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Polmot main 2012 general

  1. 1. HISPLUS Systems Limited 2b, Bola Crescent, off Anthony village road Anthony. Lagos. Tel: 0803-8888-701, 0805-5075-777 email: hisplus@yahoo.com11/15/2012 1 POLMOT
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION• HISPLUS Systems Limited having its head office in Lagos is an indigenous Information Technology company specializing in; – Computer Application Programming – Embedded Systems – Enterprise Resource Planning – Sales and Maintenance – E-commerce Technology – E-portals Development – Training – Allied Sales and Services• HISPLUS is being managed by well seasoned professionals both nationally and internationally. 11/15/2012 2 http://politicalmobilization.com POLMOT
  3. 3. What is Political Mobilization Technology?• It is the platform to assist politicians in achieving the goal of being elected or re- elected to their desired political posts.• It is also a platform where electorates’ views determine aspirant chances of winning• The portal to achieve this is www.politicalmobilization.com• Political Mobilization Technology also known as POLMOT uses various advanced Information technology techniques to create embedded synergies .• POLMOT uses IT techniques to extract political behaviors of the participants to effectively influence participants.• POLMOT like a political skill creates political channel to succeed.11/15/2012 www.politicalmobilization.com 3 POLMOT
  4. 4. Objectives / Goals• To positively effectively influence electorates with political skill with the portal.• To make or swivel the undecided and other party members join this party• To create astounding political skill through the portal.• To use digital political adeptness as a tool to understand others and use that knowledge to influence their thoughts and actions.• To create social astuteness, that is the ability to comprehend the political environment• To create interpersonal influence, which is having a convincing personality and developing a style that is pleasing to others.• To create networking ability by developing proficiency in political contact management.• To have ability to convey the impression of sincerity through the portal forum and digital broadcast.• To impress electorates through video marketing• To attract non party supporters to their own party.• To build trust and confidence with the electorates to create a binding followership• To develop good political skills to always evolve as a winner.• To send messages to millions of members made up of electorates, fans, volunteers• To attract political fans and supporters• To convert the general public to become supporters. 11/15/2012 www.politicalmobilization.com 4 POLMOT
  5. 5. Advantages• It increases the trait of successful leaders by sharpening theirpolitical adeptness / skills / aptitude / expertise.• It increases the ability of aspirants to understand others and usethat knowledge to influence others thoughts and actions• It increases their political skill by building trust. Electorates aremore likely to follow if the leader is someone in whom they haveconfidence and like.•It encourages Leaders to inspire the supporters to work toward acommon goal.• An aspirant with good political skills can get supporters to go theextra mile because they have been convinced that he /she will helptheir cause.“• It builds political skill that is a key to political advancement. Anaspirant with such a skill achieve his / her political goal easily havingdeveloped strong political skills.“• it increases political skill that can get aspirants to buy into theirideas and objectives. That is convincing ideas that is necessary torise to top leadership positions in politics. 11/15/2012 www.politicalmobilization.com 6 POLMOT
  6. 6. What does the web portal do?1. Garner candidates’ political fans, electorates, volunteers, supporters and members for political aspirants.2. It is a campaign portal or platform for political aspirants to talk to and chat with over 2 million visitors to www.politicalmobilization.com.3. Create a forum for discussion by members on how to realize the aspirant’s goal of being elected.4. Broadcast live aspirants’ political campaigns through social networks5. Broadcast live aspirants political statements through the web6. Broadcast live aspirants political statements through mobile phone7. It is a multimedia platform.8. Public can listen to your audio and video messages live or archived.9. Your pictures for projects, launching, campaign etc can be views at any time.10. It links electorates with political aspirants whether they are your supporters or not. 11/15/2012 www.politicalmobilization.com 7 POLMOT
  7. 7. What can politicians do in the web portal?1. They have the ability to be able to convert the general public to become their supporters.2. They can learn many great speeches and quotes that will endear the electorates to them.3. They can learn great and fantastic manifestos to use for campaign and implementation.4. They can send SMS to millions of electorates5. They can converse to millions of electorates through chatting and audio conferencing6. They can communicate to electorate through the forum7. They can impress the electorates with video marketing8. They can attract non party supporters to their own party.9. They can attract potential electorates.10. They can attract volunteers.11. They can send messages to millions of members made up of electorates, fans, volunteers12. They can attract political fans and supporters 11/15/2012 8 POLMOT
  8. 8. What can the electorates and the public do in this web portal?• They can check the profile of any candidate.• They can give their opinion or advice on a candidate they are supporting• They can participate in any political discussion.• They can receive text messages from any aspirant of their choice• They can view projects, campaign and launching pictures of any aspirant of their choice.• They can participate as fans, electorates or members of any aspirant or any political party.• Can donate to any aspirant they are supporting.• Can view or listen to live video or audio of their candidate during his or her campaign period• They can discuss with their candidate at a specific time on his / her campaign strategies, manifestos and plans for his or her region.• They can follow the political trend on their candidates.• They can garner support for their candidates through follow-ups in the embedded social networks like facebook, tweeter, youtube and flickr.• They can receive random gifts through predetermined criteria. 11/15/2012 9 POLMOT
  9. 9. What analysis will the candidates be able to deduce from using this portal?1. Candidate / Aspirant will know the number of electorates / fans / members / volunteers in his / she domain. This will help him in estimating his / her chances of winning. 902. Aspirant will know his strength and weakness in 80 political terrain. 703. Aspirant will ascertain what aspect of his / her 60 Volunteers talents endears the electorates to him / her. 50 40 electorates4. Aspirant will be able to discover the actual needs 30 of the electorate in a particular domain / area / 20 fans state / geographical location. 105. Aspirant will be able to get closer to the general 0 sept oct Nov Dec public6. Aspirant will be able focused during electioneering campaign and at the same time reach out to his / her teeming fans.7. Aspirant will be able to find out why another aspirant is preferred and he will work on this.8. Aspirant will be able to douse all conspiracy theories against him / her.9. Aspirant will be able to convert non supporters to supporters because random surprise gifts excite the electorates.10. Aspirant will be able to access and analyse his die hard supporters if they realize that their decisions 11/15/2012 10 and advice are been adhered to. POLMOT
  10. 10. What facilities are available at web portal? Receive LIVE View Projects messages Join fans / Videos / supporters / Pictures Party members Questions to sample opinion SMS from poll on this candidate Electorates Meet your listen to CandidateElectorates Candidate Random Giftschats with to members / Aspirant11/15/2012 11 POLMOT
  11. 11. Methods1. Candidates / Aspirants 1. Select various facilities available at the portal. 1. Phone messaging 2. SMS messaging 3. Video campaign 4. Audio campaign 5. Chatting 6. Black berry messaging 7. Audio conferencing 8. Video conferencing 9. Social networking integration 10. Manifestos 11. Great quotes and speeches 12. Campaign messaging 13. Supporters / Fans / Volunteers garnering 14. Fund raising 15. Party Photo gallery 16. Project photo gallery 17. Calendar of events 18. Integrated messaging 19. Extended campaign (animation for intended projects, campaign and manifestos) 11/15/2012 12 POLMOT
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  16. 16. Methods2. Electorates 1. Free registration as a members 2. Have access to; 1. Forum 2. Chatting 3. SMS messages from his / her aspirant 4. Be notified whenever the aspirant will like to talk /chat to his / her supporters. 5. Can listen to old / live messages or information on GSM phones 6. Have access to gifts if randomly picked 7. Can join during the aspirants campaign in electorates domain 8. Will be informed anytime the aspirant wants or needs moral assistance from electorate’s domain. 9. Receive audio messages on the web or on phone. 10. Follow candidate’s political or campaign trails. 11/15/2012 17
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  24. 24. The PartyPresidential AspirantsGubernatorial AspirantsSenatorial AspirantsHouse of RepresentativesHouse of AssemblyLocal Government ChairmenCounselorsParty Chiefs / Members