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Discover a website that presents the best education websites for teachers, students and parents. World and American History, Language Arts, Math, Science, Art and Music, Technology, Homework Help, ESL and Gifted Education, Teacher Resources...

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Best of the Web for Education 2011

  1. 1. The Best of the Web For Education Presented by George F. Sabato California League of Schools Technology Conference Monterey 2011
  2. 2. Today you will be introduced to … My Educational Web Portal Example Sites Ways to Make Your Own Site
  3. 3. Get Ready To Discover! Sites That Assist-- Teachers Students Parents
  4. 4. Resources For American and World History Geography Math English Science Art and Music Research Assistance News Taking Virtual Tours Educational Games Translation Teaching Support Standards Gifted and Talented Education and ESL And more….
  5. 5. Mr. Sabato’s Best of the Web A Resource and A Model
  6. 6. And its Google Alternative Site An alternate site created because some school sites block the site.
  7. 7. S e a r c h Mr. Sabato education Or Mr. Sabato And the sites will be at the top of the list. Google “ I’m Feeling Lucky ” usually works, As well as Yahoo, Bing, … Or you can it !!!!!!
  8. 8. Search “ Mr. Sabato ” and get to my site.
  9. 9. Or use the CCSS Link Mr. Sabato’s Site Is a featured link at The Links Page of The California Council for the Social Studies.
  10. 10. Welcome! Use the MENU to Navigate
  11. 11. Select World History
  12. 12. You arrive at this page. You have links to World History .
  13. 13. Favorite World History Sites The following are just a few of my favorite history sites.
  14. 14. Selected Sample History Sites This site has a great review Of world history written at The students reading level.
  15. 15. Wonderful World History Written for kids.
  16. 16. Click on Rome Or any Ancient Civilization Mr. Donn’s Ancient History Great Links and Lessons On the civilization you select!
  17. 17. BJ Pinchbeck’s at Discovery School has great links for Social Studies, Math, English, Science, Art/Music, …. Easy Fun School has great project ideas. for example, for Egypt they have instructions on how to mummify a chicken!
  18. 18. American History Menu from my Google Site page
  19. 19. American History Find Sites like Ms. Hotz Links
  20. 20. Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators Mr. Kash’s Class Page
  21. 21. The Geography links provide you with links that present Maps—ancient and contemporary map quizes, black line masters political and physical by the hundreds! Aerial/Satellite images Facts about countries Weather World Time Games
  22. 22. Sample Geography Sites National Geographic has it all, from political and physical maps, all about animals, history/culture and it has fun and challenging games.
  23. 23. This is National Geographic’s Map Machine . Get Street Map to Country Profiles!
  24. 24. This game is like Simon. Drill and Thrill!
  25. 25. My Home! When you type in the street address in to Google Earth it will give you an aerial view of the location.
  26. 26. Government
  27. 27. Sample Government Sites
  28. 28. You name the subject-- Math English Science Music Art ESL Find hundreds of links!
  29. 29. Science, Art, Music, Theater
  30. 30. The four Best sites of Homework help
  31. 31. Find TOPICS on the MENU
  32. 32. Search Engines Guides to Searching Encyclopedias Dictionaries Library Links Bibliography Help
  33. 33. Research There’s a link to Google, Vivissimo, And other search engings. Get “just the facts” from Fact Monster!
  34. 34. One of the best teacher sites-- designed for AP classes. A great resource for all!
  35. 35. Bibliography Help! MLS or APA ISBN to Citation!!
  36. 36. Find links to just about every museum in the world!
  37. 37. Museum Sites
  38. 38. Get the scoop from kid oriented sites, or from main stream sites of television networks to newspapers, from local to national!
  39. 39. You can now easily use translation software, just type in the English and get a translation into the language you choose.
  40. 40. Naturally, the kids love games. having these safe, educational games available is a nice service, and a hook to the web site.
  41. 41. Educational Games
  42. 42. Find tutorials to just about any software, (Word, Excel…) guides to making a web site, buttons and banners for sites, and places where you can build a free web site blog, wiki…
  43. 43. Technology Links to tutorials, clip art, anti-spyware, banners and buttons…
  44. 44. Find links to the California Assn. of the Gifted (CAG), And other great resources for parents And teachers—the kids too!
  45. 45. Websites for Gifted and Talented Great sites from the UK and Australia!
  46. 46. Best Sites For Organizations
  47. 47. Find Teacher Support from Web 2.0, Smart Boards, State Standards and Blue Prints, Relased Questions
  48. 48. Standards
  49. 49. What’s New??? …is something new!
  50. 50. How can you create something similar? If you can do basic word-processing, you can create Word files with hot links, Or create web pages, blogs and wikis. Here are some examples of how you can do it.
  51. 51. MAPS OF THE ANCIENT ROMAN WORLD   The Seven Hills of Rome – Map of the Seven Hills of Rome. Basic Rome City Topography – Topographic map of Rome. Maps of the Roman Empire -  Interactive map of the Roman Empire.  Map of the Roman Empire At Its Greatest Extent – A large file map of the Roman Empire in the third century. Maps of Roman Battles and Invasions – Find detailed maps of battles You can save a doc as a regular file. When students bring up that file on your classroom or lab computer, they can follow your selected links. You can also save these files to your web site in HTML*. The set of links I created for Ancient Rome (in my links) were done in this manner. Example below, If you can use Word , you just create a regular document with the insertion of hyperlinks . (see a Word tutorial*)
  52. 52. SBC Filamentality You create lessons with Hot Links for each activity. Then save them at Filamentality. You create a personal file with password for editing . Students then can access your lesson at Filimentality and use the Hot Links!
  53. 53. You can easily get a free web site! Google Sites Angelfire Each of these sites provide you with templates and tutorials. You could be up and running in minutes!
  54. 54.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Filamentality is a fill-in-the-blank tool that guides you through picking a topic, searching the Web, gathering good Internet links, and turning them into online learning activities. Support is built-in along the way through Mentality Tips . In the end, you'll create a web-based activity you can share with others even if you don't know anything about HTML or serving web pages.
  55. 55. Workshop Follow-up Visit “Mr. Sabato’s Best of the Web for Education”. Bookmark the site. Visit the websites on Mr. Sabato’s Site   Bookmark your favorite sites.    Share the site with teachers, students and parents.    Advise students to use the site for homework help.   Create a Word document with links for student use. Create a Hot Link page at Filamentality.    Create you own web site with your favorite links. Email Mr. Sabato some of your favorite links. Email suggestions to improve the site to Mr. Sabato
  56. 56. Thank you for coming to the workshop today!     George Sabato