World war 2 TRophy historian Guy
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World war 2 TRophy historian Guy



This thing is written by me and pls dont trust all of my fact(just give u an ideaa)

This thing is written by me and pls dont trust all of my fact(just give u an ideaa)



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World war 2 TRophy historian Guy World war 2 TRophy historian Guy Presentation Transcript

  • WORLD WAR II By Trophy
  • INTRODUCTION • World war 2 started because the treaty of Versailles (that was set for Germany) at the end of the world war 1, after the treaty of Versailles was set most of Germany people have debt until Adolf Hitler became a Führer (Nazi party 1934-1945).
  • THE ALLIES AND THE AXIS Allies Axis • England • Nazi Germany • France • Japanese • Poland • Italy • USSR • USA • Canada View slide
  • MACHINE GUN • Type 96 Japan • Karabiner 98k Germany • Lee-Enfield NO.4 Britain • M1 Carbine USA
  • IMPORTANT PEOPLE • Franklin D. Roosevelt • Winston Churchill • Joseph Stalin • Adolf Hitler • General Erwin Rommel • Isoroku Yamamoto • Harry Truman • General Hideki Tojo • Benito Mussolini • Dwight D. Eisenhower Least important • Vladimir Lenin • Nicholas II • Archduke Franz Ferdinand • Plaek Phibunsongkrham
  • START • When Germany finished gathering all their part of country back They want to make the Nazi Germany need to invade their neighbor countries, therefore Germany choses to invade Poland. In addition France and England is with Poland hence they declare War with Germany • Not long after the invasion started Poland surrender to German and they were occupies. • 1st September 1939 • Suddenly after the invasion finish USSR slowly invade Poland from the east sep17. However, Germany wont let they go that easy therefore they meet at central of Poland Sep29. • Nov30 USSR invade Finland.
  • OPERATION WESERÜBUNG • In morning of 9th April 1940 Germany begin the invasion of Denmark and Norway, the invasion take longer than 2 month. (April-June)
  • INVASION OF FRANCE • 10th may 1940 German begin to invade Belgium, France and Netherland and later on Netherland was bombed at central of Rotterdam and surrender to Germany. 3rd June 1940 Luftwaffe bombed Paris, 22nd June France surrender and signed the armistice with Germany. 17th September 1940 Hitler went to visit Paris.
  • OPERATION SEA LION • Germany bombers attack over England 10th July 1940. 13th July 1940 Hitler urges Britain to sign the armistice and make peace so they will end like France. 13th August 1940 is the Eagle day more than 1400 Plane attack southern England air base however the attack was failed. • September 7th, beginning of the London blitz the attack end at May of the next year.(7 month) • However, Hitler chance his target from Britain to USSR.
  • ITALY AND EUROPE • June 10th Italy declare war on Britain, 1 day later Italy plane attack Britain skirmish in Africa desert. September 1940 Italy failed the invasion of Egypt therefore they try again but this time at Greece, November Italy retreat from Greece then, April Germany invade Yugoslavia 11 day later they surrender to Germany. • May 20 Germany attack British troop in Crete then the British troop in Crete need to retreat.
  • OPERATION BARBAROSSA • June 22nd 1941 Germany begin the invasion of USSR, and from June to November there are no stopping attack from Germany to USSR. August 23rd Luftwaffe attack Stalingrad. November to February the weather turn too cold (even tank, oil and gun turn into ice) and in the end Germany last army, which attack USSR, surrender. • Lot of people said that Hitler like to read history, but for me that not true because the Napoleonic lose at waterloo Russia.
  • PEARL HARBOR • 27th September 1940 Japan join the Axis by signing the Tripartite with German ant Italy, January Yamamoto planed the attack of Pearl Harbor then December 7th it was a surprise attack at Pearl Harbor, attack sunk 4 battleship and 3 damaged battleship and 188 aircraft were destroyed and 160 aircraft were damaged and about 1500-2500 people died. • Japan lose 25-30 aircraft and 64 soldier were kill and some are capture and some submarine were destroyed. • The attack drag USA to the war.
  • JAPAN AND SOUTHEAST ASIA • From March to June 1942 Japan invade lots of countries in the southeast Asia except Thailand because General Plaek Phibunsongkrham have a good relationships with Japan so Japan just let the prisoner build the railed way because they can go into Burma and invade those country there.
  • NORTH AFRICA • Jan 12 British invade Libya, Tobruk, June General Erwin Rommel and his Afrika Korp drive the British troop out of Libya, later on he was given the name of “desert Fox”. • October 8th begin US and UK force landed an attack at French North Africa (Morocco) the attack contain more than 100,000 men and 600 ships, the attack is successful then Britain retake Tobruk, November 25th then March of the next year Tunisia fall to the Allies.
  • OPERATION HUSKY AND INVASION OF ITALY • July 1943 the Allies force begin the operation Husky, about 130,000145,000 died in the invasion. Operation Husky is the invasion of Sicily and to make Italy fall. Later on Palermo fall and Benito Mussolini was overthrown, therefore with no leader it’s the best time for the Allies to invade Italy. Not long after Benito Mussolini was overthrown the Allies begin the invasion then 8th September Italy surrender.
