Fully Integrated School Management System


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The Present, the Challenge
Nigeria today, is gradually developing into Africa’s business hub, bringing more people and more businesses everyday into its cities. Nigeria of today is faced with challenges that emanates from globalization e.g. traffic, urban congestions and poor environmental conditions. Unfortunately, you are not left out. Today, parents have less time, schools are overburdened, and students are less motivated.

The Future, Today
We introduce www.schoolnigeria.com, a web based management system; a solution for integrating and seamlessly managing your schools management processes, functions and resources. www.schoolnigeria.com integrates all aspects of your school management (i.e. School Administration, Teachers, Parents, Students and Prospects) into one system.

School can:
1. Seamlessly manage students’ information.
2. Reduce management cost and increase performance.
3. Communicate students’ information via SMS and emails to Parents and Teachers (all in one Place).
4. Monitor students’ performance and parents’ need (all in one Place).
5. Manage parents’ inquiries, needs and complaint.
6. Increase management efficiency.
7. Manage more than one campus in one place.
Parents Can:
1. Make Inquiries about School Facilities nationwide.
2. Communicate students’ needs to teachers through the school
3. Monitor performance of wards (seek assignments and class performance, print report cards etc.)
4. Inquire about school holidays, special programs, and facilities.
Teachers Can:
1. Access Automated students’ attendance
2. Use the seamless computerized grade management application
3. Send homework’s and assignments to students anywhere, anytime.
4. Spend more time actually teaching the students
5. Interact efficiently and effectively with parents
Student Can:
1. Interaction with teachers, parents and peers
2. Can submit homework’s online
3. Access to timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule anywhere, anytime.
4. Publish articles and views, and participate in discussion forums
5. Freedom to browse through library books catalogue and identify the book(s) to be issued
6. Get adequate information about school events and holidays

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Fully Integrated School Management System

