Emilys media coursework[1]


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Emilys media coursework[1]

  1. 1. Media Coursework (Emily Jenkins)<br />Evaluation; Audience Feedback. <br />In what way does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of a real media product?<br />Music Videos can have a range of different forms and conventions, this depends on the genre of the music video, whether the video is an RnB song or a alternative rock band song. However, the music piece that we chose to do is by Rihanna, who is a well known RnB singer. She is now one of the biggest singers known on a Global scale. We chose to perform her song “Fire Bomb”. This is not a well known song by Rihanna and therefore allowed us to develop a music video without researching a music video Rihanna has previously produced. The forms and conventions of an RnB music video generally follow the trend of performance and narrative. We found this from the research and development we conducted before creating our music video. With videos such as “Shontelle – Impossible”, “Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love” and “Rihanna’s – I love the way you lie” after analysing these music videos we found that the correlation between them is the performance and narrative. The music video would be mainly narrative with performance pieces put in to break up the action. This is clearly shown in all three of the videos that we analysed. Narrative parts of the video would not have any singing or lyrics; it would mainly be acting involved, with mimed words. The performance would generally be by themselves and not with a band or backup singers. However RnB can have a totally different take on music videos, such as Chris Brown’s “Excuse me Miss” or Lady GaG’s “Bad Romance.” Their performance styles are not singing, but mainly dancing with a group of back up dancers behind them, with the artist in the front. You can see this trend through many other music videos such as Ne-yo “One in a Million” and Beyonce “Single Ladies”. However, our media piece challenges these conventions by following the singing part of the performance and a story telling narrative. <br /> <br />As a group we decided that we would like to follow the forms and conventions of the concept styled video. We came to this conclusion from research such as questionnaires to the members of the public to find out whether our music video should be solely performance, narrative or concept. The majority of our target audience came back with “concept”. From this we are able to develop the conventions to suit our music piece “Rihanna Fire Bomb”. We developed the forms and conventions by coming up with a story line that would best suit the song. As the song is very powerful lyric wise, we decided to listen to the lyrics. The lyrics were mostly about the relationship that singer had with a pervious lover from lyrics such as “baby we were killing them” talking in past tense about a bond between each other. The unoriginal story line that we could have thought about would be her “boyfriend” leaving her. However we wanted to think outside the box and decided to go with the death of the boyfriend from a stabbing which is conventional and stereotypical of a rap song such as Elton John and Tupac’s song “Getta Gospal”. However, to develop the conventions of an RnB song, we would have to show the raw emotions of the artist. By this you show a short scene of what happened and then the rest of the narrative part is the emotion the actor is showing from the loss of her boyfriend. We did this with scene such as flashbacks of them both in bed, kissing and being happy. This also follows the convention of love in an RnB music video and we also had scenes of the singer walking around London looking lost to contrast the feelings of losing her boyfriend. However, the performance side of the music video is influenced from the videos of Shontelle and Leona Lewis. Both singers are singing on their own, showing their emotions through their actions while singing. The only difference is, Shontelle is singing in a green screened room, which has been made white, and Leona Lewis is singing in the middle of a hall way on a stage. At first we wanted to go with performing on a stage, however we changed that idea because we felt that it was not contrasting the story line. We decided to have the singer in a black room which we successfully managed this by using green screen effects. The singer is toned red to match the lyrics of the song “Fire Bomb”. We used a red effect because it reflects the colour of fire, love, anger and hate, which are the emotions that the singer will be going through from the loss of her boyfriend. <br />Overall our music video follows the concept style of forms and conventions to illustrate how the singer is feeling due to the loss of her boyfriend, which is shown through the narrative side of the concept video. <br />How effective is the combination of your media product and ancillary texts? <br />-9525678180The song we chose was “Rihanna Fire Bomb”. From the name of the song, we knew that our product would have to involve a fire or red theme throughout the product. Our digi-pack and CD cover consisted with the elements of fire. We were heavily influenced by adverts we saw from Lady Gaga, which consisted semi nakedness. T his influenced our group because we wanted to think of something original that would contrast with fire. We decided that bare skin would help to contrast the fire theme. We then compared other digi-packs and CD covers to other artists products, such as Lady Gaga, Lily Allen and Pixie Lott. We found a common convention that the CD covers consisted of the having the artist on the front cover without any heavy photo editing in the background. We also found that it was common to have a very plain CD cover with just the artist on the front. For example Lilly Allen’s cover is white with a large “L” in the middle with her sitting within the “L”. We then decided that we would have the artist on the front cover against a black background to reflect the fire, which is being held in her hand. The photo is a mid shot of the artist’s body and face, naked but her covering up some parts. We did this from the influence of the Lady Gaga photo we had found as we believed it would attract a large audience because not many artists have semi naked photos of them on their own front cover. However, the fire is also an attracting element on the front cover. Our digi pack contains the same theme as the front cover. We did this because the audience will see the same reflecting images. <br />-38100323850<br />-160972532340551981200934085Our products are effective because they have one main image running through them which is the image of fire to correlate with