How has the economy affected you as a planner?
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How has the economy affected you as a planner?



Answers from the 2009 Planning Survey

Answers from the 2009 Planning Survey



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How has the economy affected you as a planner? How has the economy affected you as a planner? Document Transcript

  • Question 17: How has the economic downturn personally affected you?USA RESPONSESyes; I negotiated a compensation increase in October, half of which was to kick in March 1. That was postponed indefinitely.Pay cuts instituted across the board - 20% for executive, 15% for senior level, 10% for everyone else.Not really. It still might though.eating more meals at home, not shopping for anything i dont feel i really need, saving more, taking a bigger look at my budgets...Hiring and salary freeze at company. More work, less upside.Seeing friends get laid off.Thankfully our department was safe -- no layoffs, but we are definitely understaffed with fewer people to do more work. I was unable to get a pay raise at my recent anniversary due to wage freezes. However, my boss did promote me and give me a significamy gf was laid off from my agency and unemployed for 5 months. I fear getting laid off every single day. I hate this feeling.Clients I enjoyed working on have cut budgets and I am now working on less than desirable clients.More focus than ever on using the current circumstances to your client's advantage. More emphasis than ever on connecting with consumers at the right time and place and in the right context, to make sure your dollars are being spent most effectively.have seen several good friends and talented people lose their jobs at both my agency and others across the country. im anxious about job security and future employment prospects.More pressure to bring in new business to keep profits up and cover overhead.Seeing colleagues getting laid off is super stressful. I hate it. Made me worry a bit for my job, and the amount of work I do have has dissipated somewhat.More expectations. Less resource. More hours.I worry about my job. A more fiscally conservative perspective re: spending (i.e. training, travel, etc.). Minimal personal impact - actually received a significant raise/level jump in April 2009.Pitching non-stop, totally promiscuously...I'm a little more concerned about job stability, but I'm more worried about my team overall. Layoffs are depressing.As far as my work life goes, there's no hope for a bonus, raise or promotion this year.Freelance projects have slowed down.Many of my friends including my roommate have lost their jobs and some are still searching for replacements. I was already living on a shoestring budget and I've now had to resort to borrowing money from my parents each month just to make ends meet. I'mgeneral stress around losing my job. nothing " real" work, we are not pushing back on our clients as much - worried they will walk away..It makes me cautious about spending money. I have had to pick a new account and will not be getting a raise.Double the work, half the peopleI was laid off, ended up taking a job that was not appropriate and have to leave there before I got lucky and ended up where I am.Lots of people I know and care about have lost jobs - spend a lot more time pushing CVs to people. Don't know yet, i have to move for personal reasons so I'll be forced to look for a job. I think it will be toughFriends have been let go.Potential to not get promoted.It did one year back but its helped me a lot, I work harder and smarter and do more than what is expected of me.Indirectly. Made me more frugal and dubious about financial security of advertising industry.It's caused me to reevaluate my career plans and criteria for good work.Less likely to leave job, less leverage for pay raise, less secure at job.Was laid off from a big agency after 5yrs of service. Now, freelancing short stints at a few shops. No one has been bringing on full-time staff right now here in SoCal. However, there are some blips of activity that are showing promise.The pace of work has slow down same as economical growthPlanning has played a more critical role in sharing the adaptive responses of consumer behavior for teams internally and clients. The brief has absolutely evolved from persuasion to sparking and influencing consumer behavior.Fewer resources = longer hours. No raises in 2009.I feel nervous about layoffs20% of our staff got laid off, the work stayed the same. I work 65 hours a week now. Help. Please. made me cut my expenses and spendingsIncreased level of overall apprehension. Personal budget tightened (partly to pay off lingering debt).Concerned about job securityPersonally, just a bit of a downer, and a smaller 401K, hasn't effected my salary or job security muchMakes me work harder and be nicer to everyone!My agency currently has a salary freeze, so I don't really expect a raise anytime soon. it hasn'tI am consulting because I'm out of work. Consulting and freelance are very slow.badlywent off to go do an experiment bringing plannign to the world of PR. great idea until it wasn't...2008 was not a year for major experimentation and the gig ended early. quick rebound, however...Some accounts lost.not at all. if anythings its made planning more secure.We're asked to spend one hour more at work per workday.Our clients' marketing budgets are decreasing, which consequently means less work for us. We are busy with steady work and new business, however.I feel overworkedIt's made me a little (not a lot) more anxious about my job security. It makes me wish I made more money (so I could save a little more).I am now a freelancer--working full-time, but not hired on as staff (as an employee). Thus, I am seen as a cost. I have no benefits as well.No salary raise this coming year.we have had a company-wide salary decrease. some depts were more affected than others. brand planning was least affected.Yes and no. No raise no bonus. we laid off 5% of our work force, but i wasn't worried or affected personally. 2 planners were cut in the layoffs, but they would have been fired if they weren't laid off (i.e. not performing)Watching my money like everyone else.Not as big of a raise as I should have gotten, and a 5% decrease in payHad to find a new job late last year.Worried about job securityLayoffs hit our company and our already small department was made even smaller. Pressure is intense now...nervous about job securityi have cut back on expenses esp travelWe've lost accounts, we've gained accounts. Budgets have been cut, both on our end and the clients'People still need smart folks that can plug into a number of different roles. My planner + digital + marketing background makes finding work easier in this environment. Only difference, budgets are smaller and it's hard to roll it all up to make the incnervousness. main client stopped advertising...loss of media spend has already led to a 35% salary reduction, and may lead to job lossI was scared earlier in the year. About 25 people were let go, but I was spared. I'm now in a new role, but liking my job and life a LOT better now.Business is slower, making me nervous. As part of the management team for my office, we're doing everything we can think of to get new hasn'tSig other who owns house with me has lost his job. Also lost a few people from our agency.10% salary cut.I still have my job, but no hope of a salary increase, due to company-wide salary freezesExtending internship instead of moving into full-timeno it hasn't yet. but i always want to make sure i have a projects to latch on to and never any downtime.15% pay cut. Eliminate window dressing - get to the meat of the businessNegatively.It hasn't.I was laid-off at the end of last year which actually gave me more planning visibility within other agencies as I was brought in for freelance. I was quite enjoyable to be in and out. Now, I have a full time gig which is excellent. The downturn however, mMade my job security = zero -- i'm freelance (btw. it's affected, not effected)Closed my old companyHonestly, not that much. " Busier" as clients are focusing in on small wins - and planning seems to be a strong avenue to help achieve those. not muchanxietyStress and uncertainty of managing staff costs to revenue - while keeping people focused, happy and enjoying doing great workmorale is really low at work, constantly worried about getting laid off. Much higher level of friction at work between co-workers. We are not giving out raises or bonuses and it is hard to hire new talent even when we win new businessit hasn't - i am better off financially this year than lastsignificant other, who is a freelancer, has not worked in over a year, so we are struggling on one income!I saw my little 401K get weenier. My company has cut back on many perks. My experimental department was cut. I have decided to stay in the city I live in (and hate) because I'm afraid I won't find a new job. I've been trying to save in case the worst I haven't really felt an adverse effect so far - got a new job, moved across the country, pay increase, etc... So I've been lucky.Creates a more anxious and conservative environment. Have to do more with less. Fewer resources and support.likely no raise, potentially have to wait longer for a promotionit hasn'tClient budget cuts. Threat of losing mid-level planner that reports to me.As a freelancer, I found that as soon as the holiday season ended and January hit, projects just about disappeared. I started looking for full-time positions just for the stability, only to find they were few and far between at my level (junior-ish) ThingIt hasn'tI've seen a lot of friends go.Less of a raise than expected at annual review. Lay offs in account and creative putting a strain on the teamI'm more cautious and more aware. This means working current staff harder vs. bringing in new people, to ensure we can keep everyone throughout 2009. I'm far more proactive, looking at opportunities within existing clients and being more aggressive abouNo - I still have my job, thankfully. Probably not getting a raise though, even though the two senior planners above me were laid off and I now do the work of three people. Lost a lot of business (had several financial services clients who are no longer around) and had significant reduction in compensation.fear has crept into every discussion and decision; the agency has stopped recommending and now just double-guesses what will hold on to accountsMostly in terms of budget. Clients are scaling back big time making research that is mandatory (both from us and the client) that much harder to conduct with no money. Other than that, we (knock on wood) haven't lost anyone yet. Not feeling it too badly. fortunately, it hasn't. im just paranoid when it's slow around the office. Hasn'tjust paying a lot more attention to every dollarloss of employees, resources, clients- shrinking to realityLayoffs at the agency that leave you concerned and your accounts lean. Also, trying to convince clients that a price proposition isnt the best long term strategy.5% deduction in pay - more conscious of what i'm