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We would like to present our latest client, Telecorp, Inc. (“Telecorp”), a public company (FRA: 3TL) founded in 2006 in the State of Wyoming and headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

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Telecorp Inc Publication (1)

  1. 1. Hong Kong Alliance Fund Limited presentsTelecorp, Inc. Frankfurt Trading Symbol: 3TL Telecorp, Inc. 6 Toronto Street, Suite 902 Barrie, Ontario L4N 9R2 Tel: (905) 595-5309 EXT 1999 Fax: (705) 252-8353
  2. 2. We would like to present our latest client, Telecorp, Inc. (“Telecorp”), a public company (FRA: Telecorp, Inc. 6 Toronto Street, Suite 9023TL) founded in 2006 in the State of Wyoming and headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Barrie, Ontario L4N 9R2Telecorp develops customer relationship management (CRM) software for small and large- Tel: (905) 595-5309 EXT 1999sized businesses commonly referred to as software-as-a-service, also known as SAAS. Telecorp, Fax: (705) 252-8353Inc. offers the best solutions for customer communication, prospecting and customer contact www.telecorp.comthrough “State of the Art” technologies and the use of some of the best innovations on the Frankfurt Trading Symbol: 3TLmarket today. ISIN: CA8792961010 WKN: A1CTEHTelecorp offers its clients a variety of On Demand Services that will make any office work Market Segment: Open Marketmore efficiently. From sales tools that will increase performances 30% or more to customer Last Price: €0.006 (4/24/12)communication tools that will save each client time and money. The “Return on Investment” (Click Here for Latest Quote)is immediate and the results are spectacular. 52-week high: €1.240 52-week low: €0.002 Fiscal Year End: 3/31Products/Services Market Cap: €120K (4/24/12) Outstanding Shares: 20M I-driveSALES - I-driveSALES is a prospecting, customer management and telesales unit. Authorized Shares: 18,390,510 I-driveCONNECTS - I-driveCONNECTS system is an online communication system that Management: delivers voice messages, e-mails, text messages and fax broadcasts to one’s clients and Paul Phillips – President, CEO & Director potential clients. Dave Fenwick – VP of Operations & I-driveMEETINGS - I-driveMEETINGS is a full online demonstration, meeting, training, Customer Service webinars, support and customer service system. Chris Adams – CTO & Advisor I-driveSTAFF - I-driveSTAFF is exclusive front office software dedicated to staffing and Jose Fernandez – Secretary & Director David S. White – Q.C. Corporate Attorney recruiting firms of all sizes, where recruiting, sales and management experience the power & Director of working together totally together through every office activity, from sales calls to job Euribiades Cerrud II – U.S. Attorney & order to placement to follow-up, anytime and from anyplace. Director Tom Ambeau – DirectorTelecorp products reduce a number of costs incurred within an office environment includingstaffing, sales and marketing. Telecorp systems increase company sales and overall customer Legal Counsel: The Law Offices of Euribiades Cerrud IIexperience in turn streamlining client communication and support lines. These systems PLLCempower users with the ability to broaden their consumer scope by reaching a larger and more 324 Wilshire Boulevardtargeted audience. Casselberry, Florida 32707 USA Ph (407) 758.6100The management team at Telecorp, Inc. has expertise in telecommunications, customer service,sales, marketing, call center operation, and technology. Telecorp’s combination of experience Accounting: Sue Bacon - Accountantgives them the ability to approach their industry with a wide perspective to solve issues and Suite 205 - 110 Dunlop Street Eastbring products to any business or individual. Barrie, Ontario L4M 1A5 Ph (705) 715-1296Telecorp, Inc. is seeking funding of $2.5M USD. The proceeds will be used to completedevelopment of domestic opportunities and to expand their reach in Australia, Europe, and Transfer Agent: Integral Transfer Agencyother global markets through planned joint venture agreements. 2 Temperance St, Suite 210 Toronto, ONT M5H 1Y5We are currently presenting Telecorp, Inc. to the professional investment community. If there Ph (416) 623-8028is any interest on your part, we would be pleased to provide you with more comprehensiveinformation on the company for your review and consideration. Thank you for your interest. I Financials:will plan to follow up with you in the very near future. Financial Statement (period ending July 31, 2011)Most sincerely, News:Shruti Khurana Click Here for Latest NewsPresidentHong Kong Alliance Fund, Limited Sponsorship:Level 19, Two International Finance Centre, 8 Finance St, Central Hong Kong, China Hong Kong Alliance Fund, Limited www.hkalliancefund.comT: +852.2251.8782, +852.8170.0133 F: +852.3012.974E: Page 2 of 21
  3. 3. Telecorp, Inc. (“Telecorp” or the “Company”) is a publicly traded (FRA: 3TL) corporation established in April of 2006 in theState of Wyoming and May of 2009 in Canada. Telecorp, Inc. is headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, Canada and is a registeredcorporation in Canada that owns Telecorp, Inc. in United States, Euphorik Fuel Technologies in Canada and TelecorpSoftware Inc. in Panama. Telecorp was founded with the vision of providing products and services to improve officeautomation far beyond tools that are available today. The Company’s mission is to provide services that will ensure that thereturn on investment exceeds all expectations while providing streamline services and products that enable users to bettercommunicate with their customers while improving efficiencies in the office and in turn ensuring client satisfaction.Telecorp develops customer relationship management (CRM) software for small and large-sized businesses commonlyreferred to as software-as-a-service, also termed as SAAS by many industries in recent years. Telecorp currently offersthree software