  1. 1. Hisplus, having its head office in Lagos is an indigenous InformationTechnology company specializing in ;Computer Applications,ERPE-BusinessWeb ApplicationsTrainingBiometrics ManagementMobile ApplicationsHardwareAddress Websites2b, Bola Crescent / Ajike Faramobi www.hisplus.netOff Anthony Village Road www.computervillagemall.comAnthony, Lagos www.erp-nigeria.comTel: +234-803-8888-701 or +234-808-518-6662 www.schoolnigeria.comEmails: www.packageidentity.cominfo@hisplus.net, or hisplus@yahoo.com www.politicalmobilization.com
  2. 2. www.schoolnigeria.comDigital School Management Solutions for Schools and Colleges
  3. 3. What is www.schoolnigeria about?www.schoolnigeria.com is a robust internet / intranet based web application which helpsStudents, Teachers, Parents, School Administrative Staff to use their school data in such away that accessing relevant reports and handling day to day processes are made easy.It lets the users to interact with basic operation & information of their schoolsseamlessly.It is designed for better interaction between students, teachers, parents & management.This management application very gracefully handles all the requirements for easyschool management.The school management system being web based can be accessed from anywhere in theworld, which enables the students, teachers, parents & the management be in touchwith each other at all times.
  4. 4. Features School Management System  Homework Assignment features are unique and  Discussion Forum incomparable. This system brings  Manage Students all the entities of a school onto  Mass Email a common interactive platform.  E-Library The Management, Teachers,  Bulk SMS Students, Parents and even  Chat/Video Conference librarian can interact with one  Web Form SMS another.  Manage Teachers View/Take Attendance  Discipline Report Cards  Exams and Tests
  5. 5. Features (Optional) continues  Manage Parents  Biometric Registration (Face scan and Fingerprint)  Student ID cards production System  Teachers’ Website  Parents’ Website  Students Forum  Web Call  Web Chat  Talents Hunt  Vocational Digital Skills
  6. 6. Benefits1. Users: Students, Parents, Teachers and School Administrator .2. Manage multiple teachers, multiple subjects, multiple classes, and an unlimited number of students, all from a single login for your school.3. Login: Accessed through a secured login, anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection.4. Unlimited Users: No limit on the number of Students. Users can change their passwords and School Administrators can add or delete users as they wish.5. Greater Security through Access Control: Different users view and use different certain menus.6. Single Code Base: We constantly update and upgrade our system. Every time we add new functionality, all users benefit from it immediately.7. Superior Support from a dedicated team of Developers and Support Staff: An active team of developers and support staff is available during business hours for any support or help. You can call us on phone, Skype or Chat. Student Login | Parent Login | Administrative Login
  7. 7. Benefits cont’s System architecture and integration allows all school data to reside in one database, eliminating the need to re-enter or synchronize data. Report cards and transcripts are automatically generated from grade books, eliminating manual keying and review by teachers. Email capabilities to parents provide schools significant expense savings or postage, printing and reproduction . Student performance analysis feature provides ability to analyze student academic performance by subject, class, gender, ethnic background, relative to standardized test scores, etc.
  8. 8. Strategic Benefits 1. It is powerful online school management software that can provide several strategic advantages to your schools. Low Cost of Ownership 2. Total Operational Automation: More Time to focus on Strategic Tasks 3. One-Time Fee Of the System 4. Anywhere Availability Internet or Intranet with Automatic Synchronization
  9. 9. Benefits to Students and Parents 1. Students: 1. Enhanced interaction with teachers, parents and peers 2. Access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule 3. Prior information about school events and holidays 4. Online submission of homework 5. Enhanced interaction with teachers, parents and peers 2. Parents: 1. Frequent interaction with teachers 2. Active participation in school activities 3. Reliable update on childs attendance, progress report and fee payment. 4. Tracking of homework assigned by teachers 5. User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills 6. High level data security 7. Prior information about school events and holidays
  10. 10. Benefits to School and School Management 1. Easy creation of students, parents and teachers profiles during setup by the school administration 2. Easy setting up of Scores, Assignments and Grades levels. 3. User friendly interface requiring minimal learning and IT skills 4. High level data security 5. Limitless number of students can be created and profiled. 6. Effective communication between teachers, parents and students 7. Schools’ featured can be created to enhance their credibility and public knowledge of their various programmes 8. Creation of schools tech savvy image 9. Complete automation of all operations 10. Centrally stored information with zero redundancy 11. Best possible resource optimization 12. Generation of timetables with dynamic substitute management 13. Cost-effective one point solution for total school management
  11. 11. Registration1. School Administrator: 1. On registration, schools administrators have access to username and password. 2. Registers the details of the school at their control panel 3. Creates school subjects and grades levels 4. Only the school administrator can do registration and details for: 1. Students, Parents (corresponding) 2. Teachers 3. Head Teachers.2. Vouchers: All users must buy vouchers that expire at the end of school session per year.
  12. 12. Vouchers 1. Vouchers are used as payment methods for schools, students, parents, teachers and school administrators 2. Vouchers for students, parents and teachers are only obtainable from their respective schools 3. Vouchers are only used once to activate corresponding accounts 4. Vouchers are restricted to the first user group ( student or parent or teacher group) 5. To access your account and get to your corresponding control panel, the school administrator will give students, parents and teachers, their respective usernames and passwords. 6. Each group can change their corresponding passwords from their control panel.
  13. 13. Control Panel: School AdministratorSchool Profile: School information Mgt.1. School Subjects, School Facilities2. Grade levels, Class Rooms3. Exams types and Attendants Mgt.4. Voucher request for students, parents, teachers…5. Admission form for new in takes6. Students details management7. Grades reporting8. Email management9. SMS Management10. E-learning ( optional )