  • D-DAY • June 6th 1944 there are 5 beach in the Normandy coast “Sword, Juno, Gold, Omaha and Utah ” the first attack is at Utah 6:30( US men 4th division) • The second attack is at Omaha 7:00 (Us men 1st division suffer a heavy wave near the beach) • The third attack is at Gold Beach 7:25 (Men of British 5th division) • The Fourth attack is at Sword 7:30(Men of British 3rd division) • The last attack is at Juno 7:55(men of Canada 3rd division) • There are more than 150,000 men and 9,000 casualties, in the first place General Erwin Rommel say that “we need to beat and destroy all the force before they land” however Hitler say that “we should destroy the force in land” and Rommel is wrong. • Planed by Eisenhower
  • OPERATION WALKÜRE • July 1944 after the D-Day the high generals of Nazi Germany want Hitler out because his plan to invade other countries gone mostly wrong and his reactions to Jews is unacceptable therefore lots of peoples don’t wanted Hitler. Later on General Stauffenberg plot an assassination of Adolf Hitler however he survive and now he know who is against him later on General Stauffenberg is shot. • As seen in “ ”
  • DEAD OF ROMMEL • Hitler is scare that one day Rommel will overthrown him so he want to eliminate Rommel as quick as possible. Then, he got a good chance to tell Rommel family that he have a heart attack in the car crashed however the truth is Hitler let him commit suicide with a cyanide pill.
  • FALLING OF GERMANY • In the Battle of Berlin US and USSR force went through the final lines and if they actually get Hitler, Hitler will lose all of his Glory therefore he commit suicide in the Führer Bunker to continue his Glory.
  • JAPAN SURRENDER • August 1945 USA first drop a atomic bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 250,000 die. After the drops there are more people dying by the radiation effect and the chemicals that still left in the city. • Later on Japan sign the formal surrender Sep 2nd .
  • RAF
  • REVOLUTION USSR DATE: 8thMarch-8thNovember LOCATION: Russia KEY PEOPLES: TSAR. Nicholas II Vladimir Lenin Lev Kamenev
  • THE COLD WORLD • Not long after the WWII the 2 big country (USSR,US) start spying each other and leaking the top secret information. The 2 country did this because they want their country to be the biggest.
  • WINSTON CHURCHILL • “We will fight them on the beaches….we shall fight in the field and in the street….we shall never surrender.” • “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil tears and sweat.”
  • JOSEPH STALIN • “This war is not as in the past; whoever occupies a territory also imposes on it his own social system.” • “History shows that there are no invincible armies and that there never have been.”
  • FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT • “To reach a port we must sail-sail not tie at anchor-sail, no drift.” • “If you treat people right they will treat you right……99% of the time.”
  • BENITO MUSSOLINI • “I want to make Italy great, respected, and feared.” • “The alliance between Italy and Germany is not only between two states or to armies…but between two peoples.”
  • ADOLF HITLER • “Germany problem could only be solved by force.” • “I will go down as the greatest German History.”
  • ADOLF HITLER • Hitler born in Austria 20 April 1889-30 April 1945, he became a chancellor in 1933 and a Fuhrer in 1934-1945 he became a Fuhrer because in 1934 Paul Von Hindenburg (president) died (age of 86) therefore he took all the power and become a Fuhrer. • When Hitler first become a Fuhrer he said that he wanted to make a new emperor called “Reich the 3rd” so he ignore the treaty of Versailles and make the army bigger then Hitler suddenly occupied Poland. • He kill over 6 million Jews
  • GENERAL ERWIN ROMMEL • General Erwin Rommel born in 1891 and die in 1944. General Erwin Rommel was the son of a school headmaster in the southern Germany and fought in the world war 1 too, he is ultimately good in the desert warfare therefore he was given the name of “Desert Fox”. General Erwin Rommel became a field marshal in 1912, however Hitler is scare that one day he will overthrown him, so Hitler chose to eliminate him by a Cyanide pill.
  • WINSTON CHURCHILL • Winston Churchill was born 18741965, he became a prime minister in 1940 (age of 65). When the attack of Pearl Harbor finish he very want Roosevelt to join the Allies therefore us will get revenge and uk can survive the blitz and win the war. His trade mark is the v for victory.
  • JOSEPH STALIN • Joseph Stalin born in 1878 and die in 1953. He is a friend of Lenin and he have good relationships with Serbia too.
  • FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT • Franklin D. Roosevelt born in 1882 and die in 1945. He serve his country for longer than 12 years (1933-1945). But, sadly he die before seeing the revenge for Pearl Harbor.
  • DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER • Eisenhower born in 1890 and die 1969, he was a 5 star general and he is the one who planned the D-Day landing. When the war nearly end Harry Truman became the 33rd president of USA , and after that he became the 34th president of USA.
  • USSR • USSR stand for Unions of soviet socialist republic and it was create in 1917 due to the revolution in Russia.(Vladimir Lenin)
  • EVACUATIONS • Evacuations is to move humans from a dangerous place to a place safer. Such as the evacuations of Dunkirk
  • PANZER DIVISIONS • Panzer divisions is a tank divisions of Germany .
  • FUHRER • Leader of Germany or a Germany Dictators.
  • DICTATORSHIPS • A dictators is a leader of a country that don’t listen to anybody and use his/her opinion to lead the country.
  • BIBLIOGRAPHY • • • • • •