systems (with industry specific variations) both adaptable and customized for use in varying marketplacesand applications.The Company has designed, created and is in the final stages of completing a suite of web-based software that is easilycustomized for integration into professional work environments of all types and sizes. This technology allows any givenuser to maximize their individual efforts, team focus and management agendas to reduce cost, increase sales, monitor theanalytics, and streamline the entire operation no matter the size.The software can work as one (all software together) as well as individually for specific client needs. As a whole, thesoftware will provide total communication tools to enable staff to talk to clients, deliver communication material, managedata, improve client management, and provide reports ensuring their success.In short the system will provide telesales and telemarketing tools with all the features of a large state of the art call centerwith additional features in one easy to use system. Features like voice message delivery, e-mail, newsletter, text, and faxbroadcasting with many innovations currently not available in competitive software.Telecorp offers office automation for any business, focusing on ease of use, with proven results in any given industry orfield. Telecorp can immerse its software systems into a diverse array of industries including:  Medical  Collections  Hospitals  Spas and Salons  Dental  Sales Departments  Automotive  Charities  Retail, Political  Call Centers, etc.Regardless of a company’s size and structure, streamlining office automation has remained an overwhelming challenge,until now. Telecorp has developed an efficient, effective, and economical solution that is sure to suit the requirements ofany business big or small. Employing tools utilized in state of the art call centers worldwide, in a user friendly andautomated format makes integration and implementation simple and sensible.Telecorp products reduce a number of costs incurred within an office environment including staffing, sales and marketing.Telecorp systems increase company sales and overall customer experience in turn streamlining client communication andsupport lines. These systems empower users with the ability to broaden their consumer scope by reaching a larger andmore targeted audience. Return on investment in Telecorp products is virtually immediate and guaranteed within anyproposed vertical market. Page 3 of 21
  4. 4. The Company’s services are comprised of 3 basic software packages, developed into separate interfaces for the I-driveCONNECTS product line that are industry specific, giving the appearance of more software products and solutions.These interfaces work with various niche industries to streamline ease of use and make the application more appealing inthose specific markets.Products & ServicesThe SaaS industry is one that is rapidly growing on a global scale. This expansion is directly responsible for an increaseddesire for Telecorp products and product lines. Telecorp offers state-of-the-art on-demand services, which out perform anyother solution within their given industry, a SaaS CRM industry which has now flourished to over 2.7 billion dollars a year.Telecorp believes improvements and modifications to their suite of software will ensure and secure their future success asa primary provider of SaaS CRM software within the Company’s target marketplace.Telecorp’s product lines include I-driveSALES, I-driveCONNECTS, I-driveSTAFF and I-driveMEETING/I-driveHELP. Inaddition, Telecorp is prepared to acquire existing companies possessing similar software solutions or modules dedicated toniche markets in order to further enhance the Company’s system as a whole.It is important to clarify that the I-driveSALES and I-driveCONNECTS were originally one product designed with the intentto divide them into two separate software systems. The purpose of developing the systems together was to make sure theproducts integrated well as one. The system was built on two different platforms, as a “standalone” software a web-basedversion.I-driveSALESSales Generator (I-driveSALES) is the flagship product of Telecorp. It functions as aprospecting, client management and telesales system unlike any other on the market.Utilizing and implementing the best practices of large Call Center operations andallowing key features to be used by individuals and businesses alike, making it an easy and effective tool to employ. Withfeatures specifically geared to streamline businesses, the Sales Generator continues to assist users by offering viableoptions that ensure success by allowing user’s access to proven systems for the job. The Sales Generator System will improve sales and contacts by a minimum of 30%. With full training and understanding ofthe product, users can expect to increase their sales due to improved call speed and volume, script use, plus the ability toefficiently deliver e-mails, SMS/Text, faxes and create documents with a click of a button. In addition the system equipsusers with a built in Do Not Call application in order to streamline and conform operations to meet government needs andrequirements. All of this in conjunction with the ability to store data, numbers, and pertinent customer information forfuture for recalls or sales analysis make Sales Generator a must.Complete automated reporting tools and Mobile App virtually eliminate paperwork, which is unlike any other system onthe market today. With the Mobile App businesses can even make all their calls from their contact manager, record the call,make notes, plus much more, leaving no paperwork to be completed afterwards. Businesses can even with a press of acouple buttons complete a meeting report. All of this in conjunction with the ability to store data, numbers, communicationhistory and pertinent customer information for future communication or sales analysis makes I-driveSALES a must for anyindividual or office. Page 4 of 21
  5. 5. I-driveSALES Features Full telesales/telemarketing for individuals and  Full reports and report analysis small to medium sized businesses  Live on screen reporting Complete scripting tools with monitoring processes  Market analysis reporting Documentation delivery tools that save time, increases sales and awareness  Save previously called databases defined by disposition Notes, e-mail, faxes customer communication and documents stored in contact manager  Call-back scheduling The most effective Do Not Call tools available  Contact/Sales/Lead analysis Integration with PDA devices to deliver  Record Conversations communications including “on the go calling” and “data collection tools”  Lead generation tools Lead Generation tools unavailable anywhere else  MS Office “Like” tools (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) included Modular, easily integrated into 3rd party systems  Contact manager included Phone line and long distance included  E-mail and Fax broadcaster Full data management with any third party software  Inbound calls Full predictive dialer, 4 lines at a time per user  Outgoing appointment reminders (voice, e-mail, text, All functions of an IVR including call transfer, call fax) waiting and conference calling  Appointment reminders (voice, e-mail, text, fax), Data collection tools Partial List of Features notify users when a client will be coming into the office. E-mails, fax and text message delivery on schedule or on demand  Script and script editing tools assist users in the construction of more effective scripts. On demand fax and e-mail service  Template editor One click document delivery  Do Not Call integration (both national and local) Deliver voice e-mails  Newsletter tools Deliver automated surveys and messages Contact Manager to keep correspondence documents  Text messaging tools for large offices and or in for customers and prospects. hospitals that offer separate extensions for each existing group Full predictive dialers attributes  Office Instant Messages (secured) Page 5 of 21
  6. 6. I-driveCONNECTSThe Company’s I-driveCONNECTS system is an online communicationsystem that delivers voice messages, e-mails, text messages and faxbroadcasts to a business or individual’s clients and potential clients.Features that help get a client to their appointment on time, get inactive accounts back as clients and to tell people aboutsales and events. Telecorp has added a number of new state of the art features into I-driveCONNECTS which are notavailable in the marketplace. Features such as ring-less voice messaging that allows users to deposit voice messagesdirectly into a voicemail box without the recipient’s phone ringing.Almost any industry can use the I-driveCONNECTS system. Doctors, Dentist, Hospitals, Medical, Automotive Dealerships,Repair Shops, Spas and Salons, Sports Clubs, Government, Politicians, Retail Stores, Schools and so many more. Whetherit is via voice, e-mail, fax, or text all businesses need to deliver key messages in order to communicate with their clients,potential clients, and their employees. Telecorp’s systems handle it all.Telecorp’s I-driveCONNECTS advantages over competitors:  Offers a comprehensive direct to voicemail system  The only system to integrate and automate the “appointment filler for cancellations” task  Provides a more customized message delivery system than anyone  Delivers Voice, Fax, E-mails and Text Messages  Escalation and delegation tools beyond any of Telecorp’s competitors  Phone line and long distance included  Suite of integration tools that allows for specific company demands to be fulfilled  Secure voice e-mails with security codes  Full data management that integrates with any third party software system  Full text and e-mail protocol paging and task delegation system  Delivers surveys by voice and e-mail with full integration of database with data collection tools  Modular design can be integrated in any 3rd party systems Page 6 of 21
  7. 7. I-driveCONNECTS Features  Delivery of e-mails faxes and text messages on schedule or on demand.  Telecorp DataGrabber to collect data from third  Fax and e-mail on demand party sources.  Delivery of voice e-mails  Confirm appointments and make re-calls, if appointment is not confirmed it will retry the  Delivery of automated surveys and messages call until it’s completed  Full reports and report analysis  Live receptionist or transfer calls  Appointment filler offers one touch calls to fill  Specific message delivery system based upon cancelled appointments key word tools  Contact/Sales/Lead analysis  Full text to speech or customer voice options  Extension dialing  Do Not Call integration (both National and local)  MS Office “Like” tools (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) included  Print appointment cards or brochures automatically based on set up  Contact manager included  Secured voice e-mail for private messages  E-mail, text and fax broadcaster (medical or confidential info)  E-mail verification tools  Incredible Campaign Manager that schedules, e- mails, faxes, SMS, newsletters, voice messages,  Allow dormant accounts to become active again Live calls from and any individual or department. Unlimited schedule for multiple  Outgoing appointment reminders (voice, e-mail, campaigns. text, fax) to Client  Powerful Template Designer  Appointment reminders (voice, e-mail, text, fax) to let user or sales person know when a client is  Amazing Historical data kept for all due to arrive communication  Scripting and script editing tools assist users in writing effective scripts  Script performance reporting  Template editor  Online appointment scheduler Page 7 of 21
  8. 8. I-driveMEETINGSWith the purchase of Euphorik Fuel Technologies (EFT), Telecorp has beenin the process of converting the Euphorik Classroom tool EFT used forconducting demos and training sessions into what is now Telecorp’snewest additions. These full fledge Virtual Meeting and Support software products I-driveMEETINGS and I-driveHELP.In 2008 it was determined that this software could become much more advanced and with minimal modifications andinclusions. It is now a welcome addition to Telecorp’s software family.I-driveMEETINGS (for online conferences calls and demos) and I-driveHELP (for online troubleshooting client’scomputers) work as one or individually. Users can chose to use both or only one of these services. Here users can planand schedule meetings, demos and support sessions quickly and easily. The system can support up to 10 users at a time.Full functions include remote desktop tools, file sharing and transfers, switch control, blackboard, recording capabilities,web camera, VoIP system and much more. The Company’s leading edge technology enables trainers, teachers, co-workers, customers, and prospects to view any application running on any PC in real time. With the flexibility to meet inperson or online, businesses and individuals will be able to do more and travel less. Holding meetings online is rapidlybecoming the most effective, convenient, and affordable, wave of the future in the office place. Telecorp provides full-featured and flexible web conferencing software, telephony tools (up to 10 participants), recording capabilities, videochat server and webinar software. Participants can communicate by voice, instant messaging, chat and see each other byvideo/video conference. Participants can talk and hear one another by using standard microphones and headsets thanksto Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).The Company’s I-driveMEETING and I-driveHELP are both designed to deliver unrivalled performance and always-available “dial-tone” reliability for the delivery of global multimedia web communications. To ensure that client’smeetings go without a hitch, Telecorp’s network offers unparalleled fault tolerance providing seamless and transparentfail-over. In addition, their network operates at a 50% capacity to easily accommodate any peak in customer usage; ithas an availability target of 99.99% to serve each client’s needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.The system uses key functions of I-driveCONNECTS and Sale Generator providing users with utmost performance.I-driveMEETING & I-driveHELP Features  White board  Advance surveys and polling  Laser pointer  Help Desk Features for your operation  Voice connect for up to 10 people  Campaign and automatic communication tools  Reverse control to contact meeting participants  Reports  Web cams for each participant  Temporary remote desktop control  Mute controls  Long-term remote desktop control  Agenda window  Instant messaging  Easy launch  File transfers  Testing and Exam tools  Scripting  Much more Page 8 of 21
  9. 9. I-driveSTAFFI-driveSTAFF is an exclusive front office software dedicated to staffing andrecruiting firms of all sizes, where recruiting, sales and management experience thepower of working together totally together through every office activity, from salescalls to job order to placement to follow-up, anytime and from anyplace. I-driveSTAFF is 100% web-based andeliminates managing software, networks and servers.I-driveSTAFF offers users an all-encompassing, versatile and affordable way to increase revenues, reduce costs andimprove profitability. Telecorp’s I-driveSTAFF front and back office solutions include all productivity tools for sales,applicant tracking system, resume databases, contact management, accounting, payroll, job order tracking, humanresources, invoicing, and capital management functions.  The use of the I-driveSALES module, will allow staffing companies access to complete prospecting and data management tools for their sales people, including management reports and verification of performance  Secure storage of all data including faxes, e-mails, documentation, and notes all referred to conveniently by administration.  Utilizing the I-driveCONNECTS module, administration staff can automatically page specified personnel via voice message or e-mail. For example if a forklift operator is required. The system will automatically filter a given database and call or e-mail qualified individuals notifying them that a project is available. The potential worker will immediately receive a voice message or e-mail that includes project details and a number to call if they are interested or available. In the case that a candidate answers a call, they will have the chance to speak directly to the sender by pressing “0” and secure the position. When a position is secured it is then removed from the page/call processing and order is filled.  The key contact(s) at the inquiring business will receive an e-mail stating who has accepted the position and a verification message confirming their attendance on site.  Once a person has accepted a position, they will automatically receive an e-mail including vital information pertaining to the specific project such as contact information, directions, maps, and instructions.  Workers will automatically receive a reminder call later the same day with the option to setup and receive wake up calls.  Wake up calls are then scheduled and sent to workers, according to their specification. The key contact(s) at the place of business will then receive an e-mail confirming that the worker is due to arrive on time. If a problem occurs, the service can place the work order back into the call system until it is accepted.  The key contact at the business will receive an inquiry call 5 minutes into any given filled shift. The system will ask the employer to confirm the arrival of the worker. If they have arrived the system will have completed its task.  If one or more worker(s) has failed to appear on the job site the system will escalate calls to the Company administration for assistance. Page 9 of 21
