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DNA, 28 March 2012


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DNA, 28 March 2012

  1. 1. CITY 7 epaper.dnaindia.coml l MUMBAI l l WEDNESDAY, MARCH 28, 2012 AyurvedaYOUR YOURCITY DAY● SEMINAR Bloggers to research at Haffkine gets lay bare sexSNDT College of Arts andSCB College of Commerceand Science for Womenhave organised a one-daystate level seminar on Rs4cr boostMaharashtra Local Self abuse storiesGovernment Elections in DNA Correspondent2012 : An Analysis. Guestsinclude Chand Goyal, deputy The department of scienceCEC, Maharashtra StateElection Commission and and technology has grant-Mukesh Kanaskar, ed Rs4 crore to the Parel-additional director, All IndiaInstitute of Local Self Forum to see participation of survivors, based Haffkine Institute forGovernment. Speakers will activists and concerned parents Training Research and Test-include academician and ing to work on the scientif-thinker Jondhale, ProfRuturaj Buwa, S Kayande Shabana Ansari ic validation of ayurvedicand activist Bhim RaskarWhen: March 28 Maya Singh suffered in si- SHOCKED & medicines. Under the pro- gramme, scientists willWhere: Committee Room,SNDT Women’s University, lence for years before she AWED KIDS study herbal products likenear Patkar Hall, picked up the courage to tell Tulsi and Brahmi.Churchgate The first-ever nationalTiming: 10am to 4.30pm her mother that an older study on child abuse in India The Haffkine institute, cousin had been touching was conducted by the women which recently started re-● SPIRITUALITY her inappropriately. “She re- and child development search on herbal products to acted in exactly the way I had ministry in April 2007. It regulate the production of feared she would. At first, she covered 13 states across the ayurvedic medicines, had was shocked, then she went country with a sample size of sought financial aid from the into denial, and when I per- sisted, she simply asked me to keep out of his way and 12,446 children. It threw up shocking department of science and technology and department of bio-technology a year ago. not say a word to anyone,” revelationsSpiritual healer, doctor and recalls Singh, who finally More than As per Lele, molec-Master Zhi Gang Sha confronted her abuser. “He ular pharmacologybrings the Divine HealingHands mission to Mumbai.He will conduct a three- backed off only when I threatened to tell his wife. I 53% children face one or more forms of sexual abuse DOLPHIN TALE provides a newday intensive soul healing A passer-by clicks a Peta activist protesting at Marine Drive against the proposed Sindhudurg marine park on Tuesday —Salman Ansari DNA interface between was bluffing, but it worked,” ayurveda and 50% of sexualare are inworkshop to create DivineHealing Hands Soul says the now 42-year-old offenders modern medicinesHealers. These healers will school teacher. known to the victim orjoin healers from 17 othercities from across the Several such stories will positions of trust (family ● Friends and relatives of drink-driving victim log on to the Net for supportglobe to become servants soon be shared on an online member, close relative, Experts say scientific val- Charu kin root for maximum sentenceof humanity and the forum that will have more friend or neighbour) idation will help India en-‘divine’When: March 30 to April 1 than 70 bloggers from large its share in the globalWhere: Rangsharda across the country address- Boys are equally at risk as drug market. Currently, the girlsAuditorium, near Lilavati ing the issue of child sexual global herb market is worthHospital, BandraReclamation, Bandra abuse. The participants will The 5-12 age group faces Manish K Pathak rickshaw after dinner at a $70 billion and growing an-(West)Contact: For more include anonymous sur- higher levels of abuse, which HELL ON WHEELS Juhu restaurant with her sis- nually at 10-15% annually. vivors of child abuse, ac- goes largely unreported The friends and relatives of The incident took place on ter Ritu Khandal, 21, and The global pharma marketinformation, call 8879220952, 74987 36393, 99208 tivists and concerned par- Severest form of sexual twenty-six-year old Charu Sunday around 1 am, when friend Vikrant Goel, 27. A is worth $142 billion.67968 or visit ents. The group is observing abuse happens in the age Khandal, who sustained severe Charu Khandal was on her speeding Honda City sudden- Dr Abhay Chowdhary, April as child sexual abuse injuries in a drunk driving ac- ly rammed into the auto a few rector of Haffkine Institute, group of 11-16 way home in a rickshawKaivalyadhama, recognized awareness (CSAA) month in cident on Saturday night in Os- after dinner at a Juhu metres from the Oshiwara said, “While the prelimi-by the educationdepartment of Maharashtraas a special school, is cyber space in the hope that more and more people will 73% victims sexualthe of the are in age group of 11-18 abuse hiwara, have made an appeal through social networking site restaurant with her sister Ritu Khandal, 21, and friend police station. “The auto-rickshaw turned nary research on herbal products led by veteran re-organising a certificate be vigilant and will keep Facebook, demanding that the Vikrant Goel, 27. A turtle, and Charu suffered in- searcher and renownedcourse in Yoga Education. It their children safe. laws concerning road accidents speeding