Analysis of questionnaire a2


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Analysis of questionnaire a2

  1. 1. Hitesh Hirji Analysis of questionnaireA questionnaire was undertaken to review how our music video and visuals were portrayedby the audience, the main reason a questionnaire was handed out to audience was to gatherfeedback and what improvements needed to be made, ten questions were asked which werebased upon various topics within the coursework, for example the video, lyrics, poster/ digi-pack, style of editing and how we would improve our work. Fifteen members of the audiencewere interviewed; this is a large number so it is easier to how the feedback was overall. 1) Did you enjoy the video?This was the first question asked, fifteen members of the audience said they enjoyed themusic video and they would love to see a second part to the current video, this indicates thatour music video is of high standard. No one had said they didn’t enjoy watching the video.Many people also said they enjoyed the video due to the fact that they liked the differentlocations included and the fact that it looked professional. (Yes: 15/ No: 0) 2) Did you understand the narrative?Thirteen people they understood the narrative and unfortunately three people said they didn’t,however due to the amount of people that said they did, overall the majority understood thenarrative which shows it was portrayed properly, one reason why people may have found itconfusing is because there are a number of shots that are cut fast which may have confusedthem, the reason these shots were included was to create awareness of the feeling of the maincharacter and how there is a lot happening at the same time. (Yes: 13/ No: 2)
  2. 2. Hitesh Hirji 3) Was the performance realistic?Each person that had undertaken this questionnaire clearly stated that they thought theperformance was realistic, this shows that our product is realistic and appeals to the audience,many people had also said they thought it was realistic because they could relate to the actorsactions and feelings, this shows that we also linked the actions of the actors to the lyrics tothe song. (Yes: 15/ No: 0) 4) Did the video relate to the lyrics to the song?Fourteen members of the audience said they thought the lyrics related to the video, mainlybecause the theme was based upon fire and a rocky relationship with the two actors, oneperson had mentioned the reason why they said it did not relate to the lyrics was due to thefact that it wasn’t representing fire. (Yes: 14/ No: 1) 5) Do you think the digi- pack and poster all follow the theme of fire clearly?Fourteen people mentioned the fact that fire was the main theme of the whole project whichtherefore shows that the poster and digi-pack both relate clearly to fire, due to the fact that theposter has a darkened fire in the background, it was confusing at first to see exactly what the
  3. 3. Hitesh Hirjidesign was but when looking carefully at it, you can see that the background is fire, the digi-pack shows Emily with a flame arising from her hand, this was extremely clear and it wasrapidly linked to the theme. (Yes: 15/ No: 0) 6) Do you like the set and the mise-en-scene we created with fire in our editing stage?Eleven people said they liked the set and the mise-en-scene we created with fire in our editingstate, however four people said it wasn’t professional and that it should be more creative, forexample it should be a more realistic fire which creates a link to the song. Due to the fact thatfour people said no, we decided that next time we will make the sets more realistic and relateit to the topic of the song. (Yes: 11/ No: 4) 7) Do you feel the song and music video would compare well to the songs in the charts currently?Fifteen people from the audience said they definitely thought that our music video and songwould be mainstream today; this was mainly because it was an upbeat song which is mainlycommercial today. No one said that the music video wouldn’t compare to modern musicvideos, this is mainly because the editing was very detailed and used different techniques. 8) Do you think the camerawork and camera angles we used represented our characters well?Fourteen people said that the camerawork and angles we used represented our characters, thiswas because in the beginning we portrayed Emily as being angry and scared, and we
  4. 4. Hitesh Hirjiachieved this by specific shots that were taken. For example we used a longshot to showconfusion and different surroundings. (Yes: 14/ No: 1) 9) The text and colours we used in our digi-pack and magazine complemented the photos we took. Do you agree?Eleven people agreed with this statement; however four people said that the colour didn’tcomplement our photos. The colour of our cd case is black, this is a simple colour, we hadchosen this colour due to the fact that it would empower the picture leaving a powerful cdcase. The posters colour was the colour/ design of fire, this was very colourful which peopleliked because it represented the theme and the lyrics of the song. (Yes: 11/ No: 4) 10) If you could offer us one piece of feedback on how to improve our work, please state bellow. The majority of people that filled in the questionnaire said that we needed to improve on the fast movements of some clips which previously left a number of people confused.