  10. 10. Key AcquisitionsThe Company is presently seeking acquisitions in order to shore up product offerings and integrate additional relatedproduct modules. Telecorp’s goal is to release a unique product, not previously available on the market.At this time, Telecorp has the opportunity to acquire a multitude of companies that possess various synergies. As aresult, the addition of products from these entities would result in the development of new modules for integration intothe Company’s current software environment. The companies most relevant, given this scenario are dBI DataBasedIntelligence, Bytexit and TheraManager. Other companies remain of interest for acquisition and discussion at a laterdate.Telecorp is in talks with dBI Database Intelligence of Vestal New York, developers of well-known dBase and dQueryproducts. The company was purchased from the original parent company Borland. They have a number of suitors for thecompany but they believe that Telecorp along with Paul Phillips would actually be a better opportunity for them torecoup some of their losses in the long term.This is an exciting opportunity with over 10,000 customers worldwide and excellent synergies between the twocompanies. Telecorp believes they can with an active plan secure 75% of these customers with Telecorp’s services. Thehopes are to do a cash and stock deal. They have about $250k U.S. per year in income at present with a new version nearcompletion which can deliver nearly $500k in revenues. has now purchased Bytexit of Finland for their data storage system.Bytexit (BX) is a data management solution that possesses many synergies with Telecorp products.This system assists customer’s store and transfer data offering notes, staff interaction, and management solutions for amultitude of businesses.Bytexit offers a server side software platform. Developed for companies and service providers it securely masters datamanagement, data access, data sharing, and data storage over the Internet. The software platform can be implementedas a standalone product or as a natural extension of the Company’s existing Intranet or Extranet. BX equips companieswith the state-of-the-art, robust and scalable data management solutions.Bytexit is ideal for customer relationship management (CRM). Companies are able to securely share, collaborate andcontrol their customer specific data in real-time with appropriate third parties. BX creates and controls a collaborativeenvironment for companies, employees, and customers securely exchanging data and information globally on a 24/7basis while maintaining data securely in the company’s centralized database.Bytexit operates using a standard web browser with an Internet connection; no client-side software is required. Bytexitguarantees to save customers time and money when integrated as part of a company’s business enabling solutions.The MarketTechnology has enabled people and organizations to manage projects and operations across time zones and borders,and maintain pedestrian interaction with people of different cultures and languages. As a result, the distinctions of thepast that separated people and businesses have become imprecise. The distinction between the professional and thepersonal, the public and the private, and the proprietary and the communal is similarly blurring. Organizations that canembrace the blending of these worlds will successfully navigate the opportunities that will emerge. Technology has avital role to play in forming the bridge between the newly revealed and the newly constructed facets of today’s world. Page 10 of 21
  11. 11. In today’s technological age companies across the globe grasp to get their hands on a piece of the “Software-as-a-Service” (SaaS), “On-Demand software” pie. By releasing a complete suite of products after 3 years of development,Telecorp is sure to succeed in securing a leadership position within the industry.The “On-Demand” software solution market, trail blazed by and supported by the likes of Google and37Signals, is showing no signs of slowing down. Telecorp’s newest CRM system is sure to thrive and prosper without fail.Products such as those offered by the Company offering multiple on-demand software solutions in a single coherent andcompatible, multi-vertical application, are becoming an essential requirement in order succeed today in business. Notevery company has the IT infrastructure or the desire to introduce heavyweight solutions; however they all requiresome form of content management to operate. Telecorp, Inc. with its impressive, innovative, on-demand solution andexpanding list of partnerships, aims to satisfy the customer relations/customer communication and sales for companiesacross the globe.MarketingBusiness to Business Telesales – TelemarketingTelecorp intends to utilize the Sales Generator to support its own sales and marketing team. The company presently hasaccess to over 11 million businesses in North America in all markets. The Company’s list has proved to be an effectivetelemarketing tool. The Sales Generator will efficiently deliver e-mails, faxes, and calls via lead generation agents.Telecorp’s I-driveSALES, Sales Generator also boasts a number of web tools that gather data, names, addresses; emails,telephone numbers and fax numbers from web search results. For example, if a user wants to find Dentists in Missourithey would type Dentist, Dental, Orthodontics, teeth whiting, the city name, etcetera in the search field and the systemwill automatically find matching contacts and upload them to the system in a separate database.While telemarketing can be costly, it is effective particularly for the products and services offered by the Company. Theinsight Mr. Phillips has gained through his experience, along with the opportunities at hand with Telecorp, make it anintelligent choice.Telesales agents will focus on a given target market and will be required to make contact with 100 to 125 end users pera day (i.e. dentists) and 75 distributors per day (i.e. companies that sell to end users such as dentists).The expectation is the Lead Generation agent will deliver about 3 to 5 demos a day from clients and about 8 leads a dayfrom the