The Business of Google+
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The Business of Google+



This presentation is to assist businesses with how they can best utilize Google+ for their business. Whether it's with Google Hangouts, Google Authorship, Google Communities and more.

This presentation is to assist businesses with how they can best utilize Google+ for their business. Whether it's with Google Hangouts, Google Authorship, Google Communities and more.



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  • Higher likelihood that your business will show up in Google Search engine results for those followers. For search ads with a business that has a Google+ page with social annotations, it performs 5% to 10% better. Social recommendations are sending you much more engaged and better traffic to your site.
  • Whether it’s Google Play or YouTube or other Google platforms, get targeted results based upon your circles and networks. Google Shares in Google+ drives shareability in YouTube
  • App activity in the search engine
  • Hashtags are so important in the world of visual content. People do searches for topics and subjects with hashtags
  • Let’s everyoneknow you are on Google+

The Business of Google+ The Business of Google+ Presentation Transcript

  • Heather BuenCEO – Co Founder Dallas Blog CollectiveThe Business of Google+Leveraging Google + in your Business
  • Agenda1. Intro to Google+2. Business Search Benefits3. Gaining and Engaging Followers4. Google+ Hangouts5. Turning Fans into Advocates
  • Online Media EngagementGoogle+FacebookTwitterPinterestYouTubeOnline MediaArsenalTools for Master Engagement
  • Google+ FactsBigger ThanTwitter andLinkedInHas over 500million usersThe secondlargest socialnetworking site inthe worldConnected to60+ onlineGooglepropertiesDefined as asocial layer
  • Business Search Benefits
  • The Google ExperienceBusinesses need Google+ in order toenhance the Google experience ofnot just your business but of yourcustomers.
  • The Google Search Paradigm Google+ assists in adding your “identity”into Google Search Allowing the Google search engine tounderstand your relationships To share a business’s content andinformation with those that have acommon interest, passion or need
  • Growing EngagementGoogle Plus Usage data from May 2013+1 a postSharecontentHangouts
  • Getting discovered in Google A Google+ pagehelps to surface thatcontent acrossGoogle Easily double the sizeof your footprint inGoogle Search A business website’scontent is animportant aspect oftheir online marketingpresence
  • Case Study: Freeman Toyota
  • Google+ and Google Search
  • Google+ and generic search The more followers you have on Google+the more potential reach you have. Personalized results to your followers Google Search Ads get better traffic whenyou have a Google+ page and socialannotations (follower counts)
  • Across the Google Platforms
  • Gaining and Engaging Followers
  • Getting started in Google+ Create a Google+ Page Post Content regularly Visual and Written Exclusive Images and Videos Gain followers Use Google+ Sign In
  • Google+ Tools Apps – for Android, iPhone andyour website Shows up in search engine results Shows Google+ user engagementin search engine results Shows Google+ user engagementon their personal profile
  • Case Study: SoundCloud
  • Case Study: PhotoHunt
  • Elements of a Great Post• Catchy OneLine/Paragraph• A Few Hashtags#hashtag• A Visual
  • Gain Followers Add a Google+ Badge to your site, email,blogs, marketing materials
  • Google+ Hangouts
  • Google+ Hangouts Takes engagement to a more personallevel Debut exclusive content Behind the Scenes Engagement Feedback/survey customers and followers Engage customers and followers Visual and fun Create a Hangout App Participate in Communities
  • Case study: Starbuck’s
  • Google Communities Share interests Share ideas Discuss problems and opportunities Businesses can build in and participate incommunities to help people solve theirproblems, earn credibility and gainfollowers with a potential to convert.
  • Google Communities
  • Google+ Sign- In Button Connecting your presence Sign-In to YouTube Channel and Google+ Over the Air Installs Sign-In on the Web, they can download yourapp onto their mobile without touching theirdevice Directs users with a call to action Use Google+ Content Recommendations
  • Turning Fans into Advocates
  • Three things you should be doing nowCreate andActive Google+PageEngage withyouraudienceIntegrateGoogleSign-In
  • The Business of Google+Questions?Heather BuenCEO – Co Founder Dallas Blog