Husam Ibrahim Detailed Resume 05012010


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My updated resume

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Husam Ibrahim Detailed Resume 05012010

  1. 1. Husam Ibrahim, P.Eng, PMP. 11821, 167B Ave. Bsc. Electrical Engineering Edmonton, AB, T5X 0B3 Mobile No. (780) 906-0565 HIGHLIGHTS OF QUALIFICATIONS:  Over 15 years of electrical engineering design, construction procurement and project management experience in oil & gas, industrial, commercial, high rise, housing, LV & HV power and utility projects  Have attained ability to lead and work well with others as part of a team  Good oral and written communication skills  Managed and lead electrical design team over 5 years  Prepared electrical specifications for electrical designs and equipment  Volunteered in mentoring of new electrical engineering graduates PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: ATCO Electric Ltd. - Canada Oct 2009- Present PMO Process Team Lead Responsibilities  Lead the Project Management Office (PMO) team to achieve deadlines and scope deliverables  Participated in the management of the development of Project management process, procedures and templates of HV Transmission and Distribution Projects  Managed the Implementation of a new collaboration tool (Microsoft Office Project Server) to be used as a standard Program and Project Management System in all Electrical HV Projects of ATCO Electric  Prepared Project Management plan including, Microsoft Project Schedule, of the PMO  Prepared new templates and modified existing ones following PMI standards  Communicated with all groups of ATCO Electric and gathered information and feedback  Reviewed and modified the new ATCO Electric Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Sinai Engineering Corporation - Canada May 2007- May 2009 Procurement Lead Engineer Responsibilities  Managed procurement for the 260KV facilities of Suncor Voyageur Upgrader Project and North Steepbank Extension Project at Fort McMurray  Managed team members to achieve deadlines and scope deliverables  Managed the approval process of manufacturing design drawings  Prepared and issued bid documents ( RFQ ) for electrical HV 260 KV equipment like CT’s, CVT’s, CB’s, Disconnect Switches and Transmission Lines  Communicated with vendors and bidders, clarified and answered their (RFI’s)  Managed and coordinated Pre-Bid meetings for different Bids.  Coordinated technical and commercial documents with project schedule activities  Managed evaluation of proposals process and issued award recommendations  Prepared and issued purchase orders for 260 KV and other HV equipment  Prepared and issued construction contracts of Substations 29EDD1 (Millennium), 29EDD94 (Voyageur), 29EDD34 and 260 KV Transmission Lines 29PL 9-16/17  Managed Kick Off meetings  Issued weekly, bi-weekly and monthly progress reports  Managed production of Sinai Procurement Procedures & Standards PCL Intracon Power Inc. - Canada Oct 2006- May 2007 Electrical Estimator/ Coordinator Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. Husam Ibrahim, P.Eng, PMP. 11821, 167B Ave. Bsc. Electrical Engineering Edmonton, AB, T5X 0B3 Mobile No. (780) 906-0565 Responsibilities  Reviewed and coordinated the EHT As-Built drawings for the CNRL Heat Integration Modules  Estimated Electrical bids for different projects using the Accubid software:  Praxair, H2 Storage Salt Cavern  CNRL Secondary Upgrading Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, Geophysicists Dec 2003 - Oct 2006 of Alberta (APEGGA) - Canada Qualified my degree and experience through the Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta which was a long process that included technical assessment and process and finally the Engineering National Exam which I passed and accordingly awarded the Diploma of Professional Engineering Gulf Engineering Company - Kuwait July 2002- Dec 2003 Senior Electrical Engineer Responsibilities  Managed and supervised electrical construction of west central plant MEP project in the new campus of the Public Authority for applied Education and Training in Kuwait. This plant includes 9 numbers cooling towers and 9 numbers of 1000 cooling tons chillers; these chillers were powered by 11KV/0.415KV of 9 numbers 1000 KVA transformers.  Reviewed electrical drawings, coordinated workshop drawings with other trades drawings and activities  Supervised site electrical activities and directed electrical crews on a daily basis schedule  Conducted out-of-country short circuit test for a switchgear panel at the British Short Circuit Testing Station Limited (BSTS) certified by ASTA in the UK.  Conducted out-of-country technical inspections and tests for two 1250KVA emergency diesel generators manufactured for the project at Cummins Diesel Generators Factory in the UK.  Participated in out-of-country presentation about Automation Systems Technology’s latest update in the UK  Conducted out-of-country technical inspection for the Gent Fire Alarm factory, the fire alarm system provider in the UK.  