distributors.Direct MailUsing a direct mail program, marketing departments will create mail pieces for specific target markets. The direct mailpiece will include a “call to action” portion that should generate a 2% to 4% success rate. The Company anticipates ahigher return though as these mailings will be sent only to qualified prospects. The cost of the program will range from$1.50 to $5.00 per mailed piece.Direct mail is an effective but lethargic tool. Due to costs, Telecorp will not implement this direct mail until 2012 whenthe Company is well established. The goal is to start slowly until growth is over $100,000 per month in Direct mail.Based on that cost, if the company were to get a 2% response rate based on a $5 mail piece they would deliver 20,000pieces and gain 400 potential leads out of which Telecorp should schedule 280 trials and secure 196 sales. On averageone sale for dental office generates $150.00 per month. Therefore, this campaign would generate $29,400 per month and Page 11 of 21
  12. 12. $350,000 a year even with a 7% churn rate. The revenue stream is a very attractive one over the short term as well as inthe years to come.AdvertisingThe Telecorp advertising program intends to put ads in pertinent industry magazines that span various markets. Thistool can generate sales and increase brand recognition.Industry magazines placement can cost anywhere from $500 to $3,000 or more per issue. The average circulation ofthese publications can range anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 units. Based on that cost if the company were to get a 1%response rate 3,000 units at $3,000 would amount to 30 leads. Out of those leads, Telecorp should secure 21 trialsresulting in 14 sales. Telecorp’s average sale for a dental office would be around $150.00 per month. This advertisingcampaign would generate $2,100 per month after the trials and over $25,000 a year even with the 7% churn rate. Therevenue is attractive over both the short and long term.Distributor Channels (B2B)This program will work with distributors in order to assist them in maximizing their sales from existing and potentialclients. Programs like incentives and bonuses will help to motivate distributors and distributor staff to sell. Programslike utilizing their lead generation team under the distributor’s banner. The Company will also white brand its productsunder their distributors name.Distributors typically have 100 to 1,000 clients or more and assuming they have good relationships with their clientsthey will close more sales at a faster rate than an outsider might.It is Telecorp’s goal to offer distributors a 50% split as long as they comply with a firm commitment. This will include asales projection from their sales team, newsletters, co-op mailers and advertising, demos, incentives, target planning andmuch more. Depending on the industry the Company believes there will significant interest in this program and the takewith Telecorp’s distributor’s customers will be high.Internally, the Company will not utilize the Lead Generation team and while the Account Manager will be needed it isgenerally just as admin support, thus reducing Telecorp’s cost of sales.Referral ProgramTelecorp will offer reduced rates for clients that deliver buying prospects to the Company. The rebate will consist of apercentage or fixed fee depending on the program offered.Web VisitsThere are options available for Telecorp to secure e-mail addresses and other information sent to their lead generationteam. Visitors can also request online demonstrations.Administration will distribute sent leads to appropriate personnel in order to secure demonstrations with potentialcustomers. Search engine analytics will be utilized in order to decipher key data on visitor type and key words that wereused in order to locate Page 12 of 21
  13. 13. Telecorp will utilize retail channels for their products, selling their services through a trusted vendor online or possiblyon store shelves. The Company has numerous small vendors that will carry and promote their products this way. TheCompany’s goal is to secure a large vendor such as Staples and have them to agree to carry the Company’s productsonline and perhaps in-store.Conventions and Trade ShowsConventions and trade shows are a great way to obtain leads for demonstration purposes and in some cases offer trialsas well. Conventions and trade shows consistently generate positive brand and corporate recognition.While this is an expensive program it can generate significant leads, Company recognition and brand awareness.E-mails and FaxesTelecorp will generate and purchase a number of lists to run e-mail and fax campaigns. The Company will only purchaselists from companies that guarantee accurate data ensuring their information is welcome and not received as spam.Administration will distribute the leads to the appropriate personnel for the sole purpose of securing demonstrationsfrom potential customers.Alliances & PartnershipsTelecorp has numerous partners and alliances in place as well as a strategy for generating more. These alliances will be agateway to client relations and partners to aid the company moving forwards. Partners and alliances will be secured andnurtured through personal contact, interactions, visits, support, conventions and of course revenue opportunities. TheCompany believes this to be an excellent approach for corporate expansion.Present Partners and Alliances  Retail Merchants of Canada  Retail Manitoba  Ontario Restaurant Hotel & Motel Association  Hotel Association of Canada  Distribution Canada Inc.  Canadian Convenience Stores Association “CCSA”  Ontario Automobile Dealers Associations  Direct Sellers Association of Canada  Retail B.C.  Convenience & Car wash Canada  Retail Alberta  Canadian Dental Association Page 13 of 21