spending, but not necessarily spending less. - trying to do 'better' at work to ensure i have my job if something happens.fewer projects, meaning less business & personal revenueNot dramaticallymy account is in review, we are not defending it - so we will be having layoffs. not sure what that means for me yet. but i feel there is less freelance biz out thereI now work more hours. I did not receive an annual bonus. I will likely not get a raise this year. I have had to see my good friends get laid off.not much. still pitching, but maybe a bit less. clients seem to be hunkered down, and people too. harder to hire people away, and i'm certainly less interested in changing jobs even though i'm still getting lots of calls. biggest change is cuts to meNot at all, business is goodI'm losing my job next monthtough question.Workload everything ise, remains the same. In terms of compensation, I will not receive a raise this year and my 401K will not be matched by the company. more wary of how much I spend when I do.Salary cut by 25% (ouch)haven't been getting many calls from headhunters these daysI was cut back to 3 days a week - and benefits slashed. Already things are getting better - I'm up to 4 days. (don't think I ever want to go back to 5!)Made me feel pretty special about getting a new gig, especially at Wieden (where they tend to run pretty lean).Less job security8 rounds of layoffs here (i'm still standing, for now). but...husband is an acd and was just laid off last week form the death star, i mean publiscis.Our company did lay-offs so I was concerned that my job may be at risk. My department has yet to let anyone go as part of a larger layoff. However, the Planning department is working to make itself much more visible to our clients to avoid being the cut, if there is one on the client side.More hours at work given that we have to do more with less people.It really hasn't. I work at a retail promotions shop in Texas, so that's two things working in my favor.Knock on wood...not much related to work. Changed messaging and how we plannotmy retirement plan is down substantially. I'll be the oldest living planner on the planet (I probably am that already!). Many clients have cut their budgets, so there seems to be less work. Fewer trips for focus groups, etc; a general " hunkering down" to wait it out.Become more conscience of overall agency as well as my billings.Decreased recruiter calls and possibility for new job as well as promotion at current jobso far, it has been hard to pay for things.I have my own business. No clients on retainer. Repeat clients still repeating but not as often. One-off projects not as frequent.Took a 15 percent paycut until we can bring our billings back up. However, I am busy as ever. Working on three accounts, 3 pitches, and 2 projects. Clients are nervous. Need to do more with less.No raises this year. We all work harder when budgets are smaller. Made me nervous about even considering leaving my company. I think most people are just trying to ride out 2009.wage freeze, no more 401K matching, way less free food, ratcheted up nerves all around.probably delayed the timing of my promotion and amount of wage increaseWe've had some major cutbacks at the agency, but I've, knock on wood, been unscathed.Was laid off from last jobIt's made my clients a little more nervous and reactive, cut into their budgets, and seems to be ultimately panning out in lots more projects/work for us at the agency.Not yet.Not really. My wife who also works in advertising lost her job. Clients are tightening budgets.keeping a closer eye on my budget; not putting big purchases on a credit card and paying for it way laterCurrent employer uses it as a scare tactic. Feels like we're all being manipulated to accept long-term employment and policy changes that will cause long-term ill effects. I was freelancing for the past 6 months, before I started my fulltime position in Febuary.We've had three rounds of layoffs at the agency (100+ people or at least 20%), people over $50k, including myself, have received salary cuts of 8%. As a result, morale is down and people are trying to make themselves look's made me more wary of changing jobs and more grateful to be employed, even given any frustrations w/ my job. And, overall a bit more anxious & cautious about spendingNot at all, thankfully. Although my mindset has changed and I'm more cautious. I will lose one of my two planners, after the inevitable loss of one or two of our major accounts. Also I freelanced for a year before coming back full time and that worked out well until the end of the year when I starved.Layoffs in multiple departments forcing us " to do more with less." Vacation policy changed, suspended direct deposit, cut back on expenses. so far, not reallyMore work for fewer people, so more intense. Plus, a general sense of job uncertainty.I've watched the agency shrink as clients cut their budgets and friends lose jobs all around me.I'm lucky to have a job. No raise this year. I'm just stagnant. Couldn't leave if i wanted to. Working a job that is meant for 2-3 people - with lay offs and more work to be done.We've trimmed our staff which means I'm chief and indian on all of my accounts.No salary raise despite a perfect yearly performance reviewThough I still have a job, I have not received the promise raise because of the economic downturn. reduction in pay, job layoffs around meNo raise in two yearsstressing the clients. layoffs at the agency. stretching resources.we lost an account that i was working on so i'm guess next round of layoffs i'll be on the chopping block. Laid off, had to find a new job.Limited options in terms of making a job switch. Made me appreciate my current agency since we're in a position to avoid raises, cut in education budgetSome friends got let go, other than that - not much. Still grinding.just fear about losing accounts and losing my jobThank God, not much. I had to move to a smaller, cheaper makes you worry, and feel thankful you have a jobI luckily still have a job and feel relatively secure in it. However, I am watching spending, saving more and seeing more friends lose their jobs.Lost a junior planner reporting to me on the biggest business, which means the same work and less help less travel, shopping, going out but more precautionary; impact on 401KSmaller client budgets which means planning's role has been almost completely cut out of some of our projects. Layoffs, which has made each of us take on more responsibility and projects. Agency cost-cutting - no more perks/travel/conferences.smaller projects mean you're working harder for smaller profitsnot personally (yet) but had to lay off a lot of folks at my old agency, and nervous about my job security as 'low man on the totem pole' at my new job.Has affected friends greater than hasnt directly, but have lost friends at the agency from lay offsNo changes in 2008 raise/bonus, unsure about 2009 raise.I have always been frugal, but now I am much more so. I feel like I am the master of my destiny when reach a new milestone. The only downside is that my landlord is going into foreclosure which is making it hard for me to feel good about going home at nigNot much at all. We are building a house due to the low interest rates.It didn't effect me personally until it began to effect me professionally, but I have regained confidence lately as our agency has turned around our performance. I was nervous for a few months, but stayed relatively optimistic.Much busier. Others were laid off. I took on more clients. Have to share part of my staff with other accounts/planners.there were a ton of layoffs at the agency. i'm okay for now.yes, laid off once. lots of layoffs at new agency and its scary. Working across more client teams than usualI know lots of people that have been let go. It worries me. But it isn't anything I haven't gone through before. I'm actually positioned nicely to survive.last planner standing on my team.budgets are tighter, clients have reduced fees, a few layoffs, hasn't affected me personally yet, but it's in the air now.A 3% pay cut was implemented across the board at our company.Professionally - none. But like a lot of people, I've watched our life savings evaporate and my father-in-law go back to work.As long as I still have a job, personally, I'm not effected. But I am feeling pressure from my agency as the clients start squeezing money.Staff cuts which has left us being reactive/underserving clients and creativesit has made me busier at the officeYes. Less planners, more work, slow hiring. It has made looking for other opportunities nearly impossible.Longer hours with a focus on new business. My boss and mentor was laid off, along with half of the agency after a major client loss.I find myself shaving costs/cutting spending on things I don't deem necessary (i.e. private label toilet paper instead of premium brand) No raise this year. Also, I was thinking of moving to an agency that would be a better fit, but they withdrew the opening because of the economy.Pay cut, double work.made prices cheaper so i feel my salary is going further however it has made me more insecure about the stability of my job.It's been scary since I've seen a lot of people lose their jobs and it's made me more insecure. There's also a feeling of being trapped since there's not much available, if you want to switch.traveling less, budget cuts on client side affecting workAs an intern, paid minimum wage by the hour, I'm not allowed to work overtime anymore. I also can't get promoted or a pay increase.nogave me an opportunity to invest in low price stocksWe've been on a year long salary freeze. I won't see a raise for almost 22 months (and they could still extend it). I've had to cut back on eating out and buying new clothes.Since we're doing more with less, the recession has made me even angrier about the number of do-nothing planners we continue to employ... and who, by tying up compensation dollars, keep the high-performers from getting raises.n/aHas made me more aware of the importance of saving money monthly. Although I haven't, you never know when you might lose your job.More emphasis on new business pitches.I often feel like I'm powerless, or stuck. I've been told at work (by my supervisor) that right now is not a good time to have a " bad attitude" ...which to me read " keep your mouth shut and take whatever comes your way...with a smile" . It makes me feel wIt is good...I definitely don't splurge as much as we used to...knowing big (even well deserved raises) are not likely. It really has honestly made me question the importance of a big ritzy ad job...and even if i stick with planning...i am thinking a smaller shop woulGeneral anxiety, lost some good people that I work withI was laid off so I started my own company. Doing planning and research. not at allSalary cap. No bonusesanxietyI've been spread to more accounts due to spending less time on my original core accounts since they have cut their spending. Workload has essentially increased, layoffs have occurred, and it's more than a bit stressful. With work, it hasn't much, other than the low-level stress that comes with it.A lot of