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Product Work Log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName Hunter Kight Date April 19, 2012Product Designed and constructed a swingDate/Time: Activity: Researched plans Comment/Suggestions:1/25/20128:30-10:45 Commentary: I spend a few hours on the internet researching different plans to get ideas on what to build and how to build it.Date/Time: Activity: Bought wood Comment/Suggestions:2/2/20126:00-9:00 Commentary: Went to Lowes and bought the wood and the hardware (screws and bolts) needed to put the swing together.Date/Time: Activity: Planned wood Comment/Suggestions:2/16/20126:30-8:30 Commentary: Got all of the boards that were going to be used as slats and planed them to make them the right thickness.Date/Time: Activity: Ripped wood Comment/Suggestions:2/17/201212:00-1:30 Commentary: After I had planed all of the wood I ripped it to the right width.
  2. 2. Activity: Cut woodDate/Time: Comment/Suggestions:2/17/2012 Commentary: After planing and3:00-4:00 ripping the wood to the right size I finally had to cut each slat to the right length. Activity: Cut woodDate/Time: Comment/Suggestions:2/17/2012 Commentary: I again was cutting slats6:00-7:00 down to the right length. Activity: Cut woodDate/Time: Comment/Suggestions:2/27/2012 Commentary: I was cutting the arm6:30-8:00 pieces to relatively the right size. Activity: Cut woodDate/Time: Comment/Suggestions:2/28/2012 Commentary: I put the curves onto the7:00-8:00 arm pieces using a band saw Activity: Put a round edge on the arm pieces Comment/Suggestions:Date/Time:2/29/2012 Commentary: I used a router and put a6:30-7:30 nice curve around the entire top part of the arm pieces.
  3. 3. Activity: Sand wood Comment/Suggestions:Date/Time: Commentary: Sanded the arm pieces a3/3/2012 final time to make sure that they were10:00-12:00 completely smooth Activity: Went during lunch to make an outline of my back piecesDate/Time: Comment/Suggestions:3/14/2012 Commentary: I went with my friend1:30-2:30 Austin and he helped me to make an outline of the back pieces to the exact specifications so that I could lay it on the wood and trace it out. Activity: Cut wood Comment/Suggestions:Date/Time: Commentary: Cut out the back pieces3/14/2012 to relatively the right size using the6:30-9:00 template that I made. Activity: Cut woodDate/Time: Comment/Suggestions:3/15/2012 Commentary: Cut along the lines that7:00-8:00 were traced onto the wood that gave me the outline of it.
  4. 4. Date/Time: Activity: Sand wood3/19/2012 Comment/Suggestions:8:00-9:30 Commentary: Sanded the wood down to the exact lines that were traced and made sure that every piece was the exact same size as the others.Date/Time: Activity: Drill holes in the back pieces3/22/2012 Comment/Suggestions:6:30-8:30 Commentary: Drilled the holes on the edge of all the back pieces so that each set of two would line of exactly the same at an angle.Date/Time: Activity: Buy more bolts Comment/Suggestions:3/24/20121:00-2:00 Commentary: Because I had drilled two holes that were too big I had to make a special trip to the store to get bigger bolts to fit in the holes.Date/Time: Activity: Bolt the back pieces together3/25/2012 Comment/Suggestions:4:30-6:00 Commentary: I bolted the back pieces together and made sure that they were all angled at the right angle.Date/Time: Activity: Build the armrest3/29/2012 Comment/Suggestions:6:30-8:30 Commentary: I had to screw the arm rest frames together.
  5. 5. Date/Time: Activity: Screw the first and last slats4/10/12 into place Comment/Suggestions:6:30-10:00 Commentary: I got the first and last slats and screwed them on so that I could base the rest of the slats off of those.Date/Time: Activity: Screwed the slats on4/12/2012 Comment/Suggestions:5:30-8:00 Commentary: I screwed the slats onto the seat portion of the swing.Date/Time: Activity: Finished the swing Comment/Suggestions:4/15/20121:30-6:00 Commentary: Finished screwing everything together and making sure was just right.Total: 36 Hours 55minutes