Commissioned and handed over electrical systems to the consultant and the client. Accomplishments  Completed electrical construction and power supply to the project 30 days ahead of scheduled time  Reduced material cost by 15% and manpower cost by 25% AL-Sager General Trading & Cont. Company - Kuwait Jan 1997- July 2002 Senior Electrical Engineer Responsibilities  Managed new electrical design and construction division  Reviewed and quoted government and private tenders including design drawings, technical specifications and bill of quantities  Communicated with electrical material suppliers and equipment manufacturers  Negotiated subcontract agreements and purchase orders for electrical materials Accomplishments  Established, organized and managed new electrical construction division of 2 electrical engineers, 4 supervisors and 30 electricians  Reduced cost of procurement of electrical materials by 20%  Saved 15% of the cost of electrical systems Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. Husam Ibrahim, P.Eng, PMP. 11821, 167B Ave. Bsc. Electrical Engineering Edmonton, AB, T5X 0B3 Mobile No. (780) 906-0565 ALNuhoodh Establishment. - Kuwait Oct 1988- Dec 1996 Senior Electrical Engineer Responsibilities  Designed electrical drawings for oil & gas, industrial, commercial and residential projects:  Al-Shuaiba petrochemical refinery expansion  Petrochemical Industry Complex integration  Construction of 10 numbers petrol stations at Mina-Abdulla oil industrial area  Americana meat processing factory expansion  Ebomac, switchgear manufacturer extension  The power distribution of new warehouses in Sabhan industrial area  Chemical detergents and cleaning products factory  Shamia and Shuwaikh Co-op Society new supermarket  Commercial high rise building at Kuwait city  Managed construction and procurement of electrical works for a variety of projects  Coordinated workshop electrical drawings with other construction trades  Inspected and approved diverse range of projects by signing the MEW (ministry of electricity & water) inspection report as per the MEW standards:  Rawda & Hawalli cooperation society supermarket  Kuwait Hilton Resort Hotel at Mangaf area  East Hadia area major sewage stations power distribution system  Kuwait Coast Guard Headquarters at Salmia area  Conducted electrical insulation, short circuit and earthing conductivity tests  Consulted for different engineering firms, as a certified MEW electrical engineer for different projects:  The new shrimp factory and cold stores at Shuwaikh  Shamia and Shuwaikh Co-op Society new supermarket  Power distribution of Hadia housing infrastructure  Americana meat processing factory expansion A.H.AL-Sagar &Bros. - Kuwait Aug 1985- Sept 1988 Electrical Project Engineer Responsibilities  Managed the construction of the power distribution network of the new 300 KV, 132 KV and 33 KV substations of new developed housing project including over-head transmission lines and high-voltage underground cables  Surveyed the new overhead-transmission lines and underground cable routes and coordinated them with the other services routes to avoid any overlap of services  Coordinated the design drawings with international suppliers of switch-gear, cables and overhead-transmission lines like Hitachi, Alsthome, Siemens, Mitsubishi, ABB, NKF, Fujicura…, and modified the design drawings as per MEW standards  Commissioned, energized and tested the power distribution network and handed over the network to the client. Accomplishments  Completed and handed over my first contract # MEW 1379/83-84 on time on budget  Saved 25 days of my second contract # MEW 1501/84 and managed to save the man- hours cost by approximately10% after modifying the work breakdown structure Fawaz Refr. & A/C CO. - Kuwait Sept 1984- Aug 1985 Trainee Electrical Engineer Responsibilities Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. Husam Ibrahim, P.Eng, PMP. 11821, 167B Ave. Bsc. Electrical Engineering Edmonton, AB, T5X 0B3 Mobile No. (780) 906-0565  Reviewed the design drawings of a high rise building of two towers (Fintas Towers MEP project) each of which powered by 11KV/0.415KV substation of 7numbers 750 KVA transformers  Prepared the As-Built drawings and followed up with the Ministry of Electricity &Water (MEW) for final approval and inspection  Conducted the MEW inspection of the electrical installations to permit energizing the two substations  Commissioned the electrical substations, switch-gears, bus-duct and all electrical systems PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS  Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA), Canada, P.Eng # M 94835  Project Management Professional – PMP NO. 1325785  Ministry of Electricity & Water ( Kuwait) License of Certified Electrical Engineer  Kuwait Society of Engineers  Jordan Syndicate of Engineers EDUCATION Bachelor of Electrical Engineering Kuwait University 1984 Page 4 of 4