Why outsource transcription to india


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Why outsource transcription to india

  1. 1. Why You Should Outsource TranscriptionServices to India?Website: http://www.hitechtranscriptionservices.comHaving audio, video, recordings, tapes transcribed accurately and quicklyto text format is highly beneficial in analysis, storing and sharingvaluable information. Business, academic institutions, students,lecturers, professors, healthcare professionals, studios and media housesprefer to outsource transcription services to India. The sole reasonbehind is highest level of accuracy, timely completion of projectsand huge experience Indian transcribers have in this industry comparedto transcribers of other countries.Hi-Tech Transcription ServicesOffers FREE QUOTES on all typeof transcribing needLesley Dehn, Author and professional at Hi-Tech TranscriptionServices, India based Transcription Company with years of expertise andexperience of over 17 years and thousands of successfully completedprojects. Get exceptional results on outsourced transcription serviceneeds by experts, Feel free to contact with queries and questions oninfo@hitechtranscriptionservices.com
  2. 2. India has been the most preferred location to outsource not onlytranscription but other requirements of BPO, KPO, IT and support also.And with the implementation of newer and advance technologies the rateof outsourcing to India has increased up to 26% in year 2011-12 andpredicted to mount up to 38-40% in year 2013-14.Why Indian Transcription Companies are preferred more than otherAsian countries (Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, andIndonesia etc) for outsourcing needs?No Language Barrier:Surprise to know that most widely spoken language on the planet isMandarin not English and apart from it Spanish, Russian, Arabic,Portuguese, French are some of the major languages which oftenneed transcribing to English.India is the only country having expertise in learning multiple languages(400+ different languages spoken and used in India) andtranscribing experts are professionally trained in English, French,Spanish, Russian, Arabic and other languages. And this offersoffshore countries to outsource multiple language transcribingneeds to India.Source: Hi-Tech Transcription Services
  3. 3. Accuracy:Years of industrial experience, clear understanding of various businessterminologies say finance, legal, medical, real estate,manufacturing, media, journalism etc and in-depth transcribingexpertise help professional transcribers deliver the most accuratetranscribing solutions with guarantee.Proven transcribing procedures, use of advance technologies,transcription software, tools, equipment and industrial bestproofreaders, editors and QC team assures accurate transcripts.International Standards:All the outsourcing solutions for transcribing needs are done as perinternational standards, privacy policies, rules and regulationssuch as HIPAA Compliance.Source: Hi-Tech Transcription ServicesThe Follow-Up Work:
  4. 4. If you are looking for accuracy, fast turnaround time and hassle freetranscribing solution with in your esteemed budget and affordablethan local transcribing rates than transcription services in Indiacan only offer it. Transcription companies have easy procedures,flexible pricing and ability to expand its operations as per yourbulk transcribing needs or urgent transcribing requirements.The Pricing:Transcription services in India are not cheaper but it is more affordablethan what you have been paying locally. And fast turnaround time,highest level of quality, professional approach, dedicated team oftranscribers for your job AND accountability of quality are some of theadditional value added benefits Indian transcription services are capableof offering.Source: Hi-Tech Transcription Services