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My shrinking 21st century world!
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My shrinking 21st century world!


Discuss how the myWorld social studies program is uniquely designed to help students build the a geographical, historical, social and technical knowledge and skills required of citizens living and …

Discuss how the myWorld social studies program is uniquely designed to help students build the a geographical, historical, social and technical knowledge and skills required of citizens living and working in our 21st century global community.  Discuss how technology and social media are networking and shrinking the world of our students.

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  • 1. My Shrinking 21st Century World! Presented by George SabatoDiscuss how the myWorld social studies program is uniquely designed to help students build the a geographical, historical, social and technical knowledge and skills required of citizens living and working in our 21st century global community.  Discuss how technology and social media are networking and shrinking the world of our students.
  • 2. Welcome to my presentation:
    My Shrinking 21st Century World! 
    George Sabato
    Master Teacher Author
  • 3. My Shrinking 21st Century World! Presented by George Sabato
  • 4. How old is the oldest map in the world?On what was it written?
    Did this map expand or shrink the world of these people?
  • 5. Who Named America?
    Martin Waldseemüller’s 1507
    Did the world get larger or smaller with this new information about America?
  • 6. Take a Moment
    Jot down a few of the elements you would like to see in your dream
    21st century social studies program.
    What would you want as a teacher?
    What do you want for your students?
  • 7. A Four Generation Perspective
    I want to take a moment to put today and tomorrow in perspective.
    I want to connect to the changes in the live of people in my life..from my grandma to our grandchildren—four generations.
  • 8. How Big Was Grandma’s World?
    She knew everybody in Freedom, CA
    It was a day trip from Watsonville
    to Monterey, a trip seldom made
    in the late 1890’s or early 20th century
    News came mostly word of mouth.
    Views of the world came from the few pictures in the rarely read newspaper. Schoolbooks were mostly filled with words, some illustrations and a rare photo.
    As a young mother, a trip from her home in San Francisco to Watsonville was a two day adventure.
    Grandma never learned to drive and she never flew anywhere!
  • 9. Her Shrinking World
    Silent films, then talkies, then color movies shrunk her world.
    Newsreels at the theater gave her a window on the world along with radio and newspaper reports.
    She read her National Geographics from the1920’s on! What cool black and white photos of strange lands and people! (I used to read from her collection!) She met her “neighbors” around the world. What a small world!
  • 10. And still smaller…
    The telephone made it possible for her to call her family and friends…using her party line…then eventually private line.
    But long distance calls were few because of the cost…and it sounded like you were talking into a can.
    Letters still were the main way of communicating with family and friends.
  • 11. Grandma Jessie’s Changing WorldHer Shrinking World!
    My Grandma Jessie was born in 1895.
    She watched new technology change the world
    --cars and paved roads, freeways
    --airplanes…in peace and war...props then jets
    --ice box to refrigerator, washing machines, telephone morphed
    --electricity in homes, nuclear power generation
    --radio and then television..first B&W then color!
    --high rise buildings changed her SF landscape
    --and man landed on the moon,
    --medical technologies—
    allowed her to live to 92! +30 years
    dianosis techniques, medications, equipment
  • 12. What else did Grandma miss?
    What inventions did Grandma Jessie miss?
    -- Personal Computer—word processing, spreadsheets, data bases, design…
    -- internet: email, texting, search engines, web sites, social networks, Skye, online conferencing
    -- Cell phone--the www in your pocket!
    We are now all globally connected!
    This is the shrinking world of our children,
    our students.
  • 13. Our children have it all!
    Our children, our students have all that Grandma Jessie had, and all that has come after her—what we have now.
    Personal computers, iPhones/Droids, HDTV, 3DTV, live streaming news, Skpye, Facebook friends around the world, cheap flights around the world
    And our grandchildren will have…..????
  • 14. And the World Will Shrink More!
    Our children will have things in their lives that are not yet invented. They will have things that are invented after our generation passes!
    What will those things be that shrink the world ever more?
    We need to develop the skills, the creativity problem solving skills and collaborative spirit needed for their unknown world to come.
  • 15. Google projects
    A hand held “Brain”
    What skills will our students need to use that?
    Information Explosion
    What took all of time for mankind to create up until 2003 is now created in 2 days?
    What skills will be needed to manage that?
  • 16. Change to come…
    Email: 2006 -- 50 Billion emails sent
    Last Year -- 300 Billion
    In the future ?? And how will email change?
    Facebook: It began in 2004
    Now it has 800 million users
    and …
    People online…in ten years 4 billion
  • 17. The Phone Call
    An idea