the song lyrics. This is effective because the audience will recognise the word “fire” in “Fire Bomb” and immediately associate it with the image fire. Our music video is effective because it meets the target audience. From research we were able to find out what the target audience wanted and then target those wants to suit the needs of the audience. These were things like a concept video with a story line, and having the main singer perform. Our digi pack and CD cover are also effective because having the main singer on the front cover, also being semi naked attracts the audience to view the product this is because people can relate to the nudity to being quite natural, innocent and vulnerable, which is the image that we are trying to convey because of the loss of her boyfriend. <br />Rihanna, in her music video Umbrella, this follows the conventions of an RnB music video this is because Rihanna is performing and singing in parts of her videos, which is how we have constructed our music video with an unique selling point off having a narrative and performance styled video. <br />What have you learnt from your audience feed back?<br />In order to do this, we conducted audience feedback. We created a questionnaire in which we could gather information from the public after they had watched our music video that we had put onto You Tube. After collecting our questionnaires we then analysed the answers and then concluded the answers. <br />From the conclusion of our audience feedback we were able to see if our video and print work meet our target audience. The video was mainly aimed at 14-21 year olds. We managed to reach our target audience because we followed the forms and conventions of an R ‘n’ B music videos that have been successful. For example, our video featured an artist of 19 years old, this means the audience can relate to her.<br />Figure 1. Figure 2.<br />Figure 1 is a screen shoot from our music video, Figure to is a comprassion picture of JoJo, from her video. The similarly in this video show we have followed the conventions off an RnB music video.<br />Our audience feed back was generally positive which means our target audience like our production, negative points were things such as the video being to dark, the audience also said that fire should of been incorporated into the music video instead of black grounds, because fire was the main theme running through the digi pack. If I was given the chance I would of taken this into account, and changed the green screen parts of the video to have fire in the background so it was an on running theme through out the whole production. <br />After handing out questionnaires to gain audience feed back I also learnt from this that the sex that mainly enjoyed the video and song were females. This is because it is a female artist and the story line concept video is very emotional so teenage girls can relate to the artist, where as males find it hard to do that. However, from our audience feedback we also learnt how we can improve our video. T he audience said that we could open the video a bit slowly and also said that the opening of the music video was a bit fast and didn’t establish who the boy and the girl were, what they were doing there and what sort of relationship they had. From this feedback we discovered that it was best not to have flashbacks but instead opening up with the flashbacks and then establishing the death. This way the audience will be able to establish who the characters are and what relationship they hold with each other. <br />As a group overall I believe that our music video is very professional, this is because we followed our brief and research, and our music video can now be compared to other professional music videos in the market, due to the editing techniques used making the editing and green screen scenes very professional. Many of our respondents said they thought the lip sync was very well produced. Very little error and this made it look professional. If we got another chance, I think we could make it perfect in response to the feedback now that it has been highlighted as a small issue.<br />Some people said that the lighting we used was not very well thought out. We tried to make it as professional as we could using 3 different lights. So in response to this I feel we tried our best to make the alley way look realistic so the scene had to be dark, but we tried to highlight the faces of the actors using lights which is not very clear in all parts. <br />1323975-323850<br />How did you use new media technologies in the research, planning, construction and evaluation stages?<br />When in the researching stage of our product we gathered information by distributing questionnaires. However, when gaining information on other artist products, such as music videos and CD covers we researched what the artist’s had used in terms of green screen and photo shop. We also looked at editing styles that the videos had taken on, these media technologies such as green screen edits and cuts and fades which we could incorporate into our final media products. We wanted to look at how other artists had used the green screen technology in order to influence us and get an idea of what is the best way to use the green screen. We then decided to use the green screen technology in our construction of our product. We shot in a green screen room with lots of lighting in order for no shadows, we then edited the green screen, so that it was a plain back ground in order to use a red effect over the artist. This new media technology enabled us to enhance our performance part of the music video which enabled us to create a plain dark surrounding to correlate with the emotions of the singer. <br />Adobe Photoshop- I found this the hardest thing to use, I managed to get a good understanding of the basic skills but perfecting them to make a professional piece of art work would have been hard for me without the help of my team mates. After given a tutorial on how to use the basic steps and skills I was more confident but still struggled to do more difficult editing styles. <br />Camera, I picked up camera work really well a lot of the time is was on screen so didn’t get a chance to use it but when I did get the opportunity I was very confident.<br />Lighting equipment was very easy to use, I understood which ways to put the light to make the screen bright and make the camera picture look good.<br />Blogger.com was an easy blogging website which as a year group all had to use to upload our work to.<br />Slideshare.com was a website that our group used to upload pictures or drawings such as the story board and digi pack ideas, I found this website easy to use, it was very simple to upload my work and then copy to put onto the blog. <br />