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What's hiding behind your petition?
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What's hiding behind your petition?


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What's hiding behind your petition? Finding donors through advocacy

What's hiding behind your petition? Finding donors through advocacy

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  • Getting an advocate to become a donor may seem as difficult as metamorphosis. But at the end of the day donors and advocates are one and the same,
  • So getting an advocate to become a donor shouldn’t be that difficult. It’s really just about understanding the interim steps - what happens in between.
  • “There is a huge opportunity to expand cross-pollination between advocacy and fundraising.” -- Online Marketing Benchmark Index Study, Convio, 2009
  • But if taking advantage of the opportunity involves knocking down huge silos – then taking advantage can be a real issue. How many of you work in organisations that look something like this?
  • If you are building the case for more integration – better list sharing a more holistic program then remember that the lessons work both ways. Donors are good prospects to sign advocacy actions. They are already very much invested in the organisation and want to support you in additional ways.
  • Going to talk about 5 main ways for conversion. And outline how to use them together for most effect. And then go on to undertsand how the costs and results compare.
  • It used to be so easy.Read:In 1998, Amnesty International Canada launched a hugely successful 1-hour television program that was attracting hundreds of new monthly donors every month.This program helped triple our monthly donor file to 30,000 donors, and over the course of 10 years, monthly donors went from a small percentage to our primary source of income.It was a game changer. We had Martin Sheen – “the president of the United States of America” on the West Wing, pre-911, telling YOU to be a monthly donor for Amnesty International. It doesn’t get better than that.Direct mail took a back seat, and the focus of our fundraising program was acquiring monthly donors.
  • The television program was our core communication vehicle. It made all of our fundraising programs look good – all I had to do to make online fundraising work was integrate our online communications with our tv message and we were attracting 100 new monthly donors every month online.Integration meant1. Setting up inbound telephone centres to handle calls generated by the TV program2. Revamping our old black & white publications to match the visual impact of our television program3. Introducing email to advertise our tv program and to building a secure online form to allow for fulfillment
  • Read: But then along came the multi-channel universe … and digital tv … and web … and social media. There were just not enough television viewers on the stations we could afford. People were going elsewhere.As we watched TV dry up as a source of monthly donors, we diversified and invested in street canvassing as a new source of monthly donors.
  • But even with diversifying our source of monthly donors, we couldn’t overcome the problem of attrition. There was nothing we could do with our communications to maintain the emotional power of television. We strengthened our Member Services, we produced beautiful print and online publications. With donors who didn’t understand our work or couldn’t afford to fund it, contacting these donors led to them deciding to cancel. So when we were confronted with technical problems related to changes in credit cards, we had to be careful about being pre-emptive in contacting donors. Worse, when a human rights crisis came, we were reluctant to contact our monthly donors – now the majority of our membership!What are we doing?
  • We had no choice but to adapt. We decided it was time to pick up the phone. Fortunately, at the urging of Mike, we began collecting phone numbers, as a routine, about a year and a half ago, in all of our epetitions. And our online activism program was strong. So we dug into our data and into our campaigning and got back to basics. Here’ s the case study.
  • We contacted on e-acquisition list. It’s focused – one theme – 2 options both pointing in the same direction – to take action.This message was sent a year ago October, 2009 to 26,000. The email had a 20% open rate, and a 10% click-through rate – fairly typical these days for us.What did they click on? 2016 take action266 quiz (which led to the action)[image: Speak Out] Summary Info # Sent 26,596Emails Opened 5262Clickthroughs 2461Open rate 20%Clickthrough rate 10%
  • The online campaign started with a an epetition directed at key Parliamentarians who were on the Committee that reviewed the bill.Note some important aspects to the petition:#1 phone number – we asked. Does this suppress signatures? That’s the debate. We make it a non-mandatory field – and find that about 30% fill it out anyway#2 counter - why? “social proof”. participants see that 1000s are doing this#3 comments – these are streamed – they build momentum and act as examples – they give participants the confidence to write their own words3 weeks later, on November 1st, there were 2792 signatures
  • Now it was time to get to work on the phone. At this stage, we had captured over 5,000 names on this petition. From this, we had 1654 with emails. And after comparing these with donors who had made a gift in the last few months, we were left with 1339 calls to make.