friends are out of jobs. A lot of good, talented folks.I was involuntarily cut to a 3-day workweek when I returned from maternity leaveI'm more careful with money, but my job is unaffected.less complaining, more thankfulfewer impulse purchases, consider value of what I buy more soMainly scared me, so far. My credit limits have been lowered.Caused me to look out for myself more.Has notThe pressure put on each of our clients and our agency has led to tasmanian devil work (long hours, huge stress, painful process...that doesn't go anywhere). no raises, more work as a result of layoffs, more stressful in general, much uncertainty with the agencies futureMore work load as planners were let go.Made me work harder at managing my money better.Has made everyone paranoid about their billable hours and whether they're working enough.It's made everyone nastierMostly, it has effected the way I feel about job security. Seeing excellent employees layed off makes me nervous. made me more aware of my spending and more thoughtful about my purchaseswas laid off from previous job after account losses and cutbacksMight loose job due to budget cutsincreased my workloadHas forced me to stay at this job.It affected my salary in Sept. 2008 when we had layoffs and a 15% paycut for those that remained, which has in turn, affected my personal life of course. It's also been hard to watch my 401K dwindle but I'm thankful that I'm young enough to be able to recEndured layoffs, greater pressure, smaller raise, tough but interesting new client problems to solveNot at all personally definitely scaling back on purchases/curbing spending, being grateful for what I have, giving to others when I can to help outHigh workload, longer hours, same money. Other than that, can't complain. Not a whole lot, other than not getting a raise and bonus like in previous years.Clients are cutting spending and everyone wants to know how their strategy should change in light of the economic situation.Yes, I was laid-off from my previous position. Fortunately, I had been looking for months beforehand (useful paranoia), and found something rather quickly. But it's the first time I have taken a job just to HAVE one, not waited for the most choice move. TMy husband was laid off last year (he's an ACD/writer) and is now freelance. My company has had 9 rounds of layoffs. It's unbelievably stressful.My salary has been reduced by 15%, and of course, I have a lot of uncertainty about my job as a result. In fact, I question whether my company will even pull through.Overtime was cut and so I've had a significant cut in my hours &, thankfully. client's business is still strong, my personal stock value in the company is high.It has not affected me personally. In fact my situation has only improved. No15% pay cutWe've cut costs greatly, are on a hiring freeze. investing in current clients and pitching new business feverishlyIt hasn't really.It was the best motivation to launch this business.I'm stressed about being laid off. I have not received a raise (nor has anyone in the agency). I'm working harder because there's less people.I worry about being laid off every dayLost 1 person in my group, 8% salary reductionEveryone wants to talk value - if they can't play on price they want to turn value into rerpresenting 'their' brand values. Recession has casued knee-jerk reactions that have casued brands to stray off course, thus lessening thier brand's overall consumeI can't get a raise because the company doesn't have the resourceshaven't felt the impact, aside from the natural, community, WOM fueled, shared anxiety.More cautious about taking on long-term commitmentshasn't....yetCredit card ratesThings are a lot more uncertain and worrying at work, with some people being let go. I'm personally cutting back on spending and trying to save more so I have an emergency fund in case I need it.It's made me more anxious about job security and more cautious about my own personal finances.It makes me thankful for having my current job at an agency that values its employees.laid offworry about job stability. Tragic slowdownMade me more cautious about how I spend.No hopes of any raise or promotion. Worry about unpaid " furloughs." Fewer people to do more work for less money. On the other hand, lots of cultural fuel to share with clients related to the " upside" of a boss got laid off--now i'm going it aloneNot much. Although the media noise makes you feel like you should consider every purchase more closely, even though nothing has personally changed for me.more cautious, always have a back-up plan...getting up the food chain and working in the place of many people who've fallenFreelance assignments are few and far between.Lost three major assignments in the first quarter that were first approved and then later lost their funding.less of my time is paid for by my clients. i have been more frugal.Not at allnot at all. I don't think I'll be getting a pay rise this year, even though I'm due for one. But I feel lucky to have my job.It's made me lose a job in December, and naturally stress to deathNo raises this year at work; my husband's whole company was docked 6 days of pay + no raises + no 401k matchesIt's made me more conscious of how I spend. While it fortunately hasn't forced me to make major changes, it's affected how I think about money and spending, and how I plan for the future.It really hasn't. . .although, it has made me grateful to work at a stable agency. And, thankful to have a job. Strangely, not at all. It hasn't really.I feel jumpy all the time. Every day is unpredictable - at work and out in the world. I am doing fine right now, and am appropriately grateful, but am practically paralyzed by the very real possibility that I will not be doing fine sometime during the nexMakes me far more worried about being laid off.not affectedFriends have lost jobsNo support staff availableDoing more with fewer peopleit hasn't really, but i have been spending less.I am less likely to look for another job right now. I'm also more likely to bite my tongue rather than respond to corporate decisions that I don't agree with.Not yet.It hasn't apart from friends and family losing jobs. Some of our clients are cutting back, but so far we're pretty flat. What we've lost in the US has been balanced by growth with other clients esp. in AsiaDelayed raises/promotionsSalary frozen, no bonus from 08 (likely none from 09), less job security, more about job preservation than career development.Anxiety about client cutting back spending. Watching others being laid off. Concerns over changing jobs in the middle of an economic downturn.Forced me to follow through on a dream and launch my own business, which I am really enjoying. Not doing as well financially (yet) but I enjoy the flexibility and additional pride that comes with working on my own.Freelance work has slowed down some. Particularly, agencies are tightening their belts and making it harder for Planners to hire freelancers.just making ends meet to pay bills--not much left for fun styuff anymore. hasn't, get calls from recruiters more frequently now than last yearWe have been lucky at where I work. Our clients are strong and we have not had layoffs and our mgmt has been smart. I feel confident on our work, but you never know. Got laid off in Aug from a job I loved and had to take a job I do not like with people I do not respect just to pay the bills It's made it feel like I'm stuck... that I need to stay put even if I'm not happy and I want to find a new job. It also makes you feel like you can't complain and you " just need to be happy you are working" yes, I got laid off at the beginning of the year.clients have cut budgets, lower agency revenues, freeze on new hires and bonuses/raises. we're spread too thin, but haven't had layoffs yetIt hasn't affected me financially, but it's definitely increased my anxiety and pressure that I feel around my job.i'm in internN/A except being nervous about layoffsI was laid off from my prior job almost a year ago, at the beginning of this recession, however I was able to quickly find another job that I am even happier with. While I have been fortunate, it has been very depressing to see so many friends and former I was laid off from one job, but found my new one within a week. Luckily, it was another planning position. It's a challenge because I have full-time work and insurance coverage; however, there are no long-term contracts to be had. (Of course, is anythingI was at BBDO and got lay-off in December. So, I decided to start my own company. Lead by a planner (me) for the Hispanic market.I'm taking a lot more Tylenol PM.So far hasn't had a real effect, not hiring any planners so work load is more but generally not too much of an impact.I'm so lucky to have a job. But there is a " head's will role" mentality and level of stress even for the employed. People feel stuck. And seems like the high-ups are doing a lot less exposure and development for juniors and mid-levels. I keep hearing We've lost a few people, but we're still hiring on other accounts.No.I'm a freelance planner who also does qualitative-only projects. I am finding that I have WAY less qualitative/moderating business, but I've been filling in the gaps with more consulting/freelance planning than I used to do.lower salaryMy female co workers have started to sabotage mejust busier because other people got laid off. =(I've saved more, bought fewer clothes, eaten out less. But all of this has been self-imposed. My salary hasn't changed.I worry about staff morale with finances controls being tough this year.Less mobility. I think people are more cautious.Lost my job about a month ago.It has not, yet.much less work, much less incomeI was laid off and had to find a new job. My new job did not offer relocation.Promotion and raise put on holdIt has made me more careful about my spending and also more conscious of the need to deliver genuine business value for my clients. Also helps me get through 14-hour days. A delayed promotion--I was promised a new title a year ago and haven't received it. I'm afraid to pursue a new jobMakes me want to be more frugalSaving more money. Being a bit more frugal. This is the first time in my professional career that I fear for the security of my job. It's made me a little more fearful of potential layoffs. It's also made me a LOT more aware of trying to be fiscally responsible with travel expenses and such.For three months I was told I may lose my job due to budget reasons. Luckily, I didn't. But recently the agency gave just less than a 10 percent salary reduction to all employees making $50K+. I definitely miss the money, especially since my husband waWe lost some of our account and research team members so we wear many hats sometimes to fill in the blanks when necessaryFear of being laid off! Less likely to move and change agencies.I feel like it has discouraged me from finding a new job... changed my perspective from wanting better, to simply being grateful for having a job.Four rounds of lay-offs. Client cut budget backs [many]. Everybody 'doing more with less.' Constant worry that my husband or I will lose our jobs. I'm