  14. 14. Investment OpportunityTelecorp, Inc. is seeking funding of $2.5M USD.Use of ProceedsThe funds raised will be used to complete development of domestic opportunities and to expand their reach in Australia,Europe, and other global markets through planned joint venture agreements. The proceeds will also be used for keyacquisitions, final development, hardware, office expansion and other corporate needs.Use of Proceeds Amount ($US) PercentageDevelopment 810,000 32.10%Capital Expenditures 250,000 10.00%Acquisitions 1,000,000 10.00%Sales and Marketing 195,000 7.80%G & A Expenses 200,000 8.00%Other 15,000 1.80%Total 2,500,000 100.00% Page 14 of 21
  15. 15. Financials Telecorp, Inc. (Incorporated Under the Laws of Canada) Consolidated Balance Sheet As at July 31, 2011 (Unaudited) 2012 2011 ASSETSCURRENT Cash 38,350 43,868 Accounts receivable 500,000 - 538,350 43,868 OTHER – SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT 933,682 819,812 1,472,032 863,680 LIABILITIESCURRENT Accounts payable and accrued liabilities -1,178 -1,178 -1,178 -1,178LONG-TERM Loans payable 144,500 144,500 Due to shareholders - - 144,500 144,500 SHAREHOLDERS’ EQUITY (DEFICIT)SHARE CAPITAL Authorized 15,000,000 common shares Issued and to be issued 7,753,900 common shares 1,852,072 1,068,851DEFICIT (523,362) (348,493) 1,328,710 720,358 1,472,032 863,680 Page 15 of 21
  16. 16. Telecorp, Inc. (Incorporated Under the Laws of Canada) Consolidated Statement of Loss and Deficit As at July 31, 2011 (Unaudited) 2012 2011SALES 0 0EXPENSES Automotive and fuel 984 8,411 Bank interest and service charges -496 2,375 Office and general expenses 15,754 7,778 Consultants 122,183 247,520 Rent 12,000 18,700 Telecommunications 3,626 5,550 Travel, conventions and entertainment 20,817 25,366 174,869 315,700NET LOSS 174,869 315,700 Page 16 of 21
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  18. 18. ManagementPaul Phillips – Founder, President, CEO and DirectorPaul Phillips, the President and CEO of Telecorp, has over 25 years experience as a telecommunications professionalfocused primarily on marketing, sales, customer service, call center operation, technology and application. During hiscareer, he has served several high profile companies in the telecommunications industry. Before heading Telecorp andEuphorik Fuel Technologies, Paul was acting President of Marketeers Call Centers, where he led a Canadian/US-basedteam responsible for niche marketing of broadband industry products and services across North America. Eventuallybringing in $14 million dollars per year Marketeers became the industry leader in N. America.Mr. Phillips also served as Director of Marketing for CUC Broadcasting responsible for marketing, market introduction,and development for the CUC’s broadband products including Pay-Per-View and the pioneering of On-Demand services.He also led several research and development programs for Starz Encore located in Denver Colorado. During his career,he has held many mid-management positions at Trillium Cable handling marketing, sales, and customer relations.Mr. Phillips has received 3 awards from the Canadian Cable Television Association (CCTA) and one from the NationalCable Television Association (NCTA) in addition to outstanding service awards from Trillium and CUC broadcasting.Paul Phillips has succeeded in assisting the broadband industry improve their quality and quantity of business andthrough the development of the Sales Generator System the nucleus of Telecorp was realized. Now teamed with I-driveCONNECTS, the Sales Generator System has brought the call center to the customer versus the customer to the callcenter. The proficiency and experience Mr. Phillips has gained working with many select companies has allowed him toobtain vast knowledge of the inbound and outbound call center environment and the telecommunication industry.Mr. Phillips in conjunction with Marketeers Call Centers and as a consultant has worked with companies such as;Comcast, HBO, Pepsi, Showtime, Budweiser, Time Warner, Alltel, Movie Central, W.W.E., Investors Group, Service Master,Verizon, DirecTV, Rogers Cablesystems, Shaw Cable, Starz, The Golf Channel and many more. Renowned in his field forunsurpassed expertise in business management; Mr. Phillips continues to enhance marketing strategies, advertising,customer service, awareness, and support across a multitude of industries impacting corporate growth to over $14million a year.Jose Fernandez, Secretary & DirectorJose is an active Telecorp Inc. partner in addition to a number of affiliated counterparts with unique synergies relating toTelecorp. Mr. Fernandez currently owns Meteor Telecommunications, which is a telephony and phone system provider,Xentrax, a company that focuses exclusively on software solutions for the contact center marketplace, and VirisTekproviding full spectrum e-Business Software Solutions. His customers include such entities as Purolator, Holiday Inn,Hilton, NASCAR, Red Roof Inn’s and more. Page 18 of 21
  19. 19. Tom Ambeau, DirectorMr. Ambeau has had an exciting career that has had him be the founder or the point man in many successful companies.Companies like Jellco Packaging, Roll-O-Sheets, Western Electrical Manufacturing and Magnifoam. He is also presentlyChairman of Dynamic Systems.Tom’s strength’s and expertise are well respected and deserved, including his involvement on many boards for GeorgianCollege, Royal Victoria Hospital and many more.  Recipient of the 1997 “Entrepreneur of the Year Award”, Barrie Chamber of Commerce.  1996 recipient of “Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur Award of Excellence”.  