Vitrum Smart Switches


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Building automation with Vitrum Smart Switches.

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Vitrum Smart Switches

  2. 2. PuRe DeSIGN. B Y M A R C O PIVA 3 4
  3. 3. GlaSSWaRe INNoVaTIoN. 5 6
  4. 4. GlaSS aND lIGHT. 7 8
  5. 5. PeRFeCT CIRCle. 9 10
  6. 6. TouCHING Blue. 11 12
  7. 7. a NeW DeSIGN. a NeW FuTuRe. The revolutionary nature of the “The Glass Collection” lies in the simplicity of the idea: dressing up our core technology in only glass and light. Technology thus becomes pure form and acquires a stirring transparent quality as it adapts to the surrounding setting with lights and colours that can even be customized as desired. Welcome to the age of transparent technology. Alberto Vuan_CEO of VDA and Inventor of The Glass Collection Design has a fundamental role not only in making technology “legible” and easy to use, but also in defining the appearance of the product, which in this case is suggested by simple, highly elegant lines. Marco Piva_Designer 13 14
  8. 8. PReSeNcecoNTRol CardReader aCCeSScoNTRol RfIdCardReader 15 16
  9. 9. lIGHTcoNTRolanDDIMMeR Controllightpanel TeMPeRaTuRecoNTRol GuestThermostat 17 18
  10. 10. BlaCK oR WHITe. 19 20
  11. 11. IN Real SIZe. SIDeVieW 9x90mm FRoNTVieW 90x90mm SIDeVieW 9x90mm FRoNTVieW 90x90mm
  12. 12. TRaNSPaReNT TecHNoloGy. A material exists whose principal asset is its versatility.A material that’s strong, yet light and transparent. That’s brilliant and exciting, yet, at the same time, utterly functional and practical.A material that’s both ancient and of the future. That material is glass.Forms created in glass combine beauty and transparency with liquid elegance and dazzling functionality. Cherished by craftsmen and architects alike, its expressive potential has enriched the world around us. Natural and recyclable, it reconciles sublime aesthetic ambition with a down- to-earth concern for environmental protection. Glass.That’s why we’ve made it the star of the show in our Glass Collection. 25 26
  13. 13. TaKe IT eaSy. The patented wall-mounting installation system is simple and direct.There are no screws or visible fastener, no tool to deal with. Simply press with your fingers and you’re done.And by raising two tabs you can remove the panel just as easily. Intelligent design is beautiful design. lIGHT coNTRol anD DIMMeR TeMPeRaTuRe coNTRol PReSeNce coNTRol aCCeSS coNTRol 27 28
  14. 14. JuST a TouCH. With our TouchControl technology, simply tap the display with your fingertip to access each control.This sensory magic, which is also used on the iPod® , effortlessly detects the movement of your finger on the display.* As you move closer to touch it, the multi-coloured indicators gently glow into life. As the icons light up, room temperature and lighting levels can be finely adjusted until they are just to your liking. 29 30 *If you prefer, our One Touch controls with traditional “+” and “-” keys remain available.
  15. 15. PeRFeCT CoMPaTIBIlITy. The Micromaster control unit is an intelligent local system providing integrated control of the required functions within rooms or spaces. Smart controllers take care of of air conditioning and heating, light sources (with and without dimming), room access (using contactless RF ID tags), alarms, shutters and other actuators. The system integrates perfectly with hotel management (PMS) software and BMS sub-systems. The integrated, single-installation “mono-controller” architecture, with its dedicated supervisory software, provides significant advantages in terms of ease of installation and simplified routine maintenance. This intelligent integration results in a truly robust, efficient and cost-effective solution. Micromaster is a multi-protocol platform that can be installed on RS 485 serial, Echelon or IP networks. It can also communicate with - and be integrated into - the MyHome platform by Bticino.Additionally, with Micromaster’s Free Topology and Plug&Play bus installed inside the room, all smart components - including those in the Vitrum line - can be connected (using CAT3 or CAT5 cables) with free topology. These components are then automatically queried by the control unit. Such inbuilt flexibility drastically simplifies installation, testing, and any subsequent parts replacement. 31 32
  16. 16. SIMPlICITy, aBoVe all. Combining beauty and intelligence with fine design and innovation, the system’s control centre comprises a personal computer with Micromaster supervisory software. Practical and direct, it provides a complete, immediate oversight of system status and settings in all rooms and public spaces. Reception desk personnel will find it easy to use, while management and maintenance personnel will welcome its simple configuration and maintenance routines. 33 34
  17. 17. 35 36 BlaCK aND WHITe. CUSToM ColoR. Colour as emotion. Colour as imagination. Should you require it, the Glass Collection is available in a wide range of vibrant colours that can suit any setting - or imagination.For your special needs, simply talk to us. The striking black and white glass plate options come dramatically alive in use.At the lightest touch, darkness becomes light.
  18. 18. CREDITS CONCEPT PHOTO Alessandro Bon PRINT
  19. 19. www.VDaVDa.coM VDA HQ ITALY VDA Multimedia Spa Viale Lino Zanussi, 3 33170 Pordenone Tel. +39 0434.516111 Fax: +39 0434.516200 VDA Elettronica Spa Viale Lino Zanussi, 3 33170 Pordenone Tel. +39 0434.516111 Fax: +39 0434.516200 EUROPE VDA UK Ltd Unit 5, Orbital 25 Business Park WD18 9DA Watford Hertforshire – UK Tel. 01923 210678 VDA Multimedia Germany GMBH Fernewaldstr, 66 46145 Oberhausen – Germany Tel. +31 36.5475030 VDA Hungary Kft Bartok Bela ut. 152 VII em 1113 Budapest – Hungary Tel. +36-1-481-0557 VDA Benelux BV Televisieweg, 60 1322 Am Almere – Netherlands Tel. +31 36.5475030 VDA France Sarl 14, rue dunoyer de Segonzac 06200 Nice – France Tel. +33 (0) VDA Multimedia Iberia c/Tutor 43, 1° 28008 Madrid – Espana Tel. +34 911 299 521 MIDDLE EAST VDA Middle East FZ LLC Office no. 134 Bldg. no. 10 P.O. 37830 Dubai Media City – Dubai Tel. +971 4 3914419 FAR EAST VDA Asia Pacific Holding LTD 12/F Vip Comm. Centre 120 Canton R.D. Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon – Hong Kong VDA Asia Pacific LTD 170/36 12thfl. Ocean Tower 1 Bangkok 10110 Sukhumvit 16 Ratchadapisek Rd. Klongtoey – Thailandia Tel. + 66 (0) 2 260 6213-6 VDA Singapore Ltd Battery Road, #15-01, Bank oh China Building Singapore 049908 VDA China 2101 CIQ Tower, 98 Suhui Road Suzhou Industrial Park Suzhou Jiangsu – China AFRICA VDA Tunisia and North Africa - Sousse - Tunisia Tel. +216.73.215178