tired.its been fine.Professionally, I am just under being fully scoped (1800 hrs for the year) at 1650 hrs for the year due to client budget cuts. Personally, I've encountered more rigorous credit rating while apartment hunting but honestly other than these two examples I'vIt's been rough. Lots of friends without jobs. Less money to go around. Pressure to save more. my co-workers are getting laid off, which makes work less fun, and my workload has gotten bigger, which makes work much less funit lead to several job opportunities falling thru, it has left me as the sole provider at home for far longer than myself or my partner expected.Uncertainty, stress, fearYes, inhibited my ability to ask for more compensation. Overall the agency is trying to get salary costs effectI've survived 3 rounds of layoffs (so far), but had to take an 8% pay cut. I find that I am quicker to find " silver linings" in my job (like even HAVING one), try to view things I'd normally not be excited about as new, fun challenges, etc. I think both pnot dramatically.7% pay cut; department shrunk from 6 down to 4, so the remaining 4 of us are having to carry the extra work load.There have been layoffs, so I've seen some good friends leave the agency. Other than some uncertainty, a salary freeze.I am picking up more slack.I have not been effected, yet. Check with me June 1.more client scrutiny of workI have not been personally effected other than having to work at a " leaner" agency than we were a year ago. More work fewer people.Salary Rollbackmore mindful purchasing - but with the intermittent bingingJust makes me work a little harder - head down. You can't be too worried about it or you'll get sucked in.More thankful for my job and more scared of job security. Definitely being more careful with spending. Have reduced the rental price of owned propertymy overtime wages were cut... We have laid off 4 people from our department, through 3 rounds of layoffs. I personally have taken a paycut and other benefits have been limited. Having a job right now is a privilege.I cannot change companies even if I wanted to because no one is hiring.I've started spending less money to be safe.I was laid off from my agency Ummm, I'm spending less at home and working harder at work. Not enough planning staff to support the work. Being worked to the bone.Freelance is less likely to lead to permanent positionseen my 401(k) witherNo, and hopefully not.made me the sole breadwinnerthis time won't allow me to get a new job. but lucky enough that i still have onw - unfortunatly it is paying me about 30% than i should be making. higher stress, lesser visibilitySeveral planners in our department have been fired, marketing budgets have shrunk significantlyhave to justify spending to clients, lower budgets - production and media - across the board.Raises were frozen... as were bonuses that were in offer letters.I have not received the bump in salary I was told would happen and who knows when that will happen. Food prices have increased, living expenses have increased, MTA has increased fares, and my salary has not. Knock on wood, not much. It's affected my outlook and planning more than my day-to-day life.there have been layoffs - those left have to handle multiple projects, there is a lot of work and not a lot of people to do itLess job security, tighter economics at home due to home equity line of credit being cancelled.Reduction of bonustightened the pursestringsImmensely. It's brutal right now, to try to move and at my current place it's a constant new biz barrage followed by clients wanting to beat you down on research costs etc.cut back on discretionary spending like top shelf booze and legosBudgets have been drastically cut. Looking very scary out there right now.nerves and tension, but not too muchNo raises last year and already announced none this yearI've given up caviar on my wheeties in the morning.I'm largely un-affected, but seeing people laid off gives all of us pause for thought. I do see an atmosphere of distrust emerging at times, but that has abated a bit since the spring.I'm a sole proprietor so it has put tremendous pressure to do more new business.cutting back on indulgences. regarding work, it's extremely busy.noYes. We now pay for part of our health insurance and unless you are promoted, no raise this year.A lot more stress and worry about losing my job.It's kept me right here and thankful to have a job.The economy has created a weary climate in my org. Several planners have been let go, which has led to a) more work for the rest of us and b) a sense that more could go. And it's talented planners that have been let go, too, so it no longer feels that anyNot so much.My husband is a recruiter for financial companies so isn't making any money and I'm pregnant. It's a great deal of stress.more work, fewer bodiesThankful to be employed.Not it all. It is bringing new opportunities.I haven't received a raise or promotion of any kind.nopeworkloads piling up and time for thinking is a thing of the past - more reactive than proactive nowless money to travel for business. less money for research. more projects with less account people. so basically more workI moved to a cheaper apartment to start saving money, cut back on unnecessary expenditures, just in case there comes a day when I'm not employed.Business is actually booming...There has been lay-offs at our agency. Workload is higher after. Proactive about my options in case of further layoffs.made it harder to sell researchyes, salary cutyes, no bonusNot very hard. It has affected more regarding quantity of job applicantsnotLost my job at a start up last year but otherwise fine after started working as a Jr. PlannerIt made the pool for employment much smaller. As an Independent, I have seen a marked decrease in available jobs. Clients either can't afford me, don't have their own client base to rely on or full-time Planners who can't find work are trying out freelancing and are coming in at really low day rates!Money seems a little tight and I have more fear if a layoff or something happened, but I really haven't been that affected beyond being a little more conservative.I have not lost a job but like everyone else we are more cautious about our financial choices. My husband has gone a furlough for a few weeks so that has hit the pocketbook but not too bad.Working a ton more, clients are unbelievably stressed - wreaking havoc on us and causing us even more stress...feel like a gun is to my head daily...and they're officially cutting our hours, yet our work loads are not necessarily decreasing.NoneForced to wait for a pay increase after my recent promotion.Several family members in Detroit concerned about their job security.Hiring freeze, raise team has shrunk, as our client has cut budgets. Our agency laid off 45 people. I have been personally unaffected, but these hit close to home.Lost an employee and received a salary reductionNo raise or promotion when I should have one (I was hired as a planner but took over a planning director role).just in terms of no hope for a raise in the coming months.Not very much at all.was laid off in 2008Colleagues have been laid off so more work with fewer people. Work load has significantly increasedtightening our belts, staycations, sack lunches, not updating technology.More willing to make the most of my job versus getting frustrated and looking for something better.I have very little paying work right now. Lots of " hey, can you help me try and pitch this and if we get it we'll throw you a bone." The marketing book I was supposed to be working on this year (as the researcher for respected industry figure with multipNot as many opportunities to switch jobs. Stuck where I am...not at all financially but it does give one pausemade it more difficult to look for a new jobIt hasn' hasn'tIt's affected me on many levels. I am working three times as hard, sacrificing creativity, quality, and time spent being inspired and inspiring. I am in an atmosphere where people are unhappy, there are layoffs so there's a fear of asking for what's rigHave to do more with lesslaid off and freelancinglittle impact personally...lots of impact professionally as biz is down.All accounts remain stable and are paying.smaller bonuses and less work travelIt has made me more conscience about my financial future. I haven't gotten an annual bonus or promotionIt hasn't. I was unemployed before the economny turned and found a job recently.Not at all.Watched people I worked with get laid off - very alarming. General sense of uncertainty.I think twice before making discretionary purchases. I shop more at retailers like TJ Maxx. acting more cautiously, not splurging, trying to save a bit extra to have 6-months of living $$ on handI work with a financial client so the workload has been brutal. I personally have taken steps to cut spending.It hasn't. If anything i've seen the benefits- cheaper flights, hotels.It has made me postpone retirement.I got laid off so I have since been freelancingFewer calls for freelance projects.higher grocery prices, decreased home value, always fearful of being laid offPersonally, not much. But we have many friends who have been affected financially.unaffectedNot buying apt. Fewer booksWe're pretty short staffed, so I have been doing a LOT more work than someone at my level would normally do. Long hours, weekends... But it's good--I have a job!Budget cutbacks have resulted in shorting the planning process, resulting in strategies which aren't as inspired as I'd likeMade me glad to have a good job. As freelance consultant, I believe I'm getting more work nowReluctance to switch jobs.Yes, 401K matching stopped. There is a salary freeze. It has definitely affected the financial planning of my annual raise... no bonus... no promotionI own my place and don't live in NY or SF. While I'd like to leave my city for greater career opportunity, the poor housing market makes it difficult to change jobs (the few agencies that are hiring aren't offering much, if anything, for relocation). I was laid off and now am working as a contractor - 3 months at a time. I think it has hindered promotion and raises too.Watched others in my firm get laid off, and have also experienced increased demand for planning from clients, to help them understand what changes are happening with their customersunable to give raises to my team. Our budgets have been cut and we have had to lay off employees. It's been stressful.lost jobLess likely to switch jobs. More likely to suck up the current situation even if not ideal- taking less risks.I'm more conscientious about frivolous expenditures and my credit card balance.Yes, Pay Cuts and Forced Unpaid Days OffGot a promotion and no raise, which was crushing obviously. There have been lay offs which is stressful but so far the planning dept has been safe.I didn't know about " layoff survivor's guilt" until this year. I've unquestionably been affected by the stress of seeing close friends and coworkers lose their jobs and struggle -- not just in advertising but across all branches of industry. At the sameMade me nervous about my job security.No - but I have seen many friends