Material Handling & Warehousing Equipment
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Material Handling & Warehousing Equipment



Weighing equipment and service for all industries including warehousing, material handling, freight, transportation, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and many more...

Weighing equipment and service for all industries including warehousing, material handling, freight, transportation, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and many more...



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    Material Handling & Warehousing Equipment Material Handling & Warehousing Equipment Presentation Transcript

    • 5525 Chantry Drive Columbus, OH 43232 P: 800-231-1679 F: 614-501-8828
    • DIMENSIONAL WEIGHING Optimizing Warehouse Space Has Never Been Easier!! Weight has never been the sole criteria for calculating shipping charges. Package size is also key to determining cost. Calculation of freight costs by carriers is called Dim-Weight which is calculated fast and easy with the Hawkeye 1200C. This enables major shippers to calculate proper shipping costs for large dimension items and to forecast truck and plane volume needs ahead of time, before a costly error is made. Traffic managers are now aware of Dim-Weight charges since they receive quarterly invoices from their carriers for those packages or shipments that exceeded historical weight only specs. So along with weight, warehousing must now consider length/depth, height and width. This Dim-Weight criteria is carrying over into warehousing to include specifying box, pallet, and even conatiner-size dimensions.
    • HAWKEYE 1200C DIMENSIONAL WEIGHER Instantly measure the weight, dimensions, and volume of any case up to 24” x 24” x 24” and 150 lb. The Hawkeye is designed to be used as a stand-along cubing scale or as an integral part of a users’ data collection system. This unique cubing scale includes a passive optical measurement system that provides Measurement accuracy of +/-0.1”. Usable in most any light conditions, the display is readible up to 15 feet away. Efficiently capture shipping revenues lost in the past – billing cases by cubic volume as well as weight.
    • Perfect Measure™ Software Coupled with the Hawkeye 1200C, Perfect Measure ™ Software is every warehouse managers dream for the most accurate weight and dimensions possible. Using the Perfect Measure™ software, a retailer or carrier can rest assured that Dim-Weights have come from a device with perfect measuring capability, moving both data and products where they need to be, on time, and at the right price! Perfect Measure™ software program provides a link to the Global Data Sync Network (GDSN), a global depository of Dim-Weight information for all commodities that is required by major retailers and buying groups. The Perfect Measure™ software is the ideal solution as it make supplier’s Compliance with GDSN standards a snap, without the need for training. The Software takes the Hawkeye 1200C data and converts it into GDSN compliant data automatically.
    • DATA COLLECTOR LEVEL 1 Tired of typing tickets or manifests into a spreadsheet or database? Did a device with RS232 output create these tickets? If the answer is YES , then DataCollector can do the work for you
      • Read data from a serial port in positional or delimited format
      • Gather data from multiple devices
        •  Log data coming from your floor scale while at the same time logging
        • data from your counting scale
      • Print tickets using customizable ticket definition files
      • Store data into one of many supported database formats
        •  Access, Excel, Lotus, Paradox, FoxPro, dBase, and others
    • DATA COLLECTOR LEVEL 2 Do you track production and shipment of products? Are you satisfied with the reports you are receiving? If the answer is NO , then DataCollector – Level 2 is the solution
      • Configure an Access database to hold data collected from your devices
      • Configure the DataCollector to hold the data collected from your devices
      • Create report definition files for your system using Crystal Reports
      • Setup your system to allow the addition, deletion, and editing of data within your database
      • Scheduled reports to run when you want them to
      • View reports without interrupting data collection processes
      • Print multiple copies of a report to multiple printers with one click
      • Creat custom reports (daily, weekly, monthly) so you can quickly access the data you need
    • DATA COLLECTOR LEVEL 3 Want to see up-to-the-minute production information? Want to access that information from your desktop? If YES, then DATA COLLECTOR – LEVEL 3 is the solution Features:
      • Setup your system with all the benefits of Levels 1 and 2
      • See current information through your Internet browser
      • Email reports to one or more people
      • Print reports or networked printers
      • Export data files to a variety of common databse, spreadsheet, and HTML formats
    • E1310 INDICATOR
      • Using a forklift to transfer cargo from
      • warehouse to a floor scale, and then
      • to a final destination, wastes time,
      • money, and floor space. Now you
      • can weigh, transfer, and collect data
      • in one efficient operation and
      • reassign the space taken by the floor
      • scale. Rice Lake’s CLS Cargo Lift
      • Scale saves operator time, equipment
      • costs, and eliminates the middle step.
    • CLS FORKLIFT SCALE Wireless local area network communication from indicator directly to your warehouse management system delivers real-time, accurate information and documentation.
      • Eliminate stationary floor scales which frees up shipping and receiving
      • department floor space.
      • Streamlining the repetitive process of locating, lifting, transporting, weighing,
      • lifting, and transporting to dock saves man-hours and equipment costs daily
      • Capture weight at time of shipment to verify weights before shipment or receiving at
      • the dock
      • Accurate invoices promote prompt reimbursement
      • Electronically supported by two 5,000 lb stainless steel loadcells and mechanical
      • overload protection
      • Two channel digital iQUBE junction box is protected by reinforced cover plates
      • The Smart battery is conveniently located for quick change-out on the wireless
      • system
      • CLS carriage design can be installed on Class II cleat-style forklifts
      The KS540’s best-in-class features delivery more reliability and higher performance than ever before. Minimizing deck deflection and isolating loadcells from extraneous forces are key to low-profile scale accuracy and long life. As a result, the KS540’s design concept provides outstanding strength and component protection. All loadcells are recessed within the channel and all loadcell cables are enclosed In conduit, alleviating danger from rough handling. The KS540’s NEMA 4X Stainless steel junction box is protected from forks and industrial abuse by a 6-inch structural steel channel frame and diamond treadplate safety deck. The Junction box is also mounted in a handy slide-out tray that eases setup and service Access. The KS540 is back by an all-inclusive five-year limited warranty.
    • RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION (RFID) RFID applications for: Freight matching service Asset tracking via RFID and satellite based communications Fleet management Shipper, dock, and carrier management Regulatory compliance reporting With numerous readers and tags available to fit your specific needs, KSS can customize an RFID package to fit your application. RFID systems provide customers with almost limitless opportunities to track assets and critical information for small and large scale operations
      • A full numeric keypad allows tare entry
      • directly from the keypad for weighing the
      • contents of totes, cylinders and containers,
      • eliminating the need to scroll and toggle tare
      • weight values.
      • Count mode allows keyed piece count and
      • average piece weight.
      • Optional DC capability makes it ideal for on-
      • board weighing
      • Encased in stainless steel NEMA 4X/IP66
      • enclosure
      • Ultrabright oversized display
      • Perfect for multi-cell applications
      • Large 0.8” LED 6-digit display
      • Weighs in lb, kg, g, oz, short ton, metric ton or none
      • NEMA 4X/IP66 stainless steel washdown enclosure
      • Five-button operation with full numeric keypad
      • Power for eight 350 Ω loadcells
      • Two independent communication ports
      • 2 x 300-character programmable print formats
      • Three-stage digital filtering
      • Consecutive numbering
      • Universal mounting stand
      • Two digital inputs and two digital outputs
      • Time and date
      • Count mode
      • 2-year limited warranty
    • For $99 per month, the KSS Rental Program allows a customer to fulfill short-term goals, quickly and efficiently as well as meet seasonal or service-based goals without the capital expense Includes:
      • Certificate of Calibration
      • All units completely refurbished
      • 90-day parts warranty
      • Scale carriage dimensions: 16”h x 37”w
      • Scale capacity: 5,000 lb x 5lb NTEP
      • Legal for trade
      • Carriage is sandblasted, cleaned and painted
      • New power cord, coil cable, and mounting
      • bracket
      • Class II truck
      • Cleat type mounting
      • Installation and calibration anywhere in the
      • country
      WHY BUY WHEN YOU CAN RENT? All rentals are based on availability and require a minimum three month rental
    • KANAWHA TEST EQUIPMENT FA6000 Test Truck 6K Test Cart Rail Road Truck Scale Test Unit 3K Test Cart 1K Test Cart
    • NATIONWIDE SERVICE NETWORK Also serving Canada and Puerto Rico Through a nationwide network of certified scale service technicians, Kanawha Scales is capable of servicing any application anywhere.
    • ISO 17025 /9002 CERTIFICATION Dedicated to Superior Quality Dedicated to Technical Expertise Dedicated to Precision Calibration
      • Purpose
      • To establish a benchmark for all testing and calibration facilities to demonstrate
      • that they can produce valid results
      • Service Advantages
      • Adherence to ISO 17025/9002 ensures that our calibration services are
      • performed by factory-trained technicians
      Our commitment to ISO 17025/9002 accreditation affords our customers the satisfaction of receiving products and services from a company held to a standard of excellence.