  • This message was sent to the full list. It didn’t mention the phone call. It was sent immediately after the gulf spill and highlighted the shocking fact that every year the same amount of oil as had been spilled in the Gulf is spilled EVERY YEAR in the Niger delta.It gave an opportunity to give immediately. This led to half a dozen monthly gifts.
  • As a result of the training session, our hired callers were motivated to make this campaign work. We asked first for a monthly gift – emphasizing that it’s easy, if no, a single gift, if no can we send you something in the mail, andan invite to learn more by visiting our websiteDonation form:
  • My case study will illustrate the steps for integrating electronic activism and telephone fundraising. I’m at Amnesty International, afterall – activism is what we do. And with no government funds, we have to be unapologetic fundraisers.I’ll show you the steps that worked for us. And drawing on a few other scenarios we’ll assess the key ingredients for success.
  • So getting an advocate to become a donor shouldn’t be that difficult. It’s really just about understanding the interim steps - what happens in between.
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    • 1. NO BOUNDARIES What’s hiding behind your petition? Finding donors through advocacy Presented by: Mike Johnston, hjc Sheetal Persaud, hjc
    • 2. 2 © 2010 Convio, Inc. xxxxx Tweeting today? Follow us as... @hjcnewmedia
    • 3. 3 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Overview • What is the opportunity? • How can you most effectively convert advocates to donors?
    • 4. 4 © 2010 Convio, Inc.
    • 5. 5 © 2010 Convio, Inc. When people take an advocacy action…. • They establish a relationship • They renew interest • They learn about your mission • They get up to date • They become informed • They become empowered
    • 6. 6 © 2010 Convio, Inc. When a donor gives a gift to your organisation... • They establish a relationship • They renew interest • They learn about your mission • They get up to date • They become informed • They become empowered
    • 7. 7 © 2010 Convio, Inc.
    • 8. 8 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Advocate to Donor > The Opportunity The opportunity
    • 9. 9 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Action Takers are Stronger Prospects Non-donors who’d taken action online were 2.3x more likely to donate than non-donors in the email file who hadn’t
    • 10. 10 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Action Takers are Stronger Donors Source: Charitable Memberships, Volunteering and Discounts: Evidence from a Large-Scale Online Field Experiment. May 2009, National Bureau of Economic Research, A. Lange, A. Stocking.
    • 11. 11 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Barrier to success Fundraising Advocacy Marketing
    • 12. 12 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Successful organisations… Use this approach, with macro-level integration Fundraising Marketing Advocacy
    • 13. 13 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Case for support: the opportunity works both ways • 80 % of donors said they are willing to sign an online petition or send an email about an issue of concern. • Younger donors are the most willing to take advocacy action. • Source: The Next Generation of Canadian Giving. October 2010, hjc, Stratcom, Convio
    • 14. 14 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Taking the opportunity: 1 • Be able to explain the benefit – organisation wide - for having a holistic integrated communication plan for advocates/donors/other constituencies
    • 15. 15 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Taking the opportunity: 2 • Grab a hammer and knock down some silo’s
    • 16. 16 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Taking the opportunity: 3 • Understand techniques to solicit advocates (that’s next)
    • 17. 17 © 2010 Convio, Inc. How to convert advocates to donors 1.The immediate website ask 2.Email 3.Direct Mail 4.Social media/SMS 5.Phone
    • 18. 18 © 2010 Convio, Inc. The immediate website ask • Why? – Obvious – Effective – Cheap
    • 19. 19 © 2010 Convio, Inc. The immediate ask • High Profile • On the thank-you page EVEN if there are subsequent asks • In the thank-you email
    • 20. 20 © 2010 Convio, Inc. The immediate ask
