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Hisplus Biometrics

  1. 1. Biometrics Identification andRegistration SystembyHisplus Systems Limitedinfo@hisplus.netTel: +234-805-5075-777
  2. 2. • Hisplus Integrated Automated IdentificationBiometrics System for registration, identificationand verification processes.• It uses face scan and all the ten fingerprints scan toensure high level of accuracy for identification.• Our biometrics technology authenticates anindividuals identity automatically and hasautomatic fingerprint identification, which matchesa fingerprint taken with a print from a database.
  3. 3. • Civil Servant Identification Processing / Time andAttendant Management.– To track the way workers spend their time in variouscapacities and the ability to keep track of attendance.– Attendant Management for Payroll– Employee Time Attendance Recording System– Biometric door control with time attendance system• Physical Access Control– Applications are in access control devices for doors andrestricted and areas.– Areas where authorization is needed to again access.– Also where computers with highly confidential andimportant information or high level network access isnecessary.
  4. 4. • Border, Airport and Immigration Control– Identification and Registration.– Terrorist / Criminals profiling.– Mobile Biometrics• Justice and Law Enforcement– For prison administration and bookings, crime sceneidentification.– National / State identity programs.– Criminals / Militants Profiling.– Management of personnel, lawyers, offenders andwitnesses.
  5. 5. • Healthcare Biometrics– Biometrics Medical Records System– Biometrics Healthcare Identity Management.– Data access and retrieval System• Mobile Biometrics– For law enforcement, to military, public transportation,border control, and commercial authorities.– To speed up processing of people and goods.– For passport processing and voter registration– To speed up the identification of individuals in-the field,saving time, resources and quickly identifying threats.– Mobile employee time-keeping, access control and securitysystem for businesses to improve productivity, and reduceloss & waste.
  6. 6. • For identification processes for security reasons.• For verification processes.• For registration purposes• For access control.• For ID card production• Terrorist Identification• For Integrated Automated Fingerprint IdentificationSystem• To protect military bases and monitor inmates atdetention centers• Registration, Verification and Identification of "watchlist" of suspects
  7. 7. • It will help in identity for apayroll cheque Bearer• This biometric technologywill help to check somethingto ensure the individual iswho he says he is.• Biometrics Identification forfriendly residents frominsurgents and terrorists,• Identifying potentialcombatants in the field• To track militants.
  8. 8. • Offices and Residential IdentificationSystem• For identification at internal checkpointsand border crossings• To scrutinize those applying for government• For foreign mission postings and specialassignments• High Security Risk Personnel Identification• Time and attendance management system• Portable biometrics verifications andidentification for field / foot soldiers
  9. 9. • Enrollment Station Module– It is a biometric enrollment application to enroll auser’s Face.– It gathers biometric samples, extract biometrictemplate information from them, and send extractedtemplate matching to Multi-Biometric MatchingEngine to check for duplicates before allowing theenrollment process to succeed.• Server Management System.– It is a repository for various biometric data collectedduring the enrollment or registration process.
  10. 10. – It receives request through the search interface andsend the relevant biometric templates for backendmatching via the Multi-Biometric MatchingEngine.– This server also provides role-based functionalaccess.– Server Database is used to store user profilesincluding user details and biometric data.
  11. 11. • Multi-biometric Matching Engine– It searches with various attributes like finger print,face print, name, date of birth, face marks, physicaldisabilities, LGA, state of origin, height range etc– It produces multiple results from searchcharacteristics.– To record eye scans, fingerprints and facial images
  12. 12. • Software– Server application• Identification and Verification System– This is for registration with different criterialranging from personal profile like age, height,colour (eyes, hair, body), LGA, state, tribalmarks, Blood group, face shape and otherspecial attributes– Face and fingerprints( 1 – 10) scanregistration.• Criteria Searching System– Searching that leads to task or operation.– Range Searching– Face, Finger print scan searching– Mobile Client application– Web Client application
  13. 13. • Hardware–Server: HP ProLiant ML370 Tower Server - 1 xXeon 2.4GHz - 2 Processor Support - 4 GB 1TB HDD- DVD-Writer - Serial Attached SCSI RAID SupportController - Gigabit Ethernet– Flat Fingerprint Scanner• Designed for forensic-quality ten-print fingerprint capture• Patented technology for quick and easy image capture andenrollment• Excellent choice for high-volume processing environments• It delivers revolutionary enhanced definition capabilities in amore compact unit.
  14. 14. • Advanced technologies like Moisture DiscriminatingOptics™ and Clear Trace Imaging™ help capture more dataand better data for the highest fingerprint image quality in theindustry.– Camera: High Definition Camera– Time Attendant Management System• Digital Clocking Biometrics Device• Keeps attendance and Logged in files– Biometrics ID Card System• ID card based on searching criteria• ID card Printer– Access Control Integration System• Access control interface• Access control alarm
  15. 15. – Biometrics Automated Toolset( BAT)• Hardware– Rugged Laptop– Hand-held wireless scanner– Rugged Laptop Bag» Anti-shock, Rugged and water proof Laptop case» Weight absorber» Fitted Spaces for Laptop and Flat Fingerprint Scanner» Padded black nylon interior» Innovative WideGrip interior strap» Four handy inner compartments
  16. 16. – Mobile Rugged IntegrationSystem: This is cataloguing for"several classified databases" thatcould be shared amongintelligence, law enforcement andborder control agencies– The rugged laptop and itsattached scanners to "register"prisoners, militants, hoodlums, thugs, high risk or susceptibledangerous people then alert lawenforcers when one tries to enterthe country or cross a certainclassified area or military base.
  17. 17. – This Laptop presents a reliable biometrics system of highestperformance in its class along with the worlds most ruggeddesign. With drop shock protection and a MIL-STD-810G andIP65 certification, its the undisputed leader in the fully-ruggedcategory. Its new Intel Core i5 / i3 processors, along withavailable discrete graphics, deliver desktop-class performanceand improved video/3D graphics. It offers a 13.1" brilliant1100 nit touchscreen available with CircuLumintechnology, integrated webcam and up to 10 hours of batterylife.
  18. 18. • End• Hisplus Systems Limited