get laid offI find I am doing more work with less resources.Long hours, more stress, good colleagues lost. Planning department took a significant hit - personally forced to take on more clients and new biz projects. Have had an opportunity to showcase skills - but often times there's too much work to cover off tI haven't really suffered much, went one one job straight into another.I'm busier. Less help, and more issues to deal with.Think about how I spend my money more than ever. Cut back on indulgences.It has meant that I can't grow my department as much as I want.Three times the work. Wage freeze. No layoffs - yet.Lost an Account Planner on our team due to " agency softness" No other teams were affected.As part of some office belt-tightening, we were all asked to take an unpaid day off each month. This amounts to a 5% pay cut. Bummer dude.No effect.A combination of making sure my job is seen as adding value so not to get laid off and trying to keep up with the changing consumer in the volatile market, I'm busier. i'm personally more cautious about spending, but professionally, i'm more concerned about my positionSeveral layoffs, two pay reductions.INTERNATIONAL RESPONSESSmaller budgets and more conservative clientsstressed at work!Limited my options to move overseas (I'm in Australia).fewer opportunities elsewhere in the marketsnot at allless client activityA bit. The planning department is solid, but some good accounts menegers, media planners and creatives are gone. And the money for seminars, courses and other good things that involve planning are gone.In fact, it brought a lot of anxiety and pressure to our daily routine.In nothingI spent three months looking for a job until I find this one. Most of the agencies weren't hiring anyone because their clients weren't investing so much anymore. No investiment, no money, no hire.Budgets decease forces us to be more creativei lost my job last week Not far, not much. things are pretty much the same but a little on holdI have no effected with economic downturn, my agency is dedicate to Health and Wellness. It hasn't so far.In my way to plan and draw the strategies.nonot at alluncertanty...Nothing at all.As I make around U$200 a month, I need my parents help to survive. My father got fired and now I'll have to look for another job.NothingNot affected at all.R$ 2.000,00Personal expenses have decreased, but professionally it's a great opportunity to social media (more rentable).Not at all.I can perceive an increase in the quantity of the jobs, but a decrease in the money, that stimulate us to think how to make more noise with less money. We have to improve our creativity to do things more relevants in crisis timeI didn't have my salary increased as my boss promissed me. And lots of my friends were fired.We need to work more hard and show how our job give money for the company.since most of our clients reduced media budgets and Fees we had to plan with less resources and all the agency employees tend to expect some cuts in the area so the mood is not very goodIt has closed 2 job opportunities in multinational agencies that act here in Brazil that I was the leading candidate to fullfillNo effect at all.Fortunately, not much.I'm a little insecure because we've had less work to do.Not.Drasticly. No money for small companies.Not muchUntil now, I (personally) don't have be affected by the crises.less investments and clients equal less workFreezing the economic scenarium, make it hard to be promoted or getting a raise.At nothing.I started a new job at this time.I has to change of agencyAll our clients are afraid of loosing money because of the crisis, and some of them cut ad was really hard to find a job.Not so muchA lot of planners fired and now i have all their job to do.It has closed some job opportunities and the clients are concerned about how spend their money -A large volume of work and the small number of people in the department with which I have worked about 18 hours per day.not at all, just a bit more stressed to make new businessStill didn't effect.Projects have gone sour or delayed.No effect yetnonelittleI'm demanded to focus on short term worknothingUm pouco, pois estou desempregada.I was unemployed because of a fusionbetween two companies, but I get a job again in two weeks, but was not the ideal job (ignoring the salary, which is 50%better). The advertising marketis somewhat stationary, but it's possible to find vacancies.Its much more difficult put de capaigns in the airIt is an opportunty to develop our businessI feel embarassed to ask for a raise as much as i don't believe there are positions lacking on other agencies.not at allMany clients are using the argument of economic downturn to cut on marketing costs and forcing agencies to reduce fees and to work with smaller budgetsUntil the and of the 1st Quarter of 2009 business were very slow. Now clients are investing again. More work, less moneynotOur network laid off a lot of job globally. It wasn't different in my office and in the planning department. There's a sense of insecurity. On the other hand, we are in Brazil, where people are really optmistic comparing to other countries. I had a tough time dealing with my team, because we had the possibility of layoffs. It did effect some of our clients, specially in construction business, but they´re now showing up again.Has highlighted our planning efforts due to the improved results the work yields at the end of the process. Effected only in the investment hasn'tDidn't effected.Less work to doMy promotion in on holdI began to plan my spenditures more, putting all in a excel file and calculating how much I've spent of my monthly invoice. I am controlling myself more. But no drastic changes in my day-by-day life. Actually I started to do dance classes (a new cost) butIt reduced my income.Not so muchThere were so much fear, for almost nothing actually. Fear and speculations, these were the key words. I'm more concerned about EVERTHYNG. And I've turned into a political person, more envolved with subjects related to economy.A lot. Many projects were canceled.A lot. I was unemployed for a while and took this job at a much smaller company at a much smaller paycheck.It didn't affect.It has not affected me at all.didn't get a promised salary raisethe projetcts approvals are very slowly and some projects are postponednot at allI´m affraid for my job. Cause, in Brazil, a lot of people were fired.I saw co-workers were dismissed and the climate became more cumbersome. But personally I do not hit.At work did not affect, i recently got a promotion. But personally I saving more money and making more conscient choices as a consumer.i didn't felt the effects until now.The agency lost half of its clients and, therefore, cut almost 40%. I'm working more now to prospect new clients and to offer/show the clients more possible campaigns/possibilities. The truth is that we need to assure the clients we have nowadays and coDownsizingThere was no significant change after the downturn. I feel a little more pressure on results and cost-efficiency of the processes I'm involved with, but just that.nextIt wastn`t a real problem in my company. I think the big agencies had much more people fired.The clients of my agency didn`t reduce the budgets, so we keep working with them, and I have a chance to increase my salary.The planning account department inI few clients stopped investments in ads.didnt not muchNot affectedmy accounts reduced or maintained their investments in comparison with 2008.Not so much. The decrease in the field of credit benefits didn't affect me that much. The Head of the Planning department was fired to cut costs, so the rest of the department had to be restructured.i was fired of my old jobThere were almost no effect on our business, nor for myself.Nothing has changed for me, for the clients or for the agency yet.My main client has decreased communication investments, what makes me feel concerned about the mantanence of my headcountMost clients cut investments. In all meetings, financial crises appears as today´s problem... many jobs goes down.I´m not getting a raise anymoreI didn't felt a direct impact on my life.I'm not too effectednot at all. actually i have more oportunities than beforeNot effectted meAs I work in a small company, it has caused some problems for it, because almost all of our clients were negatively effected for the economic crisis.As companies are investing less in commercial campaigns on TV because of the higher costs, they are investing in alternative and less expensive medias like POS (point of sales) material, for example. That is excellent for us, as we increase our design dev -It hasnt affected me.It makes strategic decisions slowly and some contracts are postponed not that much. I travell lessAs my agency is focused on retail and brand promotion strategies, we had less budget cuts, but the tension to prove direct results on our campaigns have been harder than ever.It dis ot affectme personally...yet.It dosn`t effected my professional lifeIts harder to find better opportunities once that no company is hiring as before.Slowing down on personal expensesThe payment didn´t grown. still the same as past year.It made me change work. The company I was before loose some clients and change the structure.In a really, almost nothing.not at allNot much me, but my company fired some people.clients made less investments than other years at the same period.We had to fire one planner from the group cause we lost one big client due to international alignment with other agency ( lower costs)Our clients have lowered their budgets a little, but didn´t affect us much.My previous agency broked for the lack of investments. I was unemployed and I had to become freelancer for other agencies.I Work with retail and this segment not yet suffered Brazil with the economic crisisThe agency lost two clients and we fired 3 people. But the downturn hasn`t influenced in my personal life.I choose to buy only essential things now and aspirational/technology for later. Used to go to cheaper locations to have lunch/dinner.I've only got new opportunities to improve new job tasks and find out new clients.My clients are reducing investiments, in a near future it could but my job at riskin nothingOne person of my team had been fired because of current budget limitations. It means more work per capita for the entire team, including myself.Not yet. Actually, digital agencies are probably going to get better results duo to the downturnit was stronger until this last month (april), but now things are changing. our first semester was weaker than in the past years and as a consequence, my bonus will be reduced.Very much.mediumI believe it was positive, despite main investments had been reduced, the web is still growing and becoming not just an alternative for maketing, but something mandatory.Unemployment. Search of new business modelsNot yet the economic downturn effected me. My companie didn´t fired nobody didn't effect me.Some clients didn't continue with projects because they didn't lauch their products. So this means that we lost some jobs.Not at all, the agency lost in clients