1991 recipient of “Businessman of the Year Award” City of Barrie.Euribiades Cerrud II, Esq. – Lawyer and DirectorEuribiades Cerrud II, Esq. is a Member of the Florida Bar, as well as the United States District Court – Middle District ofFlorida. Mr. Cerrud and his expertise in Business and Corporate Law, Intellectual Property, and Corporate Transactionswill assist the United States operations of Telecorp and its global subsidiaries.Mr. Cerrud attended Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida where he completed his bachelor’s degree in Mathematicsconcentrating in Numerical Modeling. For his juris doctor’s degree, Mr. Cerrud attended New England School of Law(NESL) in Boston, Massachusetts and graduated in May 2001. While attending NESL he co-founded NESL’s Business LawCenter together with some key players in the technology venture capital arena, including Matthew Growney, formerfounder and director of Motorola Ventures, the corporate venture capital arm of Motorola. Upon graduation, Cerrudplaced in the top 25% of his class, top 1% in business and corporate law courses receiving the CALI Excellence for theFuture Award in Business Planning and Advanced Corporate Taxation. Subsequently, just two (2) years out of lawschool, he founded the transactional department at Alvarez, Sambol, Winthrop and Madson, P.A., a leading full-servicelaw firm in the State of Florida with offices in Orlando and Miami.David S. White, Q.C. Corporate Attorney and DirectorMr. David White is a corporate, commercial lawyer who is the founder and director of a number of private companiesincluding, Ticoon Technology Inc., a software company that supplies software to some of Canada’s leading financialinstitutions. Mr. White is also a director of MTI Global Inc., a publicly listed aerospace company that supplies thermo-acoustic insulation to Bombardier, Boeing, Airbus and Embraer.Chris Adams, AdvisorMr. Chris Adams is the past co-founder and CTO of Hot Banana (HB) Software that was acquired by Lyris Inc. in August2006, Mr. Adams was directly responsible for all engineering, product management and data infrastructure of the WebContent Management software offering.Post-acquisition of HB by Lyris, Mr. Adams became the Director of User Experience at Lyris Inc. He was directly responsiblefor the LyrisHQ Web 2.0 application user interface design and usability.Mr. Adams combines a strong BSc. (Hons) technical education, with a practical hands-on product development experience,mixed with a keen entrepreneurial management sense.He is a published author, advisor, and speaker on a variety of Web Content Management and Web site optimizationtopics. Page 19 of 21
  20. 20. Telecorp AdvisorsTelecorp is very proud to have advisors from around the world that help the Company develop strategies and plans, plusstay on top of the latest trends to ensure we are always one step ahead of any competition we may have.We now have 15 advisors and they are located in the following countries.Canada (2)China (1)France (1)Germany (2)India (2)Japan (1)Ukraine (1)Untied Emirates (1)United Kingdom (1)Untied States (3) Page 20 of 21
  21. 21. About Hong Kong Alliance Fund, LimitedHong Kong Alliance Fund, Limited a private equity and consulting firm with offices in Hong Kong and New York,provides corporate capitalization and investor relations consulting services. Hong Kong Alliance Fund may invest on aprincipal basis and acts in an agency capacity to procure capital for both profitable and emerging small-cap companies,identifying institutional funding sources for its clients and further develops the investor relations activities. Corporatedevelopment, short term and long term financing, institutionally driven sponsorship, and management consultingservices are our areas of expertise. For further information on the company please visit data, estimates and opinions expressed herein has been obtained from sources that we believe to be reliable andreflect our judgment. We do not guarantee its accuracy and such information may be incomplete or condensed andsubject to change without notice. Neither the information nor any opinion expressed shall be construed as, or constituteto be, an offer to buy or sell securities, or any options futures or other derivatives related to such securities ("relatedinvestments"). This is not an investment recommendation. We are biased and not independent in this report. Thismaterial is not intended for public consumption, distribution or reproduction. Telecorp, Inc. has nominal cash positionand no revenue or nominal revenue in the most recent quarter.Hong Kong Alliance Fund, Limited and its affiliates do own shares of Telecorp, Inc. and has been compensated 1,000,000shares of common stock and will sell. Although Hong Kong Alliance Fund, Limited does not believe that its activitiescome within the purview of Section 17 (b) of the Securities Act of 1933, in an abundance of caution and in the intentionof full disclosure, we call the reader’s attention to the fact that Hong Kong Alliance Fund, Limited may receive investmentbanking consulting fees. Hong Kong Alliance Fund, Its officers, directors, affiliates or employees may have a long / shortposition in any securities of the issues. Hong Kong Alliance Fund, Limited or its affiliates may from time to time performservices for or solicit investment banking consulting services or other business for Telecorp, Inc. This report has beenauthorized and approved by Paul Phillips, CEO of Telecorp, Inc. on (12/20/2011).NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITYThe information contained herein is intended only for the confidential use of the recipient. This document is not to bereported or copied or made available to others. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, or personresponsible for delivering it to the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that you have received thiscommunication in error, and that any review, dissemination, distribution, or copying of this communication is strictlyprohibited. If you receive this in error, please notify the sender immediately by telephone at 852.8170.0133 and destroy this e-mail message. To be removed from this distribution or furtherinformation, contact Hong Kong Alliance Fund, Limited at or fax to +852.3012.9746.For Further details / clarifications please contact:Hong Kong Office:Level 19, Two International Finance Centre8 Finance St, Central Hong Kong ChinaT: +852.2251.8782, +852.8170.0133Skype: +1 914 816 1111 (US Number)F: +852.3012.9746Website: Page 21 of 21