Honda City juries to her spinal cord; she physician Dr RD Lele has al-will be conducted by In a country where more be modified. suddenly rammed into the is still critical. Goel was hurt in ready begun, we are await-secretary Parmanand auto a few metres from theAggarwal and his team. The than half the children, irre- “Khandal’s friends are cam- his spinal cord and ribs, while ing a reply from the de- Oshiwara police station.organization is also spective of gender, face sex- paigning through Facebook for The rickshaw turned turtle, Ritu escaped with minor in- partment of science andorganising a pranayamasadhana shibir ual abuse in some form or a change in law - in case the and Khandal suffered juries,” said senior inspector technology. Herbal prod-When: May 1 to June 30 the other, perpetrators get victim of a road accident be- injuries to her spinal cord; Dilip Rupawate of the Oshi- ucts will be tested on small(certificate course); April 2 away with it more often than comes paralysed for life the ac- wara police. animals like mice and ro-to April 14 (shibir) she is still critical.Where: ICYHC not only because most par- cused should get maximum “Initially, we arrested the dents using radio isotopes.”Kaivalyadham, 43 Netaji ents refuse to take action. punishment. The section ap- driver of the car Manoj Gau- In an article published inSubhash Road, next to “There is a crying need to ad- plied in the case should not be Kokilaben hospital, while her lower half. As of now she is not tam, 39, a resident of the institute’s bulletin, LeleTarapurawala fish aquariumTiming: 10.30am to 3.30pm dress the issue, create bailable,” a close friend of friend Vikrant’s surgery on his stable, and due of this, the doc- Lokhandwala, for rash driving. said molecular pharmacol-(course); 6.30am to 8am awareness and positive ac- Khadal told DNA, on condition spinal cord and ribs has been tors cannot perform surgery,” After the medical reports ar- ogy provides a new interface(shibir) tion, and at the same time, of anonymity. on since 12 noon today.” said Singh. rived, we also booked him on between ayurveda andContact: 22818417,22886256 or email give survivors a platform to Another friend, Mauli Singh, “In the last two days, there According to police, the in- the charge of drunk driving. He modern medicines. share their stories,” says said, “Khandal, who works as has been only a five percent im- cident took place on Sunday was produced in the holiday modern techniques,● ADOPT equal rights activist Harish an animator in a production provement in her body, and she around 1 am, when Khandal court, and released on a bond ayurvedic drugs can provide Iyer, who is a child sexual ing up their hearts and were house, is battling for her life in can feel no sensations on her was on her way home in a of Rs5000,” said Rupawate. novel molecular probes. abuse survivor himself. willing to participate in April was designated as spreading the message. MMRDA to rent toilet block space for ad revenue CSAA month in cyber space The initiative generated last year after Mumbai- enough attention in the vir- based author and social ac- tual world last year to en- tivist Kiran Manral got into a courage the organisers to discussion with fellow blog- make a comeback in 2012. Dhaval Kulkarni in Thane and Raigad districts, sites in the Mira-Bhayendar ger and Bangalore resident “Through this concerted ef- in a bid to eradicate open defe- and Thane municipal areas DREAM PROJECT Monika Manchanda. The fort, we hope to bring child The Mumbai Metropolitan Re- cation and provide proper san- have good potential for ad- Conceived by incumbent chiefShyla is a two-month-old duo realised that though a sexual abuse out of the clos- gion Development Authority itation to the poor and slum vertisements,” said the official,female pup - cute, cuddly secy Ratnakar Gaikwad duringand furry. Indian breeds common problem in Indian et and teach parents how to (MMRDA) believes in getting dwellers alike. This includes adding that the move will help his tenure as the metropolitaneasily adjust to our weather, homes, stories of child sex- educate their children about the best out of waste, literal- sites in the Thane, Bhiwandi- MMRDA recover a portion of commissioner, the projectare less susceptible todiseases and ailments and ual abuse are taboo and are predators, prevent their kids ly. For, the agency is now plan- Nizampur, Mira-Bhayendar, the Rs300 crore spent as involves building 25,569 toilets atage does not show on them never shared. from being abused and know ning to rent out space on toi- Ulhasnagar, Vasai- Virar and grants on the toilet project. 