    • 21. 21 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Case Study: Greenpeace • In 2009 in the US - ran four online/offline advocacy campaigns • Began to create campaign specific donation forms • Redirect is immediately following action taken
    • 22. 22 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Case Study: Greenpeace
    • 23. 23 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Case Study: Greenpeace • The result – No increased cost – Increased donations by thousands
    • 24. 24 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Case study 2 – The immediate ask “When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully” Samuel Johnson
    • 25. 25 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Advocacy Page. Constituents simply type in address; their City Council Member is located and a template message is generated
    • 26. 26 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Political Result • Full restoration in City funding for the Library so no layoffs and no reduced hours. • Reports by many City Council Members on volume of emails and letters received concerning the campaign • Media coverage of campaign online and offline
    • 27. 27 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Result: The immediate ask 12% of total campaign revenue! 1.85% conversion rate
    • 28. 28 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Email Stewardship • Why? – Very Low Investment – Able To Re-use Previous Content – Easy To Test
    • 29. 29 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Email – Plays well with others • Email works really well to complement other channels too
    • 30. 30 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Case Study: HSI EU Seal Ban – Advocacy campaign with prospect recruitment goal • Google ad words / SEM • Email opt in services (i.e. Care2) • Email marketing (List Purchase/Rental) • Display Advertising (CPC/CPA) • Social network outreach
    • 31. 31 © 2010 Convio, Inc.
    • 32. 32 © 2010 Convio, Inc.
    • 33. 33 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Impact of Email on Phone All calls Email sent within one day No email sent within one day Contacts 1866 939 773 Success – new monthly donor 7.21% 8.18% 6.60% Success – single gift 0.46% 0.20% 0.65% Send Form – new monthly donor 3.08% 3.05% 2.91% Send Form – single gift 0.31% 0.41% 0.22% Average gift – monthly gift $41.10 £48.53 £36.46 Av gift Val Success – One time $1.32 £0.00 £2.50 Yr 1 ROI 0.86 1.03 0.75 YR 4 ROI 3.77 4.44 2.95
    • 34. 34 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Integrate with other channels • An email was sent along with some of the direct mail packages • Average gift • DM only = $49 • DM and email = $105
    • 35. 35 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Lessons for email • Multi-part emails – Direct Asks – Theme and brand around advocacy if possible – THINK – what brought this person to you? Beauty of email on a platform like Convio is the ability to use conditional content. – Integrate it with all your other channels
    • 36. 36 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Direct Mail • Why? – Predictable Returns – Better Returns Than List Prospecting – High Conversion Rates
    • 37. 37 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Case Study: Library • One segment of advocates we’re mailed before the end of the year to ask for a gift supporting essential services at the Library. • 3.24% direct mail response rate • $59 direct mail average gift • Average response on prospecting packages 0.30%
    • 38. 38 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Lessons for DM •Integrate with advocacy •Integrate with email •Include a campaign update
    • 39. 39 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Social Media • Social media – us it as a stewardship channel • Get people onto your social media channels after they have taken advocacy action, update them on the campaign status and keep your organisation top of mind • Think back to the HSI phone/email example
    • 40. 40 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Phone • Calling your online activists is the most effective way to convert them to donors • Using the phone can be low investment as programs can be started and stopped at any time • Has a lower attrition/drop-off rate than many other channels
    • 41. 41 © 2010 Convio, Inc. It was peaceful before the phone started ringing.... • In 1998, Amnesty International Canada launched a hugely successful 60-minute television program that was attracting hundreds of new monthly donors every month.
