfortable. “Style is very personal, like DNA… My style is relaxed, VERY relaxed.” *SUB-TARGETS: Hip Hoppers, Skaters, Bikers. What is the single most effective message we can tell them? Comfort, unleashed What else is there to know that supports this message? - Comfortable, functional, rugged clothing - Small brand with an underground feel, that fits in their lifestyle (and budget) - The bad ass monkey in the logo What Is The Tone Of The Communication? Street. Creative. Hip. Edgy. Tough. Experienced. Smart. Underground. Deliverables Re-design of brand elements and use of a teaser integrated guerrilla campaign to introduce the changes.
  6. 6. 1 ben on the prowl Ben, the gorilla, is tired of living in the old logo. He feels like he is missing out and wants to go have some fun. The campaign begins with a billboard in the center of the city with a Ben Davis logo. After a few weeks Ben will disappear from the logo: on the side a massive rope made of tied bed sheets will hint at his outrageous escape. The empty logo will remain on the billboard throughout the entire campaign and together with other non- sightinings will continue to create interest. Ben’s journey will take him through different San Francisco neighborhoods: the Mission, the Haight Ashbury, the Folsom, etc. areas were our target is heavily 2 3 present. After touring these neighborhoods Ben will return to the Billboard accompanied with a rejuvenated logo and a new tagline: “SAY MY NAME”. 4 5 1. Tied bed sheets hint on Ben’s escape 2. Gorilla prints graffiti stencils 3 Missing posters throughout the city 4. on the prowl twitter feed with updates on Ben’s adventures 5. Limited Edition items available on the new E-store 6. New retail locations 6 7 7. Ben is back
  7. 7. camper 03 THE CHALLENGE As global practices become widespread in the business world it also becomes harder for companies to maintain a single core brand message across countries, cultures and a variety of media. PROPOSITION This internal document aims to help employees maintain the consistency and integrity of the brand image worldwide. METHODOLOGY Brand and brand communication analysis and fashion trend analysis. CORE BEYOND FASHION camper brand book
  8. 8. In 1877, Antonio Fluxa, a craftsman shoemaker, set sail for England to find out about the new methods of industrial manufacturing. Upon his return to Spain he gathered a group of craftsman and introduced the first machine for shoe manufacturing. Camper became a symbol of modernity. Their innovative spirit was transmitted to future generations, through pioneering, love for the profession, quality products, honor, austerity and function. Camper integrates aesthetics and functionality into its products designs. Imagining better solutions, incorporating new technology, Camper products are more useful and responsible, improving people’s health and quality of life. Camper shoes are distinguished by their comfort, their technology, their respect for tradition... and at the same time their imagination. Page 1
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  11. 11. it would be a Gaudi Page 6 Page 7
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  17. 17. camper brand book back cover
  18. 18. cartoon art museum 04 THE CHALLENGE Inherit connotations of the word “Museum” conflict with our idea of cartoons. In an era of endless entertainment opportunities, How do we get people excited about the idea of a museum? PROPOSITION A positioning statement that 1) differentiates this museum from all others and 2) extends an invitation to its target audience. METHODOLOGY Stream of consciousness analysis, online questionnaire, observation. CORE FUN!
  19. 19. xbox 05 THE CHALLENGE Is easy for business, to adopt a tunnel vision, and get caught up in the same old business dynamics. The challenge for big brands like this is to constantly innovate. PROPOSITION A market and cultural study that demonstrates business opportunities for Microsoft Xbox. METHODOLOGY Analysis of Gaming Journals, trend observation and study of industry articles and publications. CORE GAMING IS NOT FOR GAMERS
  20. 20. gaming is not for gamers Video games are no longer the geeky stepchild of popular entertainment. In 2007, US sales of what is now called “interactive entertainment” topped $9.5 billion, closing in on the $9.6 billion film industry. Those who study popular media say that what used to be the noisy baby in the backseat is now helping steer the entire xbox culture, technologically and creatively. Nearly half of all US homes own one game-playing machine, and 23 percent own more than three, according to Nielsen Entertainment. The technical requirements for video games are pushing the most popular technologies - including cell phones, Palm Pilots, computers, and TV—to become more versatile and powerful. College graduates are now more likely to head into interactive software than movie making, and most big films such as “Spider-Man” and “Star Wars” are created simultaneously with interactive games that are released at the same time. Video games have become embedded in the fabric of our culture, and are a determining engine of our economy and society. But, how is this imprinting in our culture? What possibilities do they bring into our lives? Do these surpass the entertainment arena and how far do they, can they stretch? THE FOLLOWING IS A SEMI-ANNUAL STUDY THAT THROUGH A SERIES OF CASE STUDIES AND A VISUAL REPRESENTATION EXPLORES OPPORTUNITIES FOR GAMING OUTSIDE OF GAMING.