  14. 14. Control Panel: School Administrator: Manage School Logins
  15. 15. Control Panel: School Administrator: Manage School Information
  16. 16. Control Panel: School Administrator: Voucher Request / AdmissionForm
  17. 17. Control Panel: School Administrator: Add New Student
  18. 18. Control Panel: School Administrator: Manage Teachers
  19. 19. Control Panel: School Administrator: Manage Exams & Test
  20. 20. Control Panel: School Administrator: Manage Mails
  21. 21. Control Panel: School Administrator: Manage Teachers
  22. 22. Control Panel: Teacher • Time Table: view your class time table • Exam and Test : Enter scores for your students • View Student information. • Enter attendant register for student. • Students discipline records • Enter students grades • Give home work and assignment • View comments from parents • Send email / SMS to Groups, Student, Parents…
  23. 23. Control Panel: Teacher
  24. 24. Control Panel: Teacher
  25. 25. Control Panel: Student
  26. 26. Control Panel: Parent
  27. 27. Control Panel: Parent
  28. 28. E-LearningDefinition• e-Learning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere. it is the delivery of just-in-time information and guidance from expert• E-learning includes all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. The information and communication systems, whether networked learning or not, serve as specific media to implement the learning process.
  29. 29. E-LearningIntroduction• Today, modern technologies are changing the teacher-student-content relationships from the conception to the delivery of so-called ‘distance’ education courses.• The concept of Distance Education has greatly evolved in the digital era of 21st Century
  30. 30. E-LearningIntroduction• The e-learning web platform combines the efficacy of Learning Content Management and core internal process management into a robust single portal to address the challenges of the school, students, lecturers and administrators.• It provides a cost effective and efficient managed time and resources for learning and research. Delivered and viewed in a variety of multiple access modes: over the internet, mobile app, tin client, digital vision, webinar and lecture theaters.
  31. 31. How the teacher-student-content modelhas been materialized in three differenteducational frameworks.
  32. 32. E-LearningCollaboration• With extensive collaboration and cooperation Hisplus intend to model a real-world education by integrating a set of virtual concepts and other external resources into a unified powerful communication product to enhance students learning experience.• Hisplus e-learning platform will make learning more interactive and resourceful. Already our e-learning portal is a buffer to the blended learning via enriched multimedia and animated web pages.
  33. 33. E-LearningObjectives• To develop e-learning technology platform• To develop, deploy and manage e-learning portal with preference to: • E-learning website development, deployment and maintenance • Site promotion and propagation • Digital marketing development• To facilitate network integrations and technical supports• To analyse the current network architecture and infrastructural deportment• To develop an eLearning framework that will allow low- technology skilled students and teachers the ability to participate without possessing extensive technology experience.
  34. 34. E-LearningObjectives• To design a simplified eLearning structured content• To provide technical support for the structure, instructors, students and others users• To provide e-learning portal in a computing architecture and information infrastructure management as a service.• To support and enhance quality management in e-learning• To develop an e-learning solution that is based on Web/Virtual Asynchronous Classroom and the Web/Computer-Based Training (CBT) delivery method.• Formation of ADDIE model which is a systematic instructional design model consisting of five phases: (1) Analysis, (2) Design, (3) Development, (4) Implementation, and (5) Evaluation.
  35. 35. Methodology
  36. 36. Methodology
  37. 37. Module Structure
  38. 38. Module Activity
  39. 39. Features • User management • Online enrollment management system • Simplifies Record keeping • Central management • Download • E-mail and sms services, • Study Guide • Courses • Tutorials • Glossaries • Technical Guides • Discussion forum. • Career guide
  40. 40. Extended Features • Personalized lecturing concept • Access to non-available local content • Virtual field trip • Chat/video conferencing. • Virtual Group projects/peer review • Assignments and Exams
  41. 41. Extended Features • International institutions collaboration • Biometrics enrollment • Vocational Studies • Digital Entrepreneurs
  42. 42. Other Optional Unique Features 1. Automatically produce student ID cards once admission has been given. 2. SMS, if they want (parents to be contacted through SMS) 3. Teacher’s website 4. Parent’s website 5. Students forum 6. E-learning 7. Web call 8. Web chat 9. Web video conferencing. ( conferencing with other students in other schools or other country) 10.Online Interactive Quiz with students from other schools 11.Library 12.Student / Teachers / Parents embedded email addresses 13.Embedded Fingerprints Application
  43. 43. RequirementsHardware StaffClients : 2 GB RAM Admin ManagerHard-disk: 200mb Data Entry Operator /SecretaryOperating SystemWin XP2 / Vista / Windows7 – ClientsInternet Connection
  44. 44. Why SchoolNigeria.com?  Save Stationary Cost  Save Time of all Levels of Staff & Students & Parents  No Data Redundancy  Complete Decision Support System  Less Manpower Required  Comprehensive MIS Reports  Regular New Versions Available for Free  Online & On Phone – 24 x 7 Support System  Detailed Help in Documented, Graphical & Video Formats
  45. 45. How schoolnigeria.com is deployed in school? STEP 1: School Administrator should purchase voucher and register the school with necessary details. STEP 2: Administrator should register teachers, students with their parents. STEP 3: Administrator should request for vouchers for students, parents and teachers and make payment for these vouchers STEP4: Teachers, Students and Parents should activate their accounts with the first time login with their voucher numbers STEP5: Information Interactivity Begins……..
  46. 46. Contact Us Hisplus Systems Limited. Office : 2b, Bola Crescent, / Ajike Faramobi street, off Anthony village road Anthony Lagos. Nigeria Phone : +234-808-518-6662 Websites : www.hisplus.net www.schoolnigeria.com E-mail : info@hisplus.net or info@schoolnigeria.com Skype : hisplus Yahoo! : hisplus Facebook: hisplus systems limited Linkedin: hisplus