    • 42. 42 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Integration in one-step monthly acquisition • Phone Print Online
    • 43. 43 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Competition • But then along came the television universe … and digital tv … multi-channel and web … and social media. TV dried up Costs per monthly donor: 1998 - $80 2008 - $300
    • 44. 44 © 2010 Convio, Inc. The problem of attrition Contact = cancellation No contact = no activism
    • 45. 45 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Ring … Ring
    • 46. 46 © 2010 Convio, Inc. email Blast to Acquisition list
    • 47. Epetition Phone number Made sharable on social media
    • 48. The moment to phone… The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico: Peak public interest
    • 49. One or two days prior to the calling, an email was sent out …
    • 50. The call Pre-call training An Amnesty business & human rights campaigner did a training session by phone with the callers. The script A hierarchy of asks 1. Monthly donation – any amount (with minimum of $5.00/month accepted 2. Single donation 3. Send a pledge package 4. Go online to learn more (or make gift)
    • 51. 51 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Then the conversion call was made… 0% 2% 4% 6% 8% 10% 12% 14% 16% 18% 20% 18.50% 8% 9% 11% Recent Lapsed Monthly Donor Online Petition Only E-newsletter Subscriber Long Lapsed Montlhly Donor
    • 52. 52 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Cpmd $75.00 • 1000 phone calls – 74 monthly donors giving $9.66 every month Eactivists to Monthly Donors
    • 53. 53 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Case Study: Save the Children UK • Text message petition emergency campaign • Text CEASEFIRE to 81819 • More than 183,000 people texted
    • 54. 54 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Case Study: Save the Children UK • Full page newspaper ad with clear call to action • Called every contact • The result: 4.7% conversion rate to monthly donor • Exceeded all set targets for campaign
    • 55. 55 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Broadcast Voice Message
    • 56. 56 © 2010 Convio, Inc. A checklist for online and phone conversion initiative 1. Must ensure collecting phone numbers, email and opt-ins 2. Collect address & postal code to maximize data accuracy 3. Allow commenting on your form. You can prioritize calling to those who comment – refine the script with those who are your best prospect
    • 57. 57 © 2010 Convio, Inc. A checklist for online and phone conversion initiative 1. Must capture e-activists with phone numbers, prioritizing those who allowed further contact and included comments 2. Must be able to compare petition signer data with donor records in legacy donor base 3. Must be able to exclude current monthlies, major donors, planned givers if necessary
    • 58. 58 © 2010 Convio, Inc. A checklist for online and phone conversion initiative 1. Send a day or two prior to calling 2. Include a fulfillment option
    • 59. 59 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Just remember… • Sooner is better to launch your phone conversion program – preferably within 3 months after the online action • Convert direct to monthly giving, with fall- back single gift option. – Renewal rates  high – Return on investment  high – Long term value  high
    • 60. 60 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Conclusions Cost per contact Response ROI Volume Web $0.0-$0.01 0-3% Instant return Low Email $0.25-$0.75 0.5-3% Instant return Low Direct Mail $4-$8 2-7% 1 year + breakeven Med-High Phone $7-$12 8-15% 1 year + breakeven Med-High
    • 61. 61 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Key Take Aways • The immediate website ask – On the thank you page even if their are other asks, in the thank you email, high profile • Email – Direct Asks, Theme and brand around advocacy if possible, THINK – what brought this person to you?, Integrate it with all your other channels
    • 62. 62 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Key Take Aways • Direct Mail – Integrate with advocacy, integrate with email, include a campaign update • Social Media – Not just for your marketing team, heavy messaging at the time of phone and email campaigns • Phone – High volume conversion, use mobile, push for monthly giving, refine your scripts with your best lists, call people as soon as possible after the advocacy action
    • 63. 63 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Direct Mail Email Phone Social Media
    • 64. 64 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Full Citizen™ To help your organization efficiently and cost- effectively convert online activists to donors, Full Citizen is ready to: – Prepare and launch a conversion strategy that engages online activists to make a donation – Coordinate multiple channels where possible (phone, mail, email) to find the most effective way to convert the online activist to become a donor – Use data analysis and screening over a period of one year from activist acquisition to help test the best approaches for conversion for your activists
    • 65. 65 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Timeline Week 1 Discuss creative approaches, look at past results, assess advocacy schedule for the year Week 2 Technical Review Finalise vendors, EMS and ability to track conversions Week 3-5 Prepare Campaign. Create materials, technical set-up, create testing matrix Week 6 Launch Campaign. Execute, confirm all channels are working correctly. Week 7 -52 Analyse, revise, re-launch. Populate testing matrix, make strategic revisions, re-test revision and re-launch.
    • 66. 66 © 2010 Convio, Inc. Questions?