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Law And Order

Law And Order






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    Law And Order Law And Order Presentation Transcript

    • Law and Order Revision
    • Overview
      • Law and order problems were caused by 2 systems of government
      • The rapid development of the west after 1840 added to lawlessness
      • The ‘Wild West’ was eventually tamed and outlaws and range wars ended
    • How was law enforced in the early days?
      • Law and order was shared between the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT in Washington and the various states who could appoint a governor and government
      • 60,000 needed to become a state
      • Until then all officials appointed and dealt with by Washington
      • What problems will this cause?
    • Sheriffs and Marshals
      • US (Federal) Marshals had authority over all territories and states
      • States were sub-divided into counties and towns with their law officers
      • Sheriffs in counties and Marshals in towns
      • What problems were there in the early years?
    • The Wild West? Why were there law and order problems?
      • According to films the west was lawless with gangs and fights everywhere
      • Exaggerated because as settlements grew the west settled down. However,
      • Decisions from Washington were slow
      • The size of areas to cover
      • The speed of settlement AND
      • Shortage of law officers
      • Corrupt law officers
      • The nature of the settlers especially in mining areas (Dodge City) and cow towns (Abilene)
    • How did people deal with the problems?
      • Miners developed their own courts
      • Some areas formed ‘Vigilance committees’ who took law and order into their own hands
      • Their punishments included lynching
      • Why were they a force for good and bad?
    • What about gangs?
      • The problems made it relatively easy for people to break the law
      • There were several infamous gunslingers and gangs (see other ppt!)
      • There were female outlaws too such as Belle Star
      • Sometimes wealthy cattlemen hires gangs to deal with their disputes with homesteaders
    • Why were there disputes?
      • Over open range versus fencing
      • Destruction of crops by cattle
      • Land ownership
      • Water access and rights
    • What disputes were there?
      • Lincoln County war in 1892, New Mexico. This was between John Chisum an owner of a small ranch and Lawrence Murphy, a small rancher
      • In 1892 the Johnson County War in Wyoming between the homesteaders and the cattle ranchers
    • What happened?
      • The cattle boom was over. Cattle ranchers in Wyoming blamed their problems on homesteaders whose barbed wire fences ended open range
      • It began with a dispute over land ownership between a rancher (A.J.Bothwell) and a storekeeper (Jim Averill). Jim lived with a prostitute (Ella Watson) who was often paid with cows which she then re-branded!
      • Bothwell accused them of rustling and they were lynched.
      • Neither Bothwell or the lynchers were ever brought to trial
    • How did it descend to war?
      • The cattlemen drew up a list of 70 farmers they believed to be rustlers and hire a vigilante group (the Regulators) to sort them out.
      • The railroad laid on a special train to get them to Wyoming!
      • The Regulators killed two alleged rustlers (Nate Champion and Nick Ray)
      • A large posse of local people came to deal with the vigilantes who holed up at a ranch called the TA
    • What happened next?
      • More locals surrounded the ranch – about 250 men were prepared to kill the Regulators
      • The ranchers (very powerful) via the Governor appealed for help and the army were sent in and were able to bring the stand off to a peaceful end
      • NO prosecutions were ever brought
    • How were law and order problems solved?
      • Better communication – railroad and telegraph
      • More families moved west and were not prepared to tolerate lawlessness
      • More territories became states and so important decisions were not made hundreds of miles away
      • Surroundings improved as shanty towns gave way to proper towns