investments, but as we got only the essential in terms of employees, we didn't felt much the changeNot at allIn a good way. Our comapny is growing because we focus on bringing results.didnt really affect meWe lost some of our small clients because they consider our work expensive for nowadays. And the big ones cut part of the budget.i was recently fired :0most of all it has increased the level of stress by feeling people's fear of loosing the job and overworkIt didn't affect.As I work as a freelance planner, agencies which used to ask me to help them quite often are now doing things by themselves in order to reduce costsNot much so far.In fact, the Company growed up with the economic downturn So I think I'm not affected by it.I just stop to waste money... and I try to save more amount than usual.Not at all. In Brazil the crisis has not affected that much my company, for we had already downsized a year ago. No one was dismissed. On the contrary: we are hiring. And I will probably be raised in a couple of months. So, things are going well.we used to think about getting new clients this year, but this didn't occur because of the economic downturnAn evereything, because people been so scary to buy some staffs that afect in economy. And the number of jobs have been a slow timeNot much. I stayed more judicious about new medias and the planning.i got a new job offer from somewhere where they had a clean up, changed to a better job as a result of that.Directly - I was fired in December 2008.NothingThe effected is better than I would think in the begining. In my company the clients didnt put down your investment in advertising because they are on a foods market... " eat" is the last thing that the people stop to do...Not at all.In the sense I'm acting more carefully in spending money. I'm trying to save money to spend with few (but bigger) items.It made me prepare myself for any possible firing, searching opportunities in other industry areas such as Education and Lectures.Didnt affected me at all, got my current job during it, even got promoted during it.Clients are afraid to put too much money on actions, specially those who have never been done beforeDidn't affected. We had here a little downsising, but the planning area didn't fired anyone. We had too much work in the first 3 months, but now we are hiring more people. more challenge jobs. Less money to do all and more accomplish with sales. And at home, more attention to bills and more care about the money.NothingIt hasn´t affected very much.not at allThe company who I work to is going pretty well.Clients didn't reduce their budgets for digital campaigns. Clients are more concerned about results - accountability.The number of jobs is less than last year, in comparative.I lost one planner of my team (I had 5, now I have 5).The clients cut a lot the bidget, so we have been working a little less.a lot.Less than two months ago I was fired from a multinational company.It hasn´t.directlyI was dismissed.I had to fire an supervisor from my team.not effectedNoneCut income, budget and personalThe effect can be seen on the ammount of projects we have now. We proposed a lot of new ideas during the first months of the year, and none of the companies had the budget to invest on them. And, also as a result, the planning area had been under pressureI think it is better, because only a good idea or Big Idea survive now.It has forced some clients to slow down or even cancel some projects, but it's been resuming the rhythm since marchI wasn't affected in my job.Not too good.It hasn't effected meClients are investing less moneyNot much. Exception is an account loss that aligned brand to one agency to optmize investments. not muchI have no boss and have been begging for a raise for 6 months.Not very much until now.I didn't receive the salary raise that was promised.It didn´t affected us yet. In fact, the company made a pact with all employees for an extra bonus if we reach the objective we had for 2009 before the crisis. 1no effects so fardoesn't affected meNothingI hasn't effected me that much because I work for many promotional agencies as a free-lancer. So now I work for more agencies to keep my income and I sleep a little less because the day continues to have only 24 hours.Not much already. The most important efect was the hours worked to justify investments for our clientsI earn the same money as last year.Not affected at all.NothingChanges a lot, because my job was more required nowadays. I have to understand the hole needs trying to solve their communications problems it didn't effect for me In my personal life I lost some money on the stocks. I'm more concerned about some expenses and commitments. In my job, I had some headcounts reduction, more pressure to reduce operational cost, a little more of workload and some worries about the the fIt did not affected me directly.Hasn't actually affected me. Just made me worried, forced me to work longer and harder so that I won't be hit in the next round of layoffs.more pressure to participate in new business developmentless people = increased workload, more pitching situations for existing clientsclients in difficult positions, more pressure, less budget, less timeNot very much, but it has led to increased pressure on new business development.Much more workThe economic situation has been outstanding for our business. The combination of high-agency prices and general waste has created an environment where clients are actively searching for STREAMLINED and SMART organizations who overdeliver.Not much.Not a lot. Probably somewhat more nervous/anxious, and looking less for other jobs. Instead have made peace with the dysfunction in my current job, which I might not have otherwise.Not at all. In fact increased the value of planning.I have become more " evaluative" A bit more stressed about money, but, otherwise, no real affect.not too much - more in mindset than realityless chance of a bonus. a little fear around the agency over the last few months.Yes - salary freezemore New Business workIt's a lot more work, less time for myself and family.A little bit.not at all. more to do than ever. maybe no sallary raise.nonopedifficult to find new job I'm a lot more worried about my job and my professional future.not yetyesLost main client, future undefined yet.Not yet!for a few months, yes, it has since picked up againbudgets shriveled away and jobs with itheavilyyes, in terms of lower clients' budgets, the need to find more efficiant ways to cut through to the consumers, more efficiant working processes in the agencyNot at all at the momentmarginala lot less business It's in the brain, not yet in the purse.Not at all.no50% compared to 2008until now not at allI'm not effected so far If I was to quit my current job, I couldn't find an other, better one.Lost job because planning department was shut downless workNot me personally, but the agency somewhat.verypromotion without pay raisesomehow in case of fewer clients / projectsup to now notless new business, especially less entire brand consultancy.. more little tasks/product campaignsnot at allHopefully it will just stay as a current feeling of uncertainty!Not at allDifficulties finding a jobBudgets are getting smaller, timepresure is rising and salaries have been freezed in the whole company.Planners are still rare in Germany, so I'm not effected by the crisis yet. noNot yetnot yetChange in client structure.not yetvcjhvfghikno effectsnot yet...We just won the " account of the year" , so even if other people are being fired and I changed jobs at the beginning of the crisis, I just got an indefinite contract and a promotion. Then again, I did not only changed jobs but moved to another country (fromHasn't effected me.less stress at workNot yet, although I have made some real efforts cut costs.less exciting projectsfight for the few exciting oneslack of good atmosphereThe Planning Team at my agency has been cut off from 5 Planners including Head of Planning to two Planners without Head rise in salary until autumnIt scared me at first - as I am working freelance and it seems there is an impact on not booking freelancers as easy as the last few years. But on the other hand there is a market for freelance planners, as less agencies currently employ and too little stlosing my planner jobNot at all.More work since less is invested in communication and more in strategy, evaluationdidn´t affect at allso far not at all.Clients are always looking out for better work, and the " slowdown" (although not as relevant in this geography) and this gives them an excuse to reject interesting work, at times, on the pretext that it will not be as hardworking/effectiveHasn't affected me at all. Yet.No increments, we got what were promised in terms of bonuses, It's more like a Global Dictat to not give increments, however The plave where i work is doing fine, so things should roll out just as ususal, however they are notnot reallyi specialize in Channel Planning so actually the downturn has been great for me since more clients are looking to alternative strategies in retail, digital, DM, CRM, activation and combinations thereofnot too bad but bad enough Opportunity to work on new business pitches has reduced.No. We just signed on a slew new projects in the last couple of monthsless incrementno raises and bonuses this year yeslost money in mutual fundsfather lost his job and lost money in mutual fundsOther than a voluntary wage freeze (I am a shareholder in my company) I have been insulated so far...It has not affected me much, except for a less liberal incrementNo it has not business is as usual.It has affected my job (and geographical) change plans - putting them on the backburner.our company faced a cash flow crisis of sorts and a part of our salaries (15-20%) are deferred for later.. if/when the situation is betternot really. it had initially, not much business, but now we are pitching for new businesses and winning them as wellnot muchI have reinforced my professional skill in Direct Marketing, Media Planning, Data Planning and Digital PlanningI keep on feeding and nurturing my personal network I was not rewarded with a promotion.Can't ask for another junior people in my team.yes --------- -Agency reducing head count due to client budget cuts/cost saving initiatives. As a result, I have been shifted to new client accounts and taken on more responsibilities. i keep a more detailed expense list, cut on non necessary expenses (music, mostly)nothing at allMy salary is absolutely unfair if compaired with the role I play inside the agency. Anyway, the economic downturn has not effected me too much - I just have to pay more attention to day-by-day expenditures.It didn't hurt me in any way at the didn't effect mejust psicological effect in term of perception and intetention to buy - not a concrete effect (fortunately)Decreased morale.Yes, made redundant so started consultancyNo payrise throughout the company this yearmade redundant, found new job through previous contactIt hasn't, yet.nopenot really (yet)It hasn't as yet affected me, though it's something I'm very aware of... it's making me produce more 'visible' work perhaps?There is certainly a growing sense of pressure and doom at work regarding future projects. A sense that clients need their staff to over-deliver. It clearly affects employment opportunities, but there still seem to be good jobs out there; the employees caMy personal savings, pension and investment values have plummeted, so I will not be able to buy a flat in my new city this year (London), as I had originally planned.That's " affected" , isn't it? Tsk.Less visibility of long term client plans, making planning difficult. Panic at board level, leading to short-term knee jerk solutions for clients. We'll do anything for money, basically.Would have moved jobs if the downturn hadn't made me more cautious.Not at all - the business side of my account is threatened though, but the client is still commissioning work.Not too muchWorried about the fate of my clients, and my own jobNot freezenot personallyIt makes me worried about redundancies but not massively affected me.Working harder. More work for fewer people at the agency.not at allBudget cuts means a payrise is more unlikely to happen. And company and departmental activities such as away days and inspirational outings are on a shoestring budget if not non-existing. It makes me put up with short-comings in my role and remuneration aRedundancy but found job fast5% voluntary pay-cut, covering the job of someone who was made redundantN/AOnly in the sense that my mortgage has gone down quite a lot so i am much better off in terms of monthly desposible incomejust worry for my job... nothing tangible thoughWe've deferred 10% of our salary til the end of the year to create a cushion in the finances and avoid further redundancies.Wiped out a lot of savings/investments.Made it all a bit " edgy" and nervousA number of clients have pulled work, and subsequently the agency has downsized. As a result I have had to adapt to a account man/planner hybrid role to relieve pressure on the accounts dept.Other than the value of my (small) portfolio of investments diminishing, not reallyIt hasn't but there have been some redundancies in the agency.Hasn't yet, touch woodmade moving more difficultIts ensured that everything we do is down to an even more optimum level, there is no point doing something if you're not going to do it in the best, most effective [time, resource and money] wise way. Friends redundantmy partner, who also works in advertising, has been asked to work one day less per month, hence a cut in his payI have started saving more and I wanted to go freelance and set up on my own before moving joba but felt this year wasnt the best year to start on my own so I took a job at a company that I have always wanted to work for instead.My mortgage in the UK is at an all time low so I've more disposable income than ever but my fear of losing my job has increased dramatically so I'm too worried to spend any of it!not so far.No quite the contrary. It is due to the model of the agency. small nibble fastmade a bad situation worseHaving to deliver more for lessnot too much, auto brands are doing less, but retail is up & everyone is doing more digitalMade me work even harder, fearful for my job. Has made my relationship with management awkward.Promotion and more pay! They made a couple of layers above me redundant. The work volume is still the same, so I've gained head room...Notno pay rise, working longer hoursMade me more hesitant about switching jobsLess likely to try and move agency.Not at allNot at allSo far not really - increased levels of anxiety for all and some cost cutting, but no retrenchments and business is solid including some new business wins.became less daring to change jobs.Increased work-load because now understaffed as others made redundant; more stress at work because people are worried. Clients more stressed and working to tighter budgets means less scope to do interesting work.Makes you more risk averse and less footloose because you can't rely on 'always finding work'.constantly advising brands on how to communicate in a downturnless confident about looking for a new job - last in/ first outdeveloping new company offerings for recessionNo Clients cut costs means greater workload Internal resources very stretched A pay rise was delayed but has now been given. Amount of time spent thinking and reading has shift slightly more to business context work than just typical market/consumer insights etcless work to be getting on with. Not contemplating leaving anytime soon of my own free will. Yep. We've let people go so now there's not enough people to do everything and I'm worked to the bone. Only resigning is likely to resolve this at a personally level. Pay freezeHeavier focus on sales / ROII feel secvure in my current position. The options to move are less open as agencies can get a lot of planner for their buck at the momentNot tremendously. Am trying not to spend too much money on luxuries. Not significantlyBetter mortgage rates!I don't believe all the negative " everything is collapsing" news...Not much so far - we're working harder and all clients have cut their fees but so far i've been okMore financial pressure from Group companies but negligible impact on digital business.It's toughReal income grown due to mortgage cost falling dramatically. Eat out much more due to restaurant special offers. Have been unable to sell girlfriend's house. Massive loss of shareholdings' value. Not going on foreign holiday due to fall in £'s value.Not too much so farHASN'Thasn't effected me personally at work to date -- personal investments are downBusier as a result of the hiring freeze but that's it. We'll see what happens at pay review time though.nonot yeti don't think it has really. As long as I don't lose my job.No significant impact - yet.shitting myself.made me work harder. Work hasn'tlayoffs within the company mean less resource and bigger workloadgreater focus internally on commercial imperatives / making money out of clients rather than just doing great work (this is good thing, i don't think we should be doing great work and notnot at allnot affected me much.not at allMore work, no payrisesMy boyfriend was made redundant so we had to tighten our belts. I haven't had a pay rise since i started at this company. no bonuses or extra perksclients are extra schitzo, and there is an agency wide uptick in stress level. but we're still winning new business, so I don't anticipate any major layoffs over summer '09. fall may bring a different story so I'm not holding my breath...salary frozen, rental properties difficult to maintain full occupancy, covering debts tough as they raise whilst income shrinks. SO I READ BOOKS AND PLAY SPORTS more than ever!Less freelance work, agencies making their internal resources stretch more. i'm having to think about going directly to clientsthreat of unemployement, canceled project, reduced budgetsmore workIt makes it into every trend discussion, has meant some smaller budgets for some colleagues, and who knows what opportunities have not emerged as a result. But really mild in terms of anxiety.It hasn't effected me personally (yet :-)not muchI did not, I started working as a freelancersince Feb and I am still full with jobsVery much. I work freelance for the ad industry. And since the industry is struggeling, I am struggeling even harder.not so muchNot really, still a lot of work and new business perspectivesnot reallyprobably have to look for another job after 3 months. due to the crisis there areless possibilities to find another jobHasn't really yet. Has effected clients, so am waiting for bigger impact - though we've won some new business is going to close :-(Job very insecure, house now worth €100,000 less than I owe on it, facing very possible imminent financial ruin. Other than that, everything's great.Not really so farin many ways... less work, different focus due to smaller budgets, clients who claim they want more innovation yet are even more scared than usual to make changesNot so muchA lot!Everything is getting more expensive week to week, and the salarys stays just the same, so I have to moderate my consume.Inflation is killing us!The economic downturn affected me a lot. Salaries aren`t enough to live in Argentina.not at allbadMany projects from main clients are frozen waiting for the decision to be restarted.struggling with a low salary for today´s realityUsed to it. Have been through 3 recessions already.Everything is more expensive every day in my country and my income still the same as almost a year ago.Also, my company has decided that they are not going to pay us more money or give us a promotion until this economic downturn is finished. a lotThe same way it affected everyoneI cannot buy the same things than 1 year agoincrease in prices. inflation. frozen salariesI´m not really affected, but I know that my pals are so worried.Personally it's made me think before I spend.Professionally it's openned a whole host of opportunities for interesting ideas with clientsIn no way.tighter corporate controls and spendingtougher to win new business, budget cuts. but i recently moved countries and my rent is lower, holidays are cheaper. so i cant say i'm suffering... touchwoodDelayed my job-change. I was going to switch earlier but things are so shitty, I'm staying put for a bit till the dust has affected my parter which has affected me financiallynotHave to work more. because we had to downscale and let go a planner. and because of clients who ask for more planning, more options terms of questions asked by clients yes, so the nature of my respons has become more pragmatic and less long termfewer people to do the job and more new bizz pitchesNo raise + uncertaintyThe reason for hard work has become quite clear: keeping as many people as possible on board (from the good ones, obviously)Reducing salaries.Lost of clients.YesPromotion without any real pay raise yet.labor has been reducedDoesn't really effect except for the salary freezingmore pitches, work harderMuch as everyone else. Cutbacks and save for rainy days.made me lot more cautious about looking for a new job. In FACT STOPPED ME LEAVING! stick with what I have til climate changesbusiness has slowed down, and clients are renegotiating feesU$ 1 millonI have had to become more orderly with my bills and my salary have not increaseda littlenot too muchPersonally, did´nt had effect. But, professionally i had to face many changes in my work and with the client decisions. And, obviusly the budgets. Decreasing budgets.Less work, more free time to think about the crisis makes one nervousI just got firedProjects and budget approval takes longerIt has raised the need for my services since clients are demanding more precision and creativity in their brand plans.Cut back from clients have forced us to reassess communication priorities and implement alternative strategies.I have less money because everything is more expensive.1/3 pay cut, power in hands of employers, 10% of previous potential employers hiringNo real effect. Pressure, pressure, pressureDeath by R.O.I only a little more cautious. but not tangibly at all.An opportunity to reinvent the systemclient requestfear for my job!it has affected the