1,289 sites in Thane and Raigadeasily. You also save a life After they started talking how to deal with such a sit- let blocks built by it under the the Kalyan-Dombivli munici- The Nirmal MMR Abhiyan, The aim is to eradicate openwhen you adopt an Indianrescued pup. Besides Shyla, to friends and other bloggers, uation should it occur,” says ‘Nirmal MMR Abhiyan’ for ad- pal corporation areas in the under which construction work defecation, proper sanitation toother males and females are a lot of people started open- Manral. vertising revenue. Mumbai Metropolitan Region. was started in 2008, has also the poor and slum dwellers alikeavailable Conceived by incumbent Confirming the move, a seen old toilet blocks beingContact: Call 98213 27618 There is a crying need to address the chief secretary Ratnakar Gaik- senior MMRDA official said it razed and new ones being built Some sites in the Mira-Bhayendar issue, create awareness and positive wad during his tenure as the was followed by the local mu- to enhance capacity, apart from and Thane municipal areas have action, and at the same time, give Metropolitan Commissioner, nicipal bodies passing resolu- bathrooms being built for survivors a platform to share their stories the project will see 25,569 toi- tions in their general body women. The toilet blocks are to good potential for advertisements —Harish Iyer, equal rights activist let seats being built at 1,289 meetings to give advertising be maintained by the commu- —senior MMRDA official sites in civic and council areas rights to the MMRDA. “Some nity-based organisations.George is a naughty, five- Now, cosmetic doc gets CD ofweek-old kitten. Like Georgethere are many kittens up foradoption. They are all playfuland kitty-litter-toilet trained.They are dewormed and model attempting suicidehealthyContact: 99870 85350Hazel is a gorgeous,blue-eyed Indian mixed breed 2.5-month-old female. She has Preety Acharyabeen vaccinated anddewormed. She is veryfriendly and a well-behaved Troubles for celebrity cosmetic TIMINGpup looking for a lovinghomeContact: Call 99209 23565 surgeon Vijay Sharma seem to be never-ending. After facing SUSPECT two molestation charges, of The timing of the CD of Shikha’s● HEALTH which he has already been ac- attempted suicide surfacing at DrAttend a Health Education quitted in one, yet another Vijay Sharma’s house is strangelyLibrary for People (HELP) close to yet another case in whichtalk on ‘How To Use Space, model has levelled similar mo- the doctor managed to get yetDirection And Time To lestation charge against Sharma. another model, Mahi Shaikh,Increase Percentage OfSuccess In Every Walk Of It was in 2008 that a woman arrested over similar charges.Life’, by Dr Suresh Jadhav. journalist with a local channel Apparently, Sharma in FebruaryThe speaker will talk about lodged a molestation complaintthe four fundamental 2012 captured Mahi on CCTVforces contributing to the against Sharma. She was fol- cameras, trying to threatenexistence of I, Correlation lowed by model Shikha Joshi him of lodging a falseof time, space, direction levelling a similar charge against complaint if he did not payand self with the fourfundamental forces, him three years later in 2011. up. Sharma submitted theharmonising use of time, While in the first case, the police footage and Mahi’s calletc. Entry is free filed a B-summary (that the case records to the Khar policeWhen: Thursday, March 29 after which she was arrested.Where: Health Education is false), thus leading to the doc- As per Sharma, Mahi’s recentLibrary, Excelsior Business tor’s acquittal, the second case is arrest may have scared Shikha,Centre, National InsuranceBuilding, ground floor, subjudice before the Bandra who is now trying to settle thenear Excelsior Cinema, Dr Metropolitan Magistrate Court. matter with him by sending himDN Road, CST However, fresh trouble erupt- the CD of her suicide attempt.Timing: 3.30pm onwardsContact: 22061101 ed for Sharma a few weeks ago, when he approached the KharAttend a HELP talk on police after receiving a strange ting her. But I am not going to ber cell branch of Mumbai police‘Asthma Care By Yoga AndPranayam’, by Mukesh CD, in which Shikha is filmed as give up, as I am sure that like in against Sharma using her video.Mankar, where the speaker attempting suicide. Apparently, the first case, I will get a clean “On March 1, 2012, I got a letterwill talk about how to take the doctor claims to have re- chit in this too,” said Sharma. from the cyber cell wherein theycare of and control asthmawith the help of yoga and ceived threat calls from Shikha’s “We are trying to find out gave a clean chit to Sharma. Al-pranayam. Entry is free brother, first in the wee hours of who exactly sent the CD and the ready suffering with insomnia, IWhen: Friday, March 30Where: Health Education March 16—the day when he re- motive behind it,” said senior went into a severe depression andLibrary, Excelsior Business ceived the CD—and later ask- inspector Mangesh Pote of the consumed sleeping pills.”Center, National Insurance ing to “settle the matter with- Khar police. But, she denied filming herBuilding, ground floor,near Excelsior Cinema, Dr out any legal hassles”. As per Shikha, the doctor took own treatment in the hospital,DN Road, CST In the CD, Shikha is seen lying her interview on his handicam af- saying, “Some local news chan-Timing: 4pm onwards on a stretcher, apparently after ter the cosmetic surgery she un- nel had come to shoot it. Also, IContact: 22061101 consuming sleeping pills, and is derwent. “I was praising him for did not send any CD to Sharma.” being treated for it. “Through the the cosmetic surgery, but came to What’s surprising is thatSend your event details CD, they want to threaten me know later that he was using my Shikha answered DNA’s queriesYou can also fax them at that if I don’t settle the matter, video for publicity on the inter- on the mobile number which3980 1000/4 or then she will commit suicide net,” added Shikha, who then Sharma had received threatcall 3988 8888 and I would be booked for abet- lodged a complaint with the cy- calls from.