Mormons Revision
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  • 1. The Mormons Revision
  • 2. Who were the Mormons?
    • A religious group founded by Joseph Smith
    • Claimed to have seen a vision of an angel which led to discovery of gold plates
    • Translated into Book of Mormon
    • It told that Jesus visited America after the Resurrection and that 3 lost tribes of Israel came to America
  • 3. What did the Mormons believe?
    • That they should convert others to their faith
    • Their leaders should have political power over Mormons and others
    • The church held property - there was no right to individual ownership
    • Obedience would make Mormons God’s chosen people in heaven and on earth
  • 4. Polygamy
    • Brigham Young had 27 wives
    • Set Mormons apart as immoral outcasts
    • Enabled every woman to be taken care of
    • Larger population
    Having more than one wife.
  • 5. Why were they persecuted for their faith?
    • Polygamy was seen as scandalous
    • Their success at converting people raised fears of rapid expansion
    • Smith’s political ambitions made none believers fear a Mormon state
    • The Danites used violence
    • Claims to be God’s chosen offended
    • Working as a community made them wealthy and this threatened American culture
  • 6. Why were they driven from place to place?
    • Kirtland Ohio - Smith was tarred and feathered in 1832. Driven out after collapse of Mormon bank in 1837
    • Missouri - their anti-slavery views offended and Danites were suspected of plotting with Indians
    • Nauvoo, Illinois - Smith announced he would run for President. He and his brother were arrested after trouble over a printing press. Murdered.
  • 7. Why did they settle in Salt Lake Valley?
    • They left Nauvoo after violence
    • In 1847 Brigham Young led them across the Plains like an army
    • Young chose Salt Lake because of its harsh conditions (similar to Israel)
    • When they set off it was in Mexico not the USA
  • 8. The Mormons Come West Why did they go west?
  • 9. Why leave Nauvoo then?
    • Nauvoo was a great city
    • The Mormons worked together to build homes,businesses, and a temple
    • Many people didn’t like the Mormons’ success and were afraid
    • They persecuted the Mormons
    • They killed the Mormon leader, Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum Smith in June of 1844
    • The Mormons were forced to leave their homes again
  • 10. What did they do then?
    • Brigham Young and other leaders decided to go west
    • They felt that the Rocky Mountains might provide a safe place
    • They gathered all the provisions they could and began leaving Nauvoo in 1846
    • They only got to around Council Bluffs, Iowa before they stopped for the winter
    • They named their camp Winter Quarters
  • 11. Hardships
    • There was a hard winter
    • Many people died
    • Also, 500 men said good bye to their families and were enlisted to fight in the War with Mexico
    • This group became known as the Mormon Battalion
  • 12. Moving out again
    • In the Spring of 1847, Brigham Young and a group of mostly men left Winter Quarters heading west
    • After a long journey, they arrived in the valley of the Great Salt Lake
    • Brigham Young said, “This is the right place.”
  • 13. Why did the Mormons Manage to survive Salt Lake City?
  • 14. The Geographical Position of Utah
  • 15. Brigham Young
    • Prior Planning
    • Mormons had faith in their leader
    • Organisational Skills
    • Setting up supply depots and workshops
    • No land ownership
    • Persuaded the U.S. Government to elect him Governor of Utah territory
  • 16. How did they build Salt Lake City?
    • Irrigation
    • Strict discipline and team work
    • Land allocated on a need basis
    • Perpetual Emigration Fund brought across new Mormons
    • Deseret
  • 17. Self Sufficiency and the Railway
    • Mormons were farmers
    • Irrigation system
    • Wheat production triplede between 1850-1860
    • Everyone contributed
    • Railway ran through Utah
    • Made travelling easier
    • Made trade a possibility – especially as a way of increasing income
  • 18. Perpetual Emigrating Fund
    • Set up by Brigham Young
    • Helped Mormons travel from anywhere to Utah
    • Money to be paid back once settled
    • 4225 Mormons had reached Utah using thi
  • 19. What problems did they have with the US Government?
    • Young wanted to create a Mormon state called Deseret
    • In 1848 Salt Lake Valley was handed over to the USA by Mexico
    • Young was Governor and he ignore US laws
    • The Danites suppressed opposition and attacked US officials
  • 20. Conflict continued
    • In 1857 the US appointed a non-Mormon governor who arrived with 2500 troops
    • The Mountain Meadow incident in which some non-Mormon settlers were massacred, probably by Danites. Indians were blamed
    • Young died in 1877
    • Pressure was put on Mormons to give up polygamy, agreed to do so in 1890
    • Utah became a state in 1896
  • 21. Brigham Young and some of his wives!