The Homesteaders
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The Homesteaders






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    The Homesteaders The Homesteaders Presentation Transcript

    • The Homesteaders Why did they move to the Plains
    • What we will learn today
      • The three reasons why the Homesteaders moved on to the Plains.
      • Then we will see which one we think is the most important.
    • Reason 1: Government
      • The American government saw a problem and a solution.
      • The government needed to populate the Plains to unify the land on the west and east coast – Manifest Destiny.
      • It also saw how it could achieve this – by laws!
    • The Homestead Act 1862
      • Each family that settled the Plains would receive 160 acres free if they farmed it for five years.
      • A problem with this law was that until technology could develop the land on the Plains, 160 acres was far too small.
      • It also did not take into account the remoteness of the Plains for the settlers.
    • The Timber Culture Act 1875
      • This was an extension of the Homestead Act.
      • It gave a further 160 acres of land to the settlers if they would plant 40 acres with trees.
      • Timber was a limited resource on the Plains but needed for settlement and transport.
    • The Desert Land Act 1877
      • This gave the settlers the ability to buy 640 acres at a cheap price in areas with limited rainfall.
      • All three acts made land available to poor Homesteaders , an thousands saw this as their chance to become landed farmers – the American Dream.
    • Reason 2: The Civil War
      • It lasted from 1861 to 1865.
      • It split America in two – North and South.
      • It destroyed the South and many ex-soldiers from both sides wanted a fresh start and saw the Plains as their opportunity.
    • Reason 3: The Railroads
      • The American Government wanted a transcontinental railroad.
      • In 1860, two companies began building it.
      • The railroads sold land either side of the railroad cheaply and the railroads afforded the ability to travel quickly and cheaply.
    • Tasks
      • Make notes using pg. 82 to 83. Use the subtitles, Government, Civil War and Railroads.
      • Answer this question. Which do you think is the most important reason for the settlement on the Plains. Explain your answer.