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Destruction Of Indian Way Of Life

Destruction Of Indian Way Of Life






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Destruction Of Indian Way Of Life Destruction Of Indian Way Of Life Presentation Transcript

  • What is going on here??
    • Aim: To consider the two main reasons why the Indian way of life was destroyed.
  • Copy out the following diagram, write in a line or two about each one using p.148-150 Hunting for hides Bone Pickers For Sport. Why were buffalo hunted by the Americans
  • Read these sources and then write a very brief two sided answer to the question below: By a Cowboy: ‘ Buffalo slaughter was a dirty business….it was put up by the government to control Indians by getting rid of their food supply’ By a US general: ‘ These men are destroying the Indians food supply….for the sake of a lasting peace let them kill, skin and sell until the Buffalo’s are exterminated’ ‘ In 1874, Congress passed a bill protecting the buffalo, but President Ulysses Grant did not sign it’ By a modern Historian: ‘ By the 1840’s the buffalo were in trouble, not due to hunting, but due to a combination of drought, destruction of its habitat & diseases passed on by cattle QUESTION Did the US government deliberately try to exterminate the Buffalo?
  • How would you feel if???? Religious headscarves were banned? You were told you no longer had the right to buy or sell anything? You were told you were no longer allowed to leave Kings Heath? Your family was banned from disciplining you. Ie – you couldn’t tell younger sister/brother what to do? You were sent to a boarding school that made you become a Muslim and banned any other religious beliefs? If you could do nothing about these things, what affect would they have on your life eventually?
  • How were reservations used to control the Plains Indians Your Task: Produce an anti-government poster explaining all the ways in which the Reservations controlled the Indians – try to make it detailed! Ideas on the next slides
  • Territorial
    • The government split the Sioux into different sizes
    • This reduced their power & influence
  • Political
    • Initially rations on reservations were given to Indian Chiefs to distribute.
    • Soon this changed to heads of families so chief’s lost their power.
    • In 1885 the government took control of legal matters – Indians lost the power to judge and punish individuals
  • Economic
    • As the Sioux weren’t allowed to leave Reservations they couldn’t hunt Buffalo or steal horses.
    • They therefore couldn’t eat buffalo, or use the hides for tipi’s, clothes etc
    • It meant they couldn’t increase their wealth
  • Religious
    • All religious festivals. Feasts & Dances etc were banned.
    • The power of religious leaders such as the medicine man were reduced - this gap was filled by Christian missionaries
  • Educational
    • Boys & Girls were taken to boarding school & prepared for life in a white mans world.
    • They were made to speak English & taught to have no respect for their traditional way of life
    This picture shows Indian boys before they went to school and then afterwards