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  • 1. THE CLIMB…
  • 2. The adventure begins at Kilimanjaro International Airport, Tanzania
  • 3. Teams spend the first day at Mbahe Farmacclimatizing and preparing for the climb
  • 4. You’ll map your route with the guides
  • 5. The expedition begins when you enter the gate at the base of your route up Kilimanjaro
  • 6. Porters lead the way carrying food, tents and extra gear
  • 7. The team quickly follows and the journey begins
  • 8. Day 1 you’ll hike upward through atropical forest and experience “pole, pole”
  • 9. Day 2 the hiking gets more rocky as youtransition into the Alpine Moorland Zone
  • 10. On day 3 the vegetation nearly disappears in the Alpine Desert Zone
  • 11. Day 3 concludes at Lava Tower where youscramble to the top for spectacular views
  • 12. The fourth day the Great Barranco Wall testsyour rock scramble skills and your endurance.
  • 13. Day 5 the climb gets steeper and the air gets colder
  • 14. Day 6 the climbing starts at midnight andStella Point is the first sign that you’re almost at the top
  • 15. Uhuru Peak – the summit
  • 16. After summiting, day 7 is the glorious decent to the celebratory finish at the gate
  • 17. Guides, porters and climbers all sing and dance celebrating a successful and safe climb
  • 18. Then the team enjoys a final meal on the mountain
  • 20. You could climb Kilimanjaro just for bragging rights…But why waste an opportunity? Climb for bragging rights AND Save the lives of children with HIV/AIDS
  • 21. Maureen climbed for Monica Amber climbed for Jane Betsy climbed for Mofatt
  • 22. Colleen climbed for Benson Claudine climbed for Abraham Steph climbed for Henry
  • 23. Pilar climbed for Joseph Tanya climbed for Khadija Donna climbed for Mary
  • 24. Rachel climbed for David Michelle climbed for Patrick Lori climbed for Vivian
  • 25. Shelly climbed for Osmondi Steph climbed for Kinji
  • 26. Who are you going to climb for? Elizabeth Agnes Gabriel Tetos AnnabelWashington Evan Kassim MalingiSango Margaret Shallet Hamisi Lucky
  • 27. Climb AND save lives!
  • 28. Go to accept the challenge!By accepting the Kilimanjaro Challenge, you agree to climb Kilimanjaro and raise awareness and funds for the American Foundation for Children with AIDS.The American Foundation for Children with AIDS provides life-saving medicine,medical supplies, medical training, nutritional support, and humanitarian aid to children with HIV/AIDS and their caregivers living in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • 29. Music: “Munomuno” by Samite of Uganda © 1993 Rhino Records, Inc.Produced by the American Foundation for Children with AIDS - 2011