Transcription of audio files to text


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Transcription of audio files to text

  1. 1. Transcription of Audio Files to TextTranscription of audio files to text or conversion from audio videorecording, can software can generate a transcribed text file?I have gathered hundreds of reviews posted across internet mentioningthey are not efficient, easy to use and reliable when accuracy comes astop priority. But why some person claims that independent audio to textsoftware can transcribe to the perfection?Actually I admire their claim on it and they are true on it! When you haveshort audio, video or speech recordings say few minutes recording it canbe used as an option but then also you need to have some experienceand knowledge to transcriber that. Is that means software can deliverbest results when they are customized and integrated with othertranscription equipments, tools and supervised by experienced team ofaudio transcribers and quality assurance professionals. Yes, it is true and when it comes to bulk, time constraint and specialize format or need transcription work you need to hire skilled and trusted professionals or companies to get desired results for any kind of transcription need from audio files to text.Why professionals are more efficient and trusted resource forquality audio files, recording or format transcription than automaticaudio to text software’s? They use integrated transcription process Have year of experience in transcribing different type of transcription needs Use customized transcription, voice reorganization, conversion and quality assurance tools and software Have secure ftp connections to for audio, video, sound files download and upload Aware of international transcription standards
  2. 2. Understand security measures and offers it as per HIPAA guidelines Knowledge in transcription technology for legal, academic, business, medical, media and other industry Operational centers are equipped with foot pedal, playback control software, audio typing assistance tools Have ability to expand as per customers outsourced projects needs Follow multiple level quality assurance measures for best results Assures you for accurate, timely and high quality services Automated software can slow the audio files for interviews, meeting or academic audio file but cannot help in transcribing itOver all it is worth paying someone who can offer you hassle free,accurate, timely and regular transcription of audio files to text and audioto text conversion services rather than spending on software! It savestime and cost both.Lesley Dehn, Author and professional at Hi-Tech TranscriptionServices, India based Transcription Company with years of expertise andexperience of over 17 years. Get exceptional results on onlinetranscription service needs by experts of leading transcription companiesat info@hitechtranscriptionservices.comSource: