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colony framework & omni platform



Luís Martinho presentation on colony framework and omni platform @ Cloud Views 2010

Luís Martinho presentation on colony framework and omni platform @ Cloud Views 2010



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    colony framework & omni platform colony framework & omni platform Presentation Transcript

    • Hive Solutions An  SaaS  R&D  Company Luís  Martinho 2010
    • From Denmark to Portugal
    • SaaS the  challenges . Vendor Lock-­in . Legacy systems integration . Lack of support for customizations . Limited support for Hybrid Clouds . Availability  (on  updates)
    • The research phase
    • The research numbers ch  months  of  pure  resear 6 and  prototyping 1 years  of  research   1/2 and  development 300k Lines  of  code  and   70  person  years (someone  should  have 400 d retired  by  now) Colony  plugins  develope
    • Colony Framework the  r ebolution this  is the  logo
    • Colony Framework Goals . Modularity and re-­usage . Easy to use and easy to develop just  like  rails . Fun to develop this is  true .  Open  standards . Truly open platform in every sense .  Opem  sourcecode .  Com munity  driven   . Sustained development, research oriented not  guided  by   customer  demands
    • Colony Framework Structure . It’s a specification and not an implementation . 2 reference implementations . Python, Javascript . 2 different flavours . Standard and Web . Runtime Plugin model (OSGi and MEF inspired) . Distributed model (OSGi inspired) . Easy Viral deployment
    • Colony Framework How  it  works? the  core ent .  Dependen cy  managem ent .  Life  cy cle  managem ol .  Inversion  of  contr CRM  Plugin .  Dashboards .  Sales  force  automation .  Commission  accrual HR  Plugin .  Salar y  processing .  Career  Man agement
    • Colony Framework the  big  picture Services  Set .  HTTP Distribution  Set .  Serialization .  SMTP .  Discovery .  XMPP .  Balancing .Etc Business  Logic Data  Set .  Data  pool  managing .  ORM .  Load  balancing .  Storage .  Compression
    • Colony Framework Distribution Optimized  resource  usage
    • Colony Framework Distribution  possibilities just  plug  the  cable . Easy scaleout . Simple development model . Crowd sourcing ready . No technology commitment explore  the  power   of  millions Colony  is  defined  by just  like   standard  specifications a  normal  plugin not  technologies
    • Colony Framework Where  to  use? .  the  holy  grail  of   . Business software modular  SaaS  ERP . Scientific computing . E-­Government .  Harvest  the  world’s   . Web consumer products computing  resources . Health Care .  Maintainable  public   . Energy Management sector  applications .  Scalable  and  modular   facebook .  Open  distributed  smart   .  Open  and  Standard   grid  management health  care  solution
    • The Product Platform
    • Omni Platform What  it  is . A Platform as a Service solution . A one stop shop for all your enterprise application needs . A scalable and maintainable infra-­structure . A structure that allows an easy deployment of software applications to the cloud . A service that supports building unique solutions using components from the store . Colony Framework based
    • Omni Platform Where  does  it  fit? No  fresh  start,  it   No  constraints  to   leverages  existing   the  defined  product resources Platform .  M .  S S  Azure alesforce .  A .  Z mazon  EC2 Cloud Computing SaaS oho .  G .  G oogle  App  Engine oogle  Apps The  best  commitment  for  a  developer  in  the  cloud!
    • Omni Platform Lifecycle 2  .  C  I  O  Creates  the Store 1  .  developer  creates solution  by  using  CRM c  i  o the  CRM  module,   and  HR  Modules  and developer leavereging  the   installs  it  into  its   existing  resources   Omni  platform  instance amd  deploys  it  to   Platform the  store 3  .The  user  consumes  the Omni  Platform  according user to  his  needs
    • Omni Platform Business  Model .  Fremium  based  -­  Free  basic  services  and  paid  premium  services .  Free  for  the  technology  enthusiast  that  wants  to  test  the  platform. .  Premium  users  will  get  more  plugin  storage,  performance,  security,   support  and  API  access .  Official  Hive  Solutions’  plugins  sales .  A  percentage  of  every  plugin  sale
    • Timeline R&D with real Implementation partner and with partners We’re Pure R&D real scenario here 3+  years 0 1  year 2  years Colony tested Public distribution in production Colony environment of Omni Platform implemented as a prototype May 2009 First version in iphone of Colony web Ui Sep 2008 First Implementation introduced in of the Colony webserver production. Dec 2008 Oct 2009
    • Call to Action Join  us . Partners that can help us market omni platform . Partners to develop new plugins for colony . Parners wanting consulting with colony . Modular architecture advisory . Deployment of colony in scientific environments . Hobbyist usage of colony
    • Q&A “there  is  no  such  thing   as  a  dumb  question” Luís  Martinho