  21. 21. 1. Emotional Benefits case studies of gaming Story 2.0: Storytelling Video games have evolved past passive consumption to the active construction of an experi- ence. As users demand participation a technological conflict arises. Case study: Machinima 8th Art: Creation/Creativity Many have defended the artistic nature of the medium itself, where digital design and other components have come together as a new kind of art. Case study: Video Game Music Better than the real thing: Escapism Immersion in the virtual world allows us to escape reality and fight boredom, and technological devices are now bringing this to the extreme, allowing constant uninterrupted escapism. Case study: Commute and Indie Games The new game: Socialization Technology has the ability to extend our social network possibilities beyond physical and cultural barriers and new technologies are facilitating new forms of self expression and interaction. Case study: gaming and social networks Just a game...?: Competition Being an inherit part of human nature competition manifests itself in video games, adopting both new and traditional forms. Case study: Professional Gaming League As ______ as you want to be: Simulation Video games have the ability to recreate experiences that we might not be able to live otherwise in our real lives. Aggression, crime, violence and sex all come without shame or punishment in this world. Case study: Sporn and Sex in the Virtual City LIFE2: Life enhanced Video games are no longer limited to platform and shooting games, but are enriching every field of our daily lives: food, fashion, TV, travel, literature... Case study: Video Game Couture Easier to swallow: Educational Tool Video games are often used as educational tools, they are fun, and a much better way to engage younger generations. Case study: Employee Training
  22. 22. 2. The Gaming Tree Porsche video game with leather steer- ing wheel simulates legend storytelling creation escapism socializing competition simulation life enhanced educational tool
  23. 23. 06 navitas goji berries creative brief Why does our client need to advertise? navitas Goji berries, aka Wolfberries, have been renowned in Asia as a highly nutritious food for thousands of years. During the past years there has been a growing recognition of Wolfberries in the Western world leading to a commercial development expected to be part of a billion dollar market by 2011. We need to increase awareness within the general public around this “superfruit” and educate people about its properties. What is the advertising going to accomplish? A 10-15% sales increase within the year. Who are we going to connect with? Students and young professionals (primarily women but not exclusively) ages 24-39. What are the most insightful things we know about them? These new era hippies are devoted to living a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. They follow a strict diet, eating organic, going vegetarian and have gone crazy over soy. Their activities include yoga, running, hiking and biking. They seek not only physical health but spiritual health as well, and are highly influenced by Asian concepts such as Zen. They are, however, still “human” and like to munch once in a while. When they do snack they stay committed to their lifestyle and make healthy choices. What is the single most effective message we can tell them? Take in some Spiritual Candy METHODOLOGY: What else is there to know that supports this message? Trend spotting - Health benefits (antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, etc) that nourish both body and mind Brain storming - These berries are extremely versatile, and have many cooking uses - A variety of different kinds of munch: organic berries, chocolate covered and beverages - Grown in China and imported to the US. This fact, together with its quality, gives it an exclusive feel
  24. 24. next 07 Thank you/ Gracias/ for taking the time to learn about me FOR COMPLETE CASE STUDIES AND MOST RECENT WORK VISIT: www.julialeeportfolio.com I CAN BE REACHED AT: hellojulialee@gmail.com +1.415.676.7962