everyday job - a big chunk of the fun was pitches - RIP pitchesPretty badly since I moved from India to France. And hard for me to grasp in such a short span of time. Workload increased, demands higher, harder and faster from clients, less resource to meet them withNo, but tough period for the businesswe were lucky to win a big account a the beg of '09....otherwise we would have had some redundancies...Convinced me to leave my head of strategy job and start up my own consultancy doing NPD with two partners (one management consultant and one innovation consultant)it has made it hardly for me to relocate back to the US for another planning positionit hasn't really effected me to a point where i completely cut my spending. i'd say i'm being more cautious in my spending and put a bit more on my savingsno free phones/cartrying to cut down on spendingsI was hoping for a transfer to Singapore this year but it has been postponed indefinitely or at least till the recession is finally past us...Somehow affected, no salary raisesterribly=(At the moment the economic downturn has not affected me personally.a lot. Latvia is leading the global downturn ... :(Some downsizing has meant working with smaller, less experienced creatives and account teams. Making my responsibilities/role on brands more stressful.Not that much but I spend less on luxuries and stay in more.Has not affected me in a huge way just yet. I've cut down on spending on luxury items and also try to take more domestic vs. international holidaysSlightly - I feel more and more underpaid the more I hear about bankers' pays. Not that I never knew it before but it seems a little amplified now.Not affected in anywayI had to change my work since the agency I was working on loose their major accounts. I'm now working in a small brand consultancy, with a little more stability but not that much excitement. It hasn't personally affected me, thankfulluy! :)In a less budget for fun not much, i don't depend on my salaryIt has affected me a lot, my promotion has been delayed. Not as much as I fearedI am worried theat I wont get a raise this year, but I am ok.really affected me this year, i need more!A lot. I'm willing to endure much more at work just to keep my job.A lot! actually my company do not new proyect in this year. personeel cut-backs led to more work for a small group of plannersNot at allThere have been no wage adjustments while inlfation has deply affected prices. more work, less people to do it.Desaparecio el area de planeación etsrategica y la Agencia se rehusa a crecer esta area.noSIGNIFICANTLY...BUSINEES IS DOWN , CLIENTS ARE REDUCING INVESTMENTS , RESEARCH, affected me because as a freelancer all companies make the work inhouseI do pitch a lot, get interviews but no project has been done yet, so financially it's messy...!cut down on expenses, especially leisure and clothing. no savingsI need a re-structure plannoneVery much so, in a positive way, because big corporate clients are reducing ad spend, they are redicing fees to the larger ad agencies and looking for smaller local boutique agencies to do the same work without the big overheads. In general a good momNot too much. My agency is specialized in pharmacy industry and this market is very steady.Salaries haven't gone up naturally.The uncertainty of having a better paid job by leaving the current company is greater, therefore one has to keep the same job and do more work.In Mexico there are a few knowleg about planning and there importance... so in my case i have to say that the crisis lead me to lose one of my mayor importance freelance and of course this income.Not at all. I was unemployed by choice starting 2009 and within 2 months received 2 great job offers.So deeplyit has made less likely to change jobsIt is affecting my salary raise - it's not happening!Lost job, and freeze in most of the recruiting agencies also caused a dent in confidence, but, thank God, finally got a job in the client side after 2 months of freelancing and underemployment. I do more evaluation work for clients. And strategy.Made me get off my fat backside and started looking into finally doing my own business ideas. clients reducing budgets, more focus on day to day survival rather than long term strategic work (this probably applies to us as well as our clients) Work harder, more saleswork, all hands on deck!Downsized in last jobNot at all so far. We work for a lot of public clients, which helps. Also I believe web-sites/portals still have priority.more stress, more work, less resourcesnot much ! More projects, bigger projects ...more " how to face the economic downturn" presentationsNot at allA bit more work, spending more time on new businessThe finance people have taken overas it's my first year with the company, i was really looking forward the annual company outing, usually in a neighboring asian country. because the company isn't doing too well, the trip was cancelled. it was supposed to be in china.Not very much, I've availed of a increase due to my recent transfer and there are still opportunities in other companies for a planning position.No salary raise.Head of planning fired.Insecurity feeling (will I be fired too?)didn't get the raise i was promised.not affecting yetThe company: Less Media Investment, Lower client fees;The work: More work, more agressive NB attitudeIt didn'tincrease salarya bit...not much (yet)no bonus/ no salary increase this year15% salary decreasenot directly, but the pressure to sell more is heavy.It has just made me more cautious about things but we're in pretty good shape.I find myself working much harder. Client expectations are greater than ever, but we have far less resources to spare in meeting them.Inflicted worry and instability, especially in a setup that does not wholly believe in Planning.My raise and bonus would have been higher if it wasnt for the recession. -not really...Badly. I got retrenched.It has not affected me too much. i start up with some partners our own consumer strategy planning regional boutique agency Umania™ based on Creative Emotional Engagement unique approach.Please visit salary. Every single salary of any employee is going to be reduced by a 10% from May 2009 except the lowest onesNot so much in my job position, but for the client's demands of strategy.Not too much yetStress, hostility and competition. Awful working environment. Loneliness, a sense of senselessness... Less projects, crappy projects, no fun, no strategy. Mess, chaos, overdemanding bosses. Lack of breath and illusion fro my jobNoNot at all at work. But since my wife lost her job I'm not really rocking the boat... I've been looking for a new job and due to the downturn theres not much out there.Salary Decrease 10% - otherwise nothingnot at allNo, not personally. A bit, there's more reading time so to speak...someClient are investing less. But we are actually gaining new clientsNo bonus last yearless prone to spend in big items, worried about futureWe get busier. As we have big clients, they want to have a better and detailed communication plan; they do not want to waste their money. when there is crisis, planners get busy!It has not affected my accounts or my personal life - up to now.Did not. Lucky, I can say that it has not affected me personally till nowHad no bonuses since april 2008 and my sallary is frozen (last promotion was in march 08).More, my husband is no longer employed and can't find a job for this reason too..more rational expensesNot at all... on contraryit didn' doing not so wellno raise for anybody this yearI spend less on clothing and I don't go out as much as I used.i work more than usuallyIt got me a little worried, but for the moment it's ok. Still, I'm still on the edge...I think herre in tomania things are still quite shaky...only slightly so farNot much, financially. But it did affect my clients, and therefore the work i do - " crisis communication" it has made me neglect antreprenorial thoughts and stick to my current job.nonot so muchDidn't affect me right now. I'm about to move to another company in two weeks because I'm an online planner.Really did just psicologically...Frozen salary - not even revised with the CPI (consumer price index)not yet, but we expect a general salary cut soonNot much. Just made me more insecure about keeping my position.per month 900 eurosNothingMore pushing, less investment, less possible added value-proposalsnoReally bad, i was buying a house and my constructor boke down. I think I have lost the money i gave themnot really, so farno salary raise (no complains either). the worse:strategy planning is now being questioned since we don´t produce direct benefits to the company, so we have to " invent" ourselves and our use everyday My office has dropped 60% turnover ...A lot. Clients are reducing advertising budget month after mont. They are afraid to innovate despite all is said about how brands have to face now their communication. They are back to traditional media, as it's what their general manager will understand NothingNo effect on salary, but more work volume as clients are struggling, unsure and looking for the right direction.not reallyNot too muchcrisis... what crisis? ;-)probably loss of jobnonemy day to day work has fallen a little bitdifficult to find a better jobMore work, more insecurityReduction of project requests and worst conditions for each request (remuneration and time)I was fire from MCE 3 months ago after 9 years working there, but still very happy for my current situation, I am teacher on strategy in the university and an independent brand consultant...I m finishing my thesis so. what else can I ask for???A lot. Freez salary.I have reduce my job time, and obviously my salaryIt has not affected yetNot affected to me.I has effected so much!it hasnt reallyAt the moment I am not concerned, although many customers are beginning to trim their budgets.Not so muchOur work Salary increasing is frozen.not effectednot at allyes, i lost my last jobinestability but no great concernNoNot too much, I,ve left my former company before the economic downturn and I've founded a new company with a good start.I work hard and under more pressure. Clients expect more strategic support to help them to take decisions and to launch new campaigns. Consumer context is changing fastIt has affected my company a lot. It is very difficult to gain new projects.i am on a maternity break :-)HorriblypressureI do not think it affects me muchnow working a 4 day week instead of 5Job security/scarcity of jobs preventing move. Salary freeze/cuts. More of a squeeze on thinking time (costs too much)No pay riseNot much - although it might affect the agency at some point if it goes on too long and clients cut their budgets.have no savings leftpay freeze, no bonuses, non-esssential expenditure freeze means no recruitment so am busierWe're leaner.Less people more workPay freeze at the agency, so no salary rise when it's appraisal time.No payrise for 2 yearsComplete lack of mobilitynoMade me less " flighty" and not want to walk out when things get frustrating because not so easy to walk into another role.job slightly less securenot at allwhole foods got cheaperIt hasn't