    A phone call
    --Changing the way social studies will be in our 21st century classrooms.
  • 18. Glenn Diedrich contacted me about creating the dream social studies program.
    He wanted to make the most personal, engaging middle school series that will use the best teaching strategies and technology.
    We talked about it over time, meeting at social studies conferences, emailing…talking on the phone.
  • 19. Take out your Dream Social Studies Ideas
    Let’s see how your ideas match up to the ideas Glenn and I discussed.
  • 20. The Ideas Flowed!
    We discussed how students need a book/program that would
    grab and hold the students’ attention,
    Be interesting to read, narrative in style
    Make a personal and emotional connection
    Be supported by up-to-date graphics and information
    Build 21st century skills + support state standards
    Use the latest technology – digital text +
    -- safe internet--cloud based research and reporting, social networking, tutorials, online assessment, video…
    Strong teacher training and support
    Use teachers as key resources in development
  • 21. The Pitch!
    Then he said he needed me to tell the “deciders” at Pearson why this was going to be a great project.
    He asked me to make a video telling why the plan was one they had to do.
    No pressure…but an investment of tens of millions of dollars in the program were on the table.
  • 22. And so I made a video and emailed it to Boston.
  • 23. 21st Century TechologyWas Used in Its Creation
    It began with a dream. The go-ahead was given. $
    Recruited a team of leaders in content, state standards, teaching, research, videography, graphics, and computer technology.
    In person meetings in several cities
    Online collaboration with people across the globe
    email and group phone & online conferences
    Latest technology in publication, print and online
  • 24. Michael Yell, George Sabatoand Glenn Diedrich
  • 25. My Story -- Your Story
    In developing the myWorldSocial Studies Program the goal was to make ita very personal approach to learning.
    It is about connecting, experiencing, understanding
  • 26. More than a book—A program
    Books are colorful, filled with images and graphics that give a sense of looking at a computer screen.
    Tied to State Standards
    Bound with Big Ideas
    Planned using Understanding By Design method
    A Stand-alone book based program Plus!
    Powerful Technology
    Written by Master Teacher Authors…like me.
  • 27. Grant Wiggins and Understanding by Design
    Starting with the Essential Question, your students will explore social studies concepts, build knowledge, and transfer ideas throughout their lessons and ultimately – their lives.
  • 28. 21St Century Skills
  • 29. Get them Ready for the 21st Century
  • 30. Building A Tomorrow Begins Today!
  • 31. How can they prepare in a safe, enriching and skill building way?
  • 32. Teachers Get to See It. They said…
    Here’s some comments from teachers who were able to preview the book at the recent NCSS Conference. (video with my iPhone)
    myWorld Geography
    myWorld History
  • 33.
  • 34. Let’s Explore myWorld Geography
    Connecting to “Connect, Experience, Understand
    YouTube Preview
    MyWorldGeorgraphy Site
    myStory Videos
    UbD Research
    myWorld in Numbers
    Flickr—tied to myWorld and Google Maps
    myWorld Map
    Download Activivity Based Lessons—Activity Cards
  • 35. Let’s Look at myWorld History Online
    You can log on to myWorldHistory to see a sample chapter and activities.
    Sample myStory—Mary Leaky
    Project Builder
  • 36. http://www.myworldpearson.com/mystory.php
  • 37.
  • 38. myWorld History: A World History Curriculum by Pearson
    Welcome to myWorld History™!  Take your classroom on a virtual exploration around the globe and through time with this exciting and digitally-robust socials studies program from Pearson. myWorld History provides you with three ways to teach. 
    With innovative online, print, and activity-based resources, all students will go beyond the printed page and actively experience the world as it was and is today.
  • 39. Fully Digital Content
    myWorld History's fully digital content includes
    project-based learning and game-like assignments in which students explore regions and time periods, gathering information by watching videos;
    interactive simulations;
    maps, data, primary resources, and artifacts;
    and an online tracker that enables students to capture their thoughts and record their observations online.
  • 40. Taking It Global
  • 41. MyWorld Geography Facebook
  • 42. http://mypearsontraining.com/products/myworldgeography/2011/tutorials.asp
  • 43. Travel Through Regions and Time
  • 44. Using the best of today…
    The best way to prepare for tomorrow is use the best of today the best means of learning, exploring and sharing
    Rich Narrative Text (Standards Based)
    Understanding by Design Lessons
    MyStory and myHistoryVideo Stories
    Computer Applications and Projects
    Hands-on Collaborative Activities/Assessments
  • 45. How will the grandchildren…
    Describe the changes in life experienced by the children of today—to their grand-children?
    Will they be as dramatic at the changes seen in Grandma Jessie’s lifetime, or ours?
    Will they say their teachers prepared them for those changes and challenges?
    myWorld is all about making them ready, willing and able for their world of tomorrow.
  • 46.
  • 47. Mr. Sabato’s Best of the Web for Education http://mrsabato.webs.com/ https://sites.google.com/site/mrsabatosite/
    Email: GeorgeSabato@gmail.com