Business Process Outsourcing - 2013 Trends


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The year that went by was a mixed bag
for ITeS (IT enabled Services) including
Business Outsourcing Processing
services. However, anticipation of
revival of this sector in the year 2013 is
doing the rounds.

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Business Process Outsourcing - 2013 Trends

  1. 1. BPO 2013 TrendsImage Soure: Visit us: Email us:
  2. 2. Visit us: • Email us: Year 2012 for BPO The year that went by was a mixed bag for ITeS (IT enabled Services) including Business Outsourcing Processing services. However, anticipation of revival of this sector in the year 2013 is doing the rounds. For few BPO firms, the year 2012 was full of challenges, for few it was a smooth sail. The same scenario is said to set in the year 2013. According to the grapevine, 2013 is likely to offer challenges at macro level however, there is also anticipation about this year being a smooth sail for sectors adopting innovative strategies. For India, the US is a country that alone contributes 60% of the IT export revenue and 2012 was an election year for the US. Now that the US president Barack Obama has been reelected, many anticipate stricter rules in outsourcing for a country like India. The reason they state is Obamas rigid stand on outsourcing. However, experts believe that reelection of Obama would not have a bad impact on Indian BPO service sector.Image Source:
  3. 3. Visit us: • Email us: BPO IN 2013What to expect of BPO in What is to rule the market in2013? 2013?Largely, companies catering to ITeS Cloud, big data analytics, mobile,can remain optimistic and consider and collaboration are technologiessecure growth and opportunities for that are sure to rock the market inBPO in the year 2013. For this, the 2013. Optimized investment incompanies should continue to existing technologies should be theconcentrate on capturing US and EU key focus area for companies intomarket in the year 2013. BPO industry. Research and development (R&D) in cloud computing, localization, social media and mobile-value added services among others should feature in the list of must-have applications. Image Source:
  4. 4. Visit us: • Email us: info@hitechbpo.comTrends to ruleBPO industry in 2013?IT industry faltered when the are here to stay throughout 2013.budgets shrunk. BPO sector Cloud-based BPO would mean a lot ?however, on the other hand has of hard work on clients as well asseemed to have grown its appetite providers side in transferring hugefor an extended business. amount of data from clientsAccording to 2012 TPI (Tax and Price? infrastructure to third-party (BPO) Index), contract value for BPO was cloud-enabled platform. considerably high in some areas. The line ? of distinction between The same can be anticipated of onshore, near-shore and offshore 2013. work will diminish when theVariations in current technologies? business becomes more final- and increased domain expertise outcome driven. across verticals are sure to help BPO Flourishing ? verticals including race ahead of other sectors in 2013. retail, shipping, shopping andTechnology? and platform-based healthcare, to name a few are likely BPO are going to be one of the to bring business to India in 2013. biggest trendsetters of the year This can be attributed to the 2013. countrys increasing potential in analytics, finance and R&D.?ingAdopt Cloud and mobile collaborations, requirement of multi ? analytics your forte—this Make locations and better hold on should be your work mantra as autonomous technology structures todays growing economy analysis
  5. 5. Visit us: • Email us: ? small-time business firms: Rise of The number of organizations that specialize in offering domain specific expertise to a particular vertical will increase in 2013. It will encourage trust building among clients. ? of distinction between IT The line and BPO if remains untouched, will has gone to achieve more bring growth to the sector. prominence than before. ? centers will be kept open ContactAnalytics driven experiments are? 24x7 round the year: This is so failure-proof. Being able to observe because customers usually get a trend manually is a difficult task involved with their banks on social and technology today does that media on holidays and financial which humans find difficult to do. sector firms remain closed on Noticing a trend early in the life cycle Sundays. Here, a customer- of a business process is always an relationship manager needs to added advantage, as decisions understand that s/he must never taken by the C-level executives are pursue “we are closed on Sundays”. made based on the trends spotted. They should keep themselvesVertical BPO is the key to future? updated on social network sites BPO. Having domain expertise is a every hour in a day and 365 days in way out of ignorance and a year. This way BPO sector enables unawareness. Vertical BPO takes contact centers to offer 24x7 year- you a step closer to meeting your round services via facebook, twitter clients requirements. etc.? providers to be replacedService by partners: Clients look for smart partners while resolving problems during big data analysis and stiff competition and last but not the least facing wise customers. Smart and enterprising partner will always help you with innovation and fast growth.
  6. 6. Visit us: • Email us: games toUse of is that 23 rise in 2013: percent of the Inclusion of information in game concepts digital world is as a means to useful however decide the only 3 percent is course of action utilized for data e n l i v e n s analysis. The b u s i n e s s other challenge activities. This is to match the encourages BPO strength of the employees to employees with post or make an the increasing update about volume of the their business development, Big Data. rewards and improvements on social media channels. It is one way Domestic outsourcing to rise to ? of spreading a word about their new horizons: Considering the rise companys growth. in demand of high wages by Indian and Chinese employees of lately,Big Data Analysis: It is a question? getting your business done within that bothers both clients and their the country comes as a lucrative service providers — how to manage option. This way the business will the ever-growing and unstructured benefit from being located data collected from business geographically nearby the processes? The deep rooted concern organization.Image Source:
  7. 7. Visit us: • Email us: info@hitechbpo.comExplore the existence ofvarious business models ? business with local companies, more BPO companies will By having realize that it is not necessary to offshore the business entirely. ? executives will be asked to design strategies keeping in mind The top different models including onsite, near-site, near-shore, offshore and far-shore.
  8. 8. Visit us: • Email us: info@hitechbpo.comTakeaways ? offer challenges at macro level. 2013 to For sectors that prioritize innovation above all, the year 2013 is ? likely to be a smooth sail. ? big data analytics, mobile and collaboration to rule BPO Cloud, sector. ?more on technology and platform-based BPO. Focus Business to become more final-result oriented. ? ? analytics-driven experiments. Conduct ? BPO is the future. Vertical ? smart partnership. Look for 24x7 services to be made available at contact centers. ? Domestic offshoring will touch new heights. ? ? the option of implementing multiple business models Explore
  9. 9. Visit us: • Email us: info@hitechbpo.comCompany Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and privately owned firm, established in 1992. With current employee strength of over 700 professionals, the company offers services in BPO, Architectural Engineering Construction Services, Engineering Solutions and Software Solutions. Hi-Techs primary customer base is USA, Canada, UK, EU, Australia, Middle-East and other countries. Outsourcing your projects to Hi-Tech will save 60%-70% on clients costs. Hi-Tech is affiliated with several national and international business groups and industrial bodies. This enables the company to stay connected with its clients across the globe. Hi-Tech is affiliated to the following: ØChamber of Commerce U.S. Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC) Ø ØGreen Building Council (USGBC) U.S. Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) Ø Computer Society of India (CSI) Ø Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) Ø National Association of Software & Service Companies (NASSCOM) Ø Gujarat Electronics & Software Industries Association (GESIA) Ø
  10. 10. Visit us: • Email us: info@hitechbpo.comClient List
  11. 11. Contact Ahmedabad - Headquarter Hi-Tech House, B/H V-Murti Complex, Near Gurukul Tower, Gurukul, Ahmedabad-380 052, Gujarat, India. Phone: +91-794-000-3000 +91-793-014-3000 Fax : +91-794-000-3202 E-Mail: Ahmedabad Office 3rd Floor, Chanakya Plaza, New C.G. Road Opp. Swagat I Chandkheda Ahmedabad – 380 006 Gujarat India Cochin Office 43-A E Block 3rd Floor, Cochin Special Economic Zone (CSEZ) Kakkanad Cochin - 682 037 Kerala India Visit us at:
  12. 12. Visit us: • Email us: info@hitechbpo.comBibliography ? ? bpo.html ? ? ? industry?fg=139297 ? highlighted-in-green-under-the-heading-r-d.html ?