Transcription Services RatesWebsite:“Money and accuracy matters the most while e...
Another factor that contributes to the increase charges for transcribing is audioand sound quality, background noise, sing...
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Transcription services-rates


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Transcription services-rates

  1. 1. Transcription Services RatesWebsite:“Money and accuracy matters the most while employingprofessional transcription service providers or company.Estimate your transcription project to perfection.”If you are talking about transcription services rates? In that case one shouldhave to take proper care while selecting professional transcribers for theirtranscription projects. Outsourcing a transcription project is primarily meant tofulfill below mentioned goals. • Reduce operation cost • Get rid of management hassle • Save time, to focus on care business activity • Get access to professional services • Improving quality through access of advance technologies • Get rid of backlogs and to complete project with in stipulated time frameOutsourcing transcription services to leading transcription companies acrossIndia and other Asian countries has become a trend that is proving beneficial toall verticals of companies and business from nations like United States, Canada,Australia, UK, France, Italy, Egypt, UAE and other European countries and helpsto achieve above mentioned goals.Transcription Rates Trends, Some of the very common charging optionsare: • Hourly transcription rates • Per minute transcription rates • Per line transcription • Per hour audio transcription • And transcription rates base on whole projectThe very first step to track on the transcription charges it to understand varioustypes of transcription and sources. For example transcription from video,transcription from audio recordings, transcribing audio files, tapes or CD/DVDtranscription, audio cassette etc.
  2. 2. Another factor that contributes to the increase charges for transcribing is audioand sound quality, background noise, single or multiple speakers, accent(s) etcbecause these tend to increase the time and efforts need to transcriber singleminute compared to clearer audio.Video requires time coding, translation, time stamping, captioning that increasethe transcription services rates per minute.On an average transcription services rates/ minute and transcription servicesprices per audio hour are two most preferred way of charging for all outsourcedtranscription needs. But in case of text to text transcription project requirementtranscription services rates per line are charges.Many leading transcription companies across India are committed to provideoutsource transcription services to its clients with personalize service at verycompetitive prices that can be used for better services and reliability.Offers like FREE TRIAL to start with, discount on transcribing needs,sample transcribing done at no extra cost are some of the value addedservices that can be utilized to check quality, and pricing of particulartranscription service providers.Lesley Dehn, Author and professional at Hi-Tech Transcription Services, Indiabased Transcription Company with years of expertise and experience of over 17years. Get exceptional results on outsource transcription service, at lowesttranscription rates with best quality by experts of leading transcription companiesat info@hitechtranscriptionservices.comSource: