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Synthesis Project about Multimedia Learning

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Itce 299 project

  1. 1. Hiwet Mehari1. Hiwet Tesfamariam Mehari May 4th, 2012 ITEC 299: How 2 Learn with your iPod2. At the beginning of the class my scores were good; especially the quiz about the syllabus was simple because it was easy to understand. But as the time goes by and the quiz gets harder and harder and the score gets lower. At the end of the class, my thinking changes about my learning preferences because throughout the semester I have been learning so much, which I found out useful. I think at the beginning of the class it was not hard as get the second or third assignments. Also, what I notice from time to time was that each assignment required extra steps, and at some point the instructions was not clear at least for me.3. At the end of the class, my thinking changed about learning preferences overall, because each assessments was different and it required extra steps which I found difficult, I personally notice toward the end of the semester that the class required three steps for each post. however, knowing about learning preferences make a difference in my personal learning success, even though I didn’t use it immediately from time to time I have been use it which I found out useful. For example, as of today I am able to download some music to my iTunes and be able to listens some music. Overall, this class I found out useful for the long run, especially some of the website was great.4. At the beginning of the class I choose a few learning pathway because I like to try a different learning methods. Also, the reason why I pick a few different learning pathways was because especially for this class was because one way learning pathway might not apply for the entire course since each post are different form each assignments. When I thought about Multimedia technology even though we don’t notice we all use it every day as life goes on, this might thru phone, newspaper, computers, iPod, etc. when it comes to multimedia with a group it’s a
  2. 2. Hiwet Mehari different learning pathway because ever ones learning pathways would be one the table, which means I have to be familiar with it and be able to use it. I did change my mind when it comes to a group because I have to fit with them.5. One of the specific activities that helped me to get a broader understanding of how a multimedia technology to learn was technology quest iPod and Tablets. This help me a lot because I am interesting buying pro Mac tap top, and that give me a push to learn more and get ready to the next stage. This technology was helpful to me because such as the website that was provided and the answer to the question that I ask the class. The most activities that help me to learn more about technology was MMGOS GAMES because I do not know anything about game, when I see this topic I know that was for me to learn about game, which I found useful and at this time I have played a few games on my Smartphone.6. One of the multimedia that I have explored my own learning is iPod and tablets which I found out important and useful for the long run, because our society is developing very fast on technology and a lot of people are able to use it, which makes easy life for majority of the people. Personally I have found out that technology is the most convince to do anything, for example, if people have a computer at home with internet and then they are able to pay bills, online and have access to their personal record. Also, people are able to contact with people word wide, such as MySpace, face book, and others which makes life easy and be to see your loved one thru Skype. Moreover, because of the multimedia people are more socially online, which didn’t happen before. My Preference was trying those different post and be able to learn, also my preference be open mid and willing to learn new things.7. I though all of them was interesting but the most that interesting me personally was the iPod and tablet. I think this was the most interesting because I am always open to learn with the new technology, it just too hard to follow the iPod, laptop, Smartphone, etc, so when I see the post I
  3. 3. Hiwet Mehari was excited, since it rare to have a class about technology. The most topics that surprise me were MMGOS GAMES because I didn’t know that we can learn so many things. Well, personally I have downloaded a few games on my Smartphone that I have been playing since I have enrolled in this class. Generally, the multimedia technology has worked for me and I have been learning more than anything that I have in my other classes. But, the social net work, I didn’t find that important because those all well knowing to our society. For the future I would love to improve generally technology because I am so behind. Also, I would like to explore further to improve my learning bookmarking, because when I try to use it I find out useful, especially when I write a research paper, however, I am not expert on it and that’s why I like to further my learning. The best multimedia technology worked for my learning preferences was technology quest-social network, because I like to try different things and be able to explore my learning. Because of this assignment I was able to create account with face book, and learn how to add and deleted people from my page. Another technology that I found out was Podcasts because I was able to see the learning progress. This actually helps me a lot because I download the iTunes, was able to safe music, burn some music and also I learn that iTunes is not only for music but also I can safe some other important documents and able to review as a slideshow.8. Many of the multimedia technology that we learning this semester are all useful but the most I will continue using after this class would, the bookmarking, social network, and podcast. I might use it the bookmarking especially at work to research, or to collect data, researching about fund, fundraising, and other, so this would be helpful and just safe it on my computer and easily go back and reopen it. Also, social work might might to use it at work to contact to each other, only about works but nothing else. Also, podcast I might used it to safe some documents and good music.
  4. 4. Hiwet MehariWell as I state mostly I would use of those technologies but the one that I would use it every dayeither at school, work, or either of those place is iPod and mp3, because I have purchase IPod,and I was able to learn it how to use it? How to add music? How to delete the music that I don’tneed? How to make a playlist? Also, I am able to download some pictures to my iPod that Inever learn before I took this class. Therefore, I would the ipod and mp3 everyday in my life aslife goes on. On the other hand, I don’t think I would the Metacognition quest because I didn’tfind out useful to me learning goal. This is not because it’s not important but I just don’t feel Iunderstand fully and know what to do with it. s