The Cathay Ball

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14 years go, the Mon Sheong Foundation--a community based seniors organization--asked hjc to redefine their gala. …

14 years go, the Mon Sheong Foundation--a community based seniors organization--asked hjc to redefine their gala.

Take a look at the original outline here.

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  • 1. The Cathay Ball
  • 2. A mobile credit card/debit card machine… The use of a mobile Interac device. Staff members/and or volunteers will walk around the tables and use the mobile swipe machines to:a) get debit card/credit card purchases of auction items. This will diminish the number of unpaid auction pledgesb) get random donations or have tables compete to see who gives the most via the mobile machines.c) Sydney event -- $75,000 in one night with one machine
  • 3. Computers as storytellers…• There will be laptop computers on each dinner table that have a live connection to the home - where dinner guests will see a live camera feed or view recorded messages from the seniors they help.• Desktop computers will be found at strategic locations around the event where a live connection, video recordings, and chance to give online would all be available.
  • 4. New Technology Direct Response Prizes…• The special event is focused on a futuristic theme and there will be futuristic prizes, e.g. Palm Pilots, Blackberrys, wireless technology, etc.• It is a prize that will allow Mon Sheong Foundation to contact these individuals in the future…
  • 5. The gift that keeps on getting gifts… A CDROM…• A CDROM will given to every guest. The CDROM will hold a video/audio recording/stories/and a solicitation for a donation. The CDROM will launch a browser and lead directly online to a giving form.
  • 6. Online auctions…• An online auction will run in conjunction with the real world auction. The online auction will begin a week before the event with bids taken for objects that will be only sold online – while there will be others sold in competition with bidders on the event night. A live Internet feed will have online bidders, bidding right till the final sale. The Mon Sheong Foundation will use an ASP like
  • 7. The gift that keeps on getting gifts… A CDROM…• An online gambling element will be added to their web site for the special event. People at the event will go to one of the computers around the room and go to your site and gamble. The Mon Sheong Foundation will use an online gambling service to provide this service.
  • 8. A virtual picture kiosk…• The event will offer participants the chance to get their picture taken, choose a background, and then attach that picture to an email and send it to friends.• The email will ask the recipient to visit the web site and make a donation.
  • 9. A digital camera and archive…• Digital cameras will be used to take pictures of a party - family, corporate group, friends, etc. Those having the digital picture taken will pay an additional fee to have that picture sent via email to friends.• The Mon Sheong Foundation will archive all of the digital photos and Ball participants could visit the Ball section of the web site, find their digital picture and send it to friends and family. The picture would have text